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Mexican Inquisition Papers
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  • Descriptive Summary
  • Administration Information
  • Biography
  • Scope and Content
  • Individuals represented in the collection:
  • Indexing Terms

  • Descriptive Summary

    Title: Mexican Inquisition Papers
    Dates: 1525-1822
    Collection Number: Consult repository.
    Extent: 49 volumes, 8 boxes, 4 facsimiles
    Repository: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens Manuscripts Department
    The Huntington Library
    1151 Oxford Road
    San Marino, California 91108
    Phone: (626) 405-2191
    Email: reference@huntington.org
    URL: http://www.huntington.org
    Abstract: Original records of 93 trials from the archives of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in Mexico.
    Language of Material: The records are in Spanish.

    Administration Information


    Open to qualified researchers by prior application through the Reader Services Department. For more information, contact Reader Services.

    Publication Rights

    The Huntington Library does not require that researchers request permission to quote from or publish images of this material, nor does it charge fees for such activities. The responsibility for identifying the copyright holder, if there is one, and obtaining necessary permissions rests with the researcher.

    Preferred Citation

    [Identification of item], Mexican Inquisition papers, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.

    Acquisition Information

    Series I manuscripts were a gift of Walter Douglas in 1944.
    Series II manuscripts were a gift of W.F. Stuart-Menteth in 1932.
    Photostatic copies were received through G.R.G. Conway on February 26, 1927.


    The Mexican Inquisition was an extension of the institution in Spain which had been originated by the papal bull of Sixtus IV in 1478. The Supreme Council of the Spanish Inquisition originally controlled both the local tribunals in Spain and those in the colonies. In 1571 the Holy Office was established as a separate body in Mexico. The purpose was to detect and try heretics or persons guilty of any offense against the church (including violations by priests) and to investigate the blood lines and genealogy of individuals aspiring to positions of trust in the Church or government.

    Scope and Content

    The collection consists of the original records of 93 trials from the archives of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in Mexico. The testimony of these trials (for heresy, blasphemy, violation of ecclesiastical vows, witchcraft, Judaism, and other charges) reveals much information about ethnic groups and manners and customs in colonial Mexico. The entire collection is in Spanish.

    Individuals represented in the collection:

    • Agustin, Juan. HM 35123.
    • Alamilla Valderas, Pedro de. HM 35113.
    • Alvarez, Leonor (Rodríguez) de. HM 35101.
    • Amaya, Francisco de. HM 35147.
    • Arceo, María de. HM 35132.
    • Arellano y Córdova, Ramiro de. HM 35160.
    • Arias de Rabanal, Gómez. HM 35156.
    • Armas, Gaspar de. HM 35126.
    • Ayala, Luis de. HM 35100.
    • Barba, Bartolomé. HM 35106.
    • Barrosso de Palacios, Cristóbal. HM 35158.
    • Bazán, Nocilás [Nicolas?]. HM 35131.
    • Bello, Antonia. HM 35115.
    • Bermejo, Joseph. HM 35182.
    • Bolaños, Sebastián de. HM 35133.
    • Bruñón de Vertiz, Joseph. HM 35127.
    • Cabrera, Diego de, see San Martín, Diego de.
    • Cáceres, Leonor de. HM 35105.
    • Caravajal, Ignacio. HM 35134.
    • Carvajal, Juan de. HM 35154.
    • Carvajal, Ignacio de, see Caravajal, Ignacio.
    • Carmona Tamariz, Diego. HM 35161.
    • Carvajal, Francisco de León, see León Carvajal, Francisco de.
    • Casimiro, Vicente. HM 35177.
    • Castillo, José Lázaro del. HM 35181.
    • Castro, Margarita (Moreira) de. HM 35125.
    • Caveros, Francisco. HM 35138.
    • Charte, Pedro, see Conarte, Pedro.
    • Correa Juárez, Pedro. HM 35131, HM 35132.
    • Couto Figueroa, Sebastián de. HM 35157.
    • Covarrubias, Agustín de. HM 35178.
    • Covarrubias, Francisco de. HM 35149.
    • Cruz, Cristóbal de la, see Basurto, Cristóbal.
    • Díaz, Baltasar, see Valle, Baltasar del.
    • Díaz, Domingo. HM 35109.
    • Díaz, Yáñez, Juan, see Domínguez, Sebastián.
    • Díaz de Possadas, Melchior. HM 35131.
    • Domínguez, Sebastián. HM 35110.
    • Enríquez, Catalina. HM 35123.
    • Erenchun Salmerón, Mariana de. HM 35167.
    • Fernández Arévalo, Joseph George. HM 35179.
    • Fernández Cavadas de Quirós, Gregorio. HM 35173.
    • Fernández Machuca, Antonio. HM 35128.
    • Fernández y Domínguez, Manuel. HM 35138.
    • Ferrete, Joseph de, see Basurto, Cristóbal.
    • Fonseca, Gaspar de. HM 35123.
    • Frechel, Pedro. HM 35108.
    • García Cárdenas, Serafín. HM 35122.
    • Gómez Casillas de Solorzano, Frutus. HM 35111.
    • González Carmona, Diego. HM 35159.
    • Guerrero, Bartolomé. HM 35122.
    • Gutiérrez Jalapa, Juana. HM 35130.
    • Hidalgo y Costilla, Manuel. HM 35101.
    • Hortigosa, Pedro de. HM 35148.
    • Iraragorri, Francisco de. HM 35155.
    • Jacinto, Jorge. HM 35118.
    • Juárez de Figueroa, Diego, see Suárez de Figueroa, Diego.
    • León Carvajal, Francisco de. HM 35103.
    • Leoz, Francisco de. HM 35162.
    • López de Aguarda, Simón. HM 35118.
    • López de Erenchun, Martín. HM 35163-HM35164, HM 35167.
    • López de Erenchun, Tomás. HM 35164.
    • López Páramo, Francisco. HM 35167.
    • Manuel, Juan Antón. HM 35129.
    • Marques, Vicente de los Dolores, see Casimiro, Vicente.
    • Márquez, Pedro. HM 35106.
    • Mauriño, Domingo. HM 35139.
    • Melgarejo Santaella y Lobera, Antonio Eugenio. HM 35176.
    • Mendoza, Pedro de. HM 35153.
    • Menéndez Valdez, Fernando. HM 35106.
    • Montoro, Antonio. HM 35171.
    • Montoya, Jorge de. HM 35119.
    • Mosquera, Pedro Bernardo. HM 35122.
    • Muñoz, Francisco. HM 35108.
    • Ocharte, Pedro. FAC 16.
    • Olivares Villaroel, Juan de. HM 35161.
    • Olmo, Pedro del. HM 35151.
    • Oñate, Pedro de. HM 35098.
    • Ortiz, Joan. FAC 15.
    • Palao, Pedro Mártir. HM 35110, HM 35112.
    • Palau, Pedro Mártir, see Palao, Pedro Mártir.
    • Paniagua, Francisco. HM 35160.
    • Peralta, Isidro de. HM 35168-HM 35169.
    • Pérez de Ugarte, Joseph. HM 35107.
    • Pineda y Morales, María Josepha. HM 35175.
    • Quintero de Villalta, Baltasar. HM 35170.
    • Rame, Luis. HM 35130.
    • Ramírez, Luis, see Rame, Luis.
    • Ramos, Domingo. HM 35114.
    • Razin, Francisco, see Ruiz, Francisco.
    • Reguera, Pedro de. HM 35108.
    • Reyna, Bernardo. HM 35172.
    • Rivera Rendón, Gerónimo de. HM 35106.
    • Rodríguez, Domingo, see Díaz, Domingo.
    • Rodríguez, Esteban. HM 35109.
    • Rodríguez, Juan. HM 35129.
    • Rodríguez, Leonor, see Alvarez, Leonor (Rodríguez) de.
    • Rodríguez, Pedro. HM 35116.
    • Rodríguez de Abouza y Messa, Manuel Joseph. HM 35174.
    • Romano, Gregorio. HM 35152.
    • Ruiz, Alonso. HM 35146.
    • Ruiz, Francisco. HM 35120, HM 35124.
    • Salinas, Buenaventura de. HM 35102.
    • San Joseph, Francisca de. HM 35113.
    • San Juan de la Cruz, Francisco de. HM 35137.
    • San Martín, Diego de. HM 35121.
    • San Nicolás, María de, see Arceo, María de.
    • Solorzano, Melchior de. HM 35111.
    • Suárez de Figueroa, Diego. HM 35120.
    • Suárez de Mezquita, Alejandro. HM 35135.
    • Texosso, Francisca. HM 35119.
    • Texosso, Isabel. HM 35122.
    • Tinoco, Antonio. HM 35121.
    • Torquemada, Lorenzo de. HM 35124.
    • Uribe, Juan de, see Rivera Rendón, Gerónimo de.
    • Valle, Baltasar del. HM 35111, HM 35117.
    • Vallejo, María Gerónima de. HM 35165.
    • Vega, Pedro de. HM 35150.
    • Vera, Santiago de. HM 35145.
    • Vidaurre, Francisco de. HM 35117.
    • Vie, Cornelio de. HM 35099.
    • Villarejo, Eusebio. HM 35140.
    • Villasana Platero, Gabriel de. HM 35144.
    • Vívero, Rodrigo de. HM 35116.
    • Yáñez, Francisco. HM 35097.
    • Zaragoza, Miguel de. HM 35180.


    The collection is arranged chronologically in two series.
    HM 35129, Part I, f.22, was missing from the collection as of March 20, 2012.
    Also included are facsimiles of portions of the Libro Primero de Votos.
    A detailed container list is available through the Manuscripts Department.
    A list of volumes in Series I was published in Hispanic American Historical Review, Nov.1964, pp.565-567.
    Many of the case files were listed for sale in Blake's Catalogue of Autographs and Manuscripts, Printed Books on the Inquisition, and Associated Books, no.8 (1909).

    Indexing Terms


    Inquisition--Mexico--History--16th century--Sources.
    Inquisition--Mexico--History--17th century--Sources.
    Inquisition--Mexico--History--18th century--Sources.
    Inquisition--Mexico--History--19th century--Sources.

    Geographic Areas

    Mexico--Ethnic relations.
    Mexico--History--Spanish colony, 1540-1810--Sources.
    Mexico--Politics and government.


    Manuscripts--Mexico--16th century.
    Manuscripts--Mexico--17th century.
    Manuscripts--Mexico--18th century.
    Manuscripts--Mexico--19th century.