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Creator: California Institute of the Arts
Title: California Institute of the Arts Publications Collection
Dates: 1964-2009
Date (bulk): (bulk 1971-2000)
Quantity: 16.2 cubic feet
Repository: California Institute of the Arts. Library.
Valencia, California 91355-2397
Abstract: The California Institute of the Arts Publications Collection contains books, directories, handbooks, magazines, newsletters, and other materials documenting a variety of aspects of CalArts including academics, campus events, creative endeavors, and student life. The collection covers the years 1964 to 2009, with the bulk of the material ranging from 1971 to 2000.
California Institute of the Arts Archive
Identification: CalArts-002
Language of Material: English

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Administrative History of the California Institute of the Arts Publications Collection

California Institute of the Arts, commonly known as CalArts, is located in Valencia, California, and grants degrees in the visual and performing arts. Incorporated on September 1, 1961, it was the first degree-granting institution of higher learning in the United States created specifically for students of both the visual and the performing arts. It was the dream and vision of Walt Disney to create such an institute and he provided funding for it in his will. Initially formed through the merger of the Chouinard Art Institute (founded 1921) and the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music (founded 1883), it opened at its present campus in Valencia, California, in November 1971.
California Institute of the Arts was incorporated on September 1, 1961, and the first Board of Trustees meeting was held the following March. Chouinard and the Conservatory began operating under the name of the Institute while the Trustees began working on the establishment of a permanent campus and a development program. Preparation continued in 1964, when the "Cal Arts Story" was dramatized on film by the Disney studios and shown at the world premiere of Mary Poppins at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Prior to the Mary Poppins premiere (whose proceeds were donated to CalArts) Walt Disney and Mrs. Von Hagen introduced the Institute to an audience of 1,500 guests in a fifteen-minute special film. Among those who attended the Premiere were Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, and numerous other Hollywood luminaries.
Land for a campus was acquired in 1967 and planning for the physical facilities was immediately undertaken. Disney interests had discovered a simple solution to their land acquisition problem – give CalArts part of the Golden Oaks Ranch in Newhall. The 728-acre ranch had belonged to Walt Disney Productions for years. In 1967 the gift property was sold back to the Disney interests so they could find a more spacious and suitable site. Price proposed a 60-acre site down the road from the Placerita Ranch, on the edge of the rural town of Valencia, located 32 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. At the time, the area was remote from Los Angeles, bordered by Placerita Canyon State Park and a national forest, yet readily accessible to downtown Los Angeles. Other locations had also been considered, such as the Hollywood Bowl area.
Ground was broken for the new campus on May 3, 1969. Construction was frustrated by torrential rains and labor troubles of every variety. So, instead the "new" school began its first year in the buildings of Villa Cabrini Academy, a former Catholic girls’ school on the edge of downtown Burbank. Woefully behind schedule and over budget, the Valencia campus finally opened in November 1971.
Admission to CalArts was based solely on artistic ability and potential. Students received intensive professional training in the area of their career focus without being cast into a rigid pattern. Instructional emphasis was placed on the development of the professional artist – the artist of tomorrow. "There is an urgent need," said Disney, "for a professional school which will not only give its students thorough training in a specific field, but will also allow the widest possible range of artistic growth and expression."


Economic Research Associates. "A Historical Summary of CalArts," July 13, 1967.
Real, James. "When You Wish Upon A School," in West, 1972.

Scope and Contents of the Records

The California Institute of the Arts Publications Collection contains books, directories, handbooks, magazines, newsletters, and other materials documenting a variety of aspects of CalArts including academics, campus events, creative endeavors, and student life. The collection covers the years 1964 to 2009 with the bulk of the material ranging from 1971 to 2000.
The collection consists primarily of published, textual material with the exception of a few non-paper items scattered throughout the collection. The largest series in the collection, Institute Publications, is comprised of official materials published by the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Institute Publications include a comprehensive collection of bulletins, published by the Office of Admissions, that describe the various degree programs offered by CalArts. Course catalogs from 1968 to 2002, with some years missing, give additional information about the degree programs including descriptions of the classes offered within each school. A nearly complete set of annual reports with dates ranging from 1977 to 2004 also show how the institute has changed over the years. Student/Alumni Publications include monographs and serial publications. However, the serial publications are sporadic, with missing issues or only a single issue for some publications.
Due to the large amount of duplication within the collection and the scattered nature of the publications, this collection was reorganized during processing to bring consistency to its arrangement and to improve research access.

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California Institute of the Arts
California Institute of the Arts--Alumni and alumnae
California Institute of the Arts--Community Arts Partnership
California Institute of the Arts--Curricula
California Institute of the Arts--School of Art and Design
California Institute of the Arts--School of Music

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Genres and Forms of Materials

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News Bulletins

Collection Contents


Series 1.   Institute Publications, 1964-2009,

Physical Description: 10.0 cubic feet

Scope and Content Note

This series contains materials published by the California Institute of the Arts and includes admissions bulletins, books, calendars, class schedules, course catalogs, magazines, newsletters, and reports. Also included is information on admissions criteria, academic programs, courses offered, and events taking place at CalArts. Some publications focus on the artistic accomplishments of individuals associated with CalArts. Publications in this series include those intended for distribution among prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
Files are arranged alphabetically by name of department/office responsible for the publication, if available, and/or alphabetically by title of publication. Files are arranged chronologically thereafter.
Box 1:1

Admissions, Application Instructions and Forms, undated

Box 1:2

Admissions, Avant Ed, 1976

Box 1:3

Admissions, Brochure, undated

Boxes 1:4-3:8

Admissions, Bulletins, 1969-2009

Box 3:9

Admissions, Mailings, undated

Box 3:10

Admissions, Newsletter, undated

Box 3:11

Admissions, Performing Arts Design and Technology, undated

Box 4:1

Admissions, Untitled, undated

Box 4:2-4:3

Advancement and Planning, Cal Arts Events, 2002-2003

Boxes 4:4-5:1

Annual Reports, 1977-1991, 1995-2004

Box 5:2

Beyond Survival, 1996

Box 5:3

Board of Trustees, Programs, 1975

Box 5:4

Board of Trustees, Statement of Purpose, undated

Box 5:5

Board of Trustees, Thanks a Million, 1987

Box 5:6

Board of Trustees, Untitled, 1991-1992

Box 5:7

Board of Trustees, Walt Disney Associates for California Institute of the Arts, undated

Box 5:8-5:13

The Bridge, 1970-1975

Box 5:14

CalArts, The 10th Year, A Calendar of Work in Progress, 1979

Box 5:15

The Cal Arts 10th Year Poster Book, 1980

Box 5:16

CalArts’ 17th World Music Festival, 1991

Box 5:17

CalArts 20th Anniversary Celebration, 1990

Box 5:18

CalArts In Town, 1983 and undated

Box 5:19

CalArts Progress, 1964-1966, undated

Box 5:20

Calendar, undated

Box 5:21

California Institute of the Arts, [circa 1969]

Box 5:22

Campus Communications, Cal-arts Calendar, undated

Boxes 5:23-6:7

C.I.A. News, 1984-1991

Box 6:8

Community Arts Partnership, Booklet, undated

Box 6:9

Community Arts Partnership, Brochure, [circa 2003]

Box 6:10

Community Arts Partnership, RE:CAP, 2007

Box 6:11

Community Arts Partnership, S.N.A.P! Serious New Art Photographers, 1993

Boxes 6:12-10:4

Course Catalogs, 1968-1969, 1975-1982, 1984-2002

Box 10:5

Exhibition, 1981

Box 10:6

Graduation Announcements, Programs, and Speeches, 1976, 2003-2005

Box 10:7

Holiday Card, undated

Box 10:8

Information, Calendar, 1970-1971

Box 10:9

Information, California Institute of the Arts News Letter, 1970

Box 10:10

Information, Staff Newsletter, 1971

Box 10:11

Institute News, 1971-1972

Box 11:1

Intercultural Arts Project, untitled, 1989-1990

Box 11:2

Newsletter, undated

Box 11:3

Placement and Career Development, The Annotated Artist’s Bibliography, 1985

Box 11:4

Placement and Career Development, For the Working Artist, 1986

Box 11:5

Placement and Career Development, National Directory of Art Internships, 1986-1987

Box 11:6

Planning and Advancement, Campaign for CalArts, 1994 and undated

Box 11:7-11:10

Public Affairs, Articles, 1984-1988

Box 12:1

Public Affairs, CalArts, 2007

Box 12:2

Public Affairs, CalArts Calendar, 1992

Boxes 12:3-13:6

Public Affairs, CalArts Current, 1988-2001

Box 13:7-13:11

Public Affairs, CalArts Current Alumni, 1990-1992, 1994-1995

Box 13:12

Public Affairs, CalArts Current Calendar, 1989-1992

Box 14:1-14:4

Public Affairs, CalArts Happenings, 2003-2006

Boxes 14:5-15:5

Public Affairs, CalArts Today, 1975-1984

Box 16:1

Public Affairs, California Summer Arts Summit Conference Proceedings, 1991

Box 16:2

Public Affairs, The Great Splendor, 1979

Box 16:3-16:9

Public Affairs, Inside CalArts, 1975-1981

Box 16:10

Public Affairs, Portfolio for Tomorrow, 1968

Box 16:11

Public Information, Cal Arts Newsletter, 1973-1975

Box 17:3

Orientation/Registration Schedules, 1971, 1981

Box 17:4-17:9

Redcat, Brochures, Mailings, and Programs, 2003-2008

Boxes 17:10-18:7

Registrar, Class Schedules, 1970-1975

Box 19:1

Roy Lichtenstein at CalArts, 1977

Box 19:2

School Interim Reports on Long-Range Planning, 1978

Boxes 19:3-21:3

School of Art, Afterall, 1998-2006

Box 21:4-21:5

School of Art, Exhibition Space, 1995

Box 21:6

School of Art, Faculty Exhibition, 1977

Box 21:7

School of Art, Fast Forward, 1993

Box 21:8

School of Art, The Last Plastics Show, undated

Box 21:9

School of Art, NTNTNT, 2003

Box 22:1

School of Art, untitled, undated

Box 22:2-22:5

School of Critical Studies, Black Clock, 2004-2006

Box 22:6

School of Dance, Body In Time, 2001

Box 22:7

School of Dance, Convergence, 2005

Box 22:8

School of Dance, Dancebelt, 1991-1992

Box 22:9

School of Dance, Dance on the Page, 1993-1994

Box 22:10

School of Dance, Greetings From, 1997-1998

Box 22:11

School of Dance, Performances, 1986-1990

Box 22:12

School of Dance, Student Handbook, undated

Box 22:13

School of Music, New Music Across America, 1992

Box 22:14

School of Music, Performances, 1986-1987

Box 22:15

School of Music, Sequoia String Quartet Friends, 1982-1983

Box 22:16

School of Music, Spring Music Festival, 1990, 1998

Box 22:17

School of Theatre, Cal Arts Theatre Company, 1980

Box 22:18

School of Theatre, Exhibition and Performance Events, 1994-1995

Box 23:1

School of Theatre, Performances, 1982-1998

Box 23:2

School of Theatre, Student Handbook, undated

Box 23:3

Untitled, undated

Box 23:4

Walt Disney Associates, Walt Disney Associates Grove, undated

Box 23:5

William H. Ahmanson Hall Dedication, 1982


Series 2.   Student/Alumni Publications, 1969-2008,

Physical Description: 3.2 cubic feet

Scope and Content Note

This series contains materials published by CalArts students/alumni and includes books, directories, handbooks, journals, newsletters, programs, speeches, and yearbooks. Many of these publications were intended as means of exhibiting creative works by CalArts students.
Files are arranged alphabetically by name of department/individual/organization responsible for the publication, if available, and/or alphabetically by title of publication. Files are arranged chronologically thereafter.
Box 23:6

Alumni Association, Alumni Art Exhibition, 1987

Box 23:7-23:8

Alumni Association, Alumni News, 1996, 2001

Box 23:9

Alumni Association, Cal@rts 30, 2000

Box 23:10

Alumni Association, Directory, 1985

Box 23:11

Alumni Association, Guide, undated

Box 23:12

Alumni Association, Half-Hour From Home, [circa 2005]

Box 23:13

Alumni Association, Mailings, undated

Box 23:14

Alumni Association, The News Is Out!, 1989

Box 23:15-23:18

Alumni Association, The Pool, 2003-2007

Box 23:19

Art Beat, 1984

Boxes 23:20-24:5

The Big News, 1972-1973, undated

Box 24:6

Black and Blue, 1996

Box 24:7

Borborigmi, 1970

Box 24:8

Box, 1971

Box 24:9

Burns, David Allen, The Examination Book, 1990

Box 24:10

The Cal Arts Flasher, 1979

Box 24:11

Coffee Concerts, 1972

Box 24:12

The Eye, 1969

Box 24:13

Handbook, 1971-1972

Box 25:1

Handbook:, 1973-1974

Box 25:2

Kessler, Stephen E., Our Eyes Open, undated

Box 25:3

Marvin, 1974 and undated

Box 25:4

McRoy, Marie E., Sarah’s Poems, 1974

Box 25:5

Menagerie, 1967

Box 25:6

Mowry, James, About MT67, and Two Combines, 1989

Box 25:7

No Free Lunches, 1972

Box 25:8-25:9

Oversight, 1989-1990, 1993

Box 25:10

Photography Department, Collected Works, 1978

Box 25:11

Polvo, 1995

Box 25:12

Ragazine, 1972

Box 25:13

Revenge, 1988

Box 25:14

School of Art, Collected Works, 1978

Box 25:15

School of Art, Hand Turkey, 1991

Box 25:16

School of Critical Studies, CalArts Writing MFAs, 2008

Box 25:17

School of Critical Studies, Next Words, 2007

Box 25:19

School of Dance, Newsletter, 2000

Box 25:19

School of Design, Networks 1, 1972

Box 26:1-26:3

School of Music, Aperiodical, 1986-1988

Box 26:4

School of Theatre Alumni, The Green Room, undated

Box 26:5

School of Theatre Alumni, Network, 1993

Box 26:6-26:8

Student Affairs, Artizen, 2004-2006

Box 26:9

Student Affairs, The CalArts Citizen, 1991

Box 26:10

Student Affairs, Workshop, Bell Hooks, undated

Box 26:11-26:15

Student Council, ALT, 1988-1992

Box 26:16

Student Council, Buzzkill, 1992

Box 27:1

Student Council, CalArts Student Newspaper, 1973-1974

Box 27:2

Student Council, Handbook, 1976

Box 27:3

Student Council, The Literary Magazine, 1973

Box 27:4

Student Council, The Moon, 1991-1994

Box 27:5

Student Council, Plates, undated

Box 27:6

Student Council, State of the Arts, 1980

Box 27:7

Student Council, Student Handbook, 1989-1990

Boxes 27:8-29:6

Student Council, Walt, 1981-1988

Box 29:7

Student Council, Walt/Notes, undated

Box 29:8

Village One, 1972

Box 29:9-29:10

Visual Communications, Offramp, 1988, 1990

Box 30:1-30:2

Visual Communications, Yearbook, 1986-1987

Box 30:3

The Yonilizer, 2003

Box 30:4

Webb, Harriet, Mud Pies, 1975


Series 3.   External Publications, 1970-2000,

Physical Description: 1.8 cubic feet

Scope and Content Note

This series contains materials collected by the California Institute of the Arts, but published by outside publishers. Included are books, journals, and magazines. Publications in this series focus on, or make reference to, CalArts or individuals associated with CalArts.
Files are arranged alphabetically by title of publication.
Box 30:5

American Theatre, "American Theatre Forms Advisory Board", 2000

Box 30:6

Art as a Verb, undated

Box 30:7

Art in America, "Back to the Studio", 1982

Box 30:8

ARTnews, "How Should Artists Be Educated", 1983

Box 30:9

Arts in Society, "California Institute of the Arts: Prologue to a Community", 1970

Box 31:1

Aspen Times, "1971 International Design Conference in Aspen", 1971

Box 31:2

The Atlantic, "Walt Disney Presents: Adventures in Collegeland", 1972

Box 31:3

Berlin-Los Angeles: Working Together in Culture, Science, and Industry, 1980-1981

Box 31:4

CalArts Skeptical Belief(s), 1988

Box 31:5

California Arts Council Performing Arts Fellowship Awardees, 2000

Box 31:6

California, "Theater", 1984

Box 31:7

Case Currents, 1982

Box 31:8

The Chronicle of Higher Education, "Notes on…The Student Press", [circa 1982]

Box 31:9

Chronicle of Non Profit Enterprise, "Interarts Colleges", 1985

Box 31:10

The Cultural Post, "California’s School for Artists", 1981

Box 31:11

Dance Magazine, "Between Terror and Desire", 2000

Box 31:12

Education Abstracts, "The student scene", 1971

Box 31:13

High Performance, "Cal Arts", 1984

Box 31:14

High Performance, "Schedule of Events", 1985

Box 32:1

Johnson, Eric, The Mesdames, 2000

Box 32:2

Los Angeles Theatre Magazine, "Cal Arts Presents", 1982

Box 32:3

Los Angeles Times, Articles, 1972-1978

Box 32:4

Los Angeles Times, Calendar, Articles, 1969-1975

Box 32:5

Los Angeles Times, Home, Articles, 1978-1983

Box 32:6

Los Angeles Times, West, "When You Wish Upon A School", 1972

Box 32:7

Millimeter, "Reflections on Teaching Animation", 1976

Box 32:8

Newsweek, "Disney’s Dream School", 1971

Box 32:9

Newsweek, "Young Fingers On the Button", 1984

Box 32:10

New West, "Animated Weekend at Mickey Mouse U.", 1978

Box 32:11

New York, "Breaking Down Boundaries at Mickey Mouse U.", 1978

Box 32:12

New York Times, Articles, 1970, 1977

Box 32:13

Out of the Shadows, 1992

Box 32:14

PSA Magazine, "Masters in the Making", 1983

Box 32:15

Real Life Magazine, 1980, 1983, 1994

Box 32:16

Santa Clarita Clarion, "CalArts president Corrigan resigns post, Lund appointed", 1972

Box 32:17

Saturday Review, "Disney’s New School", 1972

Box 32:18

Seventy Six, "CalArts in Review", 1980

Box 32:19

Seventy Six, "Laboratory of the Arts", 1978

Box 32:20

Smithsonian, "They used to call it Mickey Mouse U, but not these days", 1983

Box 33:1

Soundings, 1972

Box 33:2-33:3

Stein, Maurice and Larry Miller, Blueprint for Counter Education, 1970

Box 33:4

Sunset, Articles, 1975-1983

Box 33:5

Theatre LA, "Cal Arts Theatre Company", 1982-1983

Box 33:6

The Wall Street Journal, "Cal Arts-Experiment in Education", 1971


Series 4.   Oversize Materials, 1968-1990,

Physical Description: 1.2 cubic feet

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of oversize material that was removed from the collection and filed separately in oversize boxes. Oversize material is located in boxes 34-36.