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Inventory of the Friedrich-Wilhelm Schlomann papers
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Table of contents What's This?

Box 1-4

Reports of German Länder (Interior Ministries) related to extremism and terrorism, 1960s-1980s

Box 4-5

Speeches and writings 1960s-1990s

Scope and Contents note

Includes typescripts, clippings, and radio broadcasts related to espionage
Box 5

Espionage, 1977-1988

Box 6

Stasi and security, 1976-1985

Box 7

Espionnage, 1961-1987

Box 7

KGB, 1971-1990

Box 8

KGB in Berlin-Karlshost, 1990s

Box 8

Pin, undated

Box 8

KGB and Soviet espionage, 1960s-1980s

Box 8

Soviet Main Intelligence Directorate/Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye (GRU), 1983, undated

Box 9

GRU and Spetsnaz, 1983-1986

Box 9

Soviet espionage (cases), Soviet military missions (GRU), Spetsnaz, vehicles, KGB, 1964-1990

Box 9

Information and espionage agencies (Czechoslovakia and Romania), 1960s

Box 10

Polish and Bulgarian intelligence and espionage agencies, 1959-1989

Box 10

Hungarian intelligence and Cuban espionage, 1971-1984

Box 10

Yugoslavian intelligence, 1982-1988

Box 10

Chinese espionage, 1983-1989

Box 11

North Korean espionage, 1982-1996

Box 11

German Democratic Republic (GDR) attitude towards espionage, 1970-1985

Scope and Contents note

Includes documentation on espionage in the field of "pacific coexistence," "Détente," and "communist tradition" (Dr. Sorge)
Box 11-12

Stasi and leaders (including Rüdi Mittig), 1933-1994

Box 12-13

Stasi’s Main Directorate for Reconnaissance/Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung (HVA) and Werner Grossmann, 1979-1991

Box 13

Markus Wolf, leader of the GDR’s espionage, 1979-1997

Box 14

Intelligence Administration/Verwaltung Aufklärung (VA), 1986-1994

Box 14

HAZ (Department 1 of the Stasi), 1963-1987

Box 14

Recruitment process in espionage, 1979-1994

Box 15

Recruitment in GDR and in Eastern Europe, 1965-1987

Scope and Contents note

Includes topics such as wages, networks, threats, coercion, and political motives
Box 15-16

Recruitment in the Federal Republic of Germany/Bundesrepublik Deutschland (FRG), 1962-1988

Scope and Contents note

Includes topics such as motives, advantages, threats, ideology, and compensation
Box 16

Recruitment methods and double agents, 1957-1999

Box 16

German emigrants from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, and the Soviet Union, 1974-1988

Box 16

Back-door recruitment of spies from GDR in BRD (and emigration from GDR to BRD), 1967-2003

Box 17

"The Spy," ideology, outfit, wages, 1959-1988

Box 17-18

Different kinds of agents (perspectives, influence, skimming), 1981-1999

Box 18

"Secretaries’ love," 1962-1999

Box 19

Journalists and authors, 1990-2003

Box 19-20

GDR forgien espionnage, 1965-1993

Box 19-20


Box 21

Counts and quantities of operations and agents

Box 21-22

Political espionage (Office of the Federal President, Federal Chancellery, Guillaume couple)

Box 22-23

Guillaume couple, 1974-1993

Box 23

Foreign Affairs Ministry and other Ministries in Bonn, 1970-1998

Box 24

German Parliament (Bundestag) in Bonn, 1961-2000

Box 24

Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtdendienst), 1961-2004

Box 25

Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz) in Cologne, 1985-1998

Box 25-26

State Office for the Protection of the Constitution/Landesbehörde für Verfassungsschutz (LFV), Office for the Protection of the Army/Militärischer Abschirmdienst (MAD), Federal Criminal Police Office/Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), and Federal Joint Committee/Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (GBA), 1962-1993

Box 26

Political parties in the GDR, 1968-2000

Scope and Contents note

Includes Social Democratic Party of Germany/Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD), Chritian Democratic Union of Germany/Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands (CDU), Christian Social Union in Bavaria/Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern (CSU), Free Democratic Party/Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP), Party of Democratic Socialism/Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus(PDS), Green Party/Grüne, and the Left/Die Linke
Box 26

Subordinate federal offices, 1984-1995

Box 26

Regional authorities, 1990-1995

Box 27

Police, border protection, and trade unions, 1960-1996

Box 27

Escape organizations, deviationists (Trotskyists and Maoists) and strangers, 1974-1994

Box 27

Right-wing extremism and war criminals (Schutzstaffel/SS), 1989-2000

Box 27-28

Churches and human rights organizations, 1981-1996

Box 28-29

Forgery and fakes (disinformation), including peace movements, 1953-2001

Box 29

German Communist Party/Deutsche Kommunistische Partei (DKP) military organization and camouflaged documents of the illegal Communist Party of Germany/Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands (KPD), 1954-1990

Box 29-30

Wiretapping, 1984-2001

Box 30

"Wet Things" (murders, assassinations), 1974-2003

Box 31

Stasi and terror (RAF, Carlos, Abu-Nidal, South-Tirol), 1976-2003

Box 31

HVA, including against opposition in the GDR, 1990-1995

Box 31

Military espionage, 1989-1994

Box 32

Defense Committee of the GDR, 1960-1978

Box 32

Ministry of Defense, 1961-1991

Box 33

Espionage case against the Army, 1961-1994

Box 33

East espionage against foreign troops (US, Britain, France, Belgium, Holland), 1961-1996

Box 33-34

Espionage against NATO in Brussels, 1968-1999

Box 34

Espionage on arms industry, 1959-1994

Box 34

GDR’s border patrols, Grenzaufklärer (GAK), 1981-1989

Box 34-35

Sabotage, 1955-1996

Box 35-37

Economic espionage, 1962-1994

Box 37-39

Embargo and smuggling, 1982-1997

Box 40-41

"Koko" (Ministry for Foreign Trade, Dr. Schalck-Golodkowski, Dr. Forgber), 1984-2001

Box 41-42

Trials, foreign agents and ex-spies, 1969-1996

Box 42

Lengths of espionage, 1955-1992

Box 43

New lives of agents in the GDR, 1967-1993

Box 44

Return of agents from the GDR, 1962-1987

Box 44

1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1988-1992

Box 44

Bürgerkomitees and Stasi, 1992-2004

Box 44-45

Office for National Security/Amt für Nationale Sicherheit (AFNS), 1989-1993

Box 45

End of the AFNS, 1989

Box 45

"Further developments," 1990-1994

Box 45

Development from VA (Verwaltung Aufklärung) to IZ (Informationszentrum), 1990-1993

Box 45

End of GDR espionage, 1992-1999

Box 46

Transfer of GDR spies (HVA, VA) to the KGB and GRU, 1991-1992

Box 46

Culpability of GDR espionage, 1990-1999

Box 46-47

Germany as a constitutional state, 1973-1995

Box 47

Amnesty for spies, 1989-1995

Box 48

Stasi (destruction, controversies), 1990-2002

Box 48

Rosenholz documents (Stasi), 1990-2002

Box 49

Examination of ex-Stasi agents working in public services, 1991-1996

Box 49-50

Potential renouncement of German services after reunification, 1988-1993

Box 50

FRG’s thesis about GDR espionage after reunification, 1990-1992

Box 50-51

FRG’s services, 1968-1993

Scope and Contents note

Includes Federal Intelligence Service/Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution/ Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BFV), Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD), and SG (possibly Schutzgruppe)
Box 51-52

FRG’s mentality, 1954-1994

Box 52-53

Albanian printed matter, 1965-1974

Box 53-54

Speeches and writings, addendum to broadcasts, 1950-2001

Scope and Contents note

Includes topics such as psychologic warfare in Bonn, GRD’s propaganda against the army, and illegal resistance against the GDR
Box 54-55

Chinese printed matter related to the Sino-Soviet dispute and Chinese propaganda in Western Europe, 1960s

Box 55

Maoist groups in Western Europe, 1964-1971

Scope and Contents note

Includes Schlomann's speeches and writings
Box 56-57

Speeches and writings, 1962-1974

Box 57-58

Schlomann's activities and reviews of his books, 1950-1992

Box 58-59

Speeches and writings, 1955-1992

Box 59-60

Schlomann's global activities, networking, and publications, 1948-2003

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence and awards
Box 60-61

Speeches and writings, 1944-1998

Scope and Contents note

Includes printed matter related to the GDR
Box 61-62

GDR (especially the PSK), 1950-2005

Box 62-63

Speeches and writings, Korea, 1972-2002

Box 64

Social Democratic Party of Germany/Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD)

Box 65

Beijing’s propaganda and political work in Eastern Europe, 1971-1975

Box 65-66

Beijing’s illegal activities in Eastern Europe, 1963-1970

Box 65-66

Speeches and writings and conference file, 1961-2004

Scope and Contents note

Includes documentation on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany
Box 67-68

Speeches and writings, 1959-1994

Box 68

Espionage, GDR, 1950-2002

Box 69

Speeches and writings, espionage, 1960-1999

Box 70

Speeches and writings, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, 1967-2005

Scope and Contents note

Includes documentation on Exil-CUD and SPD
Box 71-72

Speeches and writings, GDR,

Scope and Contents note

Includes documentation on the National Alliance of Russian Solidarists (NTS)
Box 72

Speeches and writings, 1947-1994

Scope and Contents note

Includes documentation on the GDR (including illegal opposition)
Box 73

Speeches and writings, Korea, 1947-1994

Box 74

Speeches and writings, GDR, 1956-1990

Box 74-75

Conference file and book reviews, 1980-2003

Box 75-77

Speeches and writings, Korea, 1972-1985

Box 77-78

Monographs and pamphlets, 1956-2000

Box 78-79

GDR newspapers about 1989, 1986-1990

Box 79-80

Pamphlets of the Untersuchungsausschuss Freiheitlicher Juristen (UFJ), printed matter related to Baltic States and Korea, 1975-2004

Box 80

North Korean pamphlets, 1968-1975

Box 81-86

Speeches and writings, 1955-1996

Scope and Contents note

Includes broadcasts
Box 87-88

GDR (politics, communism, security, prison), 1961-1999

Box 88-89

China's relations with Germany, 1969-1974

Box 89-90

China's relations with Europe (especially Germany), 1970-1987

Box 90-91

China's attitude towards divided Germany, 1955-1970

Box 91-92

Korea, 1975-1980

Scope and Contents note

Includes photographs
Box 92-95

Foreign Nazi propaganda towards Germany, 1992-2005


Speeches and writings

Box 95-98

GDR, 1992-2005

Box 99

China, 1960-1999

Box 100

General, 1963-2004

Box 101

China and Germany, 1971-1972

Box 101-104

General, 1954-1999

Box 105

Weapons (America, Asia, Europe), 1965-2004

Box 105-106

Personal documents, 1950-2006

Box 106-108

Propaganda, espionage, intelligence, army (mainly GDR and USSR), 1960-2006

Scope and Contents note

Includes cloth flag
Box 108-110

Speeches and writings, 1964-2006

Scope and Contents note

Includes writings on espionage and reviews of Schlomann's writings
Box 111

USSR’s army and foreign affairs, 1994-2005

Box 112-113

USSR and Russia, 1987-2000

Box 114

Conference file and reviews, 1993-2006

Box 115

Military issues, especially in the ex-USSR, 1995-2001

Box 115-121

Russian military and espionage, 1946, 1985-2002

Scope and Contents note

Includes documents related to the Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information (FAPSI), Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (SVR), and Theater Missile Defense (TMD)
Box 121

Biographical file and documents related to GDR and communism, 1955-1995

Box 122-124

Russian army, 1992-2003

Box 125-127

Speeches and writings, 1949-1969

Scope and Contents note

Includes documents related to "Tarnliteratur," GDR propaganda, and psychological warfare
Box 127-128

Correspondence and printed matter, 1966-2010

Box 128-129

Legal documents, 1955-1992

Box 129-130

Conference file, espionage, 1954-2010

Scope and Contents note

Includes speeches and writings
Box 131


Scope and Contents note

Includes plaques
Box 132

Speeches and writings, documents related to GDR, Europe, and USSR, 1968-2006

Box 133

GDR’s dictatorship, 1953-1992

Box 134

Division of Germany, 1946-2007

Box 135

Anti-communism, 1953-2010

Box 136

Espionage, 2000s

Box 137

Espionage in Germany, Switzerland, and other countries, 1991-2008

Scope and Contents note

Includes 1 3.5 inch floppy disk
Box 138

GDR’s intelligence, 1973-2012

Box 139

Anti-communism, 1989-2012

Box 139-140

Germany, 1958-2012

Box 140

Anti-communism, 1959-2012

Scope and Contents note

Includes CDU pins
Box 141-142

Anti-communism, 1966-2013

Box 142

Speeches and writings, 1998-2013

Scope and Contents note

Includes writings published in Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg
Box 143

GDR and extremism, 1981-2015

Box 144

Speeches and writings, 1990-2004

Scope and Contents note

Includes writings published in Switzerland
Box 145

Neo-Nazis, Germany, democracy, 1968-2014

Box 146

GDR and Germany’s reunification, 1986-2014

Box 147

Speeches and writings, 2013-2015

Scope and Contents note

Includes writings published in Luxembourg
Box 148-163

Undescribed materials

Box 164

Audiovisual materials related to the GDR

Scope and Contents note

Includes 12 CD sound discs, 3 compact sound cassettes, and 1 VHS videocassette