Inventory of the George F. Koether papers

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Title: George F. Koether papers
Collection Number: 88021
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Physical Description: 21 manuscript boxes (8.7 linear feet)
Date (inclusive): 1829-2003
Date (bulk): 1943-1987
Abstract: Correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, pamphlets, clippings, photographs, and printed matter relating to laissez-faire economic and political thought, monetary policy, and economic conditions in the United States.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of the Materials: In English and French.
creator: Koether, George F., 1907-2006


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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1988.


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Biographical Note

George Koether was a journalist, speechwriter, businessman, lecturer, economist, a friend to Ludwig and Margit von Mises, and a longtime ambassador for Misesian economics. He was born on July 28, 1907 in Newark, New Jersey. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attended Albion College in Michigan where he studied journalism. He also studied business administration at Columbia University, New York.
In 1930, Koether married Viola B. Kennedy and began his journalism career starting out as a copy editor for Look Magazine in 1943, and later served as the automotive and transportation editor for Look in 1952. Koether is a three-time awardee of the Ted V. Rodgers Journalism Awards for outstanding articles and editorials on highway improvement and use. Koether contributed articles about the automotive industry for the World Book Encyclopedia. Koether also wrote for the Saturday Evening Post, Architectural Forum, Christian Economics, and many others on topics ranging from currency and inflation to politics and economics.
In 1958, Koether worked as a public relations official for the United States Steel Corporation in New York and was a member of the Public Relations Society of America in the 1960s. He served as staff at organizations such as the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and the Christian Freedom Foundation. In the 1940s and 1950s, Koether began correspondence with Henry L. Hazlitt who was editor of the quarterly publication, The Freeman encouraging Koether to write for the publication.
Koether also served as lecturer for the University of Michigan, the New York Civic Education Forum, and the Ludwig von Mises Institute at Auburn College, Alabama.
In the 1970s, Koether served as chairman for the Committee for Monetary Research and Education, Inc. Around 1976, Koether produced a series of audio-visual films on free market economics and monetary policy. While working for Ingersoll-Rand Corporation, Koether wrote a series of educational materials for employees on economics. Similar curricula was developed and targeted for the layperson at other corporations and schools.
From the 1980s and throughout his retirement, Koether was a benefactor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute at Auburn College. He passed away March 22, 2006.

Arrangement Statement

The collection maintains the original arrangement and hierarchical order of the creator when possible.

Scope and Content of Collection

The majority of the collection is composed of Subject files, which contain correspondence, speeches and writings, reports, studies, pamphlets, clippings, and other printed matter on Communism, education, religion, politics, economy and economists, and geographic areas. The Correspondence contains letters, memodanum, and printed materials relating to Koether's interest in economic and political policy, corporate industries, and political societies. Also included is a section of Writings which contain drafts, notes, books and published articles.

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Subjects and Indexing Terms

Mont Pèlerin Society.
Automobile industry and trade--United States.
Economists--Austrian school.
Finance, Personal.
Look magazine.
Monetary policy.
Money--Pictorial works.
Switzerland--Mont Pèlerin Society.
Traffic safety--United States.
Transportation, Automotive--United States.
United States--Economic conditions--1945-


Subject file, 1829-1989

Box-folder 1:1

African nations pamphlets and printed matter, 1951-1985

Scope and Contents note

Topics include the Republic of the Congo relations with United Nations forces and apartheid in South Africa.
Box-folder 1:2

Agriculture, 1887-1987

Scope and Contents note

Includes typescript speech by United States President, Grover Cleveland on February 16, 1887 to the House of Representatives regarding House Bill 10203.
Box-folder 1:3

American Affairs: A Quarterly Journal of Free Opinion, January-October, 1949

Box-folder 1:4

Anti-trust, 1957-1967


Banking, circa 1915-1988

Box-folder 1:5

Deregulation, 1958-1988

Box-folder 1:6

International Monetary Fund (IMF), circa 1915-1974

Box-folder 1:7

Printed material, 1945-1988

Box-folder 1:8

Baruch, Bernard M. (economist), 1950-1952

Box-folder 1:9

Blanshard, Paul (socialist), 1928-1951

Box-folder 1:10

Bolivia, 1956-1957

Box-folder 1:11

Bonds (savings), 1948-1951

Box-folder 1:12

Bowles, Chester (Govenor's biography), 1949-1951

Box-folder 1:13

Bradley, Omar N., 1949-1951

Box-folder 1:14

Brannan, Charles Franklin (United States Secretary of Agriculture) speeches, 1949-1952

Box-folder 1:15

Browder, Earl, 1951

Box-folder 1:16

Business, 1970

Box-folder 2:1

Capital (investments and spending), 1949-1986

Box-folder 2:2

Capital formation, 1947-1981

Box-folder 2:3

Capitalism, 1960-1986


Includes Corporate Responsibility: The Viability of Capitalism in an Era of Militant Demands. 1960, "Affirmative Action: A Praiseworthy Intention, A Corruptive Technique," (Howard) and, "Business and the Gay Liberation Movement," (Shenfield).
Box-folder 2:4

United States, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), circa 1945-1953

Box-folder 2:5

Classical references and excerpts, circa 1949-1980

Box-folder 2:6-8

Committee for Economic Development (CED), 1937-1966

Scope and Contents note

Committee of Economic Development (CED) includes clippings and other printed materials, drafts, and correspondence.
Box-folder 2:9

Commodity Credit Corporation, 1950-1951

Box-folder 2:10

Common market, 1958-1981


Communism, 1948-1985

Box-folder 2:11

Cripps, Sir Richard Stafford, 1949-1985

Box-folder 2:12

Field, Frederick Vanderbilt, 1948-1951

Box-folder 2:13

Jessup, Philip, 1949-1951

Box-folder 3:1

McCarthy, Joseph R. and McCarthyism, 1949-1953


Communism in the United States of America (USA), 1943-1961

Box-folder 3:2

Clippings, 1950-1951

Box-folder 3:3

Education, 1943-1952

Box-folder 3:4

Government, 1949-1951

Box-folder 3:5

Labor and unions, 1950-1969

Box-folder 3:6

Pamphlets and other material, 1947-1952

Box-folder 3:7

Competition, 1974-1980


Includes Mont Pelerin Society 1980 general meeting report and a monetary policy panel discussion outline entitled, "Monopoly or Competition Policy?."
Box-folder 3:8

Congress (United States) and Reagan administration clippings, 1978-1987

Box-folder 3:9

Connecticut Taxpayers Association, perodicals, 1974-1983

Box-folder 3:10

Conspiracy, 1920-1987

Scope and Contents note

Includes Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform's (C-FAR) Canadian Issues Series and a typescript speech "The Communist Takeover of America," by Howard E. Kershner.
Box-folder 3:11

The Constitution (United States), 1949-1979

Scope and Contents note

Includes two issues of Dollars & Sense on the matter of Congress and the Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution to send constitutional ammendment to require a balanced federal budget. (July and September, 1979).
Box-folder 3:12

Consumerism--consumer bills article, 1975

Box-folder 3:13

Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), 1962

Box-folder 3:14

Credit--Consumer credit and public debt, 1940-1958

Scope and Contents note

Includes "College on Credit" by United Student Aid Funds, Inc. and printed materials on bank credit and credit policies.

Debt, 1957-1987

Scope and Contents note

Includes reprint of "The Growth of Debt and Money in the United States, 1800-1950: A Suggested Interpretation," by John G. Gurley and E. S. Shaw of the Brookings Institution in 1957.
Box-folder 3:15

Deficit spending and Federal debt limits, 1962-1987

Box-folder 3:16

Government and personal, 1957-1983

Box-folder 3:17

Democracy, 1959-1961

Box-folder 3:18

Depreciation, 1956-1970

Scope and Contents note

Includes some materials from the American Economic Foundation and United States steel industry.
Box-folder 4:1

Ecology--economic perspectives, 1978-1980

Box-folder 4:2-3


Arrangement Statement

Clippings and files labeled by the creator as "Cockeyed Economics" and "Economic Stupidities," under the Economics file. Covers topics such as inflation, welfare, Dag Hammarskjöld (2nd Secretary-General of the United Nations), Robert L. Heilbroner (economist), and taxation.

Economic theory, 1910-1984

Box-folder 4:4

Austrian economics, 1910-1981

Box-folder 4:5

American School of Economics pamphlets, no date

Box-folder 4:6

Economic thought, 1931-1981

Box-folder 4:7

Keynesianism, 1945-1977

Box-folder 4:8

Printed material, 1935-1984


Economists, 1952-1986

Box-folder 5:1


Box-folder 5:2


Box-folder 5:3


Box-folder 5:4

Austrian school, 1960-1984

Box-folder 5:5

Burns, Arthur F., 1954-1962

Box-folder 5:6

Hazlitt, Henry, 1959-1981


Education, 1936-1982

Scope and Contents note

Printed materials, pamphlets, clippings, and other printed materials covering topics such as: economic implications in eduction, the National Education Association (NEA), and public schools.
Box-folder 6:1

NEA pamphlets, 1936-1980

Box-folder 6:2

Economic implications, 1975-1982

Box-folder 6:3

Schools, 1979-1981

Box-folder 6:4

Pamphlets, 1954-1982

Box-folder 6:5

Einstein, Albert, 1950-1953

Box-folder 6:6

Employment, 1960-1978

Box-folder 6:7

Environmentalists, 1979

Box-folder 6:8

Eurodollars, 1975-1982

Scope and Contents note

Regarding the United States dollar versus the Eurodollar and conference paper,"Eurodollars Explained: A pedagogic note," by Gunter Duffey. Harriman, New York. 1979.

Exchange controls, 1965-1987

Scope and Contents note

Includes the works of Hans F. Sennholz, Wilhem Röpke, and Mount Pelerin Society conference papers. Also includes pamphlets, newspaper clippings of foreign exchange rates, and articles on currency exchange rates, coinage, and monetary exchange not filed alphabetically by the creator.
Box-folder 6:9

Articles and reports, 1968-1986

Box-folder 6:10

Foreign currency, 1965-1987

Box-folder 6:11

Coinage, 1974-1976

Box 7:1-4

Federal Reserve System (United States), 1949-1989

Acquisition Information

Includes articles, printed matter, and monetary policy reports.
Box-folder 7:5

Finletter, Thomas K. (United States Air Force Secretary), 1950-1951

Box-folder 7:6

Gold standard, 1940-1984

Box-folder 7:7

Gold and silver value, 1976-1982

Box-folder 8:1-5

Government (United States),

Scope and Contents note

Includes materials on Internal Revenue Service (IRS), United States Postal Service, regulations, bureaucracy, and presidental power.
Box-folder 8:6

Gross National Product (GNP), 1987

Box-folder 8:7-8

Growth (economic), 1959-1981

Box-folder 8:9

The Heller Report: "Fiscal Problems of Germany," 1950-1961

Scope and Contents note

Includes, "Fiscal Problems of Germany," by the ECA (United States, Economic Corporation Administration) Team on Fiscal Problems of Germany (West) of which Walter W. Heller joined the last weeks of the team visit to the Federal Republic of Germany. Co-authors: Alvin H. Hansen and Richard A. Musgrave.
Box-folder 8:10

History, 1896-1972

Box-folder 8:11

Income and income taxes, 1938-1982

Box-folder 8:12

Industrial production, 1829-1980

Box-folder 9:1-6

Inflation material, circa 1934-1989

Scope and Contents note

Subseries arrangement follows creator's original order which contain transcriptions, writings and pamphlets. Includes the reprint, "Du Pont de Nemours on The Dangers of Inflation," by Pierre Samuel du Pont, translated by Edmond E. Lincoln. Baker Library. Harvard Graduate School of Business Administratrion (1950) as well as chronology of inflation during the French Revolution. Materials also cover topics on the causes and effects of inflation in the United States, and post-World War II German experiences with inflation. Works by Henry Hazlitt, Dr. Hans F. Sennholz and copies of correspondence from Murray N. Rothbard, and typescript copy of "The German Experiences With Inflation," by Ludwig Rosenberg.
Box-folder 9:1


Box-folder 9:2


Box-folder 9:3


Box-folder 9:4

Causes, circa 1934-1979

Box-folder 9:5

Foreign and domestic, 1950-1981

Box-folder 9:6

Printed matter, 1952-1980

Box-folder 10:1

Interest rates, 1957-1981

Box-folder 10:2

Internal Revenue Service (IRS), United States, Department of the Treasury, 1975-1986

Box-folder 10:3

Intervention, 1949-1986

Box-folder 10:4

Kellems, Vivien--taxes, 1949-1952

Box-folder 10:5

Kennan, George F., United States Ambassador to Russia, 1950-1952

Box-folder 10:6-8

Labor, 1934-1981

Scope and Contents note

Includes The Heritage Foundation Policy Studies work "The International Labor Organization: Mirrioring the U.N.'s problems," by Walter Galenson and related material on coercion and featherbedding.
Box-folder 10:9

Labor law, 1949-1980

Box-folder 10:10

Labor monopoly, 1949-1961

Box-folder 10:11-12

Labor unions, 1937-1977

Box-folder 11:1

Labor union power, 1944-1986

Box-folder 11:2

Law, 1957-1987

Scope and Contents note

Includes an excerpt from Bruno Leoni's "Freedom and the Law," and Frederich A. Hayek's Law, Legislation and Liberty chapter "The Miscarriage of the Democratic Ideal: A Recapitualation," 1973.
Box-folder 11:3

Manufacturing, 1974

Box-folder 11:4

The Media (television), 1977-1980

Box-folder 11:5

Medicine--health, 1977-1981

Box-folder 11:6

Mexican oil clippings, 1958

Box-folder 11:7-8

Monetary policy, 1864-1986

Scope and Contents note

Includes photocopy of "La Question de Banques," by M.L. Wolowski. 1864. In French.

Articles and reports, 1864-1985


Clippings, 1952-1986

Box-folder 11:9

Money supply, 1949-1981

Box-folder 11:10

Natural law, 1981 March

Box-folder 12:1

Planning--economic, 1975

Box-folder 12:2

Politics, no date-1980

Box-folder 12:3

Press (newspaper journalism), 1960-1987

Box-folder 12:4

Price controls, 1950-1982

Box-folder 12:5

Pricing, 1956-1981

Box-folder 12:6

Productivity, 1976-1982

Box-folder 12:7-9

Profits, 1941-1979

Scope and Contents note

Includes drafts, articles, typescripts, and printed matter on profits and its effects on taxes and prices.
Box-folder 12:10

Rand, Ayn--critiques, 1965-1984

Box-folder 12:11

Religion, circa 1958-1985

Box-folder 12:12

Rhodesia, 1978

Box-folder 21:3

Ruether, Walter Philip 1948-1969

Scope and Contents note

Biographical materials, writings about and by Reuther along with printed material maintaining original order of the creator.
Box-folder 12:13

Savings, 1944-1956

Box-folder 12:14

Science, 1951-1985

Box-folder 13:1

Socialism, 1904-1982

Box-folder 13:2

Social Security reform, 1950-1985

Scope and Contents note

Includes printed material:
The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (1950). Expanded Social Security: An editorial summary and subject-by-subject analysis of the Social Security Act of 1950 with text of statute. Washington, DC: The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
Ferrara, Peter J. "Social Security Reform: The Family Plan." (1982). Critical Issues [series]. Washington, DC: The Heritage Foundation.
Box-folder 13:3

Sociology, undated

Box-folder 13:4

Statistics, 1955-1982

Scope and Contents note

Includes a subfolder entitled "Steel Statistics," along with clippings, and the journal article "By the Numbers," by Thomas Sowell. Policy Review, Winter 1982, pp. 9-27.
Box-folder 13:5

Subsidies, 1960

Box-folder 13:6

Tariffs, 1977-1980

Box-folder 13:7

Taxes, 1950-1982

Box-folder 13:8

Taxation, 1958-1989

Box-folder 13:9

U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), 1961-1986

Box-folder 13:10

Unions, 1972-1977

Box-folder 13:11

United Nations, circa 1979-1983

Box-folder 13:12

Videotape cassette recorder (VCR) techonology, 1978-1979

Box-folder 13:13

Wage rates--minimum wage, 1948-1978

Scope and Contents note

Includes articles by economist and professor Walter E. Williams.
Box-folder 13:14

Welfare, 1976-1987

Box-folder 13:15

Wheat, 1973

Scope and Contents note

Rueters, "U.S. offers Soviet more subsidized wheat," [article]. The Globe and Mail, Saturday, November 28, 1987,
Luttrell, Clifton B. "The Russian Wheat Deal--Hindsight vs. Foresight," [reprint], 1973. Orginally published October, 1973 by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
Box-folder 13:16

World government, 1946-1982

Scope and Contents note

Includes articles about the World Bank and of The World Bank Group.

Correspondence, 1928-1988

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence between Koether and fellow economists and organizations, which include topics such as the steel industry and industrail policies, Koether's publishing activities, sound money, monetary policy, and political societies. Correspondence files are arranged in the original order where possible according to the creator's file system and do not follow conventional alphabetical order.
Box-folder 14:1

A, 1952-1984

Scope and Contents note

Ayau, Manuel F.; Audouin, Raol, etc.
Box-folder 14:2

American Coalition, 1942-1951

Box-folder 14:3

Atlas Economic Research Foundation, 1984-1985

Box-folder 14:4

Audouin, Raol, 1977-1984

Box-folder 14:5

Ayau, Manuel F. 1975-1984

Box-folder 14:6

Buckley, William F., Jr., 1951

Box-folder 14:7

C, 1949-1978

Box-folder 14:8

Christian Freedom Foundation, 1950-1952

Box-folder 14:9

Church League of America, 1981

Box-folder 14:10-11

Committee for Monetary Research and Education (CMRE), 1975-1982

Box-folder 14:12

Cournelle, Herbert C., 1949-1959

Box-folder 14:13

Cournelle, Richard C., 1956-1958

Box-folder 14:14

D, 1951-1983

Scope and Contents note

Includes some correspondence about Spiritual Mobilization.
Box-folder 14:15

De Mille Foundation, 1949-1979

Scope and Contents note

With some correspondence between Cecil B. De Mille and Herbert Cournelle.
Box-folder 14:16

Du Pont (E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company), 1957

Box-folder 14:17

Dykes, E.W. "Bill," 1949-1951

Box-folder 14:18

E, 1934-1979

Scope and Contents note

Correspondents include James Evan and Ecnomics Press, Inc.
Box-folder 14:19

Exter, John, 1973-1986

Box-folder 14:20

Family, 1941-1979

Box-folder 14:21

Field Enterprises Educational Corporation ( World Book Encyclopedia) and the Ford Foundation, 1949-1959

Scope and Contents note

Includes clippings and correspondence from Henry Ford II of the Ford Motor Company regarding the Ford Foundation.
Box-folder 14:22-23

Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Inc., 1949-1987

Box-folder 15:1

FEE and Business LAB (Learn About Business) program, 1957-1987

Scope and Contents note

Included program materials and LAB questionnaires with feedback.
Box-folder 15:2

Friedman, Milton, 1978-1987

Box-folder 15:3

G, 1942-1984

Box-folder 15:4

General, 1942-1984

Box-folder 15:5

Greaves, Bettina Bien and Percy, I., 1955-1985

Box-folder 15:6

Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc., 1967

Scope and Contents note

Includes report by Koether on food manufacturing and the Consumer Advisory Council.
Box-folder 15:7

H, 1963-1985

Scope and Contents note

Correspondents include: Harazti, Zoltan (author of, "John Adams and the Prophets of Progress," Harvard University Press. 1964); Hill and Knowlton, Inc. (public relations firm); and, Bank of Hawaii
Box-folder 15:8

Hayek, Friedrich A., 1961-1981

Box-folder 15:9

Hazlitt, Henry, 1962-1984

Box-folder 15:10

Helms, Jesse, 1981

Box-folder 15:11

The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, 1975-1987

Box-folder 15:12

Howard, John A. (Rockford College Institute), 1978-1979

Box-folder 15:13

I, 1935-1978

Box-folder 15:14

Ingersoll-Rand Corporation, 1976-1978

Box-folder 15:15

Institute for Human Studies, Inc., 1972-1982

Box-folder 15:16

Ivashenko, Marina Jolanta (1978 Ludwig von Mises Memorial Essay Contest), 1978-1989

Box-folder 15:17

Jennings, John Q., and Johnson, Vassal G. (Financial Secretary of the Government of the Cayman Islands), 1974-1975

Box-folder 15:18

John Birch Society, 1961-1979

Scope and Contents note

Includes materials from the John Birch Society on the topics of communism and political Zionism.
Box-folder 15:19

K, 1970-1987

Scope and Contents note

Keller, Anton; Kemp, Jack F.; Koch, Charles.
Box-folder 15:20

Lagenberg, Harry, 1977-1978

Box-folder 15:21

Lambsdorff, Count Otto Graff (Bundesminister für Wirtschaft), 1977-1978

Box-folder 15:22

Leoni, Bruno, 1960-1968

Box-folder 15:23

The Liberal Party Organisation (United Kingdom), 1957

Box-folder 16:1

Libertarian International, 1984-1986

Box-folder 16:2

Liberty Fund, Inc., 1980-1986

Box-folder 16:3

Malone, George W., (Senator, New Mexcio), 1957-1958

Box-folder 16:4

McOsker, Gerald, 1934-1940

Box-folder 16:5

Mont Pelerin Society--Hamilius, Jean-Pierre, 1972

Box-folder 16:6

Mott, Charles Stewart, (C.S. Mott--General Motors Corp.), 1951-1953

Box-folder 16:7

Murdoch, Katherine (Dynamic America, Inc.), 1953

Box-folder 16:8

Myers, Edith, 1956-1958

Box-folder 16:9

Navarro-Vásquez, Augustín, 1973-1979

Box-folder 16:10

P, 1958-1983

Scope and Contents note

Correpsondents include Paul Poirot (FEE), Political Economy Research Center, and T. Boone Pickens Jr.
Box-folder 16:11

Piano donation, 1978-1988

Box-folder 16:12

Quirk, William J., 1982

Box-folder 16:13

R, 1928-1983

Scope and Contents note

Correspondents include Roger Randerson, Leonard Read (FEE), and Rockford College Institute.
Box-folder 16:14

The Reason Foundation, 1983

Box-folder 16:15

Regnery, Henry; Regnery Gateway, Inc. (book publisher), 1963-1984

Box-folder 16:16

Rockwell, Llewelyn H., 1983

Box-folder 16:17

Röpke, Wilhelm, 1961-circa 1966

Box-folder 16:18

Rothbard, Murray, 1960-1981

Box-folder 16:19

S, 1958-1987

Scope and Contents note

Correspondents include Captain Andrew Sherbu of USAF (West Point Military Academy), B.R. Shenoy (Economics Research Center), Wallace Stegner, and Robert Smith.
Box-folder 16:20

Sennholz, Dr. Hans F., 1953-1987

Box-folder 16:21

Shenfield, Arthur, 1976-1978

Box-folder 16:22

Shoeck, Helmut, 1957-1978

Box-folder 16:23

Spiritual Mobilization, 1951-1952

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with William Johnson, editor of the publication, Faith and Freedom published by Spiritual Mobilization.
Box-folder 16:24

T, 1956-1987

Scope and Contents note

Correspondents include Kenneth Templeton and Neil J. Thomas.
Box-folder 16:25

University of Michigan, 1953-1960

Box-folder 16:26

University of Oregon, 1979

Box-folder 16:27

van Notten, Micheal, 1975-1978

General note

Variant spellings: van Notten, Michiel and, van Notten, Micheal
Box-folder 16:28

Wabash College (seminars), 1970-1978

Box-folder 16:29

Wallace, Mike,

Box-folder 17:1-2

Wortham, Anne, 1968-1988

Box-folder 17:3

Wright, E. A., 1981-1982


von Mises family file and the Mises Institute, 1948-1988

Box-folder 17:4

von Mises notes, undated

Box-folder 17:5

von Mises, Ludwig, circa 1948-1982

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and writings by Ludwig von Mises including a typescripted essay "The Republican Platform" with an annotation on the cover sheet by Koether: "date uncertain probably circa 1948 - 1960?"
Box-folder 17:6

von Mises, Ludwig--anniversary celebrations, 1954-1988

Box-folder 17:7

von Mises, Ludwig--obituaries, 1959-1985

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with Bruno Leoni and Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.
Box-folder 17:8-10

von Mises, Margit, 1948-1988

Box-folder 17:11

The Mises Institute, 1976-1984


Writings, 1930-2003

Scope and Contents note

Speeches and writings by George Koether includes research materials such as clippings, notes, and correspondence.
Box-folder 18:1

Biographic materials, circa 1973-1980

Box-folder 18:2-3

"Adventures in Human Action" material, circa 1972

Scope and Contents note

Brochure produced by editor, George Koether under B.G. Koether Associates. The board of consulting economists for this program include: Henry Hazlitt, Murray N. Rothbard and Hans Sennholz.
Box-folder 18:4

Anti-communist activities, clippings, sworn statements and, "The Communist Technique,"

Box-folder 18:5

"The Attack on Profit" drafts and monographs, 1947-2003

Box-folder 18:6

"The Cayman Dollar and the Cayman Destiny," 1973-1980

Box-folder 18:7

Communism and socialism writings, 1959

Box-folder 18:8

Continental Can Company pamphlets, 1964

Scope and Contents note

"The Real Danger in Automation," pamphlet by Ellison L. Hazard (President); ghost written by Koether.
Box-folder 18:9-10

Economic education materials, 1930-circa 1983

Box-folder 18:11

"End of Political Man," outlines, circa 1978

Scope and Contents note

Includes outlines and drafts for "The Capitalist at Bay," and "'Natural Law' and 'Natural Man.'"
Box-folder 18:12

"Free Market and Free Press," lecture, The Freeman articles, 1951-1960

Box-folder 18:13

"Free Markets, Free Banking, and Free People," undated

Box-folder 18:14

"The Great Farm Problem," abstract, 1960

Scope and Contents note

On William Petersen's The Great Farm Problem, regarding United States' historical interventions in the agricultural industry from Il Politico, University of Pavia, 1960.
Box-folder 18:15

"Janus Journalism: Thoughts on the Pitfalls of 'Middle of the Road,'"

Box-folder 18:16

"Heilbroner's Fallacies," critique, 1954

Box-folder 19:1

Ingersoll-Rand Corporation, 1970-1976


Look Magazine, 1941-1960

Scope and Contents note

Telegrams announcing Koether's journalism awards, clippings, photographs and printed copies of articles. Includes index of articles written for Look Magazine.
Box-folder 19:2

Articles and reprints, 1951-1960

Box-folder 19:3

Correspondence, 1952-1957

Box-folder 19:4

Photographs and printed materials, 1941-1953

Box-folder 19:5-6

Miscellaneous writings by Koether, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes a book excerpt from Koether's, "The Ass that Went to Washington."
Box-folder 19:7

"'Natural Law' and 'Natural Man'" typescripts, undated


A Primer in Economics,(Arlington House Publishers, NY), 1957-1977

Box-folder 19:8

Correspondence (Arlington House Publishers), 1957-1977

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence file includes outlines and notes for the book, A Primer in Economics.
Box-folder 19:9

Notes for introduction, circa 1971

Box-folder 19:10

Typescript and notes, 1977

Box-folder 19:11

"The Remedy for Union Officials..." undated

Box-folder 19:12

"The Road," research file, circa 1904-1945

Box-folder 19:13

"Stories by Koether," 1951-1960

Scope and Contents note

Writings included ghosted articles and publications. Look Magazine articles include, "Don't Drive a Death Trap," Don't Put a Killer in Your Car," and articles written for Christian Economics.
Box-folder 19:14

Warner & Swasey Company advertisements, 1951-1962

Scope and Contents note

Advertisments on the topics of America and international relations for the Warner & Swasy Company, a machinery company selling machine tools, textile machinery and heavy equipment. Some advertisements appear in U.S. News & World Report. The "Men 6 feet tall are too big" ad is a re-print from April 1951 and August 1957.

Speeches, lectures, and press releases, 1934-1979

Box-folder 20:1

Speech research file, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes an undated typescript of "Essay on money, as a medium of commerce with remarks, on the advantages and disadvantages of paper admitted into general circulation. By a citizen of the United States," by John Witherspoon.
Box-folder 20:2

Speech research on inflation, 1931-1981

Box-folder 20:3

"Business Survival in an Age of Inflation," 1960-1979

Box-folder 20:4

CMRE Conferences and speaking engagements,

Scope and Contents note

On monetary policy, inflation and sound money.
Box-folder 20:5

"Free Market and Free Press," lecture, 1959-1960

Box-folder 20:6

Wortham, Anne, 1977

Box-folder 20:7

"Ted V. Rodgers Journalism Award," 1958

Box-folder 20:8

United States Steel Corporation speeches and press releases, 1961


Writings by others, 1954-1978

Box-folder 20: 9

"Economic Myths of Early Capitalism," Hayek, Frederich A., circa 1954

Scope and Contents note

Hobhouse Lecture Series includes, "The Political Order of a Free Society," by Arthur Shenfield, and "Is the Tide Turning?" by Henry Makoud.
Box-folder 20:10

"Inflation, Liberty, and Monetary Constitutions," Marzano, Antonio, undated

Box-folder 20:11

"The Philosophical basis of a free society," commentary by Vittorio Mathieu, undated

Box-folder 20:12

"The Three Sources of Human Value," (The Hobhouse Lecture), Hayek, Friedrich A., 1978

Scope and Contents note

Hobhouse Lecture (London School of Economics, May 17, 1978), "The Three Sources of Human Values." Includes, "The Misconception of Human Rights as Positive Claims," (1966) with a clipping on human rights and the Belgian Massacres of 1876. : Hobhouse Lecture; History--chronology and Hayek article; Human rights--"Belgian Massacres."
Box-folder 20:13

"Voluntary association and the state," by Sylvester Petro 1962

Box-folder 20:14-16/ 21:01

Mont Pelerin Society file, 1947-1974

Box-folder 21:2

"When Ford Stock Went Begging," Hayes, H.J., undated


Photographs and printed matter, 1903-circa 1980s

Scope and Contents note

Includes photographs, negatives, and printed matter relating to Koether's research interests and personal life.
Box-folder 21:3

Books donated to the Foundation of Economic Education, copies of title pages, undated

Box-folder 21:4

Pamphlets, undated

Box-folder 21:6

Photographs, 1903, undated

Box-folder 21:7

Inflation-photographs, 1863-1957

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of President Truman, President Dwight Eisenhower, Chilean Riots, and foriegn currency.
Box-folder 21:8

The Saturday Evening Post articles, 1961