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A Inventory of the German Pictorial Collection
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Container List

XX766 Envelope: A

1 print of Count Helmuth K. B. von Moltke, 1890

XX766 Envelope: B

3 prints of the Royal Bavarian Army during its return to Munich, December 1918; 6 prints of a Stahlhelm parade in Berlin with Prince August Wilhelm and other Stahlhelm leaders reviewing it, ca. 1927.

XX766 Envelope: C

46 prints and postcards depicting Communist rallies and parades in Germany, held under the auspices of the Roter Frontkaempferbund and other organizations, 1922-1929.

XX766 Envelope: D-E

197 negatives and 2 strips of uncut film depicting units of the German Navy during the period 1937-1938, including scenes of the launchings of the battle cruiser Prinz Eugen, and the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin; visits by foreign naval vessels and their crews, and general scenes of life on board ship.

XX766 Envelope: mF

1 print of Paul von Hindenburg, with his signature.

XX766 Envelope: m*G

1 print of Paul von Hindenburg.

XX766 Envelope: mH

1 print of Adolf Hitler.

XX766 Envelope: m*G

5 prints of Adolf Hitler, ca. 1936-1940,

Scope and Content Note

including a scene at Obersalzberg, and with Hermann Goering.
XX766 Envelope: mI

1 print of Hermann Goering.

XX766 Envelope: m*G

1 print of Hermann Goering, ca. 1940

XX766 Envelope: m*G

1 print of Joseph Goebbels

XX766 Envelope: J

2 prints (and 2 negatives) of heinrich Himmler

XX766 Envelope: K

1 print (and 1 negative) of Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel.

XX766 Envelope: L

6 prints of a storm trooper trophy. Part of the inscription reads: "Reichsinnungsmeister Pokal der S.A. gestiftet vom Deutschen Schuhmacherhandwerk"

XX766 Envelope: M

11 prints of eleven leading Nazis convicted at the Nuremberg trial of major German war criminals, 1945-1946, taken immediately after their execution.

XX766 Envelope: mN-mY

124 prints and 8 negatives of scenes in Berlin during the blockade of 1948-1949.

Scope and Content Note

Captions in mN.
XX766 Envelope: Z

24 prints of the city of Reutlingen, Germany, and vicinity, 1951.

XX766 Envelope: AA

1 print of German politician Erich Ollenhauer (1901-1963).

XX766 Envelope: AB

41 prints depicting events in the life of Walter Ulbricht while growing up and during his rise to power, ca. 1893-1961.

XX766 Envelope: AC

20 prints depicting events in the life of Walter Ulbricht as leader of East Germany, late 1950's and early 1960's.

Scope and Content Note

Captions included in envelopes.
XX766 Envelope: AD

1 postcard of Karl Kautsky

XX766 Envelope: AE

50 prints depicting military activities of the German Army, 1935-1940.

XX766 Envelope: AF

1 small album containing 15 interior shots of Hitler's country house on the Obersalzberg.

XX766 Box: 1

14 slides of an unidentified strongman/performer; 14 slides of groups of unidentified German officers, c.1920; 11 slides of an unidentified theater production; 12 slides of the Seemannschule Arcona near Berlin, 1930; 8 slides of members of the communist Roter Frontkampferbund; 4 slides depicting Reichsleiter der NSDAP, Robert Ley, addressing a rally of the Nationalsozilaistische Betriebsorganisation.

XX766 Box: 1-2

98 slides depicting theater productions, ship launchings, and other miscellaneous activities.

XX766 Box: 3

66 posters depicting youth and education in the German Democratic Republic.

XX766 Box: 4-8

80 slides, 1981-1987, depicting East and West Berlin; and 2 slides depicting the fall of the Berlin Wall, December 1989.

XX766 Box: 9

33 slides of the Berlin Wall, and of troops, tanks and other scenes in Berlin, n.d.

XX766 Envelope: AG

2 prints of the Berlin Wall depicting the flight of an East German soldier in 1961 and the destruction of the Reconciliation Church in 1985.

XX766 Envelope: AH

11 prints depicting the Berlin Wall on December 31, 1989.

XX766 Envelope: AI

3 prints of East Berlin, 1989 December and 4 prints of the Berlin Wall, 1986-1987.

XX766 Envelope: AJ

31 slides depicting campaign posters for the 1990 October 14 elections in East Germany

XX766 Envelope: AK

9 prints depicting propaganda posters inside an East German cigarette factory in Dresden and 1 print of a Dresden street.

XX766 Envelope: AL

71 prints depicting Berlin (East and West) in November 1989.

Scope and Content Note

Includes 7 prints of the Berlin Wall and 2 prints of the Brandenburg Gate.
XX766 Envelope: AM

8 prints depicting campaign posters for the 1990 March 18 elections in East Germany.

XX766 Envelope: AN

23 prints depicting slabs of the Berlin Wall.

XX766 Envelope: AO

14 prints depicting Berlin (East and West), 1990.

Scope and Content Note

Includes 12 prints of the Berlin Wall.
XX766 Envelope: AP

16 postcards, 1992, depicting political graffiti and wall painting, scenes of daily life, and historical sites in Berlin.

XX766 Envelope: AQ

1 print of Angela Hammitsch, sister of Adolf Hitler, 1945; 10 prints of Berlin, ca. 1945-1949; and 10 prints Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Schmidt, and other West German politicians, n.d.

XX766 Envelope: AR

5 color photographs of neo-Nazi graffiti in Berlin, ca. 1991-1994.

XX766 Envelope: AS

3 color photographs of the Reichstag, Berlin, n.d.

XX766 Box: 10

Photograph of the Reichstag, Berlin, 1999. 2 photographs of the Bundestag, 1999.