Register of the Vladimir Nikolaevich Bashkirov papers

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Title: Vladimir Nikolaevich Bashkirov papers
Date (inclusive): 1909-1928
Collection Number: 2002C26
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: Mainly in Russian.
Physical Description: 5 manuscript boxes (2 linear feet)
Abstract: Collection consists of correspondence, reports, and financial records, relating to Russian-American trade, and to Russian procurement of supplies in the United States during World War I and the Russian Civil War.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Bashkirov, Vladimir Nikolaevich, 1886-1969.


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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 2002.


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Biographical/Historical Note

Vladimir Nikolaevich Bashkirov, a Russian-American businessman was born in Samara, Russia. He started his career as a grain broker and developed into a successful Industrialist. He was appointed Deputy Minister of the Provisional Government of the Russian Republic formed immediately following the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II (March 15, 1917). There he focused on the Imperial Russian government's efforts to procure much-needed military supplies in the American market before and after America's entry into World War I. After the collapse of Russia's Imperial and Provisional governments in 1917, Bashkirov went into exile in the United States and lived in New York. Bashkirov worked in the Division of Supplies of the Russian Embassy, where he coordinated and supervised purchases. Bashkirov was also a philanthropist, donating to the Tolstoy Foundation, the Literary Fund, and other Russian organizations.

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, and financial records relating to Russian-American trade and to Russian procurement of supplies in the United States during World War I and the Russian Civil War. The bulk of the materials in this collection were gathered by Vladimir Nikolaevich Bashkirov during his time as a Deputy Minister of the Provisional Government and later in the Division of Supplies of the Russian Embassy, in New York. The collection includes a substantial amount of correspondence with Boris Bakhmetev who was the only ambassador of the Russian Provisional Government to the United States.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Russia--Commerce--United States.
Russians--United States.
Soviet Union--Commerce--United States.
Soviet Union--History--Revolution, 1917-1921.
United States--Commerce--Russia.
United States--Commerce--Soviet Union.
World War, 1914-1918--Economic aspects.
World War, 1914-1918--Russia.


Correspondence, 1918-1928

Box/Folder 1:1-7

General, 1918-1927

Box/Folder 1:8

American Central Committee for Russian Relief, 1919-1920

Box/Folder 1:9

Babcock, Frank M., 1920-1925

Box/Folder 1:10

Babson's Statistical Organization, 1921-1923

Box/Folder 1:11

Bagrationoff, P. 1921-1923

Box/Folder 1:12-21

Bakhmet'ev, Boris Aleksandrovich, 1919-1926

Scope and Contents note

Includes financial documents
Box/Folder 1:22

Balmont, 1922-1923

Box/Folder 1:23

Bashkirov, Aleksandr N., 1921

Box/Folder 1:24

Bashkirov, Kirill Aleksandrovich, 1921

Box/Folder 1:25

Baulin, Iakov Aleksandrovich, 1920-1926

Box/Folder 1:26

Berelovich, Iakov L'vovich, 1919

Box/Folder 1:27

Biranoff, Andrei Aleksandrovich, 1920-1921

Box/Folder 1:28

Blodgett Milling Co., 1921

Box/Folder 1:29

Boehm, Andrew, 1920-1922

Box/Folder 1:30

Borislavsky, Michael, 1924

Box/Folder 1:31

Borodin, D., 1926

Box/Folder 1:32

Bourmistroff, A., 1922

Box/Folder 1:33

Breshkovsky, Catherine K., 1919


Bublikoff (Boublikoff), A. A., 1918-1920

Box/Folder 1:35

Central Executive Committee of the Russian Union of Peasants in the U.S. and Canada, 1919

Box/Folder 1:36

Central War Industrial Committee, 1919

Box/Folder 1:37

Chernyshev, S., 1924-1925

Box/Folder 1:38

Diky, Gregoire N., 1920

Box/Folder 2:1

East Europen Trading Co. Inc., 1919

Box/Folder 2:2

Eroshkin, A., 1919

Box/Folder 2:3

Everett, E. V., 1920

Box/Folder 2:4

Eugene H. Tower, Inc., 1920-1921

Box/Folder 2:5

Executive Central Committee of the Federation of the Russian Organizations in America, 1919-1920

Box/Folder 2:6

Fabian, C.F., 1918

Box/Folder 2:7

Gartz, Victor, 1920

Box/Folder 2:8

General Committee of Russian National Defense, 1919

Box/Folder 2:9

Guaranty Trust Company of New York, 1918-1919

Box/Folder 2:10

Herewith, Bary, 1921-1922

Box/Folder 2:11

Iakovlev, S., 1927

Box/Folder 2:12

John E. Thompson,Imc., 1922

Box/Folder 2:13

Jolles Shoe Company, 1921

Box/Folder 2:14-15

Kolesnikoff, Vladimir Nikolaevich, 1919-1927

Box/Folder 2:16

Kulagin, V., 1917

Box/Folder 2:17

Kuzmin-Karavaev, D., 1920

Box/Folder 2:18

Likhachev, Sergei Aleksandrovich, 1919

Box/Folder 2:19

Link Tool & Machine Corporation, 1919

Box/Folder 2:20

Lunts, Grigorii, 1919-1928

Box/Folder 2:21

M.C.D. Borden & Sons, 1920

Box/Folder 2:22

Magalova, V., 1919

Box/Folder 2:23

Maksimov, 1920-1922

Box/Folder 2:24

Malakhov, A., 1920

Box/Folder 2:25

Matoff, A., 1919-1920

Box/Folder 2:26

Melnikoff, N., 1920

Box/Folder 2:27

Moravskii, 1918

Box/Folder 2:28

Morozoff, K.I., 1919

Box/Folder 2:29

Mother (name unidentified), circa 1920

Box/Folder 2:30

Novoselov, Sergei Antonovich, 1919-1920

Box/Folder 2:31

Olimpiev, Vladimir, 1922

Box/Folder 2:32

Orekhovie, Ivan Kondrat'evichie, 1920

Box/Folder 2:33

Pigott, William, 1919-1920

Box/Folder 2:34

Rozenkovskii, 1920

Box/Folder 2:35

Russian Commerce Association of America, New York, 1918

Box/Folder 2:36

Russian Economic League, 1919-1920

Box/Folder 2:37-38

Russian Embassy, Washington, D.C., 1918-1920

Box/Folder 2:39

Russian People's Home in Brownsville, Inc., 1919

Box/Folder 2:40

Russian Remington Rifle Contract Trustees, 1918

Box/Folder 2:41

Russian War Sufferers' Relief Society, 1919

Box/Folder 2:42

Russkoe Tekhnicheskoe Obshchestvo na Blizhnemie Vostokie, 1921

Box/Folder 2:43

Samoilov, A., 1919

Box/Folder 2:44

Shatrov, I. A., 1919

Box/Folder 2:45

Sikorskii, Igor, 1929

Box/Folder 2:46

Skvortsov, M., 1918

Box/Folder 2:47

Sokoloff, Andrei, 1922

Box/Folder 2:48

Tarnovskii, Adam, 1927

Box/Folder 2:49

Travelers insurance companies, 1923-1927

Box/Folder 2:50

Uget', Sergei S., 1920-1928

Box/Folder 2:51

Umoff, 1920

Box/Folder 2:52

United States Lines, 1922

Box/Folder 2:53

United States Mail Steamship Company, Inc., 1921-1927

Box/Folder 2:54

United States Tobacco Co., 1920

Box/Folder 2:55

Volkov, A., 1919

Box/Folder 2:56

W.P. Tanner-Gross & Company, Inc., 1921

Box/Folder 2:57-58

Znamenskii, Ivan Gerasimovich, 1919-1920


Subject file, 1909-1923


Ministerstvo prodovol'stviia (Ministry of Food), 1909-1921

Box/Folder 3:1-3

Russia's and other countries' crops and agricultural production reports, 1909-1918

Box 3:4

"Privoz v Rossiiu v 1913 godu po gruppam," export sales, 1913

Box/Folder 3:5

Izvestiia po prodovol'stvennomu delu, bulletin, No. 2 (33), June-July, 1917

Box/Folder 3:6

Man'zhurskaia ob"edinennaia zakupochnaia uprava, directives, reports, and meeting minutes, 1917

Box 3:7

Directives for inspectors assigned to business trip to Siberia, 1917-1918

Box/Folder 3:8

Trading with Russia, reports, statistical data, and contracts, 1917-1921


Rossiiskii Finansovo-Promyshlenno-Torgovyi Soiuz v Parizhe (R.F.P.T.), (Russian Financial, Industrial and Commercial Association in Paris) files, 1921-1923

Box/Folder 3:9-12

"Spravochnyi listok soiuza," 1921

Box/Folder 3:13-14

Activity reports, 1921-1922

Box/Folder 3:15

Reports to the New York branch, 1921-1922

Box/Folder 4:1-6

Meeting minutes, 1921-1923

Scope and Contents note

Includes London office meeting minutes
Box/Folder 4:7

Declaration and appeal, 1922

Box/Folder 4:8

"La reprise des relations économiques avec les soviets," 1922

Box/Folder 4:9-12

"Biulleten' infprmatsionnago otdela," 1922-1923


Soiuz Sibirskikh Maslodel'nykh Artelei i Drugikh Kooperativov (Union of the Siberian Creamery and Other Co-operative Associations), 1918-1920

Box/Folder 5:1

Trade proposals, 1918

Box/Folder 5:2-3

New York branch trading reports, 1918-1919

Box/Folder 5:4-10

Correspondence, 1918-1920

Box/Folder 5:11-12

Contracts with United Sates government, 1919-1920

Box 5:13

Shipping reports, 1919-1920