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Inventory of the Center for Democracy records
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Collection Contents

Box: 1-4

Intellectual Property Conference; Bulgaria; Women in Development

Box: 5-9

Environmental Conference

Box: 10-14

Philippines, 1986-1987

Box: 15-18

Soviet Union-miscellaneous

Box: 19-23

Latin American Consortium

Box: 24-29

International Judicial Conference

Box: 30-33

Philippine elections, 1987

Box: 34-38

Latin American Consortium

Box: 39-41

Russia; Eastern Europe

Box: 42-46

Latin American Consortium

Box: 47-50

Board of Directors briefing books

Box: 51-53


Box: 54-57


Box: 58-62

Board of Directors briefing books; Latin American Consortium

Box: 63-66

Pre-1989 projects file

Box: 67-68


Box: 69-70

Courts of Ultimate Appeal Conference

Box: 72-72

Bahamas; Central American Legislative Training Project

Box: 73

Board of Directors briefing books

Box: 74-76


Box: 77-80

Council of Europe, 1986-1988

Box: 81-89


Box: 90-91


Box: 92-95

Costa Rica; Nicaragua; Haiti

Box: 96-97

Gilman Environmental Conference; Europe

Box: 98-100


Box: 101-103


Box: 104-106

UNESCO; Council of Europe

Box: 107-108


Box: 109-112


Box: 113-114


Box: 115-117

Budapest Conference, 1990

Box: 118-134


Box: 135-140

International Judicial Conferences, 1997-1998

Box: 141

Historical Archives (journal)

Box: 142-145


Box: 146-149

Guatemala; Central America

Box: 150-152

Haiti; Nicaragua

Box: 153-155

Women in Development conferences

Box: 156-157

Memorabilia; framed items

Box: 158-160

Ibero-American Judicial Exchange; Nicaragua

Box: 161-164

Women in Development; El Salvador

Box: 165-167

Central American Legislative Project

Box: 168-169

Administrative files

Box: 170-171

International Judicial Conference, Warsaw, 1998

Box: 172-175

Nicaraguan Administrative Procedures Code Project

Box: 176-178

Costa Rican legislative project

Box: 179-181

Latin America and Europe-various

Box: 182-184

International legislative development projects; various

Box: 185-187

Costa Rican legislative project

Box: 188

Nicaragua election observation, 1996

Box: 189-191


Box: 192-193

Nicaragua election observation, 1996

Box: 194-197


Box: 198

International Judicial Conference, 2002

Box: 199-201

Board of Directors briefing books

Box: 202-207


Box: 208-210


Box: 211-213

Florida election observation, various, 2002

Box: 214-219


Box: 220-221

Haiti; Panama; El Salvador

Box: 222

Program para el Desarrollo Legislativo publications

Box: 223-225

Printed matter; miscellany

Box: 226-229

Nicaragua; printed matter; miscellany

Box: 230-232

Asia administrative files

Box: 233-236

Board of Directors briefing books

Box: 237-238

Election observation kits and hats

Box: 239-243


Box: 244-245


Box: 246

Democracy and Peace (trilingual newspaper-English, Hebrew, Arabic)

Box: 247

International Judicial Conference, 1995

Box: 248-249

International Judicial Conferences, 1995-1996

Box: 250-251

International Judicial Conference, Washington, 1995

Box: 252-255

Women in Development Conference, Strasbourg, 1992

Box: 256-259

International Judicial Conference, 1995

Box: 260-262

Guatemala; various

Box: 263-265

Central American legislative project

Box: 266-267

Nicaragua electoral process evaluation

Box: 268-271


Box: 272-273


Box: 274-275

Nicaragua legislative project

Box: 276-278

Nicaragua; Agency for International Development

Box: 279-281

Save the Children Federation (Russia)

Box: 282-283


Box: 284-285

Framed certificates

Box: 286-288

Costa Rica legislative development grant

Box: 289-291

Women in Development; foundations; grants; various

Box: 292-295

El Salvador elections, 1991

Box: 296-299

International Judicial Conference audiotapes, 1995

Box: 300-303

Printed matter and various, 1988

Box: 304-306

Costa Rica local office

Box: 307-308


Box: 309-316


Box: 317-318

Commission on National Political Convention

Box: 319-322

International Judicial Conference, 1995

Box: 323-326

Nicaragua; Guatemala; Central America

Box: 327-330


Box: 331-332

Democratic Federalism and Environmental Crisis Conference, Moscow, 1991

Box: 333-335

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)

Box: 336-339

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)-Non-governmental organizations

Box: 340-342


Box: 343-345


Box: 346-348

Save the Children Federation (Russia)

Box: 349-350

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)

Box: 351-352

Russia; various

Box: 353-355

Environmental issues; Russia

Box: 356-359

Chemonics International; Rule of Law Project; Estonia; Central Asia (former Soviet Union)

Box: 360-362

Various; printed matter

Box: 363-365

International Judicial Conferences, 1994-1995; Russia

Box: 366-368

Conferences-various; Russia

Box: 369-371

Environmental issues; Russia

Box: 372-374

Chemonics International; Rule of Law Project; Central Asia

Box: 375-377

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)-Non-governmental organizations

Box: 378-380

Environmental issues-Eastern Europe

Box: 381

The Center Magazine

Box: 382-385

Correspondence; Russia; various

Box: 386-387

Washington University Law Quarterly; Philippines; Democracy Program; various

Box: 388-393


Box: 394-395

Printed matter; miscellany

Box: 396-398

Freedom of Information issues

Box: 399-401

U.S. Bicentennial; Latin America; China; various

Box: 402-404

Philippines; Africa; miscellany

Box: 405-407

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)

Box: 408-410


Box: 411-413

International Judicial Conferences, Strasbourg, 1993-1994

Box: 414-416

International Judicial Conference, Washington, 1996

Box: 417-418

Free Expression and Global Media Conference, American University, Washington, D.C., 1992

Box: 419-422

Council of Europe; European Research Center

Box: 423-425

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)

Box: 426-428

Central America

Box: 429-432

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)-Non-governmental organizations

Box: 433-435

International Judicial Conferences, 1993-1994

Box: 436-439

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)-Non-governmental organizations

Box: 440-443

Allen Weinstein correspondence and publicity (Center for Democracy)

Box: 444-446

Civic Initiatives Program (Russia)

Box: 447-449

U.S. government funding; Estonia

Box: 450-453

Women in Development Conference, Strasbourg, 1992; miscellany

Box: 454-455


Box: 456-457


Box: 458-460

U.S. Congress; Costa Rica

Box: 461

Chinese delegation to U.S. political conventions, 1988

Box: 462-464

Conference on Transition to Democracy in Contemporary Europe, Warsaw, 1990; Latin America; Philippines

Box: 465-468

International Judicial Conferences, Strasbourg, 1993-1994

Box: 469-471

U.S. domestic programs; various

Box: 472-473

Eastern Europe; various

Box: 474

Council of Europe; administrative files

Box: 475-478

Angola; Africa

Box: 479-481

International Judicial Conference, 1996

Box: 482-484

Philippines; printed matter; various

Box: 485-488

Guatemala; Central America

Box: 489


Box: 490-492

Central America

Box: 493-495


Box: 496-498

Costa Rica; Chile

Box: 499-501

Nicaraguan elections, 1996

Box: 502-504

Library of Democracy

Box: 505-508

Guatemala Project #104

Box: 509-512


Box: 513-516

Central America; Western Hemisphere Legislative Leaders Forum

Box: 517-520

Central America

Box: 521-523

Legal agreements; Consortium for Legislative Development

Box: 524-527

Board of Directors minutes and briefing books

Box: 528-530

Costa Rican legislative project

Box: 531-532

Latin America

Box: 533-534

Nicaraguan election observation grants

Box: 535-536


Box: 537

Chilean newspapers

Box: 538-539


Box: 540-545


Box: 546-549

Proper Role of an Intelligence Agency in a Democracy Conference, Sofia, 1992

Box: 550-555

International Judicial Conference videotapes, 1995

Box: 556

Democracy and Constitution-Making in Central and Eastern Europe Conference, Budapest, 1990

Box: 557-560

Countries, especially China, former Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria

Box: 561-570


Box: 571-573


Box: 574-577

International Judicial Conference videotapes, 1995

Box: 578-581

E-mail printouts; various

Box: 582-585

Nicaraguan elections

Box: 586-589


Box: 590-592

International Judicial Conference, Washington, 1996

Box: 593-594

Central America; Council of Europe

Box: 595-597


Box: 598-599

Photographs; Chinese delegation to U.S. political conventions; Library of Democracy

Box: 600-601

Central American legislative project

Box: 602-604

Central American legislative manuals

Box: 605-607

Visit to China, 1988

Box: 608-610

Miami-Dade County (Florida) election observation, 2002

Box: 611-613

Central America; Western Hemisphere Legislative Leaders Forum; South Africa

Box: 614-616

Russia; Central America

Box: 617-619

Flags of Latin American countries

Box: 620-622

Commission on National Political Conventions (U.S.)

Box: 623-625

Videotapes; grant manuals; miscellaneous printed matter

Box: 626-629

Press articles and press releases-mainly Russia

Box: 630-634

U.S. Bicentennial; space programs; various

Box: 635-637

Space programs; South Africa

Box: 638-642

Latin America; Andean Conference; Indigenous Conference

Box: 643-661

Latin American Consortium

Box: 662-680

Latin America

Box: 681-684

Special events; International Medal of Democracy

Box: 685-688

Grants, conferences and visits-various; Florida election, 2002

Box: 689-695


Box: 696-700

Latin America

Box: 701-704


Box: 705-707

Council of Europe

Box: 708-711

Individual correspondence files

Box: 712-714

General correspondence

Box: 715-717

U.S. government correspondence; Women in Development

Box: 718-722

Central and Eastern Europe

Box: 723-725

Western Europe; Council of Europe

Box: 726

Asia; Middle East

Box: 727-733

Latin America

Box: 734-736

Press articles

Box: 737-739

International conferences-various

Box: 740-749


Box: 750-756

Latin America

Box: 757-758


Box: 759

Conference reports and manuals--various

Box: 760-762

Global Panel

Box: 763-764


Box: 765

Polish constitution facsimile

Box: 766-769

Central America

Box: 770-773

Central American publications (Programma del Desarrollo Legislativo and others)

Box: 774-778

Central America and Caribbean (mainly publications)

Box: 779-785

Central America; Haiti

Box: 786-790

Nicaragua; Central America; books

Box: 791-793

Russia; various; serial issues

Box: 794-798

International Judicial Conference correspondence, 1997

Box: 799-803

South Africa

Box: 804-807

International Judicial Conference, 2000

Box: 808-811

International Judicial Conference, 2001-2002

Box: 812-813

International Judicial Conference; Democracy Medal; various

Box: 814-823

Regional projects-Europe and former Soviet Central Asia

Box: 824-834

Eastern Europe (including New Democracies Forum)

Box: 835-837

Turkey (New Democracies Forum)

Box: 838-843

Ukraine and other Eastern Europe (New Democracies Forum)

Box: 844

Administrative records

Box: 845-854


Box: 855-858

Central and Eastern Europe; International Judicial Conference; New Democracies Forum

Box: 859-863

Mexico; North American Free Trade Agreement; China

Box: 864-868

Board of Directors correspondence, meetings and briefing books

Box: 869-871

Conferences-miscellaneous; press releases; various

Box: 872-878


Box: 879-886


Box: 887


Box: 888-890

Costa Rica

Box: 891-894


Box: 895

Asociación de Técnicos Legislativos Centroamericanos

Box: 896-897

Nicaragua clippings

Box: 898

Panama clippings

Box: 899-903

Latin America

Box: 904-908

Asociación de Técnicos Legislativos Centroamericanos

Box: 911-928


Box: 929

Library of Democracy Project. Russian-American dialogue

Box: 930

Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union

Box: 931

1992 March conference tapes

Box: 932

1992 March conference tapes

Box: 932

Governance in Space conference

Box: 933

Conference proceedings, 1985-1989