Inventory of the Center for Libertarian Studies records

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Title: Center for Libertarian Studies records
Date (inclusive): 1961-1986
Date (bulk): Bulk, 1977-1984
Collection Number: 96043
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 5 manuscript boxes (1.9 linear feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, reports, conference papers, draft journal articles, proposals, agenda, and financial records, relating to libertarianism and research on libertarianism.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Center for Libertarian Studies.


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Historical Note

The Center for Libertarian Studies (CLS), an American non-profit organization for promotion of libertarianism and libertarian research, was founded in 1976 by Murray Newton Rothbard and Burton S. Blumert. The organization developed from the Libertarian Scholars Conferences and founded its headquarters in New York, New York where most of the early conferences were held. The organization later moved to Burlingame, California.
The Center for Libertarian Studies held events such as conferences, seminars, symposia, dinners, and other meetings where libertarian scholars spoke including Murray N. Rothbard, Llewelyn (Lew) Rockwell, Jr., Dom Armentano, Earl Ravenal, Henry Mark Holzer, Wendy McElroy, Randy Barnett, and Richard Epstein. In 1982, Rothbard and Burton Blumert along with Lew Rockwell, went on to found the Ludwig von Mises Institute to further libertarian research and study in Austrian economics, freedom, and peace.
The CLS published the newsletter "In Pursuit of Liberty" along with various CLS-sponsored papers, articles and monographs. The Journal of Libertarian Studies is a scholarly, peer-reviewed title that the CLS published from 1977 to 2000 after that time the Mises Institute took over the publication. Additionally, The CLS founded the Ludwig von Mises Fellowship awarding achievement in Libertarian scholarship.
Murray N. Rothbard passed away in 1995. Blumert also bought and sold precious metals and was proprietor of Camino Coin Company. Blumert retired in 2008 and passed away in March 2009.

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Scope and Content of Collection

The collection includes correspondence, reports, conference papers, journal articles and drafts, proposals, organizational roster, mailing lists, agenda, ephemera, budgets and financial records, photographs and printed materials relating to libertarianism and its socio-political impact covering topics on immigration, education, economics, philosophy and non-violence.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Austrian school of economics.
Blumert, Burton S., 1929-2009.
Education -- Libertarian theories, to 1982.
Immigration rights.
Libertarianism--United States.
Rothbard, Murray Newton, 1926-1995.
Von Mises, Ludwig, 1881-1973.


Organizational files, 1977-1986

Scope and Contents note

The Board of Advisors files include correspondence, program proposals, ephemera, printed materials, appeal letters, agendas and event planning records along with the Speaker's Bureau and Heritage Series correspondence between bureau staff and experts such as Earl Ravenal, Randy Barnett, Murray Rothband, Dom Arementano, and Llewellyn (Lew) H. Rockwell, Jr. are included.
Box/Folder 1 : 1

Board of Avisors materials, September 1961-January 1982

Box/Folder 1 : 2

Speaker's Bureau files and anti-trust symposium, 1977-1982

Box/Folder 1 : 3

Heritage Series program files, October 1977-September 1982

Box/Folder 1 : 4

Printed materials and other materials, 1977-1986


Conferences, Colloquia, Events, Seminars, and Symposia Materials, 1976-1984

Scope and Contents note

Includes event records such as budgets, correspondence, proposals, printed materials, conference papers, and manuscripts on CLS conferences, symposia, colloquia, dinners and talks covering topics such as Austrian Economics, philosophy, education, religion, education, crime and punishment, and libertarian socio-political thought. Includes papers written by CLS participants and scholars for the preparation at conferences, seminars, symposium and professional association meetings, talks and events. Topics include: Economic History, The State and the Medical Profession, and Crime and Punishment.
Box/Folder 1 : 5

Austrian Economics seminar papers, July 1976-November 1976

Box/Folder 1 : 6

Philosophy conferences and colloquia files, 1981-1984

Box/Folder 1 : 7

Harvard Law Conferences and Symposium files, February 1976-February 1979

Box/Folder 2 : 2-3

5th Annual Libertarian Conference papers, October 21-23, 1977

Box/Folder 2 : 4

8th Annual Libertarian Scholars Conference papers, June 1981-November 1981


Murray N. Rothbard event files, 1982-1984

Box/Folder 2 : 5

Events and Orange County dinner records, May 1982-July 1982

Box/Folder 2 : 6

"Economic Thought from the Greeks Through the 18th Century: A Reappraisal," February 1984-June 1984

Box/Folder 3 : 1

Stanford University conferences and event materials, 1980-1984

Includes conference proposal, agenda and correspondence, California conferences and dinners held also at surrounding areas. Files include work with the Decisions and Ethics Center at Stanford University: "On Human Rights," "On Social Science Methodology," and "Liberty and Culture," with commentator Joan Kennedy Taylor hosted by the Institute for Humane Studies.

West Coast Libertarian Studies Conference, May 1980-July 1980


"Economics: Austrian Theory and Public Policy," April 1982-June 1982


6th Annual Day at Stanford: "Banking and Monetary Policy," June 1983-August 1983


7th Annual Day at Stanford: "Capitalism and Christianity" and "Democracy in Paralysis," October 1984-November 1984


Midwestern Libertarian Scholars, Chicago Conference records, 1982-1984

Scope and Contents note

Files contain correspondence, agendas and other materials. Writings are itemized according to original arrangement, and are arranged by last name: Cody, Hudson, Presley, Spall and Uyl and topics include modern libertarianism and faith, immigration, moral judgement, landlordism, liberty and corporate freedom.
Box/Folder 3 : 2

Files, January 1983-May 1984

Box/Folder 3 : 3

Writings, 1982-1984


Cody, John V. before 1984


Hudson, James L. around 1984


Presley, Sharon L., after 1982


Spall Jr., Richard F. around 1984


Uyl, Douglas D. after 1984


Study Group files, 1976-1985

Scope and Contents note

A collection of correspondence, manuscripts and research files using the organization's original titles where necessary. Files in quotations are the title of the manuscript originally labeled by the organization. Education and the State subject files include "The Study of Liberty in Colleges and Universities" with conference materials, and correspondence with the Foundation for Economic Education, Inc., (FEE).
Box/Folder 3 : 4

Friedrich A. Hayek materials, after 1977-around 1979

Box/Folder 3 : 5

Children's Rights Project, 1979-1980

Box/Folder 3 : 6

Education and the State, 1976-1979

Box/Folder 4 : 1

"The Birth of Transfer Society," circa 1978

Box/Folder 4 : 2

"Explaining the Anti-War Movement, 1939-1941: The Next Assignment," January 1985

Box/Folder 4 : 3

Robert L. Formaini, August 1981-February 1982

Box/Folder 4 : 4

Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, February 1985-April 1985

Box/Folder 4 : 5

"Two Concepts of Rule by Law," circa 1985

Box/Folder 4 : 6

Non-Violent Study Group, circa 1979-June 1983

Box/Folder 4 : 7

Theology and Economics, photographs and other materials, after October 1982-January 1983


Fellowships files, 1979-1984

Scope and Contents note

CLS instituted fellowships includes correspondence and seminar presentation on Libertarian Rights, proposals, and grants along with papers and reports regarding the Weinburg grant and Weinburg's fellowship funded by the Scaife Family Charitable Trust.
Box/Folder 4 : 8

John Gray Fellowship records, December 1979-July 1983

Box/Folder 4 : 9

Ludwig von Mises Fellowship Program, 1981-1987

Box/Folder 4 : 10

Mises Fellowship advertisements with History of Ideas and related publications, 1981-1982

Box/Folder 4 : 11

The Mark E. Weinburg fellowship and grant records, May 1977-August 1984


The Journal of Libertarian Studies publication files, 1977- 1986

Scope and Contents note

Contains records such as a grant proposal, correspondence and submissions to The Journal of Libertarian Studies. Correspondence between Murray N. Rothbard and Libertarian scholars such as Charles Koch and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Includes reports on the Austrian Economics Newsletter (AEN).
Box/Folder 5 : 1

May 1977 letter to Charles Koch, rejection letters and manuscripts, February 1977-November 1983

Box/Folder 5 : 2

Correspondence, April 1984-June 1986