Guide to the Fred Eissler collection SBHC Mss 15

Finding aid prepared by D. Tambo 2002; Denise Kniter, 2015.
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2002; 2015

Title: Fred Eissler collection
Identifier/Call Number: SBHC Mss 15
Contributing Institution: UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Collections
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 20.0 linear feet (14 cartons, 3 document boxes, 2 oversize boxes)
Date (bulk): Bulk, 1966-1972
Date (inclusive): circa 1959-1975
Abstract: Files relating to the Santa Barbara Airport, Crosstown Freeway, Goleta Slough/Goleta Valley Flood Control Project, and the Sierra Club.
Physical Location: Del Sur Stacks
Language of Materials: The collection is in English.
creator: Eissler, Fred

Access Restrictions

This collection may contain restricted materials. Please contact the Department of Special Collections at the UC Santa Barbara Library in advance to request access.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of Item], Fred Eissler collection, SBHC Mss 15. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Acquisition Information

Donation, 1991.

Processing Information

Processed by David Tambo, 2002; Denise Kniter, 2015.

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection contains files compiled by Fred Eissler and relating to local issues such as the Santa Barbara Airport, Crosstown Freeway, Goleta Slough/Goleta Valley Flood Control Project, and the Sierra Club.


The collection has been divided into 4 series: 1. Airport, 2. Freeway, 3. Goleta Slough/Goleta Valley Flood Control, 4. Notes and Photographs


Airport Series 1.

Box-folder 1: 1 - 2

Airport 1970-1973


Freeway Series 2.

Box-folder 1: 3

Charter Amendment 1970-1972

Box-folder 1: 4

Clippings 1971-1972

Box-folder 1: 5

Department of Transportation (U.S.) 1959-1970

Box-folder 1: 6

Eschenroeder, Alan (Santa Barbara City Councilman) -- "Report on Traffic Statistics" (based on testimony, 15 July 1969) 1968-1970

Box-folder 1: 7

Freeway Agreement 1972

Box-folder 1: 8

San Bruno 1971

Box-folder 1: 9

Santa Barbara Community Freeway Committee 1971-1972


Goleta Slough/Goleta Valley Flood Control Project Series 3.

Box-folder 1: 10

Article (includes notes, clippings) 1968-1971

Box-folder 1: 11

Avalon Stolport, Catalina Island 1968-1971

Box-folder 1: 12

Citizens to Save Goleta Slough 1969

Box-folder 1: 13

Clippings (includes some attached correspondence) 1966-1970

Box-folder 1: 14 - 17

Corps of Engineers 1966-1971

Box-folder 1: 18

Mission and Atascadero Creeks (includes material on past floods, flood control, riverbed lining) 1966-1971

Box-folder 1: 19

Personal Transit 1969

Box-folder 1: 20

Public Works Committee Hearing incl. testimony by Eissler 1970 September 16

Box-folder 1: 21

Scenic Shorelines Preservation Conference, Inc. 1970-1975

Box-folder 1: 22

Sierra Club 1968-1971

Box-folder 1: 23

State of California 1968-1970

Box-folder 1: 24

United States Coast Guard Hearing incl. testimony by Eissler 1969 December 9

Box-folder 1: 25

University of California, Santa Barbara (includes report "Ward Memorial Boulevard and the Goleta Slough) 1969 November 4


Notes and Photographs Series 4.

Scope and Content

The bulk of this series contains notes in the areas of environmental science, sociology, demographics, and psychology, perhaps in preparation for a book.
Also included in this series are materials, including photographs, related to the Sierra Club Los Padres outings and clean ups.
Box 2

A2 443390-1 392 II undated


9 11 undated


441524 116 Notes on Inst Ind need Index I undated


573765-1 388 Inst Ind need Index II undated


441388 267 Inst Ind need Index III undated


443390 Coalition 378 undated


374491-3 ECY0018 [ch Is?] III IV undated


College undated


Definitions [ch Is?] V VI San Rafael Wilderness Act


Paper VII VI undated


Marine [sanct?] undated


Age of Innocence Wharton [Garth?] letters to Muff undated




Thoreau, Twain undated


Daria undated


Franklin undated


Miscellaneous notes and documents 1


Miscellaneous notes and documents 2 undated

Box 3

WAR - War Religion 1/2 undated


WAR - War Religion 2/2 undated


II Universe


Transition and Metaphor 1/3 undated


Transition and Metaphor 2/3 undated


Transition and Metaphor 3/3 undated


Transition undated


Metaphor 1/2 undated


Metaphor 2/2 undated


Over excess undated

Box 4

Most recent works folder 1 undated


Most recent works folder 2 undated


Most recent works folder 3 undated


Most recent works folder 4 undated


Most recent works folder 5 undated


Most recent works folder 6 undated


Most recent works folder 7 undated


Most recent works folder 8 undated

Box 5

Peace, Tribe, Simplify, Ignorance, Silence - curriculum undated


Peace, Tribe, Simplify, Ignorance, Silence - notes 1/3 undated


Peace, Tribe, Simplify, Ignorace, Silence - FCS silence/education re(experts) service problem undated


Peace, Tribe, Simplify, Ignorance, Silence - notes 2/3 undated


Peace, Tribe, Simplify, Ignorance, Silence - notes 3/3 undated


Food chain, money market, population glut - notes 1/2 undated


Food chain, money market, population glut - war I undated


Food chain, money market, population glut - notes 2/2 undated


Food chain, money market, population glut - market growth machine undated


Lead, Leadership - notes 1/4 undated


Lead, Leadership - notes 2/4 undated


Lead, Leadership - notes 3/4 undated


Lead, Leadership - notes 4/4 undated


Fear, Negative - Fear


Fear, Negative - Refile undated


Fear, Negative - Cerebation - Awareness, Objection, Action undated


Fear, Negative - La Paz, Gratitude Gifts undated


Fear, Negative - Notes undated

Box 6

314 - 425 [co?] IV Poetry undated


264 - 313 [co?] III Cape Hatteras undated


Dad autobiography [Lisman, Linda per 78?] undated


Growth [Tutiaxiog?] undated


FCS News undated


Unlabeled work undated


Conservation Writings, NCPTC undated


UCSB Notebook undated


FCS 38 39 FCS News, Exxon undated


Dad writings undated


Folder 1 undated


Folder 2 undated


Folder 3 undated


Folder 4 undated


Folder 5 undated


Folder 6 undated


Local Arts undated


History undated


Free Will/ Direct Virtual Experience undated


Exploding Growth undated


Cerebral Intent/Education Cerebral Leadership undated


Absolute Transition/Peace Possible undated


Education Leadership undated


Philosophy undated


Transitive Action undated


Transitional/Transition Indicator undated


96 Peaceful Intelligent Design undated

Box 7

Power - notes 1/3


Power - notes 2/3


Power - notes 3/3


World - past/2nd cities 1/3


World - past/2nd cities 2/3


World - past/2nd cities 3/3


Religion - Thought


Mr. Eissler, Boundary Memo, San Rafael, visitor, victim undated


Unlabeled notes 1/2 undated


Unlabeled notes 2/2 undated


Awareness undated

Box 8

Sierra Club - Information undated


Sierra Club - Equipment, food lists, information undated


Sierra Club - Membership Information undated


Sierra Club - Outing Log Master undated


Sierra Club - Empty Outing Logs undated


Sierra Club - Trail guides and geographical information undated


Sierra Club - Procedure Manual - Los Padres Chapter 1975 October


Outing Leadershp Lists undated


Miscellaneous Correspondence undated


[Teach] corp undated


Sierra Club - Impact report 1970


Sierra Club - Outings logs, Los Padres 1969


Handbook for Sierra Club chapters undated


Wilderness Impact Report undated


Channel Islands Cruises undated


Outing logs Los Padres 1972-1973


Outing logs Los Padres 1972


Los Padres Chapter Minutes Box 1988 July-1990 December


Sierra Club Outing Log 1970


Sierra Club Los Padres Outing Log 1971


Sierra Club Los Padres Outing Log 1973

Box 9

Miscellaneous undated


441405 108 undated


IV overpop/raw undated


441524 385 undated


441513 119 Autobiography undated


[bulrey?] undated


4415251 391 undated


4415251 333 undated


5737651 393 /373327 003 (3080F) undated


III 152.3-219.6 undated

Box 10

Definitions folder 1 - clippings undated


Definitions folder 2 - notes undated


Definitions folder 3 - 441527 112 undated


Category folder 1 - Dul, Rom, People undated


Category folder 2 undated


Earth undated


[illegible] undated


Grant undated


Ideas undated


Notes undated

Box 11

Academic Studies undated


World Legislation Planning undated


Information Knowledge Revolution undated


Back to Roots undated


Wilderness undated


Leisure undated


Show selection undated


Prayer/Second City undated


Free Will to Live undated


Awareness undated


Population War undated


I I-19 undated


Letters UNC undated


Field Trips/Correspondence undated


FCS undated

Box 12

Religion Easter State undated


1444 undated


Clippings undated


Armageddon Politics undated


1561 Persons undated


Backpackers undated


Tipping Point undated


319 3222 undated


829 undated


166 1180 undated


143 80 undated


Separatio/whole, church/state, public/private, philosophy undated

Box 13

IV War/Peace transition, fundamentalism, peace management undated


Words metaphor undated


Coastal Commission undated


Personistic metaphor, person, individual, institution, globe, children undated


A2 undated


Prayer II, Kingdom come, will be done, gifts undated


War/peace turning point conscience leadership of… undated


War II undated


Prayer IV, deliverance, projection undated


A2 441524 1981 386 undated


Wilderness II undated


Southern California Mountains and Foothills Assesment undated

Box 14

Correspondence from/to Fred Eissler (brown bag) undated


Holiday Cards to Eissler family (brown bag) undated


Correspondence from/to Anne, Margaret, Christine Eissler (brown bag) undated


Old Photos (brown bag) undated


Anne, Margaret, Christine Eissler postcards (brown bag) undated


Correspondence - Big Flats undated


Correspondence - Williamsberg undated


Correspondence - Trenton undated


Correspondence - C + 65 undated


Correspondence - Powellsville undated


Correspondence undated


Correspondence - Harvard undated


Correspondence - Albany undated


Correspondence - UNC part 1


Correspondence - UNC part 2

Box 15

Slides - with description list


Slides - untitled (oil rigs)


Slides - 1 duplicate


Slides - old mission


Slides - 1


Slides - Ashby Mt. Club


Slides - Ch. 2


Slides - Ch. Duplicates


Slides - A. Harrison, S. M. Dunes


Slides - Mt. Whitney, Queen Valley, Elk, etc


Slides - Fred Eissler Sierra Club


Slides - Alamo 1960 June 22


Slides - Ch. 2 no. 2


Slides - [Diablo?] Canyon [McMillan?]


Slides - Sierra Impact


Slides - duplicates, Kauai - Maui Olympus National Park


Slides - 69/52 Sierra Club Slides, can workers


List of Channel Islands Color Slides

Box 16

Slides - wooden box of slides

Box 17

Prints - are each 3-S


Prints - Charlie [Scull?] reprints


Prints - Carpenteria Beach Clean Up 1959 June


Prints - untitled


Prints - Santa Maria Dunes


Negatives 1959 May 5


Prints - ADV plan Santa Maria Dunes S.L.O.G. overflow 1962 June 20


Prints - Bob Wood 'Life'


Prints - Jim Zuans, Al Hartzell photos and negatives


Prints - Rondal Partridge Sierra Club


Prints - Sierra Club clean up


Prints -Sierra Madres Ridge Road clean up trip


Prints - Clean up trip [Char?] Scull


Prints - Can Clean Up Negatives 1960 August 13-1960 August 20


Prints - One Each Lewis Iscol


Loaned Scull Negatives


Prints - Wilcox Acreage scrapbook


'Advertising Age' Yosemite/Forbes


Chaparral Ecosystems Research Conference 1985 May


Get Oil Out Inc Commendation


Eissler - Daily Log Notebook

Oversize 18

Eissler - Sierra Club clean up photo reprints ( (14" x 11" cardboard backed) circa 1950-1965

Other Descriptive Information

11"x14", 11"x11", 8"x10"
Oversize 19

Eissler - Sierra Club clean up photo reprints (14" x 11" cardboard backed) and fliers circa 1950-1969

Other Descriptive Information

11" x 14"