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Records of William Andrews Clark, Jr. and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library Clarkive.Pre-1934
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Correspondence, Invoices and Gift Books Series 1. 1903-1946

Physical Description: 6.46 Linear feet (15.5 boxes)

Scope and Content

This series includes correspondence, book buying invoices and materials related to gift book recipients and printing, dating from approximately 1903-1946. The majority of correspondence is addressed to WAC Jr. and is related to book buying and collecting or to Christmas and gift books. Some correspondence to and from other members of the Clark Library staff is also included here in addition to some business correspondence related to the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Most materials described here are business-like in tone and subject matter; very little purely personal correspondence exists in the Clark Library's collections.


Arranged in 4 subseries: Subseries 1. Correspondence; Subseries 2. Invoices; Subseries 3. Gift Book Materials; Subseries 4. Christmas Cards.

Correspondence Subseries 1. 1903-1936

Physical Description: 2.09 Linear feet (5 boxes)

Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence to and from William Andrews Clark, Jr. and his library staff (primarily Robert E. Cowan and Cora E. Sanders) to booksellers, book collectors, musical colleagues and other friends and acquaintances, 1903-1946. Some correspondence between WAC Jr., Caroline Estes Smith and George Leslie Smith regarding the Los Angeles Philharmonic is also included. The vast majority of correspondence is business-related in nature and does not touch on personal topics. Also enumerated here is a small amount of correspondence to and from other Clarks (particularly William Andrews Clark, Sr. and Alice McManus Clark).


Materials are arranged and described in alphabetical order by writer.
Box 5, Folder 1


Box 5, Folder 2

Adam, R.B. 1921-1930

Box 5, Folder 3


Box 5, Folder 4


Box 5, Folder 5

Bibliotheque Nationale

Box 5, Folder 6

Bickford, Walter M.

Box 5, Folder 7


Box 5, Folder 8

Birrell & Garnett, Ltd. (Graham Pollard)

Box 5, Folder 9

Brick Row Bookshop

Box 5, Folder 10

Bristol, H.S.

Box 5, Folder 11

Browning Society of Los Angeles

Box 5, Folder 12

Bullen, Henry Lewis (of the Typographic Library and Museum) 1929-1933

Box 5, Folder 13


Box 5, Folder 14

University of California

Box 5, Folder 15

California State Library 1928

Box 5, Folder 16

Champion, Edouard 1926

Box 5, Folder 17

Chaplin, Charles 1918

Box 5, Folder 18

Chew, Beverly

Box 5, Folder 19


Box 5, Folder 20

Clark, Alice G. McManus


Letters written to WAC Jr's second wife, Alice McManus Clark. Many of these letters concern charitable work.
Box 9, Folder 21

Clark, Charles Walker to WAC Jr. and Robert Cowan 1920, 1931

Box 9, Folder 22

Clark, William Andrews, Jr. to Robert Cowan 1928-1932


Includes letter from WAC Jr to Cowan dated 1931, with an enclosed 1879 Inman Line passenger list showing his parents as transatlantic passengers (MS.1931.001).
Box 9, Folder 24

Clark, William Andrews, Jr. to Sam T. Clover 1923


Gift of Doris Harris, 1977 (MS.1977.015).
Box 5, Folder 21

Clark, William Andrews, Sr. to WAC, Jr. 1920

Box 5, Folder 22

Clark, William Andrews, Sr. to Charles Kessler 1920

Box 22, Folder 5

Clark, William Andrews, Sr. to F.E. Murray, Prescott, Arizona (photocopy of letter and envelope; location of original unknown) April 8, 1888

Box 5, Folder 23

Clawson, John L.

Box 5, Folder 24

Cobden-Sanderson, T.J.

Box 5, Folder 25

Cobden-Sanderson, Alice

Box 5, Folder 26

Cockerell, Sydney

Box 5, Folder 27

Cowan, Robert E.


Letters to and from Robert Cowan, WAC Jr's bibliographer until 1933. Cowan's resignation letter is included here.
Box 5, Folder 45

Cowan, Robert E. to Phil Townsend Hanna 29 December 1930


Gift of Kenneth Karmiole, 2012 (MS.2012.015).
Box 5, Folder 28

Cox, Allyn

Box 5, Folder 29


Box 5, Folder 30

Daniels, Mark

Box 5, Folder 31

Denison, Arthur

Box 5, Folder 32

De Roos, S.H.

Box 5, Folder 33

Devoe, Alan

Box 5, Folder 34

Didot 1929

Box MS Wilde 10, Folder 70, Box 5, Folder 35

Douglas, Lord Alfred Bruce (from WAC Jr.)

Box MS Wilde 16, Folder 1 and 7

Douglas, Lord Alfred Bruce (to WAC, Jr.) 1930-1932

Box 5, Folder 36

Dressler, Marie 1918, 1933

Box 5, Folder 37


Box 5, Folder 38

Eckel, John C.

Box 5, Folder 39


Box 5, Folder 46

Farquhar, Robert D. 1923-1926

Box 5, Folder 40

First Edition Club (A.J.A. Symonds)

Box 5, Folder 41

Fry, Sherry

Box 5, Folder 42


Box 5, Folder 43

Ganz, Rudolph 1932-1933

Box 5, Folder 44

Griffith, R.H.

Box 5, Folder 45

Grolier Club

Box 6, Folder 1


Box 6, Folder 2

Harper, Lathrop C.

Box 6, Folder 3

Harris, Frank

Box 6, Folder 4

Hart, James D.

Box 6, Folder 5

Heartman, Charles 1925

Box 6, Folder 6

Heifetz, Jascha 1930

Box 6, Folder 7


Box 6, Folder 8

Hill, Walter

Box MS Wilde 32, Folder 21, Box 6, Folder 9

Holland, Vyvyan

Box 6, Folder 10

Hoover, Herbert 1928

Box 6, Folder 11

Howell, John (John Howell Books)

Box 6, Folder 12

Hunter, David

Box 6, Folder 13

Huntington, Henry E.

Box 6, Folder 14

Huntington Library

Box 6, Folder 15


Box 6, Folder 16

Institut de France

Box 6, Folder 17


Box 6, Folder 18

Kennerley, Mitchell

Box 6, Folder 19

Kent, Charles W. 1903

Box 6, Folder 20-21

Kessler, Charles N.

Box 6, Folder 22


Box 6, Folder 23

Leonard, Charles R.

Box 6, Folder 24

Library of Congress

Box 6, Folder 25

Lile, William Minor

Box 6, Folder 26

Lippincott, William I.

Box 6, Folder 27

Los Angeles Philharmonic Board of Directors (from WAC Jr) 1925

Box 6, Folder 28

Los Angeles Philharmonic Staff 1932

Box 6, Folder 29

Lyman, George D.

Box 9, Folder 25

Mackay, John W. to WAC, Sr. ca, 1895


Purchase, 2001 (MS.2001.018).
Box 6, Folder 31

MacKenzie-Brown, Booksellers

Box 6, Folder 30

Maggs Brothers

Box 6, Folder 32

Martini, Joseph (bookseller)

Box 7, Folder 1


Box 7, Folder 2

McGill University

Box 7, Folder 3

Mencken, H.L.

Box 7, Folder 4


Box 7, Folder 5

University of Michigan

Box 7, Folder 6

Millard, Christopher (aka Stuart Mason)

Box 7, Folder 7

Millard, George and Alice 1918-1934

Box 7, Folder 8

Mills College

Box 7, Folder 9

Moore, Ernest C.

Box 7, Folder 10

Morgan-Bruce Book Co. (Theatre Book Store)

Box 7, Folder 11

Morris, May 1922-1932

Box 7, Folder 12

Mosher, Thomas B.

Box 7, Folder 13

Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1916


Written to Alice McManus Clark. Gift of Cora E. Sanders, March 1949 (MS.1949.002)
Box 7, Folder 14


Box 7, Folder 15-20

Nash, John Henry 1920-1934

Box 7, Folder 21

University of Nevada

Box 7, Folder 22

Newton, A. Edward

Box 7, Folder 23

North, Ernest Dressel

Box 7, Folder 24

Northwestern University

Box 8, Folder 1


Box 8, Folder 1


Box 8, Folder 3

Pierpont Morgan Library

Box 8, Folder 4

Pforzheimer, Carl

Box 8, Folder 5

Edgar Allan Poe Shrine 19224

Box 8, Folder 6

Post, Harrison (from WAC Jr)

Box 9, Folder 26

Post, Harrison, correspondence with L.C. Powell and Clark Library staff 1946


Correspondence regarding the return of some of Post's items still in the Library & residence in 1946.
Box 8, Folder 7


Box 8, Folder 8

Redinton, J.W.

Box 8, Folder 9

Reiner, Fritz

Box 8, Folder 10

de Ricci, Seymour

Box 8, Folder 11-15

Rosenbach 1920-1934

Box 8, Folder 16

Rothwell, Walter

Box 8, Folder 17

Rothwell, Walter, Fritz Kreisler, Leopold Godowsky, Frieda Godowsky

Box 8, Folder 18


Box 8, Folder 20

Sanders, Cora Edgerton (from WAC Jr) 1926-1934

Box 8, Folder 19

Sanner, Sydney

Box 8, Folder 21

Schad, Robert O.

Box 8, Folder 22

Schumann-Heink, Ernestine 1923-1930

Box 8, Folder 23

Scribner, Charles

Box 8, Folder 24


Box 9, Folder 27

Shakespeare Foundation

Box 8, Folder 25-27

Smith, Caroline Estes (from WAC Jr) 1923-1934

Box 8, Folder 28

Smith, Caroline Estes (from others)

Box 8, Folder 29

Smith, George Leslie (from WAC Jr and others)

Box 8, Folder 30

Special Libraries Association of Southern California 1927

Box 9, Folder 1


Box 9, Folder 2

Stokowski, Olga 1929

Box 9, Folder 3

Stone, Harry

Box 9, Folder 4


Box 9, Folder 5


Box 9, Folder 6

Tandler, Adolf

Box 9, Folder 7

Templeman, John Little

Box 9, Folder 8

Tonello, Joseph

Box 9, Folder 28

Troubetzkoy, Paul and Amelie

Box 9, Folder 9


Box 9, Folder 10


Box MS Box 24, Folder 4

Van Nosdall, George A. 1930


Letters regarding Thomas J. Wise and Byron's "Euthanasia."
Box 9, Folder 11

University of Virginia

Box 9, Folder 12


Box 9, Folder 13

Warde, Frederick

Box 9, Folder 14

Wells, Gabriel

Box 9, Folder 15

Weston, Edward

Box 9, Folder 16

Williamson, George

Box 9, Folder 17

Wilson, James Southall

Box 9, Folder 18

Winship, George Parker

Box 9, Folder 19

Wise, Thomas J.

Box MS Box W (No. 24), Folder 34-35

Wise, Thomas J.


Letters to WAC, Jr., Cora Sanders and Adelyn Sutphen Stumph concerning various forgeries and other bibliographic topics.
Box 9, Folder 20


Box 1-4

Invoices Subseries 2. 1911-1934

Physical Description: 1.67 Linear feet (4 boxes)

Scope and Contents

This subseries comprises invoices for books and other collection materials purchased by William Andrews Clark, Jr. and his library staff. Some invoices are accompanied by correspondence.


Arranged in alphabetical order by bookseller.
Box 1, Folder 1


Box 1, Folder 2

A Misc.

Box 1, Folder 3

B Misc.

Box 1, Folder 4


Box 1, Folder 5


Box 1, Folder 6


Box 1, Folder 7


Box 1, Folder 8


Box 1, Folder 9

Brick Row

Box 1, Folder 10


Box 1, Folder 11


Box 1, Folder 12


Box 1, Folder 13


Box 1, Folder 14


Box 2, Folder 1


Box 2, Folder 2


Box 2, Folder 3


Box 2, Folder 4


Box 2, Folder 5


Box 2, Folder 6

Walter M. Hill

Box 2, Folder 7


Box 2, Folder 8


Box 2, Folder 9


Box 2, Folder 10


Box 2, Folder 11


Box 2, Folder 12


Box 2, Folder 13


Box 2, Folder 14-17


Box 3, Folder 1


Box 3, Folder 2-4


Box 3, Folder 5


Box 3, Folder 6


Box 3, Folder 7


Box 3, Folder 8


Box 3, Folder 9


Box 3, Folder 10


Box 3, Folder 11


Box 3, Folder 12-13


Box 4, Folder 1


Box 4, Folder 2-4

Smith, George D.

Box 4, Folder 5


Box 4, Folder 6


Box 4, Folder 7


Box 4, Folder 8


Box 4, Folder 9


Box 4, Folder 10


Box 4, Folder 11


Box 4, Folder 12



Gift Book Materials Subseries 3.  1921-1936

Physical Description: 2.09 Linear feet (5 boxes)

Scope and Contents

This subseries contains correspondence and other documents related to William Andrews Clark, Jr.'s privately printed library catalogs and Christmas gift books. Clark published a Christmas book nearly every year as well as publishing many volumes worth of library catalogs.


Arranged into 2 subgroups: Subgroup 1. Gift Book Correspondence; and Subgroup 2. Gift Book Production.

Gift Book Correspondence Subgroup 1. 1922-1936

Physical Description: 1.67 Linear feet (4 boxes)

Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence related to William Andrews Clark, Jr.'s library catalogs and annual Christmas gift books. Nearly all items here are thank you notes written by friends and colleagues, thanking WAC, Jr. for including them on the book distribution list. There are also more formal acknowledgements of these gifts from libraries and institutions.


Organized in alphabetical order by correspondent.
Box 24


Box 24

"Joy" (last name unknown)

Box 24

Abascal, Mary J.

Box 24

Abbe, Robert

Box 24

Adam, R.D.

Box 24

Alderman, Bessie H.

Box 24

Alderman, Edwin A.

Box 24

Anderson, J.T.

Box 24

Balch, Janet

Box 24

Ballard, R.H.

Box 24

Baumgardt, B.R.

Box 24

Behymer, Lynden Ellsworth

Box 24

Bender, Albert M. (Albert Maurice)

Box 24

Bird, Remsen Du Bois

Box 24

Bixby, William K. (William Keeney)

Box 24

Blake, James D.

Box 24

Bliss, Leslie E.

Box 24

Bodleian Library

Box 24

Bogan, Peggy

Box 24

Bogardus, D.F.

Box 24

Book Club of California

Box 24

Boston Public Library

Box 24

Braslau, Sophie

Box 24

Brentano, Arthur

Box 24

British Library

Box 24

Britt, E.W.

Box 24

Buhlig, Richard

Box 24

Bullen, Henry Lewis

Box 24

Burke, Louise

Box 24

Burn, Walter Lewis

Box 24

California State Library

Box 24

Campbell, W.W.

Box 24

Cambridge University Library

Box 24

Carswell, Wanlyn

Box 24

Cecil, Arthur Bond

Box 24

Chartier, G.M.

Box 24

Clark, Celia Tobin

Box 24

Clark, Charles W. (Charles Walker)

Box 24

Clark, Walter E.

Box 24

Clover, Sam T.

Box 24

Colby, William Edward

Box 24

Cole, George Watson

Box 24

Columbia University Library

Box 24

Cox, Allyn

Box 24

Culver, Henry B.

Box 24

Cushing, John J.

Box 24

Daniels, Mark Roy

Box 24

Dartmouth College Library

Box 24

Davidson, George

Box 24

Davis, George Wesley

Box 24

DeLorme, Weston

Box 24

Dinkins, Lynn H.

Box 24

Dobie, Armistead M. (Armistead Mason)

Box 24

Doheny, Estelle

Box 24

Drake, James F.

Box 24

Duperu, A.M.

Box 24

Eckel, John C.

Box 24

Edgar Allan Poe Shrine, Inc.

Box 24

Edward, Frances Taft

Box 24

Ellis, Arthur M.

Box 24

Family (club)

Box 24

Farrand, Max

Box 24

FauntLeRoy, Joseph

Box 25

First Edition Club (London, England)

Box 25

Fiske, Haley

Box 25

Fiske, Marione

Physical Description:
Box 25

Fitzwilliam Museum

Box 25

Forbes, Mary

Box 25

Furman, Fred J.

Box 25

Gardner, Walter H.

Box 25

Gerard, Harry and Mae

Box 25

Gerard, Molly

Box 25

Giannetti, Dorothy

Box 25

Gimbel, Richard

Box 25

Goelet, Ogden

Box 25

Gold, Julius

Box 25

Granniss, Ruth S. (Ruth Shepard)

Box 25

Gray, John P.

Box 25

Greene, Alexander

Box 25

Griffith, Reginald Harvey

Box 25

Grolier Club

Box 25

Gunst, Morgan A.

Box 25

Gutterson, Fred S.

Box 25

Hahn, Edward F.

Box 25

Haldeman-Julius, E. (Emanuel)

Box 25

Hamill, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest)

Box 25

Happ, William M.

Box 25

Harvard College Library

Box 25

Hawkins, William S.

Box 25

Heifetz, Jascha

Box 25

Hill, Walter M. (Walter Martin)

Box 25

Hostetter, E. Byron

Box 25

Howell, John

Box 25

Hoyt, Arthur

Box 25

Hughes, Rupert

Box 25

Hunt, George S.

Box 25

Huntington, Henry Edwards

Box 25

Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery

Box 25

John Carter Brown Library

Box 25

Jomier, Georges

Box 25

Kall, Alexis

Box 25

Keats-Shelley Memorial Association

Box 25

Kessler, Charles N. (Charles Nickolas)

Box 25

Key, Pierre V. R. (Pierre Van Rensselaer)

Box 25

Kremer, Alf. C.

Box 25

Kuphal, Frederick W.

Box 25

Lambeth, W. A. (William Alexander)

Box 25

Lampton, Clark S.

Box 25

Leonard, Charles R.

Box 25

Liberma, Marco F.

Box 25

Library of Congress

Box 25

Library of Congress. Copyright Office

Box 25

Lile, William Minor

Box 25

Lilienthal, Theodore M. (Theodore Max)

Box 25

Lippincott, William I.

Box 25

Los Angeles Public Library

Box 25

Loyola University of Los Angeles

Box 25

Luke, H.L.

Box 25

Luke, Rebecca

Box 25

Lyman, Edward Dean

Box 25

Lyman, George D. (George Dunlap)

Box 26

MacLellan, George W.

Box 26

MacNamara, Walter P.

Box 26

Macon, G. (Gustave)

Box 26

Magdalen College (University of Oxford)

Box 26

Maggs Bros.

Box 26

Marks, Harry F.

Box 26

Maury, Lowndes

Box 26

McBryde, Warren H.

Box 26

McCarthy, E. Avery

Box 26

McGill University

Box 26

McInerney, Joseph

Box 26

McLaughlin, Mathilde

Box 26

McManus, Alice

Box 26

McNab, Gavin

Box 26

McNab, Wilma

Box 26

Merle, Martin V.

Box 26

Merola, Gaetano

Box 26

Millikan, Robert Andrews

Box 26

Mills College

Box 26

Mitchell, Josephine E. Walker

Box 26

Moerenhout, Florence Cooke

Box 26

Monnette, Orra Eugene

Box 26

Montgomery, Leona

Box 26

Moore, Ernest Carroll

Box 26

Morgner, Oscar Aurelius

Box 26

Mosher, Anna

Box 26

Newbegin, Jack

Box 26

Newberry Library

Box 26

Newlin, Gurney E.

Box 26

New York Academy of Medicine

Box 26

New York Public Library

Box 26

Neylan, John Francis

Box 26

Noel, Don O. (Don Obert)

Box 26

North, Ernest Dressel

Box 26

O'Day, Edward F.

Box 26

Parker, C.C.

Box 26

Perkins, John I.

Box 26

Pforzheimer, Carl H. (Carl Howard)

Box 26

Pierpont Morgan Library

Box 26

Phillips, James C.

Box 26

Pollard, Alfred W. (Alfred William)

Box 26

Porter, Grace

Box 26

Princeton University. Library

Box 26

Putnam, Herbert

Box 26

Pyle, J.C.

Box 26

Ratchford, Fannie Elizabeth

Box 26

Renick, William Leonard

Box 26

Ricci, Seymour de

Box 26

Rideaux, Joseph

Box 26

Robertson, John W.

Box 26

Rogers, Josephine

Box 26

Rosenbach, A. S. W. (Abraham Simon Wolf)

Box 26

Rosenbach, Philip H. (Philip Hyman)

Box 26

Rossetti, V.H.

Box 26

Rothschild, Max

Box 26

Rothwell, Liesel

Box 27

Sachs, Julius

Box 27

Sanner, Sydney

Box 27

Scanland, John M.

Box 27

Schad, Robert O. (Robert Oliver)

Box 27

Schumacher, Marian?

Box 27

Scribner, Arthur H.

Box 27

Searls, Fred, Jr.

Box 27

Searls, Gwynne

Box 27

Sethman, William G.

Box 27

Shepherd, Bessie

Box 27

Shepherd, Rezin Davis (aka R.D. MacLean)

Box 27

Shorter, Clement King

Box 27

Shortridge, Samuel E.

Box 27

Smith, Milton W.

Box 27

Spalding, Mary V. Pyle

Box 27

Sproul, Robert Gordon

Box 27

Stearns, Helen Sweet

Box 27

St. Clair, Harry Hull

Box 27

Strobridge, W.E.

Box 27

Struble, Mildred C.

Box 27

Sumnet, Malcolm

Box 27

Sutro, Alfred

Box 27

Symons, A. J. A. (Alphonse James Albert)

Box 27

Taylor, Virginia

Box 27

Templeman, John L.

Box 27

Typographic Library and Museum

Box 27

University of California, Berkeley. Library

Box 27

University of California, Los Angeles. Library

Box 27

University of Nevada

Box 27

University of San Francisco (Saint Ignatius College)

Box 27

University of Southern California

Box 27

University of Texas

Box 27

University of Virginia. Library

Box 27

Ussher, Bruno David

Box 27

Van Nosdall, George A.

Box 27

Van Patten, Nathan

Box 27

Welch, Marjorie

Box 27

Weston, Edward

Box 27

White, Charles L. (Charles Lafayette)

Box 27

Williams College. Library

Box 27

Williams, Mary Floyd

Box 27

Williamson, George Charles

Box 27

Wilke, William

Box 27

Wilson, James Southall

Box 27

Wrenn, Lois Allen

Box 27

Yaeckel, Lucille D.

Box 27

Yale University. Library

Box 27

Young, W.R.K.

Box 27

Zamorano Club

Box 27

French letters to "Cher Bienfaiteur," written after WAC Jr's death 1935-1936

Box 27

Letters regarding Fontaine fables gift book 1929


Gift Book Production Subgroup 2.  1921-1933

Physical Description: 0.4 Linear feet (1 box)

Scope and Contents

Contains materials related to the preparation and printing of William Andrews Clark, Jr.'s annual Christmas books. This items include correspondence with printers and experts on the texts in question as well as drafts of Clark's own essays and introductions to the books.


Organized by gift book title.

Wilde-Douglas Letters

Box 34, Folder 3

Legal correspondence 1921-1922

Box 34, Folder 4

Rosenbach correspondence 1921


All for Love

Box 34, Folder 5

WAC Jr's holograph introduction (partial)


Gift of Adelyn Sutphen Godwin, 1952 (MS.1952.008).

The Deserted Village

Box 34, Folder 6

WAC Jr's holograph introduction


Gift of Cora E. Sanders, October 1947 (MS.1947.001).

Father Damien

Box 34, Folder 7

Correspondence with clergy 1931-1933

Box 34, Folder 8

Newspaper clippings

Box 34, Folder 9

"Bibliography and books consulted"

Box 34, Folder 10

Bibliography, correspondence and WAC Jr's typescript introduction


Gray's "Ode"

Box 34, Folder 11

Correspondence with A.S.W. Rosenbach and Leonard Whibley 1933


Christmas Cards Subseries 4. 1923-1933

Physical Description: 0.63 Linear feet 1.5 boxes

Scope and Contents

Contains Christmas cards sent by William Andrews Clark, Jr. to friends and colleagues. There are many duplicates of each card in these files. Some thank-you notes and acknowledgements of the cards are also included here.


Arranged in roughly chronological order.
Box 33

illustrated by Franz Geritz 1923

Box 33

illustrated by William Wilke (message in French) 1930

Box 33

illustrated by Grace Marion Brown (message in English) 1930

Box 33

poem and illustration by Leon-Adolphe Willette 1931

Box 34, Folder 1, Box 33

illustration by Grace Marion Brown 1933

Box 39

Christmas card, illustrated by Grace Marion Brown, originally sent to Miss Sydney Sanner 1933

Box 34, Folder 2

Extra envelopes

Box 27

Thank-yous for 1929 Christmas card 1929-1930


People Files Series 2. 1878-1983, undated

Scope and Contents

This series consists of photographs, ephemera, secondary source materials and other items related to William Andrews Clark, Jr., his family and his colleagues. Most material here is connected to WAC Jr., but there are also substantial materials related to members of the Clark Library staff and to William Andrews Clark, Sr. The majority of items in this series are photographs, but there is also a great deal of secondary reference material (most of this is related to WAC Sr. and Allyn Cox).


Materials arranged into 4 subseries: Subseries 1. William Andrews Clark, Jr.; Subseries 2. William Andrews Clark, Sr.; Subseries 3. Other Clark Family Members; Subseries 4. Colleagues and Associates.

William Andrews Clark, Jr. Subseries 1. ca. 1878-1981

Scope and Contents

Contains photographs, honorary degrees and certificates, ephemera, and other miscellaneous materials related to William Andrews Clark, Jr.


Organized into 3 subgroups: Subgroup 1. Photographs; Subgroup 2. Awards and Certificates; Subgroup 3. Other Materials.

Photographs Subgroup 1. ca. 1878-1934

Scope and Contents

Contains photographs of William Andrews Clark, Jr. from approximately 1878 to 1934. Some images are formal studio portraits, while others are casual snapshots. Many casual photographs contain unidentified individuals.
Box 10, Folder 11

Unidentified toddler, possibly WAC Jr. ca 1877

Box 48

WAC Jr. and sister as young children ca. 1880?

Box 11, Folder 1

WAC Jr as a child ca 1882

Box 11, Folder 8

Photograph of the University of Virginia graduates in law, including WAC Jr 1899

Box 12, Folder 20

Portrait of WAC Sr., WAC Jr. and WAC III 1903


Caption on verso: Three generations of millionaires, WA Clark I II III.
Box 12, Folder 6

Alice Clark, Cora Sanders and WAC Jr in Ireland 1913

Box 12, Folder 11

WAC Jr., portraits by Edward Weston 1919-1921


Contains 3 photographs (one of them is a ca. 1980 copy). One photograph is signed by Weston and inscribed to Robert E. Cowan by WAC Jr. (the inscription is dated 10/19/1919).
Box 12, Folder 14

WAC Jr. with Robert Cowan, Edwin Clark and others in Montana ca 1919

Box 12, Folder 9

WAC Jr., portraits by Murillo Studio 1925-1926


Includes 7 photographs. 4 are inscribed by WAC Jr. to others: George Leslie Smith (12/27/1926), Merle Armitage (12/27/1926; gift of Merle Armitage), Robert Cowan (11/18/1925), and Robert Farquhar (1925).
Box 12, Folder 18

Montana snapshots, including WAC Jr., George Pale and others ca 1928

Box 12, Folder 10

WAC Jr., portraits by Murillo Studio ca. 1932

Box 12, Folder 17

WAC Jr., snapshots in academic cap and gown in the library's outdoor reading room

Box 12, Folder 16

Photographs of Henrique Medina portrait of WAC Jr.

Box 12, Folder 15

WAC Jr. and Harrison Post, snapshots in Europe (possibly Mont St. Michel)


Includes negatives and the original envelope in which the undeveloped film was deposited at a Paris Kodak studio.
Box 12, Folder 13

WAC Jr. and Will Garroway, photograph by Watts


Gift of Alpha O. Sigfrid, 1953 (MS.1953.006).
Box 12, Folder 12

Photograph of Paul Troubetzkoy statue of WAC Jr.

Box 12, Folder 46

Cartoon about LA Philharmonic's founding by Gale for the Los Angeles Times (original ink drawing) 1919


Awards and Certificates Subgroup 2. 1912-1932

Scope and Contents

Consists of certificates, awards, honorary degrees and club memberships dating 1912-1932.
Box 22, Folder 20

Nelson's L-L Encyclopedia certificate of membership (no. 14139) issued to WAC Jr. March 12, 1912

Box 17, Folder 8

"Diploma of Award" to WAC Jr. from the California Liberty Fair 1918

Box 34, Folder 17

Book Club of California lifetime membership certificate 1920

Box 39

Specimen leaf from a book of hours, given to WAC Jr. by the Book Club of California, with accompanying letter from Book Club of California

Box 22, Folder 22

Receipt, initiation fee for the Uplifters Club, for WAC Jr and Harrison Post 1925

Box 34, Folder 12-13

Mills College honorary doctorate: certificate, correspondence, programs and other materials 1925

Box 20, Folder 9

University of San Francisco, honorary degree for WAC Jr. 1930

Box 28

Printed scroll, souvenir (?) of the unveiling of the Beethoven Statue in Pershing Square, printed by Chester Troan October 14, 1932


Other Materials Subgroup 3. 1916-1981

Scope and Contents

Contains miscellaneous other documents related to WAC Jr., including estate documents, scrapbooks, research queries and other items.
Box 22, Folder 21

Program for The Merchant of Venice, performed as a benefit for the Fatherless Children of France "in the gardens of Mr. William A. Clark, Jr." June 20, 1919

Box 23, Folder 8

Letter from Paul Newell to William Conway, regarding WAC Jr

Box 23, Folder 9

WAC Jr. last will and testament December 1933

Box 32

WAC Jr's scrapbook of clippings and other materials related to books, collectors and libraries; with tabbed alphabetical index on initial pages 1916-1934


Additional material not pasted in the scrapbook in folder at bottom of box.
Box 34, Folder 15

WAC Jr stationary with personalized watermark

Box 34, Folder 18

Correspondence re: WAC Jr and George Pale between Bill Conway, John Bidwell and William Walker 1981

Box 36

Collection of nine copper plates used for calling and other cards for WAC Jr and WAC III, by Brock & Company, Los Angeles 1924-1931


Gift of Brock & Company, 1956 (MS.1956.006).
Box 39

Paste-up for announcement of Book Club of California exhibit of books from the collections of WAC Jr., Charles W. Clark and Charles Templeton Crocker, San Francisco (by John Henry Nash) ca 1922


William Andrews Clark, Sr. Subseries 2. 1879-1986

Scope and Contents

Photographs, speeches, and other documents related to William Andrews Clark, Sr. and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Much of the material in this subseries is either gathered from a secondary source or is a photocopy of original material held elsewhere.


Organized into 4 subgroups: Subgroup 1. Photographs and Portraits; Subgroup 2. Corcoran Gallery of Art; Subgroup 3. Speeches and Other Materials; Subgroup 4. Secondary Source Materials.

Photographs and Portraits Subgroup 1. 1903-1930

Scope and Contents

Photographs and other images of WAC Sr., dating from approximately 1903 to 1930.
Box 12, Folder 20

Portrait of WAC Sr., WAC Jr. and WAC III 1903


Caption on verso: Three generations of millionaires, WA Clark I II III.
Box 10, Folder 21

WAC Sr in front of log cabin in Deer Lodge, Montana ca 1910-1920

Box 12, Folder 2

WAC Sr. with Andree and Huguette Clark at Columbia Gardens, Butte, Montana ca 1916


Gift of D. Roscoe Nickerson, Butte, June 1969 (MS.1969.002).
Box 11, Folder 6

Photograph of plaque from rotunda of Montana State Capitol in Helena


Gift of Professor Norman Thrower, February 1973 (MS.1973.003).
Box 17, Folder 5

Etching of WAC Sr. by William H. Wilke, printed by John Henry Nash and inscribed by both to WAC Jr. 1930

Box 22, Folder 10

Photograph of Henrique Medina portrait of WAC Sr., photograph by C. Owen Smithers, Butte, Montana 1932


Gift of the Masonic Temple, Butte, courtesy of J.R. Thomas, February 1951 (MS.1951.025).
Box 12, Folder 47

Photograph of Sally Farnham bust at the Corcoran Gallery of Art 1999


Corcoran Gallery of Art Subgroup 2. 1882-1930

Scope and Contents

Material related to the donation of WAC Sr's art collection to the Corcoran Gallery of Art after his death in 1925. The Clark Library also holds multiple printed catalogs of the Corcoran Gallery collection items that originated in Clark's collection; please search the UCLA Online Library catalog to find these catalogs.
Box 22, Folder 17

S.G.W. Benjamin, "The Corcoran Gallery of Art," from an unknown periodical ca. 1882?


Gift of Donna Adams, 1986 (MS.1986.006).
Box 22, Folder 16

Correspondence between WAC Jr and C. Powell Minnigerode from the Corcoran Gallery Archives (photocopies) 1926-1930

Box 22, Folder 18-19

Press and magazine clippings relative to the bequest of the late William A. Clark (scrapbook), Corcoran Gallery of Art (photocopies), with inventory of Corcoran Archives holdings related to WAC Sr.

Box 46, Folder 4

Corcoran Gallery of Art, "Carpets of the Great Shah : the near-eastern carpets from the W.A. Clark collection" 1948

Box 46, Folder 5

Corcoran Gallery guide 1976

Box 46, Folder 6

Corcoran Gallery of Art, "Italian maiolica in the W.A. Clark Collection" 1955

Box 46, Folder 7

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Illustrated handbook of the W.A. Clark Collection 1928

Box 46, Folder 8

Corcoran Gallery of Art, catalog for 50th anniversary exhibition of Clark Collection 1978

Box 46, Folder 9

William Henry Holmes, "Installation of the W.A. Clark Collection in the Corcoran Gallery of Art," Art and archaeology, v. 25, no. 4 (1928), p. 163-180

Box 46, Folder 10

Marvin Chauncey Ross, "Four Tournai tapestries : The William Andrews Clark Collection," Corcoran Gallery of Art bulletin, v. 9 no 2 1951

Box 46, Folder 19

Miscellaneous materials from Corcoran Gallery of Art, including photocopied materials from their archives


Speeches and Other Materials Subgroup 3. 1879-1925

Scope and Contents

Contains estate documents, transcripts of speeches and other materials connected to WAC Sr.
Box 49

Leather letter case, US Senate stationery and German metal letter opener by E. Faber 190-?


Gift, Rodney Devine, 2014 (MS.2014.009).
The leather letter case is housed in the Clark Library's North Book Room, while the stationery and letter opener are housed in Clarkive Box 49.
Box 46, Folder 22

Letters and statements from William Andrews Clark, First National Bank, Deer Lodge to Hussey, Dahler and Co., Virginia City 1872 December


Purchase, 2004 (MS.2004.009).
Box 46, Folder 23

Invitation card from William Andrews Clark to Henry Cabot Lodge ca. 1900-1907


Issued from Clark's Washington residence during his time in the US Senate.
Box 23, Folder 10

WAC Sr. last will and testament May 1922

Box 17, Folder 11

"Dedicated to William Andrews Clark and the Amalgamated" broadside

Box 47

Certificate of membership in the Society of Montana Pioneers 1889

Box 22, Folder 4

City of Helena "bill" with engraved portrait of WAC Sr. on verso


In imitation of currency, this bill reads "The City of Helena pays in friendship and good will her debt of gratitude to her friends." An engraved portrait of Marcus Daly is on the recto; a poem about Helena and an engraved portrait of WAC Sr. are on the verso.
Box 22, Folder 3

Menu and program, Third Annual Banquet of the Butte Newswriters' Association, commemorating the Golden Anniversary of the Arrrival in Montana of Senator W.A. Clark November 1913

Box 22, Folder 2

Menu, Banquet given by the Butte Chamber of Commerce to Hon. Wm. A. Clark 1913

Box 22, Folder 1

Typescripts of speeches by and biographies of WAC Sr. transcribed by Donna Adams 1981


Gift of Donna Adams, 1981 (MS.1981.002).
Box 9, Folder 22

Clark, William Andrews, Jr. to Robert Cowan, with 1879 Inman Line passenger list showing his parents on a transatlantic crossing 1879, 1931


Accession MS.1931.001.
Box 43

Album of newspaper clippings and letters on the death of William Andrews Clark, Sr. 1925


Delicate physical condition.

Secondary Source Materials Subgroup 4. 1951-1986

Scope and Contents

Consists of reference materials and articles written about WAC Sr. and his business concerns.
Box 22, Folder 6

Letter from F.H. Bradford to H. Richard Archer, Clark Library, regarding WAC Sr's possible ownership of a Fageol custom-built automobile, including 2 photographs of a Fageol chassis 1951

Box 22, Folder 7

Brochure for tours of the Copper King Mansion, Butte, Montana

Box 22, Folder 15

Rita Reif, "Pottery inspired by the Renaissance," The New York Times April 20, 1986

Box 22, Folder 9

Michael P. Malone, "Midas of the West: the incredible career of William Andrews Clark," in Montana: the magazine of Western history, v. 33 no. 4 (Autumn 1983): p. 2-17. 1983


Folder contains the entire Autumn 1983 issue.
Box 22, Folder 11

Paul Newell, "The senator and the train," Air California Magazine, v.10 no. 1 May 1977


Folder contains entire May 1977 issue.
Box 22, Folder 12

Harry Squires, "Helen Wiser Stewart, Nevada Pioneer," The West: true stories of the Old West, v. 11 no. 2 July 1969


Folder contains entire July 1969 issue.
Box 23, Folder 7

James W. Hulse, "W.A. Clark and the Las Vegas Connection: The 'Midas of the West' and the Development of Southern Nevada," Montana: the magazine of Western history, vol. 37 no. 1 Winter 1987

Box 22, Folder 14

Herbert V. Young, "'Valley of Kings' mined, cultivated for centuries," Jerome Supplement, The Verde Independent Spring 1958

Box 22, Folder 13

Patricia Paylore, "Viva Clarkdale!" from the Journal of Arizona History (offprint) 1980


Gift of Lawrence Clark Powell, ca. 1980 (MS.1980.006).
Box 46, Folder 1

American Art Association, "Art collection of the late United States Senator William A. Clark," Part II (auction catalog) 1926

Box 46, Folder 2

American Art Association, "Library sets of esteemed authors... including selections from the library of the late William A. Clark" 1926

Box 46, Folder 3

Beautiful Columbia Gardens : the far-famed pleasure resort of Butte (Butte : Butte Electric Railway Co.) 19--?

Box 46, Folder 11

Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., "The W.A. Clark Collection," The arts, v. 13 no. 4, p. 236-242 1928

Box 46, Folder 12

The philistine, v. 17, no. 2 1903

Box 46, Folder 13-14

Society of Montana Pioneers ephemera

Box 46, Folder 15-17

Society of Montana Pioneers annual meetings 1916, 1917, 1921, 1927, 1931, 1932

Box Montana Mss. Box 2-3

Society of the Framers of the Constitution of Montana 1889-1928


Archival, ephemeral and photographic material related to the Society of the Framers of the Constitution of Montana from the collection of Walter M. Bickford (MS.1929.004). Materials include photographs and correspondence with W.A. Clark Sr.
Box 46, Folder 18

The story of Butte (Butte : Press of the Standard Manufactuing and Printing Co.) 1897


Other Clark Family Members Subseries 3. 1882-1955

Scope and Contents

Photographs and materials related to other members of the Clark family. Most of the material consists of photographs of William Andrews Clark III and Alice McManus Clark, but there are also items related to WAC Jr.'s siblings, his first wife Mabel Foster Clark and his grandmother, Mary Andrews Clark.

William Andrews Clark, III (1903-1932) Subgroup 1. 1903-1931

Biographical Note

WAC Jr.'s son WAC III ("Tertius") was a mining engineer and a technology enthusiast, interested in both still and moving photography as well as airplanes. He was killed in a plane crash in 1932.
Box 12, Folder 20

Portrait of WAC Sr., WAC Jr. and WAC III 1903


Caption on verso: Three generations of millionaires, WA Clark I II III.
Box 10, Folder 7

WAC III, portrait by Pirie MacDonald ca 1915

Box 12, Folder 19

WAC III, portrait ca. 1910

Box 36

Collection of nine copper plates used for calling and other cards for WAC Jr and WAC III, by Brock & Company, Los Angeles 1924-1931


Gift of Brock & Company, 1956 (MS.1956.006).

Alice McManus Clark (1883-1916) Subgroup 2. ca. 1907-1916

Biographical Note

WAC Jr.'s second wife, Alice McManus Clark, was born in Virginia City, Nevada and raised in Reno. Her health may have precipated their move to Los Angeles in the early 1910s. She died in Los Angeles in 1917.
Box 12, Folder 3

Alice Clark, formal portrait


Gift of Cora E. Sanders, 1947 (MS.1947.001).
Box 12, Folder 4

Alice Clark in riding clothes, with dog

Box 12, Folder 5

Photographs of Paul Troubetzkoy statue of Alice Clark

Box 12, Folder 6

Alice Clark, Cora Sanders and WAC Jr in Ireland 1913

Box 12, Folder 45

Alice Clark, formal portrait by Arnold Genthe


Gift of Noelle Brown, July 2011 (MS.2011.009).

Mabel Foster Clark (1880-1903) Subgroup 3.

Biographical Note

Clark's first wife, Mabel Duffield Foster, died from complications following the birth of William Andrews Clark, III in 1903.
Box 12, Folder 7

Formal photograph by Histed 1903


Gift of Cora E. Sanders, 1947 (MS.1947.001).
Box 45

One gold-toned photograph and two portrait miniatures ca. 1900-1903


Gift of Cora Edgerton Sanders, September 1964 (MS.1964.005).

Other Family Members Subgroup 4. 1882-1955

Box 44

Catherine Stauffer Clark (1840-1893), portrait ca 1870?

Box 11, Folder 2

Mary Joaquina Clark (1870-1939), formal photograph ca. 1882

Box 12, Folder 8

Mary Andrews Clark (1814-1904), photograph


Gift of Cora E. Sanders, 1947 (MS.1947.001).
Box 23, Folder 2

Andree Clark (1902-1919), newspaper clipping of a painted portrait


Gift of Miriam Garland McCurdy, date unknown (MS.2011.006).
Box 23, Folder 2

Huguette Clark (1906-2011), newspaper clipping of a painted portrait


Gift of Miriam Garland McCurdy, date unknown (MS.2011.006).
Box 12, Folder 2

WAC Sr. with Andree and Huguette Clark at Columbia Gardens, Butte, Montana ca 1916

Box 11, Folder 7

Portrait photograph of unidenfied toddler

Box 46, Folder 21

"The Clark family of Los Angeles," The Titanic Commutator, Winter 1991

Box 23, Folder 4

Obituary for Miriam Evans Clark (Mrs. J. Ross Clark), Los Angeles Times January 15, 1955


Colleagues and Associates Subseries 4. 1880-1983

Scope and Contents

Contains photographs and other materials related to William Andrews Clark, Jr.'s colleagues and friends, including Clark Library staff members, musicians, booksellers and other public figures. In particular, this subseries contains significant original materials related to Cora Sanders as well as print materials about artist Allyn Cox. A number of signed photographs of musicians and literary figures also make up a substantial portion of this subseries.

Cora Edgerton Sanders (1872-1964) Subgroup 1. 1880-1947

Scope and Contents

Photographs and other material related to Cora Edgerton Sanders. Miss Sanders began working for the Clarks around 1901, as a companion and assistant to Mabel Foster Clark, and continued working in the same capacity for Alice McManus Clark in 1907. After 1917, she became more involved in WAC, Jr.'s growing library and she worked as Curator of the Clark Library until her 1943 retirement.

Related Archival Materials

Please see the finding aid to the Records of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, 1934-present, Series 4, Subseries 2  for additional material related to Cora Sanders.
Box Montana Mss. 1, Folder 2

Photograph of Cora Sanders and her brother Charles Sanders with the rest of the students of the Helena Graded High School ca. 1885


This photograph is described and housed with the Montana Manuscripts Collection, Series 1: Charles Kessler Papers. 
Box Post-1934 Clarkive 342

Montana Scrapbook ca. 1880-1910

Box 12, Folder 6

Photographs of Alice Clark, Cora Sanders and WAC Jr in Ireland 1913

Box Post-1934 Clarkive 342

Library of Congress Subject Subdivisions 1924

Box 12, Folder 25

Passport photo 1929

Box 10, Folder 9

Photograph of Cora Sanders with Fritz Leiber, inscribed by Leiber to Sanders ca. 1940

Box 12, Folder 26

Photograph of Lawrence Clark Powell, Cora Sanders and Robert Farquhar ca 1940s

Box 23, Folder 25

Cora Sanders bibliographic commonplace book

Box Clarkive Post-1934 339

Blank book bound as a binding exercise

Box Clarkive Post-1934 339

Looseleaf notebook of historical/bibliographic information

Box Clarkive Post-1934 341

Listing of Booksellers' Catalogs

Box 23, Folder 24

Cora Sanders clipping/biographical file


Robert Ernest Cowan (1862-1942) Subgroup 2. 1919-1928

Scope and Contents

Contains photographs and clippings related to Robert E. Cowan, who served as WAC Jr.'s bibliographer from 1919-1933.
Box 12, Folder 14

Photograph of WAC Jr. with Robert Cowan, Edwin Clark and others in Montana ca. 1919

Box 12, Folder 21

Multiple photographs of Robert Cowan 1922-1928

Box 12, Folder 22

Photograph of Robert Cowan, Marie Cowan and Caroline Estes Smith at the Clark Library, with Snooks the dog August 1919

Box 23, Folder 23

Robert Cowan clipping/biographical file


Harrison Post (ca. 1896-1946) Subgroup 3. 1920-1949

Scope and Contents

Photographs of and related to Harrison Post, a close associate (and probable romantic partner) of WAC, Jr.'s. Post also worked at the Clark Library as a junior bibliographer, helping to compile and write several of the library's printed catalogs.
Box 11, Folder 5

Harrison Post, portrait inscribed to Robert Cowan 1920

Box 12, Folder 15

WAC Jr. and Harrison Post, snapshots in Europe (possibly Mont St. Michel)


Includes negatives and the original envelope in which the undeveloped film was deposited at a Paris Kodak studio.
Box 12, Folder 43

Photograph and accompanying letter about Harrison Post's 1929 Rolls Royce


George John Pale (1916-1973) Subgroup 4. 1934

Scope and Contents

A book report written by George J. Pale, the son of WAC Jr.'s long-time housekeeper. Before his death in 1934, Clark was finalizing his legal adoption of Pale.
Box 23, Folder 5

Book report on Hervey Allen's Anthony Adverse by George Pale 1934


Caroline Estes Smith and George Leslie Smith Subgroup 5. 1919

Scope and Contents

Photograph of Caroline and George Smith, the managers of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Clark hired Caroline Estes Smith in the early days of the Philharmonic, after having employed her as a stenographer.
Box 12, Folder 22

Robert Cowan, Marie Cowan and Caroline Estes Smith at the Clark Library, with Snooks the dog August 1919


Allyn Cox (1896-1982) Subgroup 6. 1920-1983

Scope and Contents

Clippings and other materials related to Allyn Cox, the arist who was commissioned to paint the murals on the main floor of the Clark Library when it was built. The son of prominent American painter Kenyon Cox, Clark commissioned Allyn to paint murals in Clark Hall at the University of Virginia.
Box 19, Folder 1

Clipping from unknown source, showing Cox's murals in the home of "Mrs. Goodrum" ca. 1920-1950

Box 19, Folder 2

Ernest Peixotto, "Recent American work in mural painting," Architecture (v. 56, no. 2) August 1927, p. 61-68. August 1927

Box 19, Folder 3

Quentin Reger, "The perfect Dryden collection: fine unknown library hidden in city," S.C. Daily Troy January 17, 1933

Box 19, Folder 4

Untitled clipping from After Hours ca. 1951

Box 19, Folder 5

"The Capitol muralist," The New Yorker, p. 21 March 7, 1953

Box 19, Folder 6

"Allyn Cox" from Current Biography: Who's news and why, p. 215-217 1954

Box 19, Folder 7

"Democratic wall decor abandoned," The Los Angeles Times May 30, 1972

Box 19, Folder 8

Photograph of Allyn Cox at work 1973

Box 19, Folder 9

J.W. Nelson, "Allyn Cox: a new mural for the Capitol," American Artist December 1974

Box 19, Folder 10

Jane Winebrenner, "Behind the scenes: a Michelangelo at work in the Capitol," 50 Plus, p. 88-89 March 1980

Box 19, Folder 11

Elizabeth Mehren, "The Capitol undertaking of a master muralist: artist's work makes history come alive on walls, ceilings," The Los Angeles Times June 11, 1981

Box 19, Folder 12

Walter H. Waggoner, "Allyn Cox, 86, painter of murals for US Capitol," The New York Times Biographical Service September 1982

Box 19, Folder 13

"Allyn Cox" obituary from unknown source September 28, 1982

Box 19, Folder 14

J.Y. Smith, "Allyn Cox dies; work include Capitol murals," Washington Post 1982

Box 19, Folder 15

"Allyn Cox," New York Times obituary from Current Biography 1983 1983

Box 19, Folder 16

Allyn Cox entry from Who was who in American art, p. 1835 1983

Box 19, Folder 17

"Clark Hall muralist dies," University of Virginia Alumni News, p. 23 January/February 1983

Box 19, Folder 18

United States Capitol Historical Society. We, the People: the story of the United States Capitol. 1985

Box 19, Folder 19

Suzanne Tatian, "The library murals: Allyn Cox's first major commission," The Clark Newsletter, no. 8 Spring 1990

Box 19, Folder 20

Allyn Cox entry from the Dictionary of National Biography, v. IV, p. 478-479

Box 46, Folder 20

Miscellaneous resource files


Henrique Medina (1901-1988) Subgroup 7. 1932-1943

Scope and Contents

Original artwork and photographs of artwork by Portugese painter Henrique Medina. Medina executed several portraits of WAC Jr., the library staff and the Clark family.
Box 12, Folder 24

Henrique Medina-related photographs and images 1932-1933

Box 29

Eleven sketches by Henrique Medina 1933

Box 20, Folder 1

Henrique Medina, nude study (reproduction) 1943

Box 20, Folder 12

Henrique Medina, Drawing of a female nude (pencil) 1944


Gift of Henrique Medina, February 1972 (MS.1972.004).

Mowitza Lodge Guests Subgroup 8. 1915-1932

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of guests and the guestbook for WAC Jr.'s summer home on Salmon Lake in Montana, Mowitza Lodge. Many of the individuals in these photographs are unidentified.
Box 12, Folder 18

Montana snapshots, including WAC Jr., George Pale and others ca. 1928

Box 40

"One Summer, Mowitza" album 1916

Box 21

Mowitza Lodge Guest Book 1915-1932


Music, Literary and Art Associates Subgroup 9. 1904-1932

Scope and Contents

Photographs, drawings and other materials related to WAC, Jr.'s acquaintances and friends in the music, literary and art worlds. There are also some materials here related to Montana personalities.

Photographs of musicians inscribed to WAC Jr. 1916-1932


Gift of George Pale, 1965 (MS.1965.004).
Box 10, Folder 17

Wallie Dan---z?

Box 10, Folder 10

Flonzaley Quartet May 1920

Box 10, Folder 12

Clifford Victor Herbert

Box 10, Folder 13

Carl? ?? [illegible]

Box 10, Folder 18

Ernestine Schumann-Heink, by Lou Goodale Bigelow September 1922

Box 10, Folder 16

Frederick A. Stoetz

Box 10, Folder 14

Paul Troubetzkoy 1916

Box 10, Folder 15

A. Wilhartitz

Box 12, Folder 35

Feodor Chaliapin 1923

Box 12, Folder 36

Mischa Elman 1920

Box 12, Folder 37

Jascha Heifetz 1924

Box 12, Folder 38

Joseph Hofmann 1923

Box 12, Folder 39

Fritz Kreisler

Box 12, Folder 40

Albert Spalding 1919

Box 12, Folder 41

Artur Rodzinski 1930

Box 12, Folder 42

Efrem Zimbalist 1923


Other Music-related Associates 1919-1925

Box 17, Folder 10

Photographs of Joseph Tonello


Gift of Helen Porter, 1996 (MS.1996.003).
Box 20, Folder 2

Caricature of a group of classical composers (reproduction), in a portfolio stamped with WAC Jr's name

Box 20, Folder 3

Joseph Tonello, "The Destiny of a Soul," dedicated to Alice Clark; 1 copy inscribed by Joseph Tonello to Helen Livingston 1919


Gift of Helen Livingston Porter 1996 (MS.1996.003).
Box 20, Folder 6

Joseph Tonello, "The Destiny of a Soul," dedicated to Alice Clark; 2 copies inscribed by Joseph Tonello, one of them to WAC Jr. 1919

Box 20, Folder 8

Claire-Liesel Rothwell, "A Christmas Carol" December 1925


Two manuscript versions, one of them inscribed "To Dear Daddy Clark, With much love, Claire Liesel, Xmas, 1925."
Gift of Cora E. Sanders, March 1949 (MS.1949.002)

Walter Henry Rothwell (see Los Angeles Philharmonic materials, Series 5)


Booksellers & Literary Connections 1929, undated

Box 10, Folder 20

Beverly Chew

Box 10, Folder 19

A.S.W. Rosenbach January 24, 1929

Box 12, Folder 27

George D. Smith

Box 12, Folder 28

Count Ilya Tolstoy


Gift of Cora E. Sanders, 1952 (MS.1952.007).
Box 12, Folder 31

John Henry Nash's Library, San Francisco, by Louis A. Lauck Co. ca. 1920s

Box 12, Folder 23

Martin J. Johnson


Montanans 1904-1913

Box 10, Folder 8

Staff of the Anaconda Standard Newspaper November 9, 1913


Printed on recto: Butte Newswriters Third Annual Banquet, Sunday, Nov. 9, 1913; Compliments of the Anaconda Standard, A.E. Dunn, Staff Photographer.
Box 17, Folder 9

Caricature of "Fat Jack" by Homer Davenport 1904


Clark Library Building and Grounds Series 3. 1920-2011

Scope and Contents

This series contains material related to the physical building and grounds that comprise the Clark Library. Items include photographs of the Clark library and grounds from around 1924 until 1996. It also includes materials related to the construction of the library building, the gift of the Library to UCLA, items related to the observatory which once stood on the grounds and other assorted artifacts. The finding aid to the Post-1934 records of the Clark Library describes additional relevant information and photographs that date from 1934 to the present.


Arranged into 5 subseries: Subseries I. Photographs of Library Building and Grounds; Subseries 2. Library Construction and Contractor Correspondence; Subseries 3. Gift of the library to UCLA; Subseries 4. Observatory; and Subseries 5. Artifacts, Art and Miscellany.

Photographs of Library Building and Grounds Subseries 1.  1924-1996

Scope and Contents

Photographs, slides and other images of the Clark Library and grounds. The majority of photographs are interior and exterior shots of the Library, but images of the teahouse, observatory and Clark residence are also included here.


Arranged in roughly chronological order.
Box 14, Folder 5

Observatory pre-1924

Box 13, Folder 36

Library exterior, contruction of east front by Bradley and Company (marble) ca. 1925

Box 13, Folder 1

Library interior, photographs by M.L. Bailey 1925


4 b/w negatives in Box 15/Folder 2.
Box 17, Folder 7

Library interior, photographs by M.L. Bailey (larger prints) 1925

Box 13, Folder 2

View of teahouse (print from glass plate negative) pre-1924


Original glass plate negative and color negative made from glass plate in Box 15/Folder 1.
Box 13, Folder 3

Library exterior, photograph by Murillo Studio ca. 1926

Box 13, Folder 4

Library interior, print by B.B. Nichols ca. 1926

Box 13, Folder 5

Library exterior with original front doors, reproduction from the cover of Saturday Night, (November 1930) pre-1927


Negative in 42/10.
Box 13, Folder 6

Clark Library interior photographs from the Estelle Doheny Collection ca. 1920s


Gift of Lucille V. Miller, 1958 (MS.1958.003). Also contains one interior photograph of the Pierpont Morgan Library.
Negatives in Box 15/Folder 3.
Box 15, Folder 4

Drawing room murals by Allyn Cox (negatives made from John Henry Nash 1929 edition of All for Love) 1929

Box 12, Folder 17

Outdoor reading room (including photographs of WAC Jr. in the outdoor reading room) ca. 1930

Box 13, Folder 7

Outdoor reading room, early beginnings pre-1930

Box 13, Folder 9

Library exterior ca. 1937

Box 13, Folder 8

Library interiors ca. 1930

Box 42, Folder 4

Library interior, South bookroom case with Dryden collections (negative)

Box 14, Folder 6

Observatory, interior and exterior pre-1934


Negative in 42/5.
Box 13, Folder 10

Ralph Cornell design of library grounds ca. 1940

Box 13, Folder 11

Library exterior, photographs by H.G. Maas 1940

Box 13, Folder 12

Library interior (including drawing room, book room and reading room with people) 1945


Negative of drawing room with people in 42/9.
Box 15

Library exterior (slides) 1945

Box 17, Folder 6

Library interior ca. 1945

Box 13, Folder 13

Residence exterior ca. 1950

Box 14, Folder 7

Observatory, demolition 1951


Negatives in 42/7.
Box 13, Folder 14

Library exterior ca. 1951

Box 13, Folder 15\

Library exterior pre-1952

Box 13, Folder 16

Library exterior, cutting down the pine tree ca. 1952


Negatives in Box 15/Folder 5.
Box 13, Folder 16

Book room display cases (from the Report of the Second Decade) ca. 1952

Box 13, Folder 17

Library exterior 1953


Negative in Box 15/Folder 6.
Box 15, Folder 7

Bookcase display of Eric Gill's work, including books, sculpture and woodblocks (b&w negatives)

Box 13, Folder 18

Library interior, photographs by Edward R. Petko 1956, 1966


Gift of Edward Repan Petko, 1956 (MS.1956.005).
Box 13, Folder 19

Library exterior

Box 13, Folder 20

Library interior 1966

Box 13, Folder 21

Library exterior with people (Les Koepplin, Mary Kerbret, Pat McCloskey), photographs by Tom F. Walters 1968

Box 13, Folder 22

Library interior with people (incl. Virginia Wong, Frank Zimmermann, Pat McCloskey), photographs by Tom F. Walters 1968


Negatives in Box 15/Folder 8.
Box 13, Folder 23

Residence exterior (porte-cochere) 1969

Box 42, Folder 8

8 negatives of Library and residence exterior

Box 13, Folder 24

Library exterior 1970

Box 13, Folder 25

Library interior 1970

Box 15

Library exterior (slides) 1973

Box 13, Folder 26

Library exterior, photographs by Rick Lenz 1975

Box 13, Folder 27

Library exterior February 1979

Box 13, Folder 28

Library interior February 1979

Box 13, Folder 29

Library interior and exterior, photographs by Joseph H. Heller 1981


Negatives in Box 15/Folder 9 and slides in back of Box 15.
Box 13, Folder 30

Library interior, photographs by G.A. John Rogers 1981

Box 13, Folder 31

Library exterior and interior post-1981

Box 13, Folder 32

Library interior and exterior December 1981


Negatives in Box 15/Folder 10.
Box 13, Folder 33

Library exterior 1983

Box 13, Folder 34

Library interior during film shoots for "The Devlin Connection" and "The Thorn Birds," photographs by Jerry Kurtz 1983

Box 13, Folder 35

Library exterior (damaged perimeter wall) ca. 1984


Negatives in Box 15/Folder 11.
Box 14, Folder 1

Library exterior 1989

Box 14, Folder 2

North range buildings 1990


Negatives in Box 15/Folder 12
Box 42, Folder 6

Gate exterior, Historic-Cultural Monument plaque (polaroid)

Box 15, Folder 13

LIbrary interior, south bookroom bookcases, photographs by Duff Tatian (used in Fall 1992 Newsletter) (4 b&w negatives) July 1992

Box 14, Folder 3

Library exterior, basement exit rails July 1995

Box 14, Folder 4

Library exterior 1996

Box 14, Folder 12

Images of Allyn Cox murals


Library Construction and Contractor Correspondence Subseries 2.  1920-1934

Scope and Contents

This subseries comprises correspondence and other materials related to the construction and design of the Clark Library. Correspondents include architect Robert D. Farquhar, muralist Allyn Cox, contractors, suppliers, and furniture makers.


Materials are arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent.
Box 18, Folder 1

A (American Institute of Architects, Art Metal Construction Company) 1925-1926

Box 18, Folder 2

Baumgarten and Company (woodwork) 1925-1926

Box 18, Folder 3

Bradley and Son (marble) 1924-1926

Box 18, Folder 4

Burglary Protection Company 1924-1927

Box 18, Folder 5

C (Cornelius W. Comegys, H.S. Crocker) 1924-1928

Box 18, Folder 6

W.A. Clark Sr. estate sale 1926

Box 18, Folder 7

Ralph Cornell: "A garden in a gem of beautiful landscaping," California Graphic, May 3, 1924 (photocopy) 1924

Box 18, Folder 8

Allyn Cox (muralist) correspondence 1924-1926

Box 18, Folder 9

Allyn Cox (muralist): news clippings

Box 18, Folder 10

D (W.G. Duff, John Donnelly) 1925-1929

Box 18, Folder 11

A.F. Edwards (marble) 1924

Box 18, Folder 12

Robert D. Farquhar, Clark file (incoming letters from Farquhar, carbons of letters to Farquhar) 1924-1926

Box 18, Folder 13-18

Robert D. Farquhar, Farquhar files (incoming letters from Clark, carbons of letters to Clark) 1920-1927

Box 18, Folder 19

Robert D. Farquhar (correspondence from Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and Whitney Warren 1920, 1930

Box 18, Folder 20

G (General Bronze Corp., Gladding Mc Bean, Gardner-Payne) 1926-1928

Box 18, Folder 21

H (George Hunt, Henry A. Hege, C.P. Helpman) 1924-1929

Box 18, Folder 22

Llewellyn Iron Works 1924

Box 18, Folder 23

M (O.B. McClintock Company, John V. McGinnis, W.D. Mangam, Thomas E. Marlowe, Leon Mazy, W.E. Mitchell) 1924-1930

Box 18, Folder 24

P (John Polachek Bronze and Iron, Paoli Construction, Pedgrift Brothers) 1925-1934

Box 18, Folder 25

William G. Reid (hardwood floors) 1925-1926

Box 18, Folder 26

Southern California Hardwood 1925

Box 18, Folder 27

T (S. Tomasello, Ed. Trinkkeller, S. Wyman Tyler) 1924-1926

Box 18, Folder 28

U-Z (Unit System Heating, Victor Granite, Weaver Roof, Wilson and Bell) 1924-1934

Box 34, Folder 19

Postcard of Chateau de Chantilly library, inspiration for the Clark book rooms ca 1920


Gift of the Library to UCLA Subseries 3. 1926-1937

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, legal documents, newspaper clippings and other documents connected to William Andrews Clark, Jr.'s gift of the Clark Library to UCLA in 1926. Material related to the Deeds of Gift of 1926 and 1929 are included, as is material related to Clark's estate from after his 1934 death.


Materials arranged in roughly chronological order.
Box 23, Folder 13

Newspaper clippings related to the gift of the library to UCLA 1926-1934

Box 23, Folder 12

Excerpt from deed of gift June 4, 1926

Box 23, Folder 11

Regents of the University of California, minutes mentioning WAC Jr's offer of the Clark Library gift and a letter from Robert Sproul to Ernest Dickson discussing the same June 1926

Box 23, Folder 14

Deed of Gift (original and copies) June 4, 1926

Box 23, Folder 15

Deed of Gift August 1926

Box 23, Folder 16

Deed of Gift May 1929

Box 23, Folder 17

Letter from Sydney Sanner (executor of Clark estate) to Edward Dickson regarding interpretation and compliance with the will of WAC Jr. May 6, 1937

Box 23, Folder 19

Correspondence regarding will of WAC Jr. (photocopies) 1934-1937

Box 23, Folder 18

Paragraph 25 of WAC Jr's will and related correspondence between Edward Dickson and legal counsel 1934-1935

Box 23, Folder 20

Affadavit of George John Pale with supporting letters and photographs 1934-1936

Box 20, Folder 11

University of California Regents, proclamation accepting the gift of the Clark Library May 1935


Observatory Subseries 4.  1923-1924, undated

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes WAC, Jr.'s astronomy notebook as well as ephemera and publications connected to his observatory and its astronomer, Mars F. Baumgardt. Additional material, including photographs of the observatory's 1951 demolition, are described in the finding aid to the Post-1934 Institutional Archive.


Arranged in roughly chronological order.
Box 14, Folder 8

WAC Jr's astronomy notebook pre-1934

Box 14, Folder 9

Observatory "admission tickets" pre 1934


Gift of Peggy Christian, December 1972 (MS.1972.003).
Box 42, Folder 1

"The Clark Observatory," Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences, Vol. XVIII, Part 2 (July 1919): 46-53.


Printed from Google Books.
Box 14, Folder 11

"The Coming Total Eclipse of the Sun," by Mars F. Baumgardt September 10, 1923

Box 42, Folder 2

"Mars: Our Interesting Celestial Neighbor," by Mars Baumgardt. Published by the Clark Observatory ca. 1924


Gift of Barbara Rootenberg, June 1998 (MS.1998.005).
Box 14, Folder 10

"The Planet Mars" by Dr. Mars F. Baumgardt, in The Ouzel September 1924


Gift of Peggy Christian, December 1972 (MS.1972.003).

Artifacts, Art and Miscellany Subseries 5. 1926, 2011

Scope and Contents

Contains items documenting the Clark Library's furnishings.


Items described in roughly chronological order.
Box 30

Venetian drapery cords, from original draperies in the library drawing room ca. 1926?

Box 41

Fabric from drawing room chairs reupholstered in 2011 (includes original fabric and swatch of new fabric) ca. 1926?, 2011


Other Clark-related Buildings, Properties and Organizations Series 4.  1889-1967, undated

Scope and Contents

This series collects documents and other items related to other endeavors of William Andrews Clark, Jr. (besides the Clark Library) and members of the Clark family. This includes other organizations such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic that were founded by Clark Jr., buildings such as Clark Hall and the Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home, that were funded and built by the Clarks and business interests such as mines. The items collected here are a mix of pre-1934 items and modern documentation of extant buildings and organizations.


This series is arranged into 8 subseries: Subseries 1. Los Angeles Philharmonic; Subseries 2. Alice McManus Clark Memorial Auditorium, University of Nevada, Reno; Subseries 3. Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home, Los Angeles; Subseries 4. WAC Jr. Mausoleum, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles; Subseries 5. Clarkdale and Jerome, Arizona; Subseries 6. Clark Hall, University of Virginia; Series 7. Mining clai

Los Angeles Philharmonic Subseries 1. 1919-1967

Scope and Contents

Scrapbooks, photographs, ephemera, news articles and other items related to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, which was founded by William Andrews Clark, Jr. in 1919. Correspondence between Clark and managers Caroline Estes Smith and George Leslie Smith is described in the correspondence series of this finding aid.


Materials arranged in roughly chronological order.
Box 31

Album containing LA Philharmonic programs from the first season, as well as photographs of the full orchestra and Walter Henry Rothwell; Cover embossed with WAC Jr's name 1919-1920

Box 12, Folder 44

Photograph of plaster cast of W.H. Rothwell statuette by Paul Troubetzkoy ca 1920


Gift of Claire Colfax, 1976 (MS.1976.026).
Box 35

"Philharmonic Notes," scrapbook kept by WAC Jr. of the Philharmonic's 1921 spring tour (incl. photographs, clippings and programs) 1921

Box 34, Folder 14

Program, Wagner Concert by the Albert Hall Orchestra, from the LA Phil office library January 7, 1923

Box 42, Folder 3

Culture and the Community: Los Angeles County, pulished by the Civic Bureau of Music and Art of Los Angeles ca 1927?

Box 23, Folder 21

Souvenir program, "W.A. Clark, Jr. Testimonial Concert" April 21, 1928

Box 34, Folder 16

Jose Rodriguez interview with Caroline E. Smith 1932

Box 39

Photocopies of papers from the Walter Henry Rothwell archive, in the possession of the Rothwell family

Box 23, Folder 22

Elizabeth Gunn, "The Goose that Sang: Memoirs of violinist Fred Kuphal," in Montana: the magazine of Western history, vol. 57 no. 1 January 1967


Alice McManus Clark Memorial Auditorium, University of Nevada, Reno Subseries 2. 1923-1974

Scope and Contents

Minutes, correspondence, ephemera and reference material connected to Alice McManus Clark Memorial Auditorium, which was donated to the University of Nevada, Reno by WAC Jr. in 1928.


Arranged in roughly chronological order.
Box 34, Folder 21

Building Committee of the Alice McManus Clark Memorial Auditorium, minutes 1923

Box 12, Folder 32

Clark Library, University of Nevada 1928

Box 22, Folder 23

Program for Senior Week, University of Nevada Class of 1928, dedicated to WAC Jr. 1928

Box 23, Folder 6

James W. Hulse, The University of Nevada: A centennial history (photocopy) 1974


Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home, Los Angeles Subseries 3.  1913-1963, undated

Scope and Contents

Ephemeral material related to the Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home, which was built by William Andrews Clark, Sr. in 1913.


Described here in roughly chronological order.
Box 22, Folder 24

Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home dedication service program 1913


Printed by Fred Lang; additional copies of this piece of ephemera are located in the Fred S. Lang Collection, Press coll. Archives Lang.
Box 22, Folder 25

Invitation, 50th anniversary of the Mary Andrews Clark Residence 1963

Box 23, Folder 1

Postcards and brochures for the Mary Andrews Clark Residence


WAC Jr. Mausoleum, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles Subseries 4.  1923-1930

Scope and Contents

Photographs and other items related to the Clark Mausoleum at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which was designed and built by Robert D. Farquhar, in 1923.


Arranged in chronological order.
Box 17, Folder 12

Southern California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, certificate of honor to WAC Jr. for the Hollywood Forever mausoleum 1923

Box 17, Folder 4

Hollywood Forever Mausoleum, photograph by Frederick W. Kuphal, Jr. (?) ca. 1930

Box 17, Folder 3

Hollywood Forever mausoleum, exterior ca. 1930?

Box 17, Folder 1-2

Interior and exterior photographs of WAC Jr's mausoleum, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, photographs by Fred R. Dapprich ca. 1930


Clarkdale and Jerome, Arizona Subseries 5.  1925, 1984

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs and secondary source material about the Clark family's mining interests and other connections in Jerome and Clarkdale, Arizona.


Items arranged in chronological order.
Box 16

Clark Memorial Club, Clarkdale, Arizona photograph album, with W.A. Clark, Jr. printed on cover ca. 1925

Box 22, Folder 8

Articles and other information on Jerome, Arizona 1984


Gift of Nathaniel Grossman, February 1984 (MS.1984.005).

Clark Hall, University of Virginia Subseries 6. undated

Scope and Contents

Contains modern photographs of the interior of Clark Hall at the University of Virginia, with interior murals by Allyn Cox.
Box 12, Folder 33

Clark Hall, University of Virginia (photographs of Allyn Cox murals)


Mining claims, properties and Montana-related images Subseries 7. 1889-1923, undated

Scope and Contents

Contains photographs and photograph albums related to the Clark family's mining and other interests in Montana.


Arranged in chronological order.
Box 10, Folder 4

Photograph of Copper smelter, Butte, Montana (from the John Clifford Cowles collection) ca. 1889

General note

Captions on verso of photograph: "Copper smelter, Butte, Montana" and "From John Clifford Cowles Collection" in hand of Mary L. Bennett. See the John Clifford Cowles Collection (MS.1956.004) for more information.
Box 10, Folder 5

Photograph of Unknown smelter? ca. 1890


No caption or title on image. Unclear if this image originated with the John Clifford Cowles Collection (MS.1956.004).
Box 10, Folder 6

Photograph of Anaconda Copper Mining Co., Montana 18--?


Title taken from caption written in pencil on verso of photograph. Unclear if this image originated with the John Clifford Cowles Collection (MS.1956.004).
Box 11, Folder 3

Photograph of Deer Lodge, Montana ca 1880s


Unclear if this originated in the John Clifford Cowles Collection (MS.1956.004).
Box 11, Folder 4

Photograph of Phillipsburg, Montana ca. 1880s


Unclear if this originated in the John Clifford Cowles Collection (MS.1956.004).
Box 10, Folder 1

Photograph of Sunset Peak, Shoshone County, Idaho August 1915


inscribed "Compliments of A.H. Ruedy, M.D." Ruedy was a doctor in Spokane, Washington and Portland, Oregon, who (with his brother) took over the Sunset Peak Mining Company in 1920.
Box 10, Folder 2

Photograph of Senator W.A. Clark's Mine, Sunset, Shoshone County, Idaho 1915


inscribed "Compliments of A.H. Ruedy, M.D." Ruedy was a doctor in Spokane, Washington and Portland, Oregon, who (with his brother) took over the Sunset Peak Mining Company in 1920.
Box 10, Folder 3

Photograph of Montana Hotel Fire, by Aveldson Photo February 28, 1915

Books Mont. Coll. R828t

Timber Butte Milling Co. photograph album by W.N. Rossberg 1913-1914


Gift of Mrs. W.N. Rossberg, 1953 (MS.1953.008).
Box 37-38

Albums of mine and mill photographs (incl. Timber Butte and Elm Orlu mines) 1914-1923


These albums seem similar -- indeed, nearly the same in format -- as the Timber Butte Milling Company album above, compiled by W.N. Rossberg. In the absence of any acquisition information, it is unclear if these albums are also the work of Rossberg, but it seems safe to say that is a possibility.
Box 12, Folder 29

Photographs of Montana landscapes and buildings ca. 1920-1930

Box 12, Folder 1

Photograph of Clark cabin in Deer Lodge, Montana (birthplace of WAC Jr.)


Caption on verso from donor, Fred W. Kuphal (musician and librarian of the LA Philharmonic, 1919-1961): The birthplace of William A. Clark Jr in Deer Lodge, Montana, about 1880?

Other Clark Buildings and "Things" Subseries 8. undated

Scope and Contents

Contains images of other miscellaneous places and items related to the Clark family.
Box 12, Folder 34

"W.A. Clark, Jr. Cup," photographed by Moody

Box 12, Folder 30

WAC Sr's home in New York, photograph of a woodblock print by "Miller"


News and Media Clippings Series 5.  1913-1960

Scope and Contents

This series consists of newspaper and magazine clippings about or related to William Andrews Clark, Jr. and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.


Arranged in chronological order.
Box 20, Folder 4

Pacific Coast Musician, vol. 2, no. 3 (March 1913); feature about WAC Jr. and the Saint Saens Quintet on p. 28 March 1913

Box 39

Monatshefte fur bucherfreunde undgraphiksammer, with article on WAC Jr. and his library 1925

Box 39

Newspaper clipping: "Mr. Clark's gift" June 12, 1926


Gift of Glen Dawson, 1958 (MS.1958.004).
Box 39

Newspaper clipping: "Clark's tribute to Poe," Evening Express ca. 1920s

Box 39

Newspaper clippings about gift of Clark Library to UCLA 1926-1934

Box 20, Folder 10

Los Angeles Saturday Night, vol. 11 no. 7 (November 1930), featuring an article on the Clark Library November 1930

Box 34, Folder 22

Photograph of Beethoven statue in Pershing Square with short caption, California Arts and Architecture 1932

Box 39

The Southern Alumnus (UCLA publication) September 1934

Box 39

Newspaper clippings about WAC Jr's death, funeral and estate ca. 1934

Box 39

Newspaper clippings about WAC Jr's death, funeral and estate ca. 1934


Gift of Robert G. Cowan, date unknown (MS.2011.007).
Box 39

Newspaper clippings: "50 years ago today" synopses about WAC Sr and WAC Jr 1960

Box 34, Folder 20

Newspaper clippings about WAC Jr and the library

Box 34, Folder 25

Misc. newspaper clippings


Miscellany Series 6.  1926-1984, undated

Scope and Contents

Contains miscellaneous material and items related to William Andrews Clark, Jr. or the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.
Box 20, Folder 7

Silhouette of man in late-18th century dress

Box 34, Folder 23

Description of the Book of Mormon collection 1927

Box 36

Case containing two medals

Box 39

Circular for The Fleuron: A Journal of Typography, with pencil note by WAC Jr.

Box 39

The Lost Whistlers : Fourteen Paintings, Pastels & Drawings by George S. Hellman, with inscription to WAC Jr. from Hellman ca 1926