Guide to the Gary Hickling Collection on Lotte Lehmann

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Guide to the Gary Hickling Collection on Lotte Lehmann

Collection number: PA Mss 83

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Gary Hickling collection on Lotte Lehmann
Dates: 1930-2008
Collection number: PA Mss 83
Collector: Hickling, Gary
Collection Size: 11 linear feet (10 document boxes, 5 flat boxes).
Repository: University of California, Santa Barbara. Library. Dept. of Special Collections
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Abstract: Materials by and related to Lotte Lehmann, collected by Gary Hickling (1941-), Lotte Lehmann discographer, radio host, bassist and founder and past president of the Lotte Lehmann Foundation and Lotte Lehmann League.
Physical location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the library's online catalog.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


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Preferred Citation

Gary Hickling collection on Lotte Lehmann. PA Mss 83, Department of Special Collections, University Libraries, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Gary Hickling, 2010.

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection includes photographs, programs, and clippings related to German soprano Lotte Lehmann (1888-1976). Manuscripts include multiple copies of Lotte Lehmann: A Documentary Biography by Beaumont Glass. Correspondence includes letters between Gary Hickling and former students of Lotte Lehmann. Writings, correspondence and other materials by and relating to Shirley Sproule, former student of Lotte Lehmann, have been gathered into one series.
Research files include programs and clippings from the National Archives of Australia, and relate to Lotte Lehmann's performances on that continent, as well as materials related to American performances in New York and Chicago.


The collection is divided into the following series: I. Photographs II. Writings III. Booklets and postcards IV. Programs V. Clippings and newsletters VI. Correspondence VII. Shirley Sproule VIII. Research files IX. Biographies X. Oversize

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Lehmann, Lotte
Press clippings

Collection Contents


Series I. Photographs

Box 1: 1


Box 1: 2

Herr Spiess with Lehmann materials

Box 1: 3

Salzburg negatives

Box 1: 4

Lehmann's house in Santa Barbara

Box 1: 5

Photographs of paintings and busts of Lehmann

Box 1: 6

Lehmmann grave, 1988, 1993, 1996

Box 1: 7

Photographs of paintings and drawings by Lehmann

Box 1: 8

Photographs of Lehmann, signed

Box 1: 9

Lehmann, portraits

Box 1: 10

Performance stills, rehearsals

Box 1: 11

Lehmmann at home, travelling, at MAW

Box 1: 12

Lehmann at dedications, with friends, students, fellow artists

Box 1: 13

People (not Lehmann)

Box 1: 14

Shirley Sproule

Box 1: 15

Frances Holden

Box 1: 16

Luba Tscheresky, portraits

Box 1: 17

Elisabeth Schumann, portraits


Series II. Writings

Box 1: 18

1937 Australia diary, photocopy

Box 1: 19

Lehmann on Bruno Walter (in German), Poems (in English)

Box 1: 20

Lotte Lehmann Album, with introduction by L.L., 1945


Series III. Booklets and postcards

Box 1: 21

Lotte Lehmann Programs, 1946, (photocopy)

Box 1: 22

Lotte Lehmann by Ulric De Vaere, 1971

Box 1: 23

Parlophone and Odeon record inserts

Box 1: 24

Lotte Lehmann postcards


Series IV. Programs

Box 2: 1

Programs--original, 1935-1949

Box 2: 2


Box 2: 3


Box 3: 1

Programs--Hamburgerstadt Theater


Series V. Clippings and newsletters

Box 3: 2


Box 3: 3

Newsletters-- a Tempo Spring, 1997


Series VI. Correspondence

Box 4: 1

Katsumi Niwa (former L.L. student), with Hickling

Box 4: 2

Kathy Brown, researcher (survey of former L.L. students)

Box 4: 3

Maria Zahlten-Hall (former L.L. student) with Hickling, 2003

Box 4: 4

Carl Zytowski (music professor, UCSB)

Box 4: 5

Elizabeth Hvolboll (former L.L. student)

Box 4: 6

Marcella Reace (former L.L. student) with Hickling, 2002-2005

Box 4: 7

Grace Bumbry (former L.L. student), 2001

Box 4: 8

Maralin Niska (former L.L. student) with Hickling, 2001

Box 4: 9

Jane Birkhead (former L.L. student) with Hickling, 2002-2004

Box 4: 10

Guthrie Birkhead, with Hickling, 2004-2005

Box 4: 11

Luba Tscheresky (former L.L. student) with Hickling, 2001-2004

Box 4: 12

Frances Holden with Hickling, 1977-1989

Box 4: 13

Hertha Schuch (fan of L.L.) with Hickling, 1992-2001

Box 4: 14

Lehmann, Herr Wessling, 1969

Box 4: 15

Lehmann, G. Oakley, L. Diamond, Hawaii, 1950 1959

Box 4: 16

Lehmann, Luba Tscheresky, 1956-1968

Box 4: 17

Letter of recommendation on behalf of Hickling by Lehmann, 1972

Box 4: 18

Photocopies from Met: contracts, letters to and from agents, 1932-1971

Box 4: 19

Photocopies of letters, Bundesministerium, 1947-1956

Box 4: 20

Photocpies of letters, Bundesministerium, 1956-1961

Box 4: 21

Photocopies of letters, Bundesministerium, 1955-1956

Box 4: 22

Letters of tribute to Lehman from famous people, 1995-2008

Box 4: 23

Letters of tribute to Lehmann from not famous people, 2000-2001

Box 4: 24

Letters to Hickling from various Lehmann fans, record producers, radio stations

Box 4: 25

Letters to Hickling from Von Barsewisch, 2003-2004

Box 4: 26

Letters to Hickling from Desmond Shaw Taylor, 1991-1993


Series VII. Shirley Sproule

Box 5: 1

Clippings, programs

Box 5: 2

Vignettes about Lehmann

Box 5: 3

Memories, notes on cassettes

Box 5: 4

Autobiography, account of studying with Lehmann, Prelude to Joy

Box 5: 5

Correspondence with Hickling, 2000-2003

Box 5: 6

Correspondence with Hickling, 2004


Series VIII. Research files

Box 6: 1

Etelka Gerster

Box 6: 2

Frances Holden

Box 6: 3

Luba Tscheresky

Box 6: 4

Elisabeth Schumann

Box 6: 5

Woche in Perleberg

Box 6: 6

Labels, Recording Data

Box 6: 7

Performance research I

Box 6: 8

Performance research II

Box 7: 1

Miscellaneous I

Box 7: 2

Miscellaneous II

Box 7: 3

Lehmann in Chicago I

Box 7: 4

Lehmann in Chicago II

Box 7: 5

Lehmann in Chicago, N.Y. Times clippings, 1930-1939

Box 7: 6

Lehmann in Chicago, N.Y. Times clippings, 1940-1976

Box 8: 1

Australian tour--photos copied from ABC archives, 1937-1939

Box 8: 2

Australian tour--National Archives of Australia, 1937-1939

Box 8: 3

Australian tour--materials copied from ABC archives, 1937-1939 I

Box 8: 4

Australian tour--materials copied from ABC archives, 1937-1939 II

Box 8: 5

Australian tour--programs copied from ABC archives, 1937-1939 I

Box 8: 6

Australian tour--programs copied from ABC archives, 1937-1939 II


Series IX. Biographies

Box 9: 1

Lotte Lehmann: A Documentary Biography, by Beaumont Glass

Box 9: 2

Lotte Lehmann: A Documentary Biography, expanded by Beaumont Glass, 11/16/2002

Box 10: 1

Glass bio corrections by Hickling, 2/23/2003

Box 10: 2

Short L.L. biography manuscripts by various authors


Series X. Oversize

Flat Box 11: 1

Magazines I

Flat Box 12: 1

Magazines II

Flat Box 13: 1

L.L. trade ads "L.L.--World's greatest singing actress," 1937-1938

Flat Box 13: 2

L.L. trade ads "L.L.--First Lady of Song" (in color)

Flat Box 13: 3

L.L. trade ads "L.L.--First Lady of Song" (black and white)

Flat Box 13: 4

L.L. trade ads--assorted photocopies

Flat Box 14: 1

Photocopies of programs

Flat Box 15: 1

Paintings by L.L.--photocopy reproductions