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Inventory of the Paul N. McCloskey Papers
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Container List

Box: 1

Washington, D.C. office


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, circa 1975


Law of the sea treaty--Background


200-mile fisheries jurisdiction


Deep seabed minerals

Box: 2

Miscellany, 1969-1980


Stanislaus River


Restitution and criminal justice


Reconciliation bill


Greenpeace book


Press miscellany and notes


Department of the Army--Cyanamid Company, 1973


Biography re-write

Box: 3

Vietnam--Background materials, 1969-1971

Box: 4

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Code of conduct for liner conferences


Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization Assembly


Great Lakes-Seaway port development and shipper conference


Miscellany, 1973-1980


Omnibus regulatory


Defense appropriation bill


FMC reorganization


Commerce transition


Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) extension

Box: 5



Nixon-Hughes tool loan


Milk price support documents


Haldeman deposition


Presidential taped conversations


Taft-Schreiber-Nixon political dealings with film industry, 1974

Box: 6

Impeachment debates


Agnew investigation


Nixon campaign activities

Box: 7

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1975-1979


Panama Canal


Merchant marine oversight hearings

Box: 8

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1974-1982


Panama Canal


International Whaling Commission


Code of conduct for liner conferences, 1974


Draft letter to Andrew Gibson regarding maritime policy


Miscellany. In defense of deregulation of natural gas

Box: 9

Miscellany, 1974-1979


U.S. nuclear policy, 1976


Energy policy, 1976


Hearst kidnapping


Nuclear Fuel Assistance Act


Energy/Sierra Club, 1979


Nuclear power positions, 1978


Gasoline details, 1979

Box: 10

Voting records, 1968-1982

Box: 11

Miscellany, 1969-1975




Postal Service information and legislation

Box: 12

Miscellany, 1970-1975


Vietnam and Cambodia--Background materials and maps



Box: 13

Miscellany, 1968-1971


Laos bombing


Vietnam documents




Postal Service


Civil service reform


Vietnam drafts


Tax administration

Box: 14

Miscellany, 1973-1975


Vietnam trip (1975)


Survey of Vietnam attitudes

Box: 15

Vietnam materials.

Scope and Content Note

Includes information regarding prisoners of war (POWs), Fulbright correspondence on Pentagon Papers
Box: 16

Miscellany, 1972-1976


Marine Mammal Act (1972)


Merchant Marine Academy


Anti-ballistic missile (ABM)



Box: 17

Miscellany, 1967-1973


Voting record, 1967


Wednesday Group


Ripon Society


Members of Congress for Peace through Law


Shrimp fishing--Brazil, H.R. 8529


Government Operations--93rd Congress


Parents Magazine book, Systems of Government


Ditchley conference


8-66 Club, 1973


90th Club, 1973


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


General, 1973


Sea grant

Box: 18

Merchant marine studies, 1976-1979


Fisheries and wildlife animals, 1976-1979


Miscellany, 1976-1979


Catalog of all Federal assistance programs, 1979


Impeachment of Nixon




Mag card letters, 1976

Box: 19

Miscellany, 1968-1972




Pan Am


Government operations




Teacher corps




Arthur Wells relief


Inauguration, 1969


Financial records, 1971-1972


District office administrative records, ca. 1968-1972

Box: 20

Letters sent (pink copies). Alphabetical by name of correspondent


A - Me, 1969

Box: 21

Miscellany, 1968-1970


Atkinson ships file


Earth Resources and Population Task Force, 1970


Congressional reform


Labor Law Reform Task Force, 1969-1970


Dirty dozen


Members of Congress for Peace through Law


Wednesday Club


Presidential classroom for young Americans




90th Club


Government Operations, 1969-1970


AID investigation, 1968


Nuclear Power Plant Site, 1968


Reorganization Plan No. 1, 1968

Box: 22

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file. Merchant marine, fish, and wildlife records, 1969-1970


Committee on Government Operations file. Conservation and reorganization plans, 1970

Box: 23

Letters sent (pink copies)


Moa - Z, 1969

Box: 24

A - Str, 1970

Box: 25

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file.

Scope and Content Note

Copies of bills, correspondence, and background material, for bills sponsored or cosponsored by McCloskey

H.R. 7366 - H.R. 15226 (with gaps), and various resolutions, etc., 1969

Box: 26

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1970

Box: 27

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file. H.R. 220 - H.R. 19916 (with gaps), and various resolutions, etc., 1969-1970

Box: 28



Anti-war correspondence from out of the district, 1971-1972


Alabama - Ohio




Armed forces post offices


Washington, D.C.

Box: 29

Subject file (alpha file codes). Correspondence and other materials


"Y--Grants" to "Z--Political--Common Cause," 1969-1972


Miscellany, 1969-1972


Political files--Administrative


Environmental teach-in


San Francisco Local Development Corporation


Leland Murphy estate tax


Awareness house funding


Low income people data


Fishing industry


Isla Vista report


URS dial-a-bus application


Flood insurance


Roy Seagraves law enforcement


IRS Ruling 64-221 to be amended


Raven Enterprises


Florida clippings

Box: 30

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"F--Foreign affairs--State Department" to "H--HEW (Housing, Education, and Welfare)--Food stamps," 1971


Miscellany. Southeast Asia war correspondence, 1971

Box: 31

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Y, 1971 January - June

Box: 32

Office file. Invitations rejected, 1971 July - 1972 June

Box: 33

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1971 June - December

Box: 34

Government Operations Committee file. Full committee and Subcommittee on Conservation and Natural Resources, 1971


Miscellany, 1971


90th Club


Wednesday Club


Members of Congress for Peace through Law, 1971


Impeachment documents


Dr. McGahn material

Box: 35

Washington, D.C. office


Government Operations Committee file, 1971

Box: 36

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Ocean dumping, 1975


Mammals, 1975


Oil spills, 1975


Cargo preference, 1975

Box: 37

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"H--HEW (Housing, Education and Welfare)--Medicine" to "J--Environment--Solid waste," 1971

Box: 38

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"K--San Mateo County" to "M--Transportation--Trucking," 1971


"P--DURAs," 1971.

Scope and Content Note

Form letters from "B:Business" to "Z:Impeachment," Laos trip, etc. DURAs refers to the computerized form letter response system
Box: 39

"A--Appropriations" to "D--Defense--Volunteer army," 1971

Box: 40

"E--Economy--Banking" to "F--Foreign affairs--POWs (prisoners of war) and Southeast Asia war," 1971

Box: 41

Office file, 1971


Invitations accepted


Personal--General correspondence


Thanks sent

Box: 42

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"D--Distributed," 1971


"N--Activities" to "W--Names," 1971

Box: 43

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Whaling, 1979-1980

Box: 44

Whaling, 1978-1982

Box: 45

Klamath Indians--Indian fishing rights, 1980-1981

Box: 46

Klamath Indians--Indian fishing rights, 1978-1979

Box: 47

Klamath Indians--Indian fishing rights, 1979-1981

Box: 48

Klamath Indians--Indian fishing rights, 1979-1980

Box: 49

Klamath Indians--Indian fishing rights, 1978-1979

Box: 50

Staff members' files--Ron Losch


Merchant marine files, 1977-1981

Box: 51

Merchant marine files, 1975-1979

Box: 52

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"X--Casework," 1971


"T--PNM (P.N. McCloskey) personal--Boy Scouts," 1971


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Whaling, 1971


Merchant marine training ship proposal, 1971




Immigration 92/1


GSA free flow packaging


MD responses

Box: 53

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"Labor--General" to "Treasury, Department of," 1968

Box: 54

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file. Fishing streams bill, 1971-1973

Box: 55

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"F--Conservation" to "I--Education--Family life education," 1970

Box: 56

"X--Casework--Contracts" to "Y--Grants," 1970

Box: 57

Casework. Correspondence and other material


Immigration, servicemen and veterans, selective service, social security, IRS, and other cases (90/2), 1968

Box: 58

Immigration, servicemen and veterans, selective service, IRS, employment, welfare and retirement (91/1), 1969

Box: 59

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"O--Health and welfare" to "Q--Law enforcement--Civil rights," 1970

Box: 60

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"San Francisco International Airport" to "Welfare," 1970




Form letters, 1970

Box: 61

Office administrative files, 1970


Academies, 1967-1970.

Scope and Content Note

Includes Annapolis, West Point, Merchant Marine and Air Force Academies

Environmental teach-in, 1970


Form letters and mailing lists

Box: 62

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file. H.R. 8044 - H.R. 19991 (with gaps), and various resolutions, etc. (90th Congress)


Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"Veterans affairs" to "Youth," 1968


Office file. Invitations accepted, 1968

Box: 63

Printed matter


Congressional Record reprints


"Agreement of the Cessation of Hostilities in Vietnam, July 20, 1954," 1969 December 4

Box: 64

Declare war, 1969 October 23


Vietnam policy, 1970 March 13


Impeachment--Associate justice Supreme Court, 1970 April 21


Vietnam, 1969 December 1

Box: 65

"Statement by Paul N. McCloskey--Candidate for Congress," 1967 September 12

Box: 66

McCloskey newsletter, 1971 February.

Scope and Content Note

Includes "Constitutional Confrontation between Congress and the President Relative to Laos," from Congressional Record
Box: 67

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Rivers for consideration in Natural Streams Fishing Act, 1970-1972

Box: 68

California water files, 1979-1981

Box: 69

Voting records, 1977-1981


Miscellany. Position letters

Box: 70



Questionnaire on taxes completed and returned by constituents, 1972

Box: 71

Questionnaire on taxes completed and returned by constituents, 1972

Box: 72

Questionnaire on taxes completed and returned by constituents, 1972

Box: 73

Questionnaire on taxes completed and returned by constituents, 1972

Box: 74

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments)" to "Justice, Dept. of," 1968

Box: 75



Administrative office files


Academies--Not nominated, 1968-1969

Box: 76

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"J--Environment--Abortions" to "J--Environment--Teach-in," 1970

Box: 77

Office file


Invitations accepted, 1970


Personal--General correspondence, 1970


Administrative files, 1970

Box: 78

Washington, D.C. office


Legislation file. "Judiciary--S. 2516 Open Housing Bill--Anti" to "Ways and Means," 1968


Miscellany. Questionnaires, 1968


Speeches--McCloskey, 1968

Box: 79

Campaign/Political file. "Advisory groups" to "Volunteers," 1970

Box: 80

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"Foreign affairs" to "Labor," 1969

Box: 81

"Agriculture, Department of" to "Defense Department," 1969

Box: 82

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"R--Public activities" to "V--Transportation--FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)," 1970

Box: 83

Legislation file


"Agriculture" to "Judiciary--Eighteen-year-old vote," 1968

Box: 84

91st Congress


"Agriculture" to "Judiciary--Eighteen-year-old vote," 1968-1969

Box: 85

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"V--Transportation--Coast Guard" to "W--Names--Congressmen," 1970


Casework, 1970.

Scope and Content Note

Servicemen and veterans (S&V), immigration (91/2)
Box: 86

Office file


Invitations accepted, 1969


Visitors, 1970


Administrative files


McCloskey--Personal (General), 1969


McCloskey--Correspondence with congressmen, 1969

Box: 87

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"Labor Department" to "Recommendations," 1969

Box: 88

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--Business and labor" to "E--Congress--Referrals," 1970

Box: 89

Printed matter


Hearings and report of Committee on Americans Missing in Southeast Asia, 1975-1976


McCloskey newsletters, 1969 April - 1970 May


Fact sheet on maritime industry and H.R. 1037, Cargo Preference Act 1978

Box: 89

Congressional Record reprints of McCloskey activities


1971, February 18 and September 23


1976, April 12


1977, January 11, March 30, September 16, and October 4


"Dear Colleague" letters concerning cargo preference, 1977, September 23 and October 13


Testimony of McCloskey concerning Renegotiation Board, 1978 April 11


Dear constituent letter concerning consumer protection agency, 1977 June 10


National debate topics for high schools reports 1976-1977


Criminal justice system, 1976-1977


Energy policy, 1978-1979

Box: 90

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"Defense, Department of," to "Foreign affairs--Korea," 1969

Box: 91

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"S--Publications--Agricultural yearbooks" to "S--Publications--Infant care," 1970

Box: 92

Legislation file


91st Congress


"Judiciary" to "Ways and Means," 1969

Box: 93

Casework, 1969.

Scope and Content Note

Servicemen and veterans, immigration, Presidio of San Francisco court martial, national cemeteries, Spanish Turkeyfoot Mine, Naval Radiological Defense Lab, Palo Alto VA Hospital women's quarters, HEW (Housing, Education and Welfare) grants--Schumacher

Miscellany. United Nations Peace through Law research materials

Box: 94

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"K--Executive" to "N--Foreign affairs--Mideast," 1970

Box: 95

Campaign/Political file


FEC (Federal Elections Commission) reports re-elect, 1977-1980


Californians for McCloskey FEC reports, 1981


Files on Wilson, Hayakawa, Bruinsma, Cornan, Goldwater, Brown FEC

Box: 96

"Political--Advisory Committees" to "Political--Supporters," 1969

Box: 97

Senate campaign notebooks and FEC reports, 1982


Letters and mailing lists

Box: 98

Miscellany. Nelson Rockefeller investigation materials, 1974

Box: 99

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file. Fishing streams files, 1972

Box: 100

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"B--Energy" to "D--Defense--Spending," 1974

Box: 101

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1974

Box: 102

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"R--Requests--Agriculture yearbooks" to "S--Invitations--South Vietnam students," 1974

Box: 103

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file. H.R. 9998 - H.R. 17360 (with gaps), and various resolutions, etc., 1973-1974




McCloskey legislation


"Dear Colleagues" files, 1973

Box: 104

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--District" to "B--Energy--Oil industry," 1974

Box: 105

"Q--Academies" to "Q--Academies--Air Force--1970 nominated," 1970-1975.

Scope and Content Note

Includes some general files, 1970-1975
Box: 106

"M--DURAs," 1974.

Scope and Content Note

Form letters from "G:Impeachment" to "P:Political," 1974. DURAs refers to the computerized form letter response system
Box: 107

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file. H.R. 4 - H.R. 9943 (with gaps), and various resolutions, etc., 1973

Box: 108

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"Q--Academies," 1970-1974

Box: 109

"G--Government--Reform" to "H--HEW (Housing, Education and Welfare)--FDA (Food and Drug Administration)," 1974

Box: 110

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1974

Box: 111

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"R--Office--Thanks sent June/July" to "R--Office--Recommendations," 1974

Box: 112

"S--Invitations--Out of town reject" to "S--Invitations--Out of town accept," 1974

Box: 113

"D--Defense--Veterans" to "E--Economy--Labor and strikes," 1974

Box: 114

"J--Environment" to "J--Environment--New Melones," 1974

Box: 115

"J--Environment--Natural Resources Defense Council" to "P--Political--Gary Gillmore," 1974

Box: 116

"R--Office--Thanks sent" to "X--Casework--Private Kerry N. Mock," 1974

Box: 117

"M--DURAs." 1974.

Scope and Content Note

Form letters from "A:District" to "H:HEW (Housing, Education and Welfare)." DURAs refers to the computerized form letter response system
Box: 118

"H--HEW (Health, Education and Welfare)--Health insurance" to "I--Transportation--Railroads," 1974

Box: 119

"G--Government" to "G--Government--Postal Service," 1974

Box: 120

"N--Names--Frank and Margo Blair" to "N--Names--Louis Wolfson," 1974


"S--Invitations--Out of town and district office speaking schedules," 1974

Box: 121

P--Political--Campaigning for others" to "P--Political--Primary election '74," 1974

Box: 122

"E--Economy--OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)" to "F--Foreign affairs--Soviet Jews," 1974

Box: 123

Campaign/Political file


Briefing books


Rhode Island, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Oregon, 1971


North Carolina Student Legislature, 1972

Box: 124

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"G--Government" to "I--Transportation--Space," 1972

Box: 125

Committee on Government Operations file. Foreign Operations and Government Information Subcommittee, 1972


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Conservation and Natural Resources Subcommittee, 1972


Ocean Subcommittee, 1972

Box: 126

Campaign/Political file


Presidential campaign state material, 1971

Box: 127

Presidential campaign New Hampshire press releases, 1971

Box: 128

Staff members' files--J. Wilson


Oregon conservation issues


Tocks Island Reservoir


Potomac River, Rogue River


Redwood National Park


Colorado River Basin project


San Francisco Bay


Solid waste


1-3 Negative income tax/Guaranteed annual income, 1970




Whitten amendments, 1969-1970

Box: 129

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"U--Political--Finances, presidential," to "U--Political--Volunteer groups (Republican)," 1972

Box-Folder: 130

"S--Invitations accepted" to "S--Invitations in district," 1973

Box: 131

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file. Special Subcommittee on Maritime Education and Training, 1972




8-66 Club, 1972


Wednesday Club, 1972


Peace Alert USA, 1972


Nixon environmental message, 1971-1972


Presidential press releases, 1972


Republican task force subcommittee on population growth, 1972


Members of Congress for Peace through Law, 1972


United Nations conference on the human environment, 1972

Box: 132

Campaign/Political file


Briefing books


New Mexico official returns (primary and general election), 1970


Colorado, New Hampshire, Oregon, 1971


Clippings--North Carolina, 1971

Box: 133

Staff members' files--J. Wilson


Supreme Court Rehnquist nomination


National Industrial Pollution Control Council, 1972


Busing, 1971


Revenue sharing, 1972


Ocean mammals, 1972






Lake Tahoe


Maritime Academy of California


Morongo Basin power lines


Peripheral canal

Box: 133

San Rafael Independent Journal strike


Welfare reform


San Mateo County


Southern crossing


Beach erosion


Navy--San Bruno


Pescadero Dam


Raker Act


San Francisco Bay Area marshlands




Flower growers




Veteran's benefits


Nixon messages to Congress, 1972

Box: 134

Campaign/Political file


Briefing books. New Hampshire, California, Wisconsin, 1971


New Mexico election returns (1911-1969)


Clippings concerning McCloskey campaigns, 1971-1972

Box: 135

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"U--Political--Presidential campaign," 1971

Box: 136

"J--Environment" to "P--Publications-- Congressional Record," 1972

Box: 137

Letters sent (pink copies). Dr - Z, 1973

Box: 138

Campaign/Political file. Presidential state campaign materials, 1971

Box: 139

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"O--Activities--Requests--Media" to "U--Political--Finances, congressional," 1972

Box: 140

Campaign/Political file


Campaign binder, 1971


Clipping binders, 1971


State briefing books, 1971

Box: 141

Clippings, 1971


State briefing books for Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 1971

Box: 142

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"N--Names--Butler, Lewis" to "S--Invitations--Washington--Regretted Jan-March," 1972

Box: 143

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1971

Box: 144

Staff members' files--J. Wilson


Environmental education


Nixon on environment


California land conservation


Public Land Law Review Commission


Water resources management


McCloskey on land use reform


Legal Services Corporation, 1971


Pesticide bill, 1971


Consumer Protection Act, 1971


Longshoremen strike, 1971


Ocean dumping legislation, 1971


Food stamps, 1971


Health insurance, 1971


Medicare, 1971


School prayer, 1971


Water pollution control bill, 1971

Box: 145

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"U--Political--Recess letter," 1973


Miscellany. Form letter to 17th Congressional District lawyers, 1973

Box: 146

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"G--Government--Office of presidential secretary" to "G--Government--Tax reform," 1973

Box: 147

"I--Transportation--Highways" to "J--Environment--Pipelines," 1973

Box: 148

"M--DURAs," 1973.

Scope and Content Note

Form letters from "A:17th District" to "J:Environment." DURAs refers to the computerized form letter response system
Box: 149

Letters sent (pink copies)


A - Z, 1973 January


A - Dq, 1973 July - December

Box: 150

Campaign/Political file. Presidential campaign material, 1971-1972

Box: 151

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"R--Office--Administrative files," 1974


"T--PNM (P. N. McCloskey) personal" to "T--PNM personal--1974 memberships," 1974

Box: 152

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject). "Academies," 1968-1969


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"T--PNM (P. N. McCloskey) personal--Book general," 1971-1972


"T--PNM personal--Financial matters," 1972

Box: 153

Campaign/Political file


Card file of 1972 key campaign contacts, 1972


Statement of contributions and expenses for election as representative in Congress, 1970 December 7


Deposits made--McCloskey for Congress, 1968

Box: 154

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"F--Foreign affairs--War (January-March)" to "G--Government--Office of President (August-September)," 1973

Box: 155

Campaign/Political file


Fundraising, 1970-1974 (bulk 1972)





Box: 156

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"J--Environment--Indians" to "O--Activities--Thanks received," 1973

Box: 157

"M--DURAs," 1972.

Scope and Content Note

Form letters from "D:Defense" to "L:Law enforcement." DURAs refers to computerized form letter response system

"U--Political," 1972




Tax questionnaire project, 1972 May


Thanks sent

Box: 158

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"D--Defense" to "E--Economy--Press freedom," 1973

Box-Folder: 159

"O--Activities--Shockley" to "U--Political--Supporters," 1973

Box-Folder: 160

"A--Grants and contracts" to "F--Foreign affairs--United Nations," 1972

Box-Folder: 161

"N--Names--Members of Congress," to "T--PNM (P. N. McCloskey) personal," 1973

Box: 162

Campaign/Political file. Finances and letters, 1968-1972

Box: 163

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--17th District" to "C--California--State water plan," 1973

Box-Folder: 164

"N--Names--Chandler, Tertius and Margo" to "N--Names--Wells, Albert," 1973


"R--Office," 1973

Box: 165

Campaign/Political file. Campaign materials, 1968-1972


Miscellany. Special projects--Electric car, 1974

Box: 166

Campaign/Political file. Presidential campaign finance records, 1972

Box: 167

Government Operations Committee file, 1974

Box: 168

Staff members' files


Trails and bicycle trails, 1974


Reagan tax initiative, 1974


Railroads, 1974

Box: 169

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Offshore ports, 1973


Fisheries and wildlife conservation, 1973


H. Con. Res. 157, 1973


Endangered species, 1973


Deepwater ports, 1973

Box: 170

Printed matter. "Public Hearings of the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities of the U.S. Senate" (93/1), 1973-1974.

Scope and Content Note

29 volumes including hearings, appendix, final report, index
Box: 171

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file. Law of the Sea and Deep Sea Bed Mining Act, 1978.

Scope and Content Note

Includes files on international resources and post-Geneva briefings
Box: 172

Staff members' files--Jack Sands


Cargo preference, 1977


Maritime regulatory reform legislation, 1981-1982


Campaign contributions, 1978

Box: 173

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Cargo preference, bulk 1977


Miscellany. Point of Americas condo apartments--Corps of Engineers--Erosion problem, 1981-1982

Box: 174

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Jones Act/Forest products, 1981


Third flag


Bruja Mar waiver, H.R. 7114


Pax on foreign flag, H.R. 1288


Nuclear ship development, H.R. 13505


Endangered species


Fisheries--200 mile bill, H.R. 200, 1974


Fisheries development, H.R. 7039, 1980

Box: 175

Coastal zone management, H.R. 6979, 1980-1981


Barrier islands


Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act


Ocean dumping, 1982


Scuttle nuclear submarines


Leasing/Oil spill liability

Box: 176

Staff members' files--Ron Losch


Law of the sea, 1970s-1982

Box: 177

Printed matter


"Hearings and Report of the Foreign Operations and Government Information Subcommittee, Committee on Government Operations," volume 1 (93rd Congress), 1973-1974


"Hearings and Report of the Conservation and Natural Resources Subcommittee, Committee on Government Operations," (93rd Congress), volumes 1, 2, 4, 5, 1973-1974


"House Rules and Manual," 92nd Congress, 93rd Congress

Box: 178

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file. H.R. 46 TO H.R. 13261 (with gaps), and various resolutions, etc., 1971-1972.

Scope and Content Note

Copies of bills only
Box: 179



House resolutions, etc., 1971-1972


McCloskey "Dear Colleague" letters, 1971-1972


Legislative analysis, 92nd Congress, 1st session


D.S.G. analysis, 92nd Congress, 1st session/Weekly legislative calendar


Pollution initiative


Skyline Parkway, 1968-1970


SST (Supersonic Transport), 1969-1971


Lockheed, 1971

Box: 180

Campaign/Political file


Campaign finance records, 1972


Bank statements and checkbooks

Box: 181

Presidential campaign records


Fundraising--Lists of contributors, 1971-1972

Box: 182

Campaign strategy, 1972


Volunteers, 1972

Box: 183

Mailing lists on cards


Miscellany. Colma Creek project, 1969-1971

Box: 184

Campaign/Political file


Presidential campaign records


Mailing lists on cards

Box: 185

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"H--HEW (Health, Education and Welfare)--Aid to private schools" to "I--Transportation--Hijacking," 1973

Box: 186

"U--Political--Republican leadership letters" to "X--Casework," 1973

Box: 187

"E--Economy--Pensions" to "F--Foreign affairs--United Nations," 1973

Box: 188

Campaign/Political file, 1978-1982 (bulk 1980)


Republican Party


1980 Congressional campaign


Requests for endorsements


Ron Diridon




Campaigning for others


NRCC open seats to watch


Wednesday Group

Box: 189

1980 Congressional campaign




President Reagan correspondence


Reagan endorsement of McCloskey


John Anderson


McCloskey presidency?




PAC information


Kirsten Olsen


Senate possibility 1979 for 1982

Box: 190

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"O--Office" to "T--PNM (P. N. McCloskey)--Memberships," 1975

Box: 191

"C--California--Public Health Service Hospital San Francisco," 1973




Tussock moth DDT


Equal employment opportunity enforcement


New Melones Dam, 1973


International coffee agreement, 1971


Child support, 1974


Amnesty, 1974


Soft drink industry


Court decisions on busing

Box: 192

Government Operations Committee file, 1974


Report on federal expenditures on presidential properties


Computers--Information technology


International debt collection


Polygraph technology


Telephone monitoring and other surveillance practices of the federal government


Security classification legislation

Box: 193

Letters sent (pink copies). Ph - Z, 1975 January - June

Box: 194

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"S--Invitations--In district accept (January-June)" to "S--Invitations--Out of town reject (July-December)," 1975

Box: 195



Boston U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, 1971


Water resources


Proposal for national land-use commission by McCloskey in Michigan Law Review, 1970


Water pollution, 1971


Bureau of Land Management manual on planning system for multiple land use decisions, 1969

Box: 196

McCloskey planning and scheduling correspondence, 1971-1972


Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file. H.R. 13728 - H.R. 16683 (with gaps), various resolutions, etc. (92nd Congress), 1971-1972

Box: 197



Unemployment insurance--Farm workers


Rockefeller Commission report


Land use


Family planning testimony


Campaign reform status


My Lai


NAACP--Legal Defense Fund speech


State Department authority conference report


Palo Alto landfill application--Corps of Engineers


San Mateo legal services grant renewal controversy, 1973


OEO (Office of Equal Opportunity)/Legal services, 1973




EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reimbursement grant regulations, 1973


Sequoia Union School District

Box: 198

Printed matter. Hearings, reports, committee prints of various subcommittees of the Government Operations Committee (90th Congress), 1967-1968

Box: 199



Impeachment letters received with some form replies, 1974

Box: 200

Reapportionment, 1973

Box: 201

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1974




London conference


Import restrictions to discourage whaling violations, H.R. 15039


Ocean dumping


Marine mammals


Oil imports hearings


Merchant Marine Subcommittee


Oceanography Subcommittee


Intercoastal Shipping Act


Liner conference briefing


Cargo preference


Fishing streams




Members of Congress for Peace through Law, 1974


Ripon Society, 1974


Wednesday Club, 1974


Task Force on Anticompetitive Practices and Monopolistic Powers, 1974


Department of Defense, 1973


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"T--PNM (P. N. McCloskey) Personal--Department of Defense letters," 1971

Box: 202

Committee on Government Operations file


Freedom of Information, 1974


Foreign operations and government information, 1974


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


General, 1974


Wildlife Coordination Act

Box: 203

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"E--Economy--Banking" to "E--Economy--Housing," 1975

Box: 204

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file. Tuna/ Porpoise, 1976

Box: 205

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"X--Casework--Nieto" to "X--Casework--White," 1975

Box: 206

Government Operations Committee file, 1973




Foreign operations and government information


Federal Energy Administration, H.R. 11793


Freedom of Information data


Foreign operations hearings--testimonies and background


Miscellany. "Dear Colleague" letters, 1973

Box: 207

Government Operations Committee file, 1975


Whithead testimony


FOGI--Nonmilitary assistance in Southeast Asia


FOGI--Laos hearings


CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) investigation


Subpoena power


Mary C. Lawton testimony


FOGI report: Security classification


Freedom of information


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Conservation and natural resources


Stream channelization




Effect of coal mining on Corps


Control of pollution from animal feedlots


U.S. assistance programs in Vietnam

Box: 208

Subject file (alpha file codes)


H--HEW (Health, Education and Welfare)--Handicapped" to "L--Law enforcement--Pornography," 1975

Box: 209

"E--Economy--IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to "F--Foreign affairs--Europe," 1975


"G--Government--Postal Service," 1975

Box: 210

Printed matter


Statement of information: Hearings before the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives (93-2) regarding whether sufficient grounds exist to impeach Richard M. Nixon, 15 volumes, 1975

Box-Folder: 211

Hearings, appendix, index, of the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities of the U.S. Senate (93d Cong.) covering Watergate investigation, milk fund investigation, Hughes-Rebozo investigation, campaign financing, campaign practices, 23 volumes, 1974

Box: 212

Campaign/Political file


Primary McCloskey notebook, 1972


Notebook, 1970


Primary and general notebook, 1970


Campaign letters, 1972


Surveys notebook, 1968


Primary and general notebook, 1968

Box-Folder: 213

The complete presidential candidate (issues) notebook, 1972


Lists of contacts, 1972


State election laws and ballots, etc., 1972


Republican convention delegates, 1972


New Mexico briefing book, 1972

Box: 214

Miscellany. Names and addresses on scriptomatic cards, undated

Box: 215

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"M--DURAs," 1975


"V--Press," 1975

Box: 216

"F--Foreign affairs--Food" to "G--Government--Office of the President," 1975

Box: 217

"C--California" to "E--Economy--Budget," 1975

Box: 218

Government Operations Committee file, 1975-1976


Full committee meetings


Information and Individual Rights Subcommittee


Conservation, Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee


Other subcommittees


Bureau of Reclamation indexing procedures


FBI recordkeeping


Discriminatory assignment policies of federal agencies


Cable interception and telephone monitoring


J. Edgar Hoover's FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) files


International Women's Year


Prosecution of CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) criminal violations


Notice of illegal surveillance


Teton Dam


National Park Service


Oil shale


Pesticide control


Foster City


Solid waste management


Energy policy oversight

Box: 219

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"X--Casework--Ampex" to "X--Casework--Murcock Machine Company," 1975

Box: 220

"L--Law enforcement--Press" to "R--Requests--Congressional documents," 1975

Box: 221

Miscellany. Names and addresses on scriptomatic cards, undated

Box: 222

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Rq, 1975 July to December

Box: 223



District press book, 1970-1971


Clippings, 1968


Draft and notes for book, 1971

Box: 224

Land use policy


Open spaces


Outdoor recreation


Property tax


Open space element of the Palo Alto general plan


Report of the Public Land Law Review Commission


Alternative GOP (Republican) platform

Box: 225

Printed matter. Calendar, House bills, reports, etc., of the Committee on Government Operations (90th Congress), 3 volumes, 1967-1968

Box: 226

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Pg, 1975 January - June

Box: 227

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"H--HEW (Health, Education and Welfare)--Youth" to "J--Environment--Land use," 1975

Box: 228

Letters sent (pink copies). Rs - Z, 1975 July -December

Box: 229

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"G--Government--Postal Service" to "H--HEW (Health, Education and Welfare)," 1975

Box: 230

"R--Requests--Pages" to "R--Requests--Visitors," 1975

Box: 231

"F--Foreign affairs--Southeast Asia," 1975 January - May

Box: 232

Miscellany. U.S. Public Health Service hospital conversion study, 1971.

Scope and Content Note

Includes minutes, reports, summaries, etc., and proposals for Boston, Staten Island, Baltimore, Norfolk, New Orleans, Galveston, San Francisco, Seattle

Printed matter. Department of State "Background Notes" on various countries, 1971-1972

Box: 233

Miscellany. To establish an agency for consumer protection, H.R. 7575, 1975-1976

Box: 234

Select Committee on Missing Persons in Southeast Asia file, 1976

Box: 235

Miscellany, 1976-1977


Contact people




Coal slurry pipelines




Budget act and zero-based budget


Franchising termination practices reform

Box: 235

Product liability


BTU tax


CETA Davis-Bacon


Bottler's bill


Tax reform act


Revenue sharing


Weaver amendment


Food stamps

Box: 236

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"F--Foreign affairs" to "F--Foreign affairs--Southeast Asia," 1976

Box: 237

Committee on Government Operations file. Conservation and Natural Resources Subcommittee, Central Valley Project, 1973-1975

Box: 238



Agriculture information, 1978


Aviation, 1978


Airbags, 1977


Bike trails, 1977


San Felipe project, 1977-1978


Printed matter


Merchant Marine and Fisheries publications


Tuna/Porpoise oversight hearings, 1978


Marine mammals amendments hearings, 1976


Fish and wildlife miscellaneous hearing, 1976


"The Evolution of National Wildlife Law," 1977

Box: 239

Select Committee on Missing Persons in Southeast Asia file (94th Congress), 1975-1976

Box: 240

Printed matter. Department of State "Background Notes" on various countries, 1970-1973


Miscellany. Notes for McCloskey book--Chapter on forms of government in the world in 1974

Box: 241

Committee on Government Operations. Conservation and Natural Resources Subcommittee. San Felipe Division, Central Valley Project, 1972-1975

Box: 242

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"B--Energy--Oil Industry" to "B--Energy--Special energy group," 1975




Renegotiation Act testimony, 1977 March 29


Commercial Law League of America


Printed matter. Revenue Sharing, by Willner and Nichols

Box: 243

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"F--Foreign affairs--Africa"


Miscellany, 1973-1975


Arms control and arms sales








Foreign aid




Trade--Soviet grain and Cuba


Vietnam refugees


Wild horse, burro, tule elk


U.S. grain sales




Law of the Sea conference


Stanford Medical Center


Marihuana legislation, H.R. 4520

Box: 244

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--District" to "B--Energy--Nuclear Power," 1975

Box: 245

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1976 January - June

Box: 246

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"X--Casework--Soviet trade unionists visas (Emmerson Street)" to "X--Casework--Ybarra," 1976




Semi-conductor industry tax proposal, 1973


WEMA-Customs Bureau


Energy Research and Development Administration, 1977


Disposal site at Maxey Flats, Kentucky


Ray Handley--Solar energy


Jack Knudson--Ocean thermals


Varian Associates fusion research, 1976

Box: 247

Staff members' files--Rebecca Cook


Population files, 1978

Box: 248

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"E--Economy--Employment/Job training" to "F--Foreign affairs--Immigration," 1976

Box: 249

"B--California--State water plan, 1973"




San Felipe, 1975


Coastal zone management, 1974

Box: 250

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"J--Environment--Corps of Engineers" to "L--Law enforcement--Religion," 1976

Box: 251

"H--HEW (Health, Education and Welfare)--OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)" to "J--Environment--Bureau of Reclamation," 1976

Box: 252

Staff members' files--Ed G., 1972-1976


Land use


National parks






Pollution--General, noise, water


Solid waste

Box: 253

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"H--HEW (Health, Education and Welfare)" to "H--HEW--Welfare," 1976

Box: 254

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1975


Maritime Administration and Coast Guard authorizations for fiscal year 1976


National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere authorization




Conservation and environment amendments to National Environmental Policy Act


Title XI


National wildlife refuge, H.R. 5512


Appropriations for wetlands, H.R. 5608


Fish and Wildlife Service


Merchant marine war risk insurance


Merchant marine political fundraising investigations

Box: 255

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"F--Foreign affairs--Latin America" to "G--Government--Federal Election Commission," 1976

Box: 256

"O--Office--Interns reject" to "V--Press," 1976-1977

Box: 257

"P--Political" to "R--Requests--Referrals," 1976

Box: 258

"A--District" to "C--California--Golden Gate National Recreation Area," 1976

Box: 259

"D--Defense--Air Force" to "E--Economy--Communications," 1976

Box: 260

Staff members' files--Rebecca Cook


Population, fertility, birth control, migration, adolescents, 1978

Box: 261

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Maritime oversight and capital construction fund, 1975-1976


200-mile bill, 1974-1976


Operating differential subsidy payments


Panama Canal transit, 1976


Maritime subsidy program, 1972


Public Health Service hospital systems, 1976


Soviet merchant marine, 1975


SS Savanna, 1975


SS United States


Title XI


Construction differential subsidy


Third flag, 1975-1976

Box: 262

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"X--Casework--Kahn's Corner Pharmacy" to "X--Casework--Simon, Charles," 1976

Box: 263

Miscellany, 1975-1976


International banking


ITC footwear


Parens patriae


CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act)


Commodity agreements


Household head tax breaks


Hatch Act, H.R. 8617


Consumer communications reform act, H.R. 12323


IRS (Internal Revenue Service)--Treasury fringe benefit tax


Renegotiation act


Third budget resolution


United Airlines


Housing problems


Public works


Humphrey-Hawkins, H.R. 50


Tax reduction and simplification, H.R. 3477


Tax reform


Lytton Gardens


Common-situs picketing

Box: 264

Staff members' files--Ed G., 1973-1974




No-fault insurance


Family planning




Air pollution






Central Utah project




Environmental Protection Agency

Box: 265

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"X--Casework" to "X--Casework--Johnson and Maple case pending with HUD (Housing and Urban Development)," 1975-1976

Box: 266

"J--Environment--Noise pollution" to "L--Law enforcement," 1975

Box: 267

Printed matter, 1976-1978


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee reports


Panama Canal


Yacht hijacking and drug smuggling


Merchant marine miscellaneous


Coast Guard miscellaneous


Marine safety


Government Operations Committee reports


Government in the sunshine




J. Edgar Hoover's FBI files


Customs Service mail opening


Airline deregulation and aviation safety


Other reports


Intelligence activities




Information resources and services


Federal advisory committee act


Court proceedings




Report of the Clerk of the House, 1977 January - June

Box: 268

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1976 July - December

Box: 269

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"S--Invitations" to "S--Invitations--Korea," 1976




Propeller Club speech, 1976 October 15


60 Minutes--Maritime unions, 1976 September

Box: 270

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1975-1976




Wildlife conservation


National Park Service


Ocean dumping




National wildlife refuge system




Radioactive waste disposal






Steel shot requirements


Fish hatchery program


Endangered species


Fire management


Coast Guard appropriations


Delta Queen


FMC--rate increase


Oversight--national security


Maritime Administration

Box: 271



Special task force report on San Luis Unit, Central Valley Project (Public Law 95-46), 1978 January 1


Alaska lands, 1978

Box: 272

Government Operations Committee file, 1979


Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Department of Education


Countercyclical fiscal assistance


General business


General correspondence


Department of Energy


Executive privileges


International energy trade agreement


Department of Natural Resources


Diesel and home heating oil hearing, 1979 June 28-29


Freedom of Information Act


Clean Air Act and coal use

Box: 273

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"32011--Inactive files--Weaver amendment" to "32097--Inactive files--United Airlines elections," 1977-1978

Box: 274

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"25510--Labor--Collective bargaining for public employees--Pro" to "29570--Taxes--Elimination of Disc (Tax incentive)--Con," 1978

Box: 275

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"14110--Civil rights--Gay rights" to "19560--Education--Vocational education," 1978

Box: 276

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"24670--International relations--Mideast--General statement" to "25505--Labor--CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act," 1978

Box: 277

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"9110--Department file/Casework--Justice--FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)" to "9375--Department file/Casework--Trade, Special Representative," 1978

Box: 278

Staff members' files, 1979


Population, immigration, family planning


NARAL speech


Pete's amendments and past actions


Population crisis committee


U.S. population policy


Abortion and women's issues


World Health Organization--Agency for International Development--Inouye

Box: 279

Washington, D.C. office


Subject file (numeric file codes)


"20000--Energy" to "22020--Federal government--Civil service cost of living--Pro," 1978

Box: 280



No-fault insurance


National parks and forest


Oil spills


HEW--Labor appropriations bill, 1977




Clean air background


International conference on safety of life at sea, 1974


Kaiser engineers final report on San Francisco Bay-Delta water quality control program, 1969


Study of California rural legal assistance, 1971

Box: 281

Staff members' files, 1976-1979




Agency for International Development--World Health Organization


Sri Lanka


National Institute of Child Health and Human Development




Title X

Box: 282

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"25650--Labor--Right to work/Taft Hartley (14B)--Con" to "28006--Religion--Church/State--Con Mormon information," 1980-1981

Box: 283

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"9065--Department file/Casework--Interior--Bureau of Land Management" to "9250--Department file/Casework--Small Business Administration/Parries, Garfield," 1978-1980

Box: 284

Miscellany, 1975-1978


CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act), 1977-1978


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1977-1978


East Palo Alto--Nairobi College


School District


Cultural Center, 1978


Girl's Club of the Mid-Peninsula, 1977


Local public works


Yosemite MCA hearings, 1975 June 13-16

Box: 285

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file




International Longshoremen's Association--ILWU background


Amendments to H.R. 39




Final report of the American Indian Policy Review Commission, 1977

Box: 286

Office files, 1979


Today show--POW (prisoners of war), 1972


Stonewall Jackson and American Civil War


Legal ethics book


Woodside power case


Statement on reapportionment, 1973 July 10


Independent Department of Justice, 1973-1974


McCloskey interview by Ted Becker for Becker's book, 1975


Ford speech on Justice Douglas, 1970


McCloskey statement on behalf of William Rehnquist, 1971


Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Box: 287

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"7000--Personal--Book sent ( Truth and Untruth)" to "7154--Employment inquiry--Favorable," 1978-1979


"7200--Intern--Miscellaneous information," 1977-1978

Box: 288

"1025--General mailing list," 1978


"4500--Members of Congress," 1978


"7250--Invitations/Scheduling--Invitations" to "7300--Equipment/Orders--Continental Leasing (CRT)," 1978

Box: 289

"20107--Energy--Gasohol" to "21106--Environment--Rare II," 1980

Box: 290

"18610--Economy and budget--Zero-based budgeting"


"19500--Education--Stanford" to "20026--Energy--Price Anderson Act/Information," 1979-1980

Box: 291



Clippings about McCloskey, 1974 August - December and 1976 September - 1978 December

Box: 292

McCloskey press releases, 1972-1973 and 1975-1976


Clippings about issues and McCloskey, early 1970s

Box: 293

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1973-1978


Subcommittee on Oceanography


Subcommittee on Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation and the Environment


NOAA Reorganization


Ocean dumping


Oil spills


Refuge authorization and revenue sharing


Animal traps


GIFAs (Governing international fishery agreements)


Reimbursement of fishermen in foreign waters


Authorization of Tinicum, Seal Beach, Great Dismal, and San Francisco Bay Refuges


Tule elk, tuna/porpoise, wolves


Endangered Species Act

Box: 294

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"22030--Federal government--Civil service cost of living--Con" to "24650--International relations--Law of the sea conference--General statement," 1978

Box: 295

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1979


Minutes of Congressional board of visitors of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, 1979 May 11


"The UN Law of the Sea Conference and the U.S. Congress," by McCloskey and Losch, 1979 spring.

Scope and Content Note


Lawfulness of Deep Seabed Mining


Alaskan lands


Klamath fishing


Papers, U.S. Court of Claims, Jessie Short vs. United States/Hoopa Valley Tribe of Indians

Box: 296

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"29599--Taxes--Restricted stock options" to "31150--Transportation--Railroads," 1980

Box: 297

"17596--Defense--National Youth Service H.R. 6868 Panetta bill" to "17596--Defense--National youth service action demonstrations," 1979-1980.

Scope and Content Note

Includes two files on selective service
Box: 298

Select Committee on Missing Persons in Southeast Asia file, 1973-1976

Box: 299

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"24740--International Relations--South Africa," 1978-1980

Box: 300

"23500--Housing" to "24500--International Relations--Canadian-American relations," 1979-1980

Box: 301

"8885--Department file/Casework--Defense--Army--Ganshow, Alan" to "9020--Department file/Casework--HEW (Health, Education and Welfare)--Public Health Service," 1979

Box: 302

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1977-1979


Congressional board of visitors of U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, 1978 December 15


Sale of five obsolete vessels, H.R. 3094


Oil spill liability


Operating differential subsidy


Organizational meeting


Deep water ports


Ports and waterways safety


Maritime press


Sailing cargo ships








Soviet shipping


Staff memoranda


Sweeney Ridge


Title IV


Trade relations


Transportation Institute




Underutilized species development act


Virgin Islands


Water policy reform


Cargo preference (corruption, "Dear Colleague" letters, campaign contribution, McCloskey amendments, Garmatz incident)

Box: 303

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1975-1978


Propeller Club


Seafarers International Union


Sea grant programs


Sea train


Senior citizen fishing license


Shipbuilding capacity


Shippers list


Third flag


Shipping magazines


Soviet shipping


Title XI--Caribe, Ed Turner


200-mile limit


Tonnaging of container trades in 1980 (M. Y. Stone)


Transportation Institute


War risk insurance for foreign flag ships, waterway users tax


Wind-propelled ships

Box: 304

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"24660--International relations--Mideast" to "28030--Religion--Religious discrimination," 1977

Box: 305

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1975-1978


Illegal rebating




Intercoastal shipping, H.R. 6503


Intermodal transportation


Jones Act extension to Virgin Islands


Longshoremen and workers compensation


Maersk Line


Maritime training and education


Maritime Administration speech


Mariner trade-in


SS Mariposa/SS Monterey


Antitrust exemption


McCloskey maritime speeches


Merchant marine oversight




Northwest Marine Works vs. U.S.


Nuclear-powered merchant ships


Ocean freight industry policy


Oceans policy


Oil tanker safety


Operating subsidy


Oil imports


Pacific Westbound conference

Box: 306

Printed matter.

Scope and Content Note

Hearings, reports, and committee prints from subcommittees of the Committee on Government Operations

Intergovernmental Relations and Human Resources Subcommittee, 2 volumes, 1977-1978


Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Subcommittee, 4 volumes, 1977-1978

Box: 307

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1975-1978


Freight forwarding


Gambling on U.S. passenger ships


GIFAs (Governing international fishery agreements)


Rebating practices and illegal rebating

Box: 308

Miscellany, 1974-1977


McCloskey press releases, 1977


McCloskey views/statements on consumer protection, gun control, government in the sunshine


"Dear Colleague" letters


McCloskey floor statements/mentions


MIA (Missing in Action) Committee


Press--Correspondence by McCloskey


Questionnaires for endorsements




Voting ratings, 1976


17th Congressional District communications trust

Box: 309

Casework for 1979


Syntex-Naprosyn case, 1976-1979


Central Valley power cases


Ames Research--Moffett Field


Zoecon/EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)/Altosid case


EPA/SRI case


Miscellaneous cases

Box: 310

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"X--Casework--Nairobi High School, East Palo Alto"


Subject file (numeric file codes)


"8890--Department file/Casework--Defense--Marines" to "9105--Department file/Casework--Justice--General," 1977-1978

Box: 311

"28006--Religion--Church/state information" to "29598--Taxes--Private school discrimination," 1978-1981

Box: 312

"11030--Aging--Laboratory experiments on animals" to "14100--Civil rights--Freedom of expression (pornography)--Con," 1978


"21107--Environment--Lake Tahoe"


"21125--Environment--Klamath River"

Box: 313

"7350--Recommendations" to "8885--Department file/Casework--Defense--Army," 1978

Box: 314

"32098--Welfare--Food stamps for strikers" to "32121--Inactive files--United Nations--Vietnam admission," 1977-1978

Box: 315

"16100--Congress--Electoral College" to "17590--Defense--Budget reduction--Con," 1980

Box: 316

"8975--Department file/Casework--Federal Power Commission" to "9060--Department file/Casework--Interior--Bureau of Indian Affairs," 1980

Box: 317

"10000--Aging" to "16160--Congress--Limitation on congressional terms," 1979

Box: 318

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1976-1977


Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York


Maritime education and training


University of Delaware marine programs


Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association (MEBA)


Women midshipmen


Congressional board of visitors


Panama Canal markup

Box: 319

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1979


Oceanography Subcommittee


Anadromous fish


Panama Canal




Fishery Conservation and Management Act


Tuna, whales




Endangered species


Deep seabed mining


Law of the Sea

Box: 320

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Panama Canal treaty, 1977-1979


Nongame Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1978


Water policy, 1978


Government Operations Committee file


Auburn Dam, 1978


Humane Slaughter Act, 1977


Subject file (numeric file codes)


"21195--Environment--Peripheral Canal background," 1977-1978

Box: 321

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1977-1978


Maritime authorization


Maritime oversight


Staff memoranda


"Dear Colleague" letters


Maritime appropriations


Maritime administration markup

Box: 322

Staff members' files--Laurette Rash, 1971-1976


Gun control


War Powers Act


Decontrol of oil prices

Box: 323

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Cargo preference, 1977

Box: 324

Law of the sea treaty, 1975-1978

Box: 325

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"24740--International Relations--Southern Africa--State, etc. 1978 position papers" to "25640--Labor--Right to work/Taft Hartley (14B)--Pro," 1980

Box: 326

"20077--Energy--Carter energy plan--Sierra Club alternative" to "20107--Energy--Gasohol info," 1979-1980

Box: 327

"21123--Environment--Tuolumne Rivers" to "23550--Immigration," 1980

Box: 328

"17590--Defense--Annual report fiscal year 1981" to "17595--Defense--National Youth Service," 1979-1980

Box: 329

"31500--Veterans" to "31670--Welfare--School lunch program," 1979-1980

Box: 330

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Cargo preference bill--Press and general correspondence, 1977

Box: 331

Cargo preference bill--Corruption


O'Neill correspondence


Printed matter


Congressional Record reprints


McCloskey on oil cargo preference bill, 1977 October 4


The strange case of Maritime Administrator Robert Blackwell, 1977 September 16

Box: 332

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file. Law of the sea, 1975-1978

Box: 333

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"21121--Environment--Stanislaus River letters" to "21205--Environment--Alaskan D-2 lands," 1973-1980

Box: 334

"28500--Social Security" to "32070--Welfare--School lunch program," 1977

Box: 335

"14010--Civil rights--Abortion--Pro" to "16100--Congress--Electoral College--Reform," 1980

Box: 336

"17597--Defense--Registration--Pro" to "20075--Energy--California gas shortage," 1979


"21107--Environment--Lake Tahoe, 1979

Box: 337

Government Operations Committee file, 1975-1978


Executive privilege


Justice Department inquiry into CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)


Privacy Act


Freedom of Information Act consumer's guide


Privacy Commission authorization


Presidential papers


Privacy Protection Study Commission


Mail opening activities




Redwood National Park



Box: 338

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Maritime Administration authorization


New maritime policy


New York shipping conference


National Maritime Council


Maritime speech material


Maritime policy--Response to Al May letter

Box: 339

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"8900--Department file/Casework--ERDA (Energy Research and Development Administration)" to "9175--Department file/Casework--NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)--Informatics," 1977

Box: 340

"20030--Energy--Nuclear power study Rayfield" to "20077--Energy--Carter energy plan information," 1980

Box: 341

"13000--Business--Semiconductor industry" to "14010--Civil rights--Abortion information," 1979-1980

Box: 342

Staff members' files--Michele Farrar, 1977-1979


National Maritime Council (NMC) Transportation Institute


MARAD (Maritime Administration)/NMC investigation and some cargo preference




Food aid to Laos


Patty Hearst

Box: 343

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"8605--Department file/Casework--Academies--Initial nomination request" to "8880--Department file/Casework--Sunnyvale Aircraft and Crash School Defense/A.F.," 1977-1980

Box: 344

"17596--Defense--National youth service" to "17615--Defense--SALT II--Con," 1975-1980 (bulk 1980)

Box: 345

"10000--Aging" to "13000--Business--Briefing for National Semiconductor 10/20," 1980

Box: 346

Staff members' files--Rebecca Cook


Population: Depo-Provera, contraception, sex education, Select Committee on Population, Pete's response to Teitlebaum memo, responses to Scheuer letter, Greep report, 1977-1979

Box: 347

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"21106--Environment--Rare II" to "21121--Environment--Stanislaus Huey Johnson testimony," 1979-1980

Box: 348

"17000--Defense. Files on military manpower and registration for military service, 1979-1980


"18500--Economy" to "19505--Education--Department of Education," 1979-1980

Box: 349

Campaign/Political file


Campaign finances, 1976


Campaign legal interpretations


Reports of receipts and expenditures for a candidate, 1974-1977


Reports of receipts and expenditures for a committee, 1972-1974

Box: 350

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1978-1979


Alcatraz Island, Channel Islands


Bilateral shipping


American sea power


New maritime policy


Coast Guard and navigation


McCloskey Coast Guard authorization


Committee budget


Conneaut Harbor


Construction differential subsidy


Corpus Christi oil spill


Controlled substances


Cotton club


Tom Crowley


Dumbarton quarry


Federal Maritime Commission


Fishermen's Protective Act


Finnish ice breakers


Fortune articles


Freight forwarders


Great Lakes basin


High seas and inland waters


International trade reorganization


Kings Point


Lease sale #53--California


Longshoremen's Association


Maritime appropriations


Snyder amendment--Maritime Administration authorization

Box: 351

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"9255--Department file/Casework--State Department--General" to "9350--Department file/Casework--Treasury--Internal Revenue Service," 1978-1980

Box: 352

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1976-1978




Antarctic flora and fauna


Chesapeake Bay Research Coordination Act


Council on Environmental Quality


Endangered species


Coastal zone management


Elephants, marine mammals


Finnish or foreign-built icebreakers


Fishermen's Protective Act


Fisheries authorization


Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission


Fish and Wildlife Improvement Act


Indian rights


Nongame fish and wildlife


International whaling conference


Ammunition tax bill, H.R. 9067

Box: 353

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file. H.R. 1139 - H.R. 13923 (with gaps), and concurrent resolutions, etc., 1977-1978

Box: 354

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"28000--Religion" to "31160--Transportation--Trucking deregulation," 1979-1980

Box: 355

"9345--Department file/Casework--Customs Department reform/Department of Treasury" to "9375--Department file/Casework--Trade Special Representative, 1979-1980.

Scope and Content Note

Bulk is "9365--Department file/Casework--Veterans Administration--Palo Alto VA Hospital (Police)"
Box: 356

"13030--Bottler's bill," 1979


"20080--Energy--Oil price decontrol--Pro" to "22520--Federal government--Saccharin--Cyclamate ban," 1979

Box: 357

"16170--Congress--Lobby Registration Act--Pro" to "17596--Defense--National Youth Service--Pro," 1979

Box: 358

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1976-1979


Defense authorization


U.S.-flag merchant marine


World Trade Club roster


Competitive rate program--Movement of military household goods


Pacific Maritime Association annual report, 1976


SOSUS cable ship requirements


Law of the sea, 1975


Liner shipping in the U.S. trades


Sea-Land Service, Inc.


Competition in North Atlantic container trade


Ocean shipping


Deep seabed mining


Soviet liner fleet




Family planning publications


Republican National Committee presidential accountability report

Box: 359

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1976-1978


Marine fire-fighting


Foreign Affairs article


Foreign freight forwarders


Deep water port application of Seadock


Fish processing


FBI port investigation


FMC rate increase


Controlled carrier bill


Novachek debate


Crowley Maritime Corporation


Defense authorization

Box: 360

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"7252--Invitations--Washington accept" to "7313--Equipment/Orders--Official expenses account," 1977

Box: 361

"14110--Civil rights--Gay rights" to "19560--Education--Vocational education," 1977

Box: 362

"25590--Labor--Labor unions general statement" to "28010--Religion--Moonies," 1979

Box: 363

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1977-1978


Pacific Far East Lines


Panama Canal


Pooling agreements


Port caucus


Preventing collisions at sea

Box: 364

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"7007--Personal--Book sent (Truth/Untruth)" to "7458--Requests--GPO request (paid)," 1977

Box: 365

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file. H.R. 1656 - H.R. 14163 (with gaps), including joint resolutions, etc., 1977

Box: 366

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1977-1978




Australian Shipping Act


Barba Negra appeal


German bus shipments on Soviet vessels


Capital construction


Cargo containers--Uniform requirements


Cargo preference


Carter's campaign promises


Budget for 1978


Controlled carrier

Box: 367

Government Operations Committee file, 1975-1978


Office of consumer representation


Consumer protection agency


Nickel campaign

Box: 368

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"20000--Energy--General letters" to "20195--Energy--Energy tax," 1977

Box: 369

"7502--Thank you--Sent" to "8506--Washington visitor--Tour request complete," 1977


"8800--Department file/Casework--Agriculture Department--Forest Service" to "8899--Department file/Casework--Department of Energy," 1977

Box: 370

"4500--Member of Congress," 1977


"7004--Personal--Friends" to "7230--Intern inquiry--Intern summer reject," 1977

Box: 371

"21000--Environment" to "22680--Health--Medical malpractice," 1977

Box: 372

"10000--Aging--General" to "14100--Civil rights--Freedom of expression--Con," 1977

Box: 373

Government Operations Committee file, 1977-1978


Full committee general


Information and Individual Rights Subcommittee


Other subcommittees general


Cost accounting standards board


Federal government reorganization


Garrison diversion project


McCloskey Freedom of Information Act request


Obey Commission--Congressional reform

Box: 374

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"22690--Health--Medicare/Medicaid reform" to "24650--International relations--Law of the Sea conference general statement," 1977

Box: 375

Government Operations Committee file, 1976-1977


Government in the sunshine




Freedom of information


Van pooling


Consumer protection


Office of consumer representation

Box: 376

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1976-1978


Oceanography Subcommittee--Deep seabed mining

Box: 377

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"9160--Department file/Casework--Labor--Office of Workers' Compensation" to "9370--Department file/Casework--White House," 1977

Box: 378

Printed matter. Congressional Record reprints about gun control


Jim Moore's open letter to the Congress, 1981 February 2


Lowenstein testimonial dinner, 1981 March 13

Box: 379

Briefing books, 1979-1981


Busing--The Congress


Busing--The Courts


Gay rights

Box: 380

Busing--The Congress


Busing--The Courts

Box: 381

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"24520--International relations--China relations" to "24650--International relations--American business in South Africa," 1980

Box: 382

"24635--International relations--American Near East refugee aid" to "24730--International relations--Namibia," 1979-1980

Box: 383

"24677--International relations--Pakistan--Ali Bhutto case (1978)" to "25570--Labor--Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act--Pro," 1979


Briefing books. Middle East, 1973-1978

Box: 384

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"22530--Health--Drug abuse" to "24670--International relations--Mideast general statement," 1978-1979

Box: 385

Briefing books


Middle East--Press, 1970-1980


Nuclear nonproliferation, 1981 June 26


Mideast press, 1981-1982


Printed matter. Hearings and committee prints relating to Southeast Asia, 1968-1971

Box: 386

Briefing books


Southern Africa--Press, 1979, 1981


Mideast, 1970


Persian Gulf: Worth fighting for?


Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 1981


Immigration, 1981


National youth service, 1980

Box: 387

Defense budget cuts, 1982


Saudi peace plan, 1981


Immigration policy, volume 2, 199


Islam summary, 1981


Sixteenth annual Anglo-North American parliamentary conference on Africa, 1980


Pakistan's nuclear capability

Box: 388

Mideast, 1980


Nuclear proliferation, 1981


Immigration policy, volume 1, 1981


Printed matter


Hearings on government classification of private ideas, 4 volumes, 1980


NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) fact book


National survey of veterans, 1979


Survey of race relations in South Africa, 1979

Box: 389

Briefing books


Laos refugees (AID data), 1970


War crimes, 1971


Terrorism, 1976


Campaign Harris issues, 1976


Press releases, 1975


"Dear Colleague" letters, 1974


Presidential war powers, 1971


Printed matter. Hearing and committee print on Southeast Asia, 1969-1970

Box: 390

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"8785--Department file/Casework--Action" to "8965--Department file/Casework--Federal Energy Administration," 1981

Box: 391

"8970--Department file/Casework--Federal Communications Commission" to "9105--Department file/Casework--Justice Department general," 1980-1981

Box: 392

"9110--Department file/Casework--Justice--FBI" to "9375--Department file/Casework--White House--Special Trade Representative," 1981


"10000--Aging" to "10520--Agriculture--Farm price supports letters," 1981

Box: 393

"10520--Agriculture--Peanut price supports" to "12030--Banking and currency--Federal Reserve Board," 1981

Box: 394

"12070--Banking and currency--Banking system reform" to "13077--Business--PNM (P. N. McCloskey) testimony (1981 June 16)," 1981

Box: 395

"13077--Business--Letter to Cap Weinberger" to "14010--Civil rights--Abortion--Pro," 1979-1981

Box: 396

"14020--Civil rights--Abortion--Con" to "14060--Civil rights--Busing--Con," 1981

Box: 397

"14060--Civil rights--Busing--Judge Egly's order of 1980 August 25" to "15130--Communications-- Transborder data flow," 1981

Box: 398

"16000--Congress" to "17030--Crime and justice--Criminal code returns," 1980-1981

Box: 399

"21155--Environment--Outer continental shelf (OCS) minerals leasing and OCS lease--Sale #53 (California)," 1981


"11088--Animal welfare--Medfly information," 1981

Box: 400

"17052--Crime and justice--Criminal code reform contacts" to "17095--Crime and justice--Legal services corporation," 1981

Box: 401

"17095--Crime and justice--Legal services corporation" to "17500--Defense--GAO (Government Accounting Office) report--Managing battlefield intelligence data," 1980-1981

Box: 402

"17500--Defense--McCloskey military history" to "17596--Defense--Military manpower procurement--Richard Cooper (1980)," 1980-1981

Box: 403

"17596--Defense--Department of State/National service" to "18520--Economy and budget-- Budget--General," 1980-1981

Box: 404

"18530--Economy and budget--Deficit spending--Pro" to "18590--Economy and budget--Wage and price controls," 1981


Briefing book. Budget, 1981


Printed matter


Arms control


Committee hearing on ocean dumping of radioactive waste off the Pacific coast, 1980


Committee hearing on presidential commission on national service and national commission on volunteerism, 1980




Military service information


Joint economic committee conference information, 1980

Box: 405

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"18600--Economy and budget--Wage and price controls--Con" to "20035--Energy--Nuclear waste disposal," 1980-1981

Box: 406

"20036--Energy--Farallon Islands nuclear dump" to "20175--Energy--Synthetic fuels," 1981

Box: 407

"20178--Energy--Oil shale" to "21150--Environment--Outer continental shelf," 1981

Box: 408

"21155--Environment--Constituent letters lease--Sale #53" to "22005--Federal government--Civil service reform," 1981

Box: 409

"22010--Federal government--Civil service--General statement" to "22560--Health--FDA--Needs reform," 1980-1981

Box: 410

"22570--Health--Flouridation" to "23500--Housing," 1981

Box: 411

"23510--Housing--General statement" to "23555--Immigration--Illegal--Information file," 1980-1981

Box: 412

"23550--Housing--Task force II August 1978 Select Committee on Immigration" to "24525-International relations--1981 joint St. Patrick's Day statement," 1981


Briefing book. Temporary workers

Box: 413

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"24525--International relations--Ireland flax trust" to "24610--International relations--Saudi Arabia arms sale," 1981

Box: 414

"24600--International relations--Foreign aid/arms--Con" to "24677--International relations--Pakistan," 1980-1981

Box: 415

"24680--International relations--Panama Canal negotiations--Pro" to "24740--International relations--South Africa--A. McLane (1981 January)," 1980-1981

Box: 416

"24740--International relations--Response to Arnnie McLane's Africa trip report" to "24760--International relations--Middle East interest groups," 1980-1981

Box: 417

"24750--International relations--Soviet Jewry" to "25655--Labor--Copies of Service Contract Act replies," 1981

Box: 418

"25655--Labor--Service Contract Act" to "28510--Social Security--Response to Reagan's cuts--Computer letter," 1981

Box: 419

"28515--Social Security--Proposed cuts" to "29500--Taxes--Inventory valuation ruling v. publishers," 1981

Box: 420

"29500--Taxes--Reform (relief for taxpayers) general statement" to "29640--Taxes--Foreign income," 1981

Box: 421

"29645--Taxes--Tuition tax breaks" to "31170--Transportation--Air controllers--Letters," 1981

Box: 422

"22035--Federal government--Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)--Affirmative action statistics: Costs and benefits" to "32000--Inactive files," 1981

Box: 423

7450--Requests--General" to "7454--Requests--Flag--R," 1980-81


"22035--Federal government--Federal Communications Commission affirmative action regulations" to "22035--Federal government--OFCCP affirmative action press and telephone," 1974-1981

Box: 424

"7350--Recommendation--Burke, M. L."


"7454--Requests--Flag--S" to "8500--Washington visitor--Tour request--XYZ," 1979-1981


Printed matter


Congressional Record reprint, The Progressive Case and the Atomic Energy Act, 1980 December 11


"Dear Mr. President" letter regarding AWACS package to Saudi Arabia, 1981 June 24


Committee hearings on Saudi arms sales, 1981

Box: 425

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"22035--Federal government--OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs)--Affirmative action Hatch hearings (1981 July 29)"


Printed matter


Equal employment opportunity


Reagan's program on regulatory relief


Campaign/Political file


George Bush presidential issue papers and campaign material, 1980


George Bush, 1977-1978


Fair presidential primary committee, 1979-1980


New Hampshire Dartmouth speech

Box: 426

Campaign/Political file


Reagan, 1980


DD press notebook, 1980


George Bush, 1979-1980

Box: 427

Subject file (numeric file codes). "22035--Federal government--OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs)--Affirmative action Hatch hearings (1981 July 16)"


Subject file (alpha file codes). "L--Law enforcement--Office of Contract Compliance informational materials"




Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Defense Department Office of Federal Contract Compliance

Box: 428

Campaign/Political file


Correspondence, clippings, lists, general materials regarding campaigns, 1968-1976

Box: 429

Clippings, memoranda, etc., regarding campaigns, 1972-1976


Subject file (numeric file codes)


"7008--Personal--Constituent newsletter responses general" to "7145--District office correspondence," 1978-1979

Box: 430

Printed matter. National Journal, 1979-1980

Box: 431

Sound recordings. McCloskey interviews, speeches, etc., 1974-1980.

Scope and Content Note

Compact sound cassettes and 1/4-inch sound tape reels
Box: 432

Printed matter


National Journal, 1978-1981

Box: 433

Congressional Quarterly Weekly Reports, 1980

Box: 434

Congressional Record reprints


Published testimony of McCloskey


Published "Dear Mr. President" letter

Box: 435

Congressional Record reprints


Published McCloskey statements


Printed transcript of McCloskey interview on WETA-TV, 1971 February 16

Box: 436

Congressional Record reprints


"Dear Constituent" letters of McCloskey

Box: 437



Press clippings, 1970-1981


Ground water subcommittee report


J. Anderson on McCloskey, 1970-1980


Maritime priorities memorandum, 1978


Sexual assault in prisons study

Box: 438

Printed matter, 1957-1972


Land use and land laws


Agricultural and urban land zoning


State of Hawaii land laws and land policy


Air pollution in San Francisco Bay Area


Mass media and the environment


Sanitary sewerage study San Mateo County


Mineral King


Conservation easements


Plans for Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Foster City, San Mateo County, Skyline scenic route

Box: 439

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"21180--Environment--Environmental Protection Agency," 1982


"21040--Environment--Clean Air Act," 1982




Santa Clara County baylands planning, 1970


Weekly bulletin of the Environmental Study Conference, 1982

Box: 440

Digest of public land laws, 1968


Future development of the San Francisco Bay Area (1960-2020)


California rural legal assistance, 1969-1972


Riding-Hiking trails


Conservation Foundation printed matter, 1969

Box: 441

Campaign/Political file


Californians for McCloskey--Report of receipts and expenditures


1982 May 20 - June 30


1982 July 1 - September 30


1982 campaign--Staff memoranda, miscellaneous fundraising, Federal Elections Commission printed matter


1982 Senate Campaign. Computer tape


California Journal

Box: 442

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"29590--Taxes--Federal estate and gift tax" to "32100--Inactive files," 1978

Box: 443

Printed matter, 1981-1982


Committee prints, committee hearings, Executive branch publications, books, reports published by private organizations, etc,

Box: 444

Committee prints, Executive branch publications, books, reports published by private organizations, etc.

Box: 445

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"20165--Energy--Chuck Hansen case (Atomic Energy Act amendment and Department of Energy classification/declassification)," 1979-1982

Box: 446

"20165--Energy--Chuck Hansen case (Atomic Energy Act amendment and Department of Energy classification/declassification)," 1979-1982

Box: 447

"20165--Energy--Chuck Hansen case (Atomic Energy Act amendment and Department of Energy classification/declassification)," 1979-1982

Box: 448



Small Business Innovation Development Act files, 1982.

Scope and Content Note

Includes McCloskey testimony in committee
Box: 449

Aircraft noise abatement


Noise pollution


Federal Aviation Administration


San Francisco Airport

Box: 450

McCloskey special correspondence, 1969


National youth service


San Bruno marine reserve unit


Political contributions 1968 master list, 1968-1970

Box: 450

Subject file (alpha file codes)




Subject file (numeric file codes)


"2612--1980 Congressional campaign--Quit Congress--Confidential"




"Legacy of Greatness," Republican National Committee, 1982 January


60 Minutes, 1981 April 5


McCloskey interview, "To the Point," 1981 April 7


Motion picture film. Face the Nation, 1970 April 19

Box: 451

Printed matter


Hearings, reports, committee prints


Panama Canal, 1978-1980


Americans missing in Southeast Asia, 1973-1976


Assassination of Leo Ryan, 1979

Box: 452

Campaign/Political file--Senate campaign


Correspondence and other material, arranged by name of California county, Alameda to San Luis Obispo, 1981

Box: 453

Correspondence, including district office, Washington office, and out-of-state correspondents, 1981-1982

Box: 454

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"3000--News media--Press file," 1977


Campaign/Political file


Press releases, 1978-1979


Clippings, 1979

Box: 455

Subject file (numeric file codes)--Senate campaign


"2570--Campaign letter Rousselot-Lungren-Heckler-McDaniel" to "5500--Contributors--PAC," 1981-1982

Box: 456

Campaign/Political file--Senate campaign


Correspondence and other material, arranged by name of California County, San Mateo to Yuba, 1981


Senate memoranda package


Permanent traveling campaign documents


McCloskey letters (position papers)


Exploratory committee


Campaign plan




Interoffice memoranda

Box: 457

Subject file (numeric file codes)--Senate campaign, 1980-1981


"5600--Contributor--Thank you"


"6000--General statement of support"


"7000--Campaign volunteers and staff"








"20000--Inactive files"

Box: 458

Miscellany. Voting record for 95th Congress


Printed matter


Committee prints and Executive branch printed matter relating to budget, taxes, economy, 1981-1982

Box: 459

Land use, land planning, parkways, DDT, energy, environment, population, urban issues, 1968-1982

Box: 460

Miscellany, 1982


National youth service


Defense budget


Gallant Eagle II


Nuclear weapons


Military airlift--Lockheed C-5B vs. Boeing 747


California Conservation Corps


Military construction


Pacific Eagle casework


Pratt & Whitney's letters


Military academy appointees since 1967


Atlantic Council

Box: 461

Campaign/Political file


McCloskey weekly column, 1973


Constituent day procedures, 1974-1976


New Hampshire McCloskey schedule and follow-up letters, 1971 fall


McCloskey clippings, 1971


North Carolina briefing book press copy, 1971 August 24

Box: 462



Transcriptions of Laos tapes


Office of Federal Contract Compliance programs, 1974-1980

Box: 463

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"7252--Invitation--Washington accept" to "7262--Invitation--Out of town regret," 1979-1981

Box: 464

"7252--Invitation--Washington accept" to "7262--Invitation--Out of town regret, 1979-1981

Box: 465

"7006--Personal--Memberships and endorsements" to "7252--Invitation--Washington accept," 1980-1982

Box: 466

"7260--Invitation--Out of town accept" to "7262--Invitation--Out of town regret," 1981-1982


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"N--Names," 1975-1976


"M--Members of Congress," 1975-1976

Box: 467

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"14010--Civil rights--Abortion--Pro" to "14110--Civil rights--Gay rights," 1982




Republican Party platform


Charlie Wilson speech, 1980 May 29


West Bank "Dear Colleague" letter

Box: 468

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"8600--Department file/Casework--Academies general" to "9040--Department file/Casework--Housing and Urban Development," 1981-1982

Box: 469

"9043--Department file/Casework--Housing and Urban Development--Community development" to "9375--Department file/Casework--Special Trade Representative," 1982


"10000--Aging" to "10546--Agriculture--Water reclamation," 1982




Saga case


San Joaquin windfall profits tax case


Case for McCloskey timber sales


Pauley oil case


Optimum space systems

Box: 470

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"10549--Agriculture--California water issues" to "13032--Business--Chrysler--Copies," 1982

Box: 471

"13070--Business--Patent reform bill" to "16060--Congress--1982 congressional tax deduction," 1982

Box: 472

"16070--Congress--Pensions" to "21040--Environment--Clean Air Act--General statement," 1981-1982

Box: 473

"17095--Crime and justice--Legal Services Corporation" to "19560--Education--Vocational," 1981-1982

Box: 474

"20000--Energy" to "20175--Energy--Synthetic fuels," 1981-1982


Printed matter


Nuclear weapons


Public letter from McCloskey to Governor Edmund Brown concerning balanced budget amendment, 1982

Box: 475

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"20180--Energy--U.S. Department of Energy" to "21230--Environment--Sagebrush rebellion," 1981-1982

Box: 476

"22000--Federal government" to "25685--Labor-- Worker's compensation," 1981-1982

Box: 477

"22500--Health--Mission Health Center" to "23540--Housing--Rent control," 1982

Box: 478

"23550--Immigration" to "24560--International relations--Détente--Con," 1981-1982

Box: 479

"24565--International relations--El Salvador aid" to "24800--International relations--World peace--General statement," 1981-1982


Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file, 1979-1980

Box: 480

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file, 1979-1980

Box: 481

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file, 1979-1980


Sponsor/Cosponsor/Cosign correspondence file, 1979-1980.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by general subject terms

Miscellany. Social Security speech, 1982 May 18


Subject file (numeric file codes)


"26500--Merchant Marine and fisheries" to "27217--Population information--Catholic leaders," 1982

Box: 482

"27300--Population information--Title X: Family planning" to "28500--Social Security," 1982

Box: 483

"28510--Social Security--reform" to "29600--Taxes--Single vs. married taxpayers," 1981-1982

Box: 484

"29610--Taxes--Tax bill" to "30590--Trade--Trade with communist countries--Pro," 1982




National Association of Manufacturers' International Trade Policy Committee, San Francisco, 1982


Guadalupe corridor--San Jose transit mall

Box: 485

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"31000--Transportation--General" to "32000--Inactive files," 1981-1982




Guadalupe corridor--San Jose transit mall

Box: 486

Sweeney Ridge, 1981-1982

Box: 487

McCloskey speeches, press releases, clippings, 1981-1982


Material on miscellaneous legislation


Copies of important papers, statements, testimony, etc., containing McCloskey clippings, statements, Congressional Record reprints, etc., 1969-1980

Box: 488

Subject files (numeric file codes)


"1010--Calendar letters," 1980-1981


"2700--Complimentary letters" to "3900--Photo files," 1980-1981

Box: 489



Clippings, 1981-1982


Campaign miscellaneous, 1982.

Scope and Content Note

Chiefly correspondence
Box: 490

Clippings, 1981-1982

Box: 491

Staff members' files--Donna (Environmental), 1976-1978


Boundary Waters Canoe Area




Clean air


Ban the can


Federal Fungicide, Insecticide, and Rodenticide act


Airline deregulation




Recombinant DNA


Locks, dams, dam safety


Solid wastes




Transportation and highways




Coastal zone management


Noise pollution

Box: 492

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file. Tuna/Porpoise (marine mammals) files, 1976-1977

Box: 493



Press releases and clippings, 1980-1982


Names and addresses, by California county

Box: 494

Press books with names and addresses, 1978-1982


Raiders bill


Senate campaign




General legislation, 1982


Subject file (numeric file codes)




"7000--General correspondence"




"13080--Business--Small Business Innovation Act"




"18500--Economy and budget--Constitutional amendment"


"23500--Housing--Housing/Banking legislation"


"29500--Taxes--Tax issues general"

Box: 495

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1978-1982


Study of ocean rate disparities, 1978


Floor notebook


To improve the international ocean commerce transportation system of the U.S., H.R. 4374, 1981-1982


Natural gas VTS pipeline safety, 1979-1980


To strengthen the shipbuilding mobilization base and protect strategic supply sources, H.R. 5020, 1982


Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, H.R. 25, 1982


Printed matter


Maritime Administration


Fishery conservation


Ports and waterways safety


Fiscal year 1983 budget

Box: 496

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


Correspondence, 1979-1981

Box: 497

Endangered species


Federal Maritime Commission


Fisheries (coastal, freshwater, pelagic tuna)


200-mile zone


GIFA (Governing international fishery agreements)


Boundary disputes


Maritime Administration authorization

Box: 498



Speeches, newsletters, and press statements

Box: 499

Law of the Sea speeches, testimony, key documents, addresses, general correspondence, 1976-1982


Miscellany. Coastal barrier resources bill--Maps and briefing book, 1982


Printed matter. American Indian, 1977

Box: 500

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1981-1982


Maritime torts


Marine mammals


Merchant marine


Port bills


User fees


International Longshoremen's Association


50-mile rule


Public Health Service hospitals


Veteran's status bill


Gambling on U.S.-flag vessels


Unions and union officials

Box: 501

Omnibus bill (96th Congress)


Environmental and Energy Study Conference weekly bulletins, 1982


Tuna war, 1982


Maritime Administration and budget fiscal year 1983


Maritime Administration fiscal year 1982

Box: 502

Washington, D.C. office


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file


A bill to improve the international ocean commerce transportation system of the U.S., also known as the Shipping Act of 1982, H.R. 4374

Box: 503

Operating differential subsidy


Longshoremen's compensation, H.R. 25


Strategic shipbuilding, H.R. 5020


Safe containers, H.R. 6732


Maritime satellite communication


Oil rigs




Title XI


Maritime subsidies


Health and humanitarian vessels (surplus vessels), H.R. 4828


Ocean constitution, H.R. 3782


IRS (Internal Revenue Service)/Cruise ships, H.R. 3191


American Bureau of Shipping


Foreign liability for stevedoring services, H.R. 6829


Puerto Rico passenger service, H.R. 1489


Exception to the Jones Act/Forest products

Box: 504

Hearings and reports (97th Congress), 1981-1982

Box: 505

Law of the Sea, 1981-1982

Box: 506

Alaska oil


Canadian diversion


Jamaican bauxite sale


Sale of surplus butter to New Zealand




Cargo preference


Title IV


Coal ports


Coast Guard


Coastal zone management


Outer continental shelf




Barrier island


Wetlands--Matagorda Island (Texas)


Closure of San Francisco Customs Office


Merchant marine readiness/defense


Military sealift command


American controlled shipping


Build and charter

Box: 507

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"7150--Employment inquiry--A" to "7504--Thank you (received or sent)," 1980-1982

Box: 508

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"7005--Family personal" to "7450--General requests--L," 1980-1982




Follow-up name list for McCloskey, 1981 December 8


Information files 1 - 17.

Scope and Content Note

Contains McCloskey speeches, testimony, press releases, letters, etc., prepared for public distribution
Box: 509

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"7150--Employment inquiry--S" to "8500--Washington visitor--Z"




McCloskey personal friends--Counties


Californians for McCloskey roster


Computer correspondence, 1982

Box: 510

Campaign/Political file--Senate campaign. Chiefly clippings


Pete Wilson debate


John Schmitz


1982 senate candidates


Senate race--Polls, issues, etc.




Foreign language studies group in Congress


Vietnam veterans in Congress, 1981


Sponsor/Cosponsor correspondence, 1981-1982

Box: 511

Campaign/Political file--Senate campaign, 1981


Clippings, correspondence, schedules, memoranda, press releases


Bob Dornan


Edmund Brown

Box: 512

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"13070--Business--Patent rights"


"13077--Business--Vinson Trammell Act and Renegotiation Board," 1977-1980


"22035--Federal government--Cost accounting standards," 1981-1982


"22035--Federal government--Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs," 1981-1982


Printed matter. Bicentennial Times commemorative reprints

Box: 513

Sponsor/Cosponsor bill file, 1981


Subject file (numeric file codes)


"17060--Crime and justice--McCloskey handgun control bill" to "17090--Crime and justice-- 60 Minutes--Con," 1981-1982

Box: 514

"26500--Merchant marine and fisheries," 1979-1981

Box: 515

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee file, 1981-1982


Shippers councils




Forest products


Regulatory reform


Maritime Administration promotional features


Maritime labor


Fiscal year 1983 Maritime Administration authorization


Maritime torts


Buy off subsidy

Box: 516

Shipping Act of 1982, H.R. 4374. Testimony and papers

Box: 517

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"18500--Economy and budget" to "18550--Economy and budget--Constitutional amendment," 1981-1982

Box: 518

"13075--Business--Renegotiation," 1977-1979

Box: 519

"2500--Political and district liaison" to "2700--Outstanding complimentary letters and statements," 1977-1978




Bill Cohen


Republican Research Committee


1978 position papers


General Chesarek

Box: 520

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"24740--International relations--South Africa" to "29525--Taxes--Capital gains," 1981-1982






"Dear Colleagues"


Small Business Innovation Act

Box: 521

California district office


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"J-Environment" to K--San Mateo County--Pacifica beach erosion," 1971

Box: 522

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject term)


"Labor, Dept. of--BACOP" to "Publications distributed," 1970

Box: 523

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"E-Economy--General" to "I-Congress--Eighteen year old vote," 1971

Box: 524

"Q--Academies," 1972-1973


"X--Casework--Acknowledgements--No action" to "X--Casework--Selective service N-Z," 1972-1973


Miscellany. Millbrae mudslides

Box: 525

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"Conservation--General" to "El Granada (beach erosion)," 1970

Box: 526



Letters sent, 1972


Miscellaneous correspondence, 1974

Box: 527

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject)


"ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments)" to "Conservation--Environmental teach-in," 1970

Box: 528

Miscellany, 1975


Stockton sewage


Energy, natural gas


Bill Corson


Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee


Maritime oversight hearings


Maritime seapower/war risk insurance


Environmental Protection Agency




Wednesday Group






Gun control


Stanford Medical Center


Passive restraints


Audit of construction grants


Law of the sea


Maritime subsidy program


Nuclear waste


Jobs creation


Petroleum storage


Tanzania kidnapping of Stanford students

Box: 529

Casework. "Civil service" to "Servicemen M-Z," 1974

Box: 530

Miscellany, 1975


Energy, natural gas, coal, oil shale, geothermal


Outer continental shelf


Citizens Action Committee, Inc.


Dingell bill


Customs penalty law change


Migrant laborer case


USS Savannah




Hebert rule--Georgine Laub (Stanford)




KGO Radio


Albie Wells




Alex Jane Noble




Nuclear power

Box: 531

Casework, 1974-1975


"Veterans A-H" to Wages--Pay board"



Box: 532

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1973-1975

Box: 533

Campaign/Political file


"County clerk documents" to "San Mateo Post," 1968

Box: 534

Casework. "Academies" to "Welfare," 1969

Box: 535

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject term)


"Calls for Peter" to "Expenses and paid bills--District," 1969

Box: 536

"Recommendations--General" to "State, Department of," 1969

Box: 537

"Libraries--General" to "Recommendations," 1969

Box: 538

"Contracts" to "Leslie Salt," 1969

Box: 539

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--Appropriations--General" to "D--Volunteer army," 1971


Miscellany. Addresses

Box: 540

Casework. "Servicemen and veterans" to "Welfare" and "Miscellaneous," 1971

Box: 541

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"Z--Political--General," 1969-1971

Box: 542

Campaign/Political file. Correspondence, 1967

Box: 543

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--Education--Higher" to "F--Foreign affairs--Vice president," 1973

Box: 544

"G--Government--Budget" to "I--Transportation--Rapid transit," 1973

Box: 545

"K--San Mateo County--Probe" to "R--Office--Interns," 1970-1971

Box: 546

Casework. Veterans and miscellaneous, 1972-1973


Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1972

Box: 547



Clippings, 1970

Box: 548

Card file containing names, addresses of contributors, A - Mc, and dates of contributions, 1971-1972

Box: 549

Card file containing names, addresses of contributors, M -Z, and dates of contributions, 1971-1972

Box: 550

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--Grants--General" "C--California--San Francisco Bay Area," 1970-1972

Box: 551

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject term)


"Employment (unemployment)" to "Letters from Pete," 1970


Miscellany. 1970 campaign

Box: 552



"Academies, general" to "Selective Service--Z," 1971-1972

Box: 553

"Servicemen A-G" to "Welfare/Food stamps," 1972

Box: 554

"Servicemen M-P to "Veterans aid A-B," 1973

Box: 555

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"R--Office--Equipment" to "S--Invitations--Regrets and past date April 1972--Accepted," 1972

Box: 556

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject term)


"Publications--Requested" to "Youth for service--'Streetworker' program," 1970

Box: 557

Casework. "Agriculture, Department of" to "Labor," 1973

Box: 558



Press releases and clippings, 1972

Box: 559

Press releases and clippings, 1971

Box: 560



"Academies" to "Social Security," 1968-1969


"Miscellaneous," 1968-1969

Box: 561

"Postal Service, A-M" to "Veterans, H- P," 1975

Box: 562

"Civil service" to "Miscellaneous, A-L," 1975

Box: 563

"Social Security, A-G" to "Servicemen, A-G," 1975

Box: 564

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1975




1974 primary and general election--Thank yous, correspondence


Memoranda from McCloskey, 1974


Memoranda from district office staff, Washington, D.C. staff, and EFS (Elizabeth Stevenson, field representative), 1974-1975


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"O--Office--Employment," 1975

Box: 565

"A--District--Economic and Social Opportunities Inc." to "O--Office--Employment," 1973-1975

Box: 566

"O--Office--1974 paid bills and bank statements" to "V--News media--Press--General," 1974

Box: 567

Subject file (no file codes, alphabetical by subject term)


"ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments" to "Indian material--South Hillsborough School," 1968-1969

Box: 568

Printed matter. Reprints of Congressional Record and letters from Pete, which appear to have been a newspaper column, 1968

Box: 569

Legislative file. "Agriculture" to "Ways and Means--Tax increase," 1969

Box: 570

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"U--Political--Group lists" to "V--News media--McCloskey press January 1973," 1973

Box: 571

Casework. Miscellaneous, referral, servicemen, veterans, 1974-1975

Box: 572

Campaign/Political file. Correspondence and miscellaneous material concerning the campaign, 1967

Box: 573



Immigration, Internal Revenue Service, Labor, NAS Moffett Field, NASA Ames, Postal Service, prisons, referrals, 1976

Box: 574

Servicemen, Small Business Administration, Social Security, Veterans education/home loan, 1977

Box: 575

Civil Service, CHAMPUS, Customs, Housing, Department of State, Immigration, 1977


Letters sent (pink copies), 1977

Box: 576

Casework. Veterans, 1976-1977


Office file--Memoranda from EFS (Elizabeth Stevenson, field representative), Washington staff, district office staff, and McCloskey, 1976




District office checkbook


1976 paid bills


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"P--Political--Constituent meetings" to "R--Requests--Referrals," 1977


Letters sent (pink copies), 1977


Subject file (alpha file codes)

Box: 577

"A3--District (Cities)--Coastside--Pescadero water supply" to "A3--District (Cities)--Woodside," 1974-1978

Box: 578

"A1--District (Santa Clara County)--Assemblyman Vic Calvo" to "A2--District (San Mateo County)--Stanford Research Institute," 1975-1977

Box: 579

"A--District--Education--Higher" to "C2--California--Metropolitan Transportation Commission"


"J--Environment--Corps of Engineers jurisdiction (Breaux-Wright amendment) Wetlands issue,"


"Civil rights," 1975-1976

Box: 580



Immigration Q-Z, Internal Revenue Service, Labor--Workers compensation, Miscellaneous, Postal Service, Prison, Referrals, Servicemen A-G, 1976-1977

Box: 581

Social Security, Servicemen, CHAMPUS, Civil service, Veterans Administration, 1975-1976

Box: 582

CHAMPUS, Civil service, Consumer affairs, Department of State, Employment problems, Grants and loans, Housing, Immigration, 1978

Box: 583

Internal Revenue Service, Miscellaneous, Labor--Workers compensation and black lung, Postal Service, Prisons, Referrals, Servicemen A-G, 1978

Box: 584

Servicemen H-Z, Small Business Administration, Social Security, Student grants/loans, Veterans Administration--Education/Home, 1978

Box: 585

Veterans Administration, 1978


Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1978-1979

Box: 586



The arts, CHAMPUS, Child support enforcement, Consumer affairs, Department of State, Department of the Treasury, Employment problems, Federal Communications Commission, Housing, Immigration, Internal Revenue Service, 1978-1979

Box: 587

Labor--Workers compensation and black lung, Miscellaneous, Office of Personnel Management, Postal Service, Prisons/Crime, Referrals, Servicemen A-G, 1978-1979

Box: 588

Servicemen H-Z, Social Security, Support letters, Veterans Administration--Education/Home, 1978-1979

Box: 589

Veterans Administration, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, 1978-1979


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--District--American Electronic Association" to "A1--District (Santa Clara County)--San Jose State University," 1976-1978

Box: 590

"A1--District (Santa Clara County)--Santa Clara County Bar Association" to "A3--District (Cities)--East Palo Alto--Nairobi Cultural Center/CETA," 1977-1978

Box: 591

"A3--District (Cities)--East Palo Alto--August 1977 meeting and follow-up" to "C--California--Initiatives--Rent control--Prop 13--Rent relief," 1977-1978

Box: 592

"C--California--Redwood park" to "L--Law enforcement--Office of Federal Contract Compliance," 1976-1978


Subject file (numeric file codes)


"8855--Department file/Casework--Office of Minority Business Enterprise (OMBE)" to "8905--Department file/Casework--EPA (Environmental Protection Agency," 1976-1978

Box: 593

"8970--Department file/Casework--Federal Communications Commission" to "22500-Health--parapsychology/psychologists," 1976-1978

Box: 594

"24000--Indians" to "32000--Welfare--HEW child care," 1977-1979


Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1979

Box: 595



Schedules, 1975-1978


Memoranda from district office and Washington staff, 1977-1978


Employment, resumes, interns


Constituent meetings




Recommendations and referrals


Binding arbitration




Pete's views, 1970-1977

Box: 596



The arts, CHAMPUS, Child support enforcement, Congratulations, Consumer affairs, Department of State, Employment problems, Federal Communications Commission, Grants, Housing, Immigration, 1979-1980

Box: 597

Internal Revenue Service, Labor--Workers compensation and black lung, Miscellaneous, Office of Personnel Management, Prisons/Crime, Referrals, Service personnel A-D, 1979-1980

Box: 598

Service personnel D-Z, Small Business Administration, Social Security, Student grants and loans, Support letters, Department of Treasury, Veterans Administration A-D, 1979-1980

Box: 599

Veterans Administration E-Z, 1979-1980


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A--District--American Electronics Association" to "A2--District (San Mateo County)--Sheriff's department," 1978-1979

Box: 600

"A3--District (Cities)--Coastside--La Honda, Pescadero, San Gregorio" to "8855--Department file/Casework--OMBE (Office of Minority Business Enterprise, Department of Commerce)," 1977-1980

Box: 601

"8860--Department file/Casework--Community Services Administration" to "9250--Department file/Casework--Small Business Administration," 1977-1980

Box: 602

"9255--Department file/Casework--Department of State" to "20000--Energy--Solar," 1978-1980

Box: 603

"20000--Energy--Parlee Anderson Corporation" to "32000--Welfare--Child care," 1977-1979

Box: 604

Letters sent (pink copies). A - Z, 1980


Service academies application and nomination files (class entering in 1981), 1980

Box: 605

Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A1--District (Santa Clara County)--Economic and Social Opportunities, Inc." to "A3--District (Cities)--Woodside--Wunderlich Park," 1974-1975

Box: 606

"A--District--Companies" to "J--Environment--Fish and wildlife," 1973-1975

Box: 607

"A--District--Mexican Americans" to "U--Political--Individuals," 1972-1974


Miscellany, 1977






Land use


Military pensions


Veterans task force

Box: 608

California district office


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"U--Political--Finances--Congressional" to "W--Names--Jim Stewart," 1971-1972

Box: 609



Applications and nominations to service academies, 1977-1978

Box: 610

Applications and nominations to service academies, 1977-1980

Box: 611-651


Box: 652

Washington, D.C. office




Campaign staff memoranda, 1980-1982


McCloskey speeches, letters from Pete, newsletters, positions, 1968


McCloskey platform proposals, schedules and lists, 1972


Resolution of inquiry (Vietnam task force), 1971-1973


Vietnam speeches and testimony by McCloskey, 1969-1971


McCloskey on the issues, 1975-1981


McCloskey speeches and letters, 1971-1972

Box: 653

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"24540--International relations--Nuclear proliferation, arms control," 1981-1982

Box: 654

"17596--Defense--National youth service" to "17603--Defense--Military readiness/race," 1978-1982

Box: 655

"13075--Business--Renegotiation board," 1977-1979

Box: 656

California district office


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"A1--District (Santa Clara County)--Community legal services" to "A2--District (San Mateo County)--Pillar Point," 1977-1981




"P--Political--Republican Party"

Box: 657

"A2--District (San Mateo County)--SMCO Housing and community development" to "A3--District (Cities)--Sunnyvale," 1977-1981

Box: 658

"A2--District (San Mateo County)--Lantos, Rep. Tom" to "C--California--Issues--Peripheral Canal," 1979-1982


Miscellany. Candidates, 1982

Box: 659

Subject file (numeric file codes)


"8790--Department file/Casework--Department of Agriculture--General" to "8900--Department file/Casework--Department of Energy H-Bomb material (Chuck Hansen)," 1979-1981

Box: 660

"9005--Department file/Casework--Department of Health and Human Services--General" to "9070--Department file/Casework--Department of Interior--National Park Service," 1976-1982

Box: 661

"9070--Department file/Casework--Department of Interior--Water and Power Resources Services" to "9355--Department file/Casework--Department of the Treasury--Revenue Sharing Office," 1979-1982

Box: 662

"8810--Department file/Casework--Executive branch--CIA" to "9370--Department file/Casework--Vice president," 1979-1982


"10000--Aging" to "11500--Arts," 1979-1982

Box: 663

"12000--Banking and currency" to 16000--Congress--Government ethics," 1977-1981

Box: 664

"16500--Consumers" to "20000--Energy," 1979-1981

Box: 665

"20000--Energy--Electric Power Research Institute" to "22500--Health," 1976-1981

Box: 666

"22500--Health--Mental health" to "24500--International relations--Law of the Sea--Current and correspondence," 1975-1982

Box: 667

"23500--Housing" to "24500--International relations--Middle East," 1978-1982

Box: 668

"24500--International relations--Israel" to "25500--Labor," 1977-1982

Box: 669

"25500--Labor--CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act)" to "27210--Population information--Population committee--Issues," 1977-1981

Box: 670

"27210--Population information--Select Committee on Population" to "32000--Welfare--Child care"


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"C1--California--Office of the Governor," to "C--California--Issues--Tahoe Basin"

Box: 671

Washington, D.C. office




Law of the sea, 1978


Data given to Reagan for speech in district, 1980


Activities of the Select Committee on Population, 1978


Position paper on capital formation, innovation and productivity, by the Ronald Reagan Business Advisory Panel, sub-group on resource development, 1980 October 10


Cargo preference information, 1977

Box: 672

Panama Canal briefing, 1977 August 17


Airport noise, 1969


Maritime industry clippings, 1977


Consumer protection, 1975


San Francisco Bay planning and protections, 1969


McCloskey speaking clippings, 1972


Merchant Marine academy regulations and instructions


Law of the Sea, 1978


McCloskey "Report, Vietnam Fact-Finding trip, February 24 - March 3, 1975: The North Vietnam-South Vietnam Confrontation," 1975 March 14.

Scope and Content Note

Includes final report, drafts, and background information
Box: 673

Army fraternization, 1979


United Nations charter and Geneva Conventions, 1970


Briefing on energy and fisheries, 1975


Maps and congressional committee hearings on Vietnam


Rockefeller--Latin America--Tax returns and other financial records


Vietnam--Articles through 1968


Cambodia--Supplemental appropriation, 1973


Mansfield amendment I and II, 1971


Cambodia testimony--Asian Pacific Affairs Subcommittee, 1973


Supplemental appropriations--Vietnam, 1974

Box: 674

Selective Service, National service proposals, 1967-1968


Draft materials from campus trip May 1969/Campus unrest task force


Report on fair housing in California, 1967


McCloskey--Committee on Earth Resources and Population, 1969


McCloskey--Committees--Seniority task force, 1970


Fire base pace, 1971 October 9-10


Government Operations Committee file


Dugway testing, 1970


Redwood Shores/Forster City, 1967-1969


Subject file (alpha file codes)


"W--Names--Barrentine, Pat" to "W--Names--Willens, Harold," 1971

Box: 675

"Z--Political--General" to "Z--Political--Supporter," 1971


Campaign/Political file


1974 election results--Republican Party--San Mateo County


Contributors to campaign to re-elect McCloskey, 1973-1974


Campaign memoranda, letters, lists, 1973-1974

Box: 676

Information on Nixon's record, 1969-1972


Human rights, 1977