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Inventory of the Gregory Bateson Papers

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Gregory Bateson papers
Dates: 1925-1985
Collection number: MS 98
Creator: Bateson, Gregory
Collection Size: 99 boxes, 1 portfolio
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library. Special Collections and Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, octopus and cetacean observation materials, marginalia, published and unpublished articles and reprints.
Physical location: Stored in Special Collections & Archives: Advance notice is required for access to the papers.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection open for research.

Publication Rights

Property rights reside with the University of California. Literary rights have been transferred from the heirs to Bateson Idea Group (BIG), in 2011. For permission to publish or to reproduce the material, please contact the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

Preferred Citation

Gregory Bateson papers. MS 98. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Lois Bateson & Mary Catherine Bateson.

Biographical Chronology

May 9, 1904 Born in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire, England. Third son of William Bateson (b. Aug. 8, 1861) and Caroline Beatrice Durham Bateson (b. 1870?). Brothers, John Bateson (b. April 22, 1898 - d. 1918) and Martin Bateson (b. 1899 - d. April 22, 1922). Grandson of William H. Bateson, Master of St. John's College, Cambridge and Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University and Anna Aitken Bateson.
1913-1917 Student, Warden House School, Upper Deal, Kent, England
1917-1921 Student, Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey, England
1918 Death of brother, John Bateson
April 22, 1922 Suicide of brother, Martin Bateson
January - September 1922 Studies French & Botany at the University of Geneva and in Canton de Valais
1922-1926 Student, Cambridge University
  Entrance Scholar, St. John's College, 1922
  Foundation Scholar, 1924
  Natural Science Tripos, First Class Honors, 1924
  B.A., Natural Science, 1925
  Anthropological Tripos, Pt.I, First class honors, 1926
December 1924 - June 1925 Expedition to Galapagos, engaged in research on Geospizae for British Museum Bird Department and collection of pelagic Coelenterates under William Beebe, Arcturus Expedition
1925-1926 Anthropological Tripos, Pt.II under A.C. Haddon, Cambridge University; Classes in Social Psychology under F. C. Barlett and J. MacCurdy, Cambridge University
February 8, 1926 Death of father, William Bateson.
1926-1928 Anthony Wilkin Student, Cambridge University; Strathcoma Student, St. John's College, Cambridge
September 1926 Study in Germany
January 1927 - January 1928 Anthropological field work in New Britain among the Baining of the Gazelle Peninsula
April - July 1928 Teacher, Melanesian Linguistics, Sydney University
October 1928 - January 1930 Anthropological field work among the Sulka of the Gazelle Peninsula of New Britain and the Iatmul of New Guinea
1930 M.A., Anthropology, Cambridge University; Classes under Malinoski at London School of Economics
1931-1937 Research Fellow, St. John's College, Cambridge
January 1932 - Summer 1933 Anthropological field work among the Iatmul of New Guinea
1933-1935 Worked on Naven at St. John's College, Cambridge
  In Ireland with Waddington
  Experimental Psychology under F. C. Bartlett
  Visit to U.S., lecturing at Columbia University and the University of Chicago
January 1936 - March 1938 Anthropological field work with Margaret Mead in Bali
March 1936 Married Margaret Mead (b. December 1916 - d. November 1978) in Singapore
December 1936 Publication of Naven
1937 Elected William Wyse Scholar in Social Anthropology, Cambridge University (resigned 1945)
April 1938 - February 1939 Anthropological field work with wife, Margaret Mead among the Iatmul of New Guinea
February - March 1939 Anthropological field work with wife, Margaret Mead in Bali
September 1939 - January 1940 Voluntary work in England: analysis of radio broadcasts (Nazi) under Bartlett; and work with Mass Observation with T. Harrison, analyzing public opinion questionnaires
December 8, 1939 Birth of daughter, Mary Catherine Bateson
January 1940-September 1942 Analysis of Balinese and Iatmul material in collaboration with Margaret Mead, as guest of Department of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History
October 1940-1942 Secretary of the Committee for National Morale and the Council for Intercultural Relations (later Institute for Intercultural Studies)
  Secretary for the Council on Human Relations for first few months
  Worked for the Committee for National Morale.
  Secretary of the Conference on Methods in Philosophy and the Sciences
  Member of the Executive Committee of the Conference on Methods in Philosophy and the Sciences
May 1941 Death of mother, Caroline Beatrice Durham Bateson
May 1942 Macy conference on Cerebral Inhibition
September 1942 - June 1943 Film Analyst, Museum of Modern Art, New York City, New York
December 1942 Publication of Balinese Character: A Photographic Analysis with Margaret Mead
January 1943 - January 1944 Teacher of Melanesian Pidgin English, Naval School of Military Government & Administration, Columbia University
July 1943 - November 1945 Staff planner and Regional Specialist for Southeast Asia, U.S. Office of Strategic Services; overseas in Ceylon, India, Burma & China
November 1945 - September 1946 Research into Balinese culture conducted at the American Museum of Natural History
March 1946 First Macy Conference on Feedback Mechanisms and Circular Causal Systems in Biological and Social Sciences
September 1946 - June 1947 Visiting Professor of Anthropology, New School for Social Research, NY
  Meeting on Teleological Mechanisms in Society
  New York Academy of Sciences Conference on Teleological Mechanisms
  Guggenheim Fellow
1947-1948 Associate in Columbia University Seminar in "Contents and Methods of the Social Sciences"
  Visiting Professor of Anthropology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusett
September 1948 - October 1949 Research Associate with Dr. Jurgen Ruesch at the Langley Porter Clinic, University of California Medical School, San Francisco, CA
November 1949 - 1963 Ethnologist, Veterans Administration Hospital, Palo Alto, CA
October 23, 1950 Divorced from Margaret Mead
1950 Married Elizabeth Sumner
1951 Birth of son, John Bateson
1951 - 1963 Publication of Communication: The Social Matrix of Psychiatry by Jurgen Ruesch, Gregory Bateson
  Visiting Professor of Anthropology, Stanford University, CA
1952-1954 Director, Rockefeller Foundation grant research project on the Role of Paradoxes of Abstraction in Communication
1954-1959 Director, Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation grant research project on Schizophrenic Communication
1956 Becomes naturalized U.S. citizen
  Begins work on The Natural History of an Interview project
1957 Divorced from second wife, Elizabeth Sumner
1958 Navan re-issued with new preface and epilogue
1959-1962 Principal Investigator, Research in Family Psychotherapy, funded by National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Foundations' Fund for Research in Psychiatry
  Visiting Professor, California School of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
  Frieda Fromm-Reichmann Award for Research in Schizophrenia
  Publication of Perceval's Narrative
  Began work with octopus
1961 Married third wife, Lois Cammack
1963-1964 Associate Director, Communication Research Institute, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
  Career Development Award, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
1965-1972 Associate Director, Oceanic Institute, Waimanalo, Hawaii
  Visiting Professor of Anthropology, University of Hawaii
  Professor & Director, International Honors Program, International School of America, traveling around the world
  Publication of Steps to an Ecology of Mind
April 13, 1969 Birth of daughter, Nora Bateson
1972-1978 Visiting Senior Lecturer, University of California, Santa Cruz
  Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Appointed to Board of Regents of the University of California
November 15, 1978 Death of Margaret Mead
1978-1980 Scholar in residence, Esalen Institute
  Worked on Where Angels Fear to Tread
  Publication of Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity
July 4, 1980 Dies at the Zen Center, San Francisco, CA.

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, octopus and cetacean observation materials, marginalia, published and unpublished articles and reprints.


The collection is arranged in six series and five sub-series.
Correspondence (Series I) includes roughly 11,000 letters, approximately 4000 of which are by Gregory Bateson. Included is inter-office memoranda and correspondence from John Lilly Communication Research Institute and the Oceanic Institute, Hawaii as well as publication correspondence. Also is correspondence relating to Bateson's service on the UC Board of Regents, professional societies, journals, funding sources and conferences chaired by Bateson.
Writings (Series II) is divided into five sub-series: Article Manuscripts; Book Manuscripts; Octopus & Cetacean Observation materials; Notebooks; Bibliography of Published Articles. Article Manuscripts includes holograph manuscripts, drafts, typescripts and carbons of published and unpublished articles, support documents and copies of the published articles. Also included are unedited transcriptions of tape recordings. Book manuscripts (Subseries 2)

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Bateson, Gregory, 1904-1980--Archives
Anthropologists--United States--20th century
Ethnologists--United States--20th century
Bateson, Mary Catherine
Bateson, Lois

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Separated Material

The author's personal book collection has been cataloged separately.
As of June 2008, the tape recordings and films are in the process of being re-formatted and cataloged.

Additional collection guides

Collection Contents

box 1-39

Series 1 Correspondence 1922-1980

Physical Description: 39 boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains roughly 11,000 letters of which approximately 4000 are by Gregory Bateson. There is also inter-office memoranda and correspondence from Bateson's years at John Lilly's Communication Research Institute and at the Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, as well as correspondence regarding the publication of Steps to an Ecology of Mind and Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity. Also included is correspondence relating to Bateson's service on the UC Board of Regents, various professional societies and journals as well as funding sources such as Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, National Institute of Health [NIH]. Finally, there is correspondence relating to the Wenner-Glen Conferences which Bateson chaired.


The correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

Additional Guides

box 1:1-40

A - Amsterdam Conference 1943-1979

box 2:41-76

Andelson, Jonathan - Atoms 1945-1980

box 3:77-118

Attneave, Fred - Bateson G. 1939-1980

box 4:119-164

Bateson, G. - Bersok, Cathy 1946-1980

box 5:165-208

Bibliographies - Brody, Mike 1946-1980

box 6:209-263

Broom, Leonard - Catholic University of America 1946-1980

box 7:264-321

Cecil, Lorna - Coleman, William n.d., 1961-1979

Scope and Content Note

Please note: the following folders are "EMPTY". Box 7:282-285, 287, 290, 294, 300
box 8:322-370

College of Survival - Cypress Institute 1922-1980

box 9:371-425

D - East-West Center 1946-1980

box 10:426-446

Ecology Committee - Energy 1948-1978

box 11:447-481

Engel, Mark - Fein, Lou (Peace Gaming, Computer) 1946-1980

box 12:482-548

Ferber, Andrew - Giudicelli, Pierre 1946-1979

box 13:549-600

Glassman, Richard - Hall, Margaret I. n.d. 1946-1979

box 14:601-661

Hamburg, David, M.D. - Higgs, Peter L. 1946-1979

box 15:662-700

Hillman, James - Institute for the Righteous Acts n.d. 1946-1979

box 16:701-720

International Community College - Jay, Bob n.d. 1947-1980

box 17:721-756

Jennings, Roger - Kealakekua Bay Trip 1947-1980

box 18:757-805

Keeney, Bradford P. - Laing, R. D. ca. 1940-1980

box 19:806-849

Lambert, William W. - Lewin, Kurt 1947-1980

box 20:850-885

Licklider, J.C.R. - Lyons, Jeanne A. 1946-1979

box 21:886-923

M - May, Rollo n.d. 1946-1978

box 22:924-955

McAndrews, Bob - Metaphor and Metaphysics 1946-1980

box 23:956-999

Metraux, Rhoda - Mysbergh, James H. 1946-1979

box 24:1000-1020

N - Norris, Nancy Ellen 1946-1977

box 25:1021-1043

North, Robert C. - Olsen's Electronics 1950-1978

box 26:1044-1092

O'Malley, Patricia - Perry, John 1946-1980

box 27:1093-1136

Peters, Carl, M.D. - Pristas, P. J. 1946-1980

box 28:1137-1169

Prochaska, Sister Helen - Raxlen, Bernard, M.D. 1947-1980

box 29:1170-1177

Redler, Leon, M.D. - Regents V 1965-1980

box 30:1178-1194

Regents (Quasi-Regents) - Reynolds, Peter C. 1949-1980

box 31:1195-1237

RIAS [Radio in American Sector]-Berlin - Royaumont, October 10-13, 1975 1939-1978

box 32:1238-1293

Rubenstein, David - Scurlock, Jim 1946-1980

box 33:1294-1340

Seagel, Ernest M., Lee & Laurence - South Beach, March 3-4, 1977 1946-1979

box 34:1341-1380

Spain - Syz, Hans 1946-1980

box 35:1381-1444

T - Voss, Gilbert L. n.d. 1946-1980

box 36:1445-1483

W - Wenner-Gren, "Cultural Frames", Aug-Sept 1977 1947-1980

box 37:1484-1532

Werner, Fred H. - Zurich 1946-1980

box-folder 38

Burg Wartenstein 1968

box-folder 39

Wenner-Gren Conference - Midtown Manhattan Conference 1969

box-folder 40-78, 85-90, 95-96, 98

Series 2 Writings 1920-1986

Physical Description: 48 boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series is divided into five subseries: 2.1 Complete Article File [CAF], 2.2 Book manuscripts, 2.3 Octopus & Cetacean Observations, 2.4 Notebooks and 2.5 Published Articles File [PAF].


Subseries 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5 are arranged alphabetically by title. Subseries 2.4 Notebooks and Subseries 2.6 Reprints are arranged chronologically. Please note the dating of the notebooks is approximate.
box-folder 40-55

Subseries 2.1 Complete Article File [CAF] 1923-1986

Physical Description: 15 boxes

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains holograph manuscripts & drafts, typescripts, carbons and photocopies of published & unpublished articles, unedited transcriptions of tape recordings as well as support documents and copies of the published articles.


The articles are arranged alphabetically by title. The donor order has been kept.
box 40


box 41

B - Ch

box 42

Ch - Cre

box 43

Cu - D

box 44

E - Fo

box 45

Fro - Lea

box 46

Let - Mel

box 47

Mem - Met

box 48

Mi - Ob

box 49

Old - Pi

box 50

Pl - Ps

box 51

Rad - Rit

box 52

Rol - Soc

box 53

Som - St

box 54

Sui - Tow

box 55

Tr - Z & Minor publications

box 60-68, 85-90, 98

Subseries 2.2 Book Manuscripts ca. 1950-1980

Physical Description: 16 boxes

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains book manuscripts, proofs, notes, correspondence, and materials relating to Bateson's last three books, Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Where Angels Fear to Tread, Mind and Nature and unpublished material.
box 63

The Distribution of Mind, incomplete manuscript ca. 1967

box 63

Typescript photocopies

box 64-68, 90:7-8

Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity ca. 1979

box 64-68

Manuscript pages

box 90:7-8


box 60-62

Steps to an Ecology of Mind ca. 1972-1979

box 60

Title page and contents, French edition 1975

box 61

Preface, pg. 406-537, French edition 1975

box 62

Ballantine, pgs. 1-536, figures 1973

box 63, 85-89, 98

Where Angels Fear to Tread: Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred ca. 1978-1980

box 63


box 85:1-15

Oversize holograph pages

box 86:1-39

Typescripts, transcriptions of tapes

box 87:1-39, 90:1-6

Typescripts, drafts

box 88:1-35

Typescripts, drafts, articles

box 89:1-38

Typescripts, drafts, correspondence

box 98

Design copy, manuscript with corrections

box 56-59

Subseries 2.3 Octopus & Cetacean Observation materials 1925-1985

Physical Description: 4 boxes

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains observation notes, drafts, typescripts, correspondence, notebooks, dictaphone disks, reprints, photographs, charts, maps used in the observation and training of dolphins at the Oceanic Institute.


The donor order has been kept.
box 56

Octopus Observations - Whaler's Cove Observations 1961-1965

box 57

Oceanic Institute Reprints - Observaions at Essex Cove 1965-1966

box 58

Observations of Training Tanks - Photos, Virgin Islands 1965-1966

box 59

Virgin Islands Dolphins - Observation Notebook 1964-1967

box 69-74

Subseries 2.4 Notebooks 1943-1977

Physical Description: 6 boxes

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains Bateson's notebooks. Notebooks #0, 10B, 10C, 10D, 12B, 14B, 15B, 15C, 21B, 26B were received from David Lipset after the initial group of notebooks had already been listed.


The donor order has been kept. In general, the notebooks are arranged chronologically. Dating has been based on the bulk of the contents of each notebook and in some cases is approximate.
box 69

#0-10D 1943 - September 1949

box 70

#11-20 October 1949 - ca. 1954

box 71

#21-30 ca. 1954 - 1963

box 72

#31-41 1964 - 1969

box 73

#42-53 1969 - June 1974

box 74

#54-66 1974 - 1977

box 75-78

Subseries 2.5 Bibliography of Published Articles & Files 1925-1985

Physical Description: 13 boxes

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries is a chronological bibliography of Bateson's books, articles, notices, reviews, interviews and conference remarks prepared by Rodney E. Donaldson.


The published articles are arranged by date. For a title listing of the materials in this series please consult the Donaldson "Guide/Catalog" in Special Collections.
box-folder 75


box-folder 76


box-folder 77


box-folder 78


box-folder 78

Minor published articles 1975-1986

box 95-96

Subseries 2.6 Reprints 1935-1982

Physical Description: 2 boxes

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains miscellaneous articles and reprints. They are all consecutively numbered however some of the numbers are missing. It is not know what the numbers represent.
box-folder 95:1

#5 "Music in New Guinea" - The Eagle, v.48:214 [pgs. 158-170] 1935

box-folder 95:1

#6 "Culture Contact and Schismogenesis" [pgs. 178-183] Dec. 1935

box-folder 95:1

#9 "Experiments in Thinking About Observed Ethnological Material" v.8:1 - Reprint from Philosophy of Science Jan. 1941

box-folder 95:1

#11 "IV. The Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis and Culture" v.48:4 - Reprint from Psychological Review July 1941

box-folder 95:1

#14 "Social Planning and the Concept of 'Deutero-Learning'" - Reprint from Science, Philosophy, and Religion, 2nd Symposium 1942

box-folder 95:1

#18 "Chapter V, Morale and National Character" - From Society for Psychological Studies of Social Issues, pg. 71-91 1942

box-folder 95:1

#20 "An Analysis of the Nazi Film Hitlerjunge Quex" n.d.

box-folder 95:2

#26 "Section of Anthropology", Ser.II, v.6:4 - Reprinted from Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences Jan. 24, 1944

box-folder 95:2

#30 "The Pattern of an Armaments Race; An Anthropological Approach", pt.1, v.2:5-8 - Reprint from The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 1946

box-folder 95:2

#32 "Physical Thinking and Social Problems" - Reprint from Science v.103:2686 June 21, 1946

box-folder 95:2

#33 "From One Social Scientist to Another", v.34:4 - Reprint from American Scientist 1946

box-folder 95:2

#35 "Sex and Culture", v.47:Art 5 - Reprint from The Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences May 1947

box-folder 95:2

#42 "Applied Metalinguistics and International Relations" by Henry Lee Smith, Jr., v.10:1 - Reprint from ETC.: A Review of General Semantics Autumn 1952

box-folder 95:2

#43 "Changes in Human Relationships and Individual Psychology' - Typescript [pgs.1-27] n.d.

box-folder 95:2

#45 "Metalogue: Why do Frenchmen?", v.10:2 - Reprint from ETC.: A Review of General Semantics 1953

box-folder 95:2

#46 "Metalogue: About Games and Being Serious", [pgs. 213-217] - Reprint from ETC.: A Review of General Semantics n.d.

box-folder 95:2

#48A "Why a Swan? - a Metalogue", [pgs. 23-26] - Reprint from Dance as Communication: Impulse 1954

box-folder 95:3

#53 "Toward a Theory of Schizophrenia" - Reprint from Behavioral Science, v.1:4 October 1956

box-folder 95:3

#55 "Editorial Notes - Languages and Psychotherapy - Frieda Fromm-Reichmann's Last Project" - Reprint from Psychiatry, v.21:1 Feb. 1958

box-folder 95:3

#57 "Chapter 2 - Schizophrenic Distortions of Communications - Moderator: Gregory Bateson" - Photocopy from Sea Island Conference: Psychotherapy of Chronic Scizophrenic Patients n.d.

box-folder 95:3

#61 "Cultural Problems Posed by a Study of Schizophrenic Process" - Reprint from Schizophrenia 1959

box-folder 95:3

#62 "The New Conceptual Frames for Behavioral Research" - Reprint from Proceedings of the 6th Annual Psychiatric Institute Sept. 17, 1958

box-folder 95:3

#63 "Minimal Requirements for a Therapy of Schizophrenia" - Reprint from A.M.A. Archives of General Psychiatry v.2 May 1960

box-folder 95:3

#64 "Specific Approaches and Clinical Implications" - Reprint from Chronic Schizophrenia: Explorations 1960

box-folder 95:3

#67 "Perceval's Narrative: a Patient's Account of His Psychosis, 1830-1832" 1961

box-folder 95:3

#68 "Exchange of information about Patterns of Human Behavior" - Reprint from Information Storage and Neural Control 1963

box-folder 95:3

#69 "Communication Theories in Relation to the Etiology of the Neuroses" - Reprint from The Etiology of the Neuroses 1966

box-folder 95:3

#71A "A Social Scientist Views the Emotions" - Reprint from Expression of the Emotions in Man n.d.

box-folder 95:3

#72 "Some Varieties of Pathogenic Organization", v.42 - typescript and reprint from Disorders of Communication 1964

box-folder 95:3

#73 "The Role of Somatic Change in Evolution", v.17:4 - Reprint from Evolution Dec. 24, 1963

box-folder 95:3

#75 "On the Logical Categories of Learning and Communication" n.d.

box-folder 95:4

#76 "Some 19th Century Problems of Evolution" - typescript n.d.

box-folder 95:4

#77 "Metalogue: What is an Instinct?" - typescript - Reprint from Approaches to Animal Communication n.d.

box-folder 95:4

#78 "Cybernetic Explanation" - typescript n.d.

box-folder 95:4

#82 "The Distribution of Mind", draft - Photocopy of typescript w/corrections n.d.

box-folder 95:4

#83 "Effects of Conscious Purpose on Human Adaptation" n.d.

box-folder 95:5

Bali: The Value System of a Steady State - Reprint from Social Structure; Studies presented to A.R. Radcliffe-Brown 1949

box-folder 96

Review of "The Theory of Human Culture", James Feibleman - Review in Political Science Quarterly, v.62:3 Sept. 1947

box-folder 96

Review of "Primate Ethology", Desmond Morris - Reprint from American Anthropologist, v.70:5 October 1968

box-folder 96

Exhibit II "The Cetacean Community in Whaler's Cove - Sea Life Park" - Excerpt from draft of report of work done under Career Development Award (K3-NH-21, 931) n.d.

box-folder 96

Afterword - "Dear John, When you first suggested this volume and undertook to put it together..." n.d.

box-folder 96

"Dear Cathy" 1969 1977

box-folder 96

"Schizophrenic Communication: A Theoretical Discussion and a Proposal for Research" ca. 1954

box-folder 96

"Problems in Cetacean & Other Mammalian Communication" - Reprints from Whales Dolphins and Porpoises, K. Norris n.d. 1966

box-folder 96

"A Re-examination of 'Bateson's Rule'" - Reprint from Journal of Genetics, v.60:3 Sept. 1971

box-folder 96

"Redundancy and Coding" - Reprint from Animal Communication n.d.

box-folder 96

"Protecting the Future: Aiding the Work of Scientists is believed best Safeguard" - Letters to the Times, New York Times Dec. 8, 1946

box-folder 96

"Prayer Breakfast" Jan.8, 1976

box-folder 96

"Pidgin English and Cross-Cultural Communication" - Reprint from Transactions of the New York Academy of Science, Ser.II, v.6:4 Jan 24, 1944

box-folder 96

"On Empty-Headness Among Biologists and State Boards of Education" - Photocopy from Steps to an Ecology of Mind, pg.343-345 n.d.

box-folder 96

Discussion: The Science of Decency - Reprint from Philosophy of Science, v.10:2 April 1943

box-folder 96

Discussion of "Approaches to Family Therapy" n.d.

box-folder 96

"Epilogue: The Growth of Paradigms for Psychiatry" - Reprint from Communication and Social Interaction 1977

box-folder 96

"Form, Substance and Difference" - Reprint from General Semantics Bulletin, no.37 1970

box-folder 96

"Metalogue: Daddy, How Much do You Know?" - Reprint from ETC: A Review of General Semantics, v.10:4 Summer 1953

box-folder 96

"Metalogues: Why Do Frenchmen?" - Reprint from ETC: A Review of General Semantics, v.10:2 Winter 1953

box-folder 96

"The Message of Reinforcement" - Reprint from Language Behavior n.d.

box-folder 96

"Experiments in Thinking About Observed Ethnological Material" - Reprint from Philosophy of Science, v.8:1 January 1941

box-folder 96

"Communication in Occupational Therapy"- Reprint from American Journal of Occupational Therapy 1956

box-folder 96

"The Cybernetics of 'Self': A Theory of Alcoholism" - Reprint from Psychiatry: Journal for the Study of Interpersonal Processes February 1971

box-folder 96

"Social Structure of the Iatmul People of the Sepik River" - Reprint from Oceania, v.2:3 March 1932

box-folder 96

"Some Components of Socialization for Trance" - Reprint from Ethos, v.3:2 Summer 1975

box-folder 96

"Structure and Process in Social Relations" - Reprint from Psychiatry: Journal for the Operational Statement of Interpersonal Relations, v.12:2 May 1949

box-folder 96

"Style, Grace, and Information in Primitive Art" - Reprint from Primitive Art and Society n.d.

box-folder 96

"Sex and Behavior" - Revised transcript of talk to 2nd Conference on Sex and Behavior, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, California June 1962

box-folder 96

"Principles of Morale Building" - Journal of Educational Sociology, pgs. 206-220 Dec. 1941

box-folder 96

"Towards a theory of Cultural Coherence: Comment" - Anthropological Quarterly, v.51:1, pgs. 77-78 Jan. 1978

box-folder 96

"Influence of Atomic Bomb on Indirect Methods of Warfare" - Photocopy of letter to General Donovan Aug. 18, 1945

box-folder 96

"Difference, Double Description and the Interactive Designation of Self" - Photocopy from Studies in Symbolism and Cultural Communications 1982

box-folder 96

"Metalogue: Gregory Bateson, Paul Ryan" n.d.

box-folder 96

"Statement on problems which will confront the proposed Office of Environmental Quality in Government and an Environmental Center at the University of Hawaii" 1970 photocopy - from Steps to an Ecology of Mind

box 79-84, 94

Series 3 Related materials 1946-1980

Physical Description: 7 boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains a wide range of related materials such as manuscript pages by Bateson and others, notes and fragments, cards files, marginalia (writings by others), materials about Bateson and course materials.
box 79

Interview with Milton H. Erickson 1945

box 79

John Proctor transcripts & notes 1950

box 79

Dr. Bateson lecture notes July 1955

box 79

The Death of a Mongoose, a poem [G. Bateson?] n.d.

box 79

Our Own Metaphor, by M.C. Bateson, draft no. 15, typescript photocopy n.d.

box 79

Wenner-Gren Symposium on Restructuring the Ecology of a Great City Oct. 30, 1970

box 79

"OM" Conference on G. Spencer Brown, transcript photocopy, notes by Anne Dale March 1973

box 80

Princeton Conference I-IV, transcript Dec. 1969

box 80

"Living Systems" - examination for Bateson's course n.d.

box 80

Session with Jenny O'Connor, English psychic who channeled "The Nine", Esalen Institute, unedited transcript & notes Feb. 7, 1979

box 81

"Ecology of Mind" lecture course, Fall 1976, transcript 1976

box 81

Rockefeller Project papers - materials for a report and proposal to continue project begun 9/1952 ca. 1954

box 81

Bateson Project - "post-double-bind", David Lipset, notes, 4 pgs typescript, carbon ca. 1960-1980

box 81

Ruth Fulton Benedict: A Memorial, 1 copy Nov. 4, 1948

box 81

University of Hawaii Bulletin, Catalog 1970-71 1970-1971

box 81

Article & photos in "Balinese Character" from Popular Photography, v.78:2 Feb. 1976

box 81

International Committee on Urgent Anthropological Research in New Guinea: Bulletin no.1 ca. 1961

box 81

Sepik District Anthropological Bibliography, Department of Anthropology & Sociology, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National Unniversity 1963

box 81

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory: 25th year commemorative edition - 25 years in Pictures 1977

box 81

G. Bateson's telephone & address books 1964-1980

box 82

Marginalia (Writings by Others - photocopies of pages from books which the family retained or were sold as part of the William Batson Library and four papers) 1946-1980

box 83-84

Articles and books about Gregory Bateson - an incomplete list 1946-1980

box 83

#1-38 1937-1983

box 84

#39-70 1937-1983

box 84

Notes and fragments ca. 1957-1980

box 84

"Teleological Mechanisms", by Frank, Hutchinson, Livingston, McCulloch, Wiener, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v.50:4, pgs. 187-278, reprint 1948

box 94

Cards 1950-1972

box 94

References for books & articles ca. 1950

box 94

Addresses & phone numbers 1970

box 94

Library cards for 'traveling book collection' taken by Bateson around the world for use by students on International Honors Program Trip 1971-1972

box 97

Series 4 Conferences 1967-1978

Physical Description: 1 box

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains conference materials.
box 97

Wenner-Gren Conference, July 1968 1967-1968

box 97


box 97

"Realities" Conference, January 1978 1977-1978

box 97

Source Book I

box 97

Source Book II

box 97

Source Book III

box 91-93, 100

Series 5 Photographs 1900-1980

Physical Description: 3 boxes, 1 pamphlet

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains family photographs and animal photographs taken by Bateson on a trip to the Animal Reserve in Kenya.
box 91

Family photographs

box 92

Animal photographs taken by Bateson

box 93

Color snapshots of Bateson & family

box 100

Bateson portrait - b/w photo of drawing done by R.B. Dilts 1978

Physical Description: 13.5" x 10.5"
box 99

Series 6 Realia 1870-1980

Physical Description: 1 box

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains a microscope, and lens.
box 99

Microscope, lens and carrying case