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Nancy Tucker T-Shirt Collection, 1975-[2014] GLC 25
GLC 25  
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Box 1, Item 1

"San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade & Celebration. June 26, 1988. Rightfully Proud." Triangular logo in black and gold on pink. Back reads: "Parade Staff." (short-sleeved), 1988

Box 1, Item 2

"Honor Our Past...Secure Our Future. Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day, 30 June 1985, San Francisco. Stage." Black print and black triangle amid red flames logo on pink. (sleeveless), 1985

Box 1, Item 3

"An Attack On One Will Be Answered By All. Workers Conference Against Briggs/Proposition 6." Black print and graphic of four hands holding a single wrench, and double-women's symbol on red. (short-sleeved), [1977-1978]

Box 1, Item 4

"10 Years--1 Billion Dollars--1 Drug. Big Deal. Enjoy AZT." Black print on white. Red graphic to mimic the "Enjoy Coke" logo on front. "ACT UP Golden Gate Demands DDI & DDC Approval Now!" in black print on white (on back). (short-sleeved), undated

Box 1, Item 5

"Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Task Force. Est. 1970. 25th Anniversary. The Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association." Black print and pink triangle on white. (short-sleeved), [1995]

Box 1, Item 6

"Frameline Presents the 1988 San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. June 17-June 26. Castro Theatre, Roxie Cinema." Black print and logo of hand holding "12" on gray. (short-sleeved), 1988

Box 1, Item 7

"My Domestic Partner Went to the Castro and All I Got Was This Bloody T-shirt. October 6, 1989. San Francisco. Police Riot in the Castro. October 6, 1991. Two Years--Still No Justice. Bashers Off the Force!" Signed "Akimbo." Print in black and white, with red splotches to suggest blood stains. (short-sleeved), 1991

Box 1, Item 8

"Women ACT UP. San Francisco." White print and logo of a woman's symbol with a pink triangle in the center, on black. (sleeveless), undated

Box 1, Item 9

"Year of the Queer. San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade & Celebration. June 27th, 1993." Black print, with pink details on white. (tank top), 1993

Box 1, Item 10

"Volunteer. Gay Games II. San Francisco, August 1986." Pink print on navy blue. (short-sleeved), 1986

Box 1, Item 11

"Queer Nation. San Francisco." Print in black. Graphic of "Q" with a globe in the center within a lavender triangle on a white background. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 1, Item 12

"Queer Nation. San Francisco." Black print on white/gray. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 1, Item 13

"Tenth San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. June 20-29, 1986." Multi-colored printing with a graphic of a filmstrip with a "10" on it, on a white background. (sleeveless), 1986

Box 1, Item 14

"Unity & More in '84. Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day. San Francisco. Stage." White print and triangle logo on blue. (short-sleeved), 1984

Box 1, Item 15

"Strengthen the Ties. Break the Chains. Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day. June 26, 1983. San Francisco. Stage." Black print on pink. (short-sleeved), 1983

Box 1, Item 16

"San Francisco Front Runners. The Annual Gay and Lesbian Run. October 11, 1992." Print in black, pink, and teal on white. (short-sleeved), 1992

Box 1, Item 17

"Gay Freedom Day Parade, San Francisco. 29 June 1980. Liberty and Justice For All. Trocadero Transfer." Red print and graphic of waving U. S. flag and stars on white. (short-sleeved with pink collar and cuffs), 1980

Box 1, Item 18

"San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade, 1981." Yellow print and logo on red. (short-sleeved), 1981

Box 1, Item 19

"National March for Lesbian/Gay Rights. San Francisco, 1984. Sunday, July 15. Castro to Moscone Center." White or pink print with triangles on black. (sleeveless), 1984

Box 1, Item 20

"Frameline Presents 13[th] San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. June 16-25, 1989." Black print and graphic on white. (short-sleeved), 1989

Box 1, Item 21

"Wilson=Liar. ©Dont Panic 1991" (on front). "The People Will Not Forget the Veto of AB 101" (on back). Black print on white. (short-sleeved), 1991

Box 1, Item 22

"Wilson Sucks AB 101." Black print on white. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 1, Item 23

"Celebration. Forward Together. No Turning Back. Lesbian-Gay Freedom Day. June 29, 1986. San Francisco." Pink print on navy blue. (short-sleeved), 1986

Box 1, Item 24

"Freedom '92." Black print with graphic of a suspension bridge (Bay or Golden Gate?) and pink triangles on white. "©1992 Wedgeman." (short-sleeved), 1992

Box 1, Item 25

"LGADDA. Lesbians & Gays of African Descent for Democratic Action." Yellow print with a pink triangle, overlaid with an Africa-shaped graphic in red, black, and green stripes, on black background. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 1, Item 26

"15[th] International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. San Francisco. June 21-30, 1991. Roxie, Castro. A Frameline Presentation." Black and pink print on white, with pink triangle logo. (short-sleeved), 1991

Box 1, Item 27

"Operation Lift the Ban. Human Rights Campaign Fund." In red and blue print with U. S. flag logo in which one star is a triangle (on front) on white background. Back reads: "Human Rights Campaign Fund. Castro Village Pharmacy. ["V" in Village is a triangle]. Alexander Hamilton Post 448-American Legion, the Alliance, The Bay Area Military Freedom Project, The Harvey Milk Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Democratic Club, Lesbians & Gays of African Descent for Democratic Action, NGLTF/SF" in red print on white. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 1, Item 28

"San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade & Celebration. The Future Is Ours! Medical Monitor." [Date illegible]. Multi-colored print on blue with black "+" for medical monitor. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 29

" 'A Simple Matter of Justice' Harvey Milk. The 1992 San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade and Celebration. June twenty-eighth." Multi-colored print with graphic of pink triangle and scales on white. (long-sleeved sweatshirt), 1992

Box 2, Item 30

"SHANTI project." Black print and graphic of San Francisco skyline and moon on blue. (long-sleeved sweatshirt), undated

Box 2, Item 31

"San Francisco Spikes." Black and yellow print with soccer ball and triangle graphic on fuchsia. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 32

"Don't Just Talk. Take a Walk" (on front). Green and blue print on white. "Fifth Annual AIDS Walk San Francisco. July 21, 1991. ESPRIT" (on back). Green, orange and blue print on white. (short-sleeved), 1991

Box 2, Item 33

"12th Annual West Coast Women's Music & Comedy Festival '91." White print and yellow and white graphic of a music stand, treble clef, notes, and stars on blue background. (sleeveless), 1991

Box 2, Item 34

"San Francisco Living Sober 1986." Lavender print, with a butterfly and triangle graphic in pink and lavender on black. (short-sleeved), 1986

Box 2, Item 35

"Living Sober '87. San Francisco." White print, with graphic of butterfly and San Francisco skyline in pink and white on black. (short-sleeved), 1987

Box 2, Item 36

"International Ms. Leather. March 26, 1988." Red print with graphic of a woman in leather and chains with wings in black on gray. (short-sleeved), 1988

Box 2, Item 37

"Staff. Halloween '90. Castro Street. San Francisco." Black print on white. (long-sleeved sweatshirt), 1990

Box 2, Item 38

"Eichelberger's" Maroon print on light blue with silk-screened graphic of someone dressed as an Egyptian (on front). "For drinks, for dinner, for the duration" in maroon print on light blue (on back). (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 39

"Team San Francisco. Vancouverun. Benefiting Team San Francisco & Celebration '90. Golden Gate Park. August 6, 1989." Multi-colored print and graphic of people running on white. (short- sleeved), 1989

Box 2, Item 40

"BACW. Women Fusion '86. Celebrate the Power and the Passion." Black and white print on red, with 3 diamond-shaped graphic on white. (short-sleeved), 1986

Box 2, Item 41

"AIDS Bike-a-thon V. Saturday, May 13, 1989. San Francisco" (on front). Black print with teal logo of people riding bicycles, on white. "Headlines, San Francisco" (on back). Black print with black, pink, and lavender graphic of a flamingo riding a bicycle, on white. (short-sleeved), 1989

Box 2, Item 42

"AIDS Walk '89" (on front). Black print with a graphic of the San Francisco skyline on teal. "Kaiser Permanente" (on back). Black print on teal. (short- sleeved), 1989

Box 2, Item 43

"AIDS Walk San Francisco. BA Bank of America. 'Every Step We Take Makes a Difference.' " Light blue and white print on red (on front), with light blue footprints across back and front. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 44

"7th On Sale. San Francisco" (on front). Black print on white. "CFDA Fashion Center. A benefit for AIDS" (on back). Black print on white. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 45

"San Francisco Arts For Life. October 13, 1985." Red and blue print, with silk-screen of a David Hockney graphic of a theater's interior in red and blue on white. (short-sleeved), 1985

Box 2, Item 46

"Project Open Hand in black print with stylized graphic of hands opened with a heart in the center, on green. Small version on front, larger version on back. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 47

"Fork It Over. Skip-a-Lunch for Project Open Hand." (on front). Black print, with pink fork, on white. "Skip A Lunch for Open Hand, May 1992." (on back). Black print, with black, white, and pink graphic of waitress carrying a lunch-box, on white. Logos of radio station "Double 99 FW" and channel "4 KRON." (short-sleeved), 1992

Box 2, Item 48

"'PAWS. Pets Are Wonderful Support, San Francisco, 824-4040." Black print, and graphic of a fish, dog, cat and rabbit on red. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 49

"Now, Voyager. World Wide Travel Service, San Francisco." Black print, with logo of Bette Davis' eyes, on white. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 50

"The Fourth Annual Castro Street Dog Show & Parade. June 10th, 1984." White print with red accents on black. (short-sleeved), 1984

Box 2, Item 51

"The Third Annual Dog Show & Parade. Castro Street. San Francisco, 1983" (on front). "Monitor" (on back). Black print on yellow. (short-sleeved), 1983

Box 2, Item 52

"RUBYS." Black and red print on white with drawing of two women in jeans and boots dancing. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 53

"Bring Sharon Home." Black text on pink with design in purple of two linked women's symbols modified to look like a wheelchair. Paint-stained with cut neck-band. Re: Sharon Kowalski. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 2, Item 54

"National Reno Gay Rodeo Country Fair. Comstock Gay Rodeo Association. Nevada State Fairgrounds. P.O. Box 2372, Reno, Nevada 89505." Blue print on white with drawings of a man and a woman on horseback. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 3, Items 55-56

"San Francisco Dykes Take Action WAC" [Women's Action Coalition?] (on front) Black and pink text on white. "Dykes Do D.C. in '93" (on back) Black print on white. (Short-sleeved) [2 T-shirts], 1993

Box 3, Item 57

"You make me feel mighty real" (on front) Pink text on black. "Sylvester. Fantasy Records" (on back) pink text on black. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 3, Item 58

"The 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. April 25" (on front) Printed in white, yellow and purple on black. U.S. Capitol Building in white on purple background. (short-sleeved), 1993

Box 3, Item 59

"WALK. Walk for AIDS 92. Contra Costa County. Sunday, October 4, 1992" (on front) Printed in red, yellow, blue and green on white. (short-sleeved), 1992

Box 3, Item 60

"Folsom Street Fair. Decade. September 26th 1993. San Francisco" (on front), "CUAV. SAFETY" [Community United Against Violence] (on back) Printed in white on red. (short-sleeved), 1992

Box 3, Item 61

"Up Your Alley. The Leather Block Party. San Francisco '92" with drawing of a boot (on front). Printed in white on black. (short-sleeved), 1992

Box 3, Item 62

"Visual Aid. Artists Fighting AIDS" with drawing of a two figures holding paintbrushes (on front). Printed in yellow, black, blue, green and red on white. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 3, Item 63

"NGLTF. Fight Back. MOW '93" [National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, March on Washington] with drawing of the U.S. Capitol building inside a leather jacket (on front). Printed in white and pink on black. (short-sleeved), 1993

Box 3, Item 64

"Mr. Drummer. International Finals. San Francisco 1991" (on front). Printed in black and green on red. (short-sleeves cut off), 1991

Box 3, Item 65

"Bay Area Reporter. 30th Anniversary. San Francisco, CA. 1971, 2001" with design over top of yellow triangle (on front). Printed in black, blue, red and yellow on white. (short-sleeved), 2001

Box 3, Item 66

"Year of the Queer. San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade & Celebration. June 27th, 1993." Black print, with pink details on white. (short-sleeved), 1993

Box 3, Item 67

"Queer. |`kwi(e)r| A Group Exhibition." (on front). "Queer [with dictionary definition] A Group Exhibition. Belcher Studios Gallery. January 1994" (on back) White print on blue. (short-sleeved), 1994

Box 3, Item 68

"The Great Condom Rating Contest. 1990. Copyright ©1990 by Beowulf J. Thorne" (on front) with drawing of man holding bow and arrow with condom over the arrow. Black print on pink. (short-sleeved), 1990

Box 3, Item 69

"Gay Run '81. Sponsored by The Advocate and Frontrunners" (on front). Purple? print on blue [faded]. (short-sleeved), 1981

Box 3, Item 70

"SMMILE. South of Market Merchants & Individuals Lifestyle Events. San Francisco. Up Your Alley Street Fair. The Leather Block Party. August 5, 1990. Folsom Street Fair. The Seventh Year Itch. Sept. 23, 1990" (on front). Drawing of Atlas holding "globe" on his back with woman above holding four-pointed star overhead. Black, green, and red print on white. (short-sleeved), 1990

Box 3, Item 71

"S.F. Eagle. 10th Anniversary," [Eagle Tavern] Drawing of eagle head surrounded by an arch with stars, above the San Francisco skyline (on front). Black, gold and red print on white/gray. (short-sleeves cut off), [1991?]

Box 3, Item 72

"Castro Street Fair. 15 Sept 1985" with line drawing of Harvey Milk by G. Pace (on front). "Monitor" (on back. Black print on beige. (short-sleeved), 1985

Box 3, Item 73

"Up Your Alley. The Leather Block Party. San Francisco. August 5, 1990" with drawing of a boot print (on front). Printed in white on black. (tank top), 1990

Box 3, Item 74

"10th Anniversary. The Midnight Sun. 1971. 1981" with drawing of a toy soldiers (on front). Printed in white and black on red. (short-sleeved), 1981

Box 3, Item 75

"Uncle Bert's Place. San Francisco" with drawing of bar, barstool, and glass (on front). Printed in white on blue. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 3, Item 76

"Poison. A Film by Todd Haynes. A Bronze Eye Production. A Zeitgeist Films Release" with the film's cover image [eyes, a swirl, roses] printed in yellow, black, purple, and green on white. (short-sleeved), [probably 1990-1992]

Box 3, Item 77

"Walk for AIDS 91. Seven Counties. Three Courses. One Goal. Sunday, October 27. Stanford University, Oakland. Santa Cruz" (on front) printed in yellow, blue, red, and green on white. "Walk for AIDS 91. A 10K Fundraising Walk Benefiting 36 AIDS Service Providers" [includes list of organizations by county] printed in blue on white (short-sleeved), 1991

Box 3, Item 78

"Women Fight Back Network. Cadena de Mujeres en Resistencia" with drawing of three women with fists raised overhead (on front) printed in black on orange. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 3, Item 79

"Becoming Visible" with exclamation point made of pink triangle and dot (on front) printed in pink and purple on white. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 4, Item 80

"City Athletic Club, San Francisco" with drawing of an athlete (on front) printed in blue on white. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 4, Item 81

"Jackhammer, San Francisco" with drawing of male construction worker and jackhammer (on front) printed in white on black. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 4, Item 82

"International Mr. Leather 1995" with drawing of man's head and arm wearing leather cap, sunglasses and gauntlet (on front) printed in black on white. (short-sleeved), 1995

Box 4, Item 83

"Up Your Alley. The Leather Block Party. San Francisco, August 4, 1991" with drawing of belt and triangle (on front) printed in black, white, pink and purple on gray. (short-sleeved), 1991

Box 4, Item 84

"Folsom Street Fair. The 7th Year Itch. San Francisco. Sept. 23rd 1990" with drawing of manhole cover, manhole, and fireworks (on front) printed in black, pink, purple, green on white. (short-sleeved), 1990

Box 4, Item 85

"Turning It Over. Meg Christian National Tour-1981” with drawing of guitar and rainbow (on front) printed in black, blue, red, yellow and orange on white. (short-sleeved), 1981

Box 4, Item 86

"Mr. Drummer. A.D. MCMXCIII. September 25, 1993. San Francisco" with drawing of man's torso holding "Mr. Drummer" sign above body of The Sphinx (on front) printed in black on white. (short-sleeved), 1993

Box 4, Item 87

"Triangle Tribe" (on back). Drawing of two arms with hands clasped holding a chain strung with rainbow-colored triangles "©Triangle Tribe 93. TM" credit (on front) printed in black, pink, green, yellow on beige. (short-sleeved), 1993

Box 4, Item 88

"Sylvester. Stars. On Fantasy Records" (on front) printed in silver and white on black. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 4, Item 89

"Men's Room" the "oo" of "room" is a drawing of handcuffs (on front) printed in black on yellow. (short-sleeved), undated

Box 4, Item 90

"OutWrite '93. ©A. Alty" with a drawing of a pen (on front) printed in black and purple on white. (short-sleeved), 1993

Box 4, Item 91

"Strengthen The Ties Break The Chains. Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day. 26 June 1983. San Francisco" with a drawing of a chain and rope (on front) printed in white on red. (short-sleeved), 1983

Box 4, Item 92

"O Pioneers! 100 Years Before Stonewall. Tales of the City: Lesbians & Gay Men Since Stonewall" with purple handprints (on front). "O Pioneers! 100 Years Before Stonewall. May 3-July 31, 1994. An exhibit in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, Doe Library, University of California, Berkeley. Tales of the City: Lesbians & Gay Men Since Stonewall. June 14-August 31, 1994. An exhibit in the 2nd floor Rotunda, San Francisco Public Library, Civic Center" (on back) printed in black and purple on white. (short-sleeved), 1994

Box 4, Item 93

"Gay Run. 10th Anniversary. 1979. 1989" with a drawing of four runners and a triangle (on front) printed in black, pink and gray on white. "San Francisco Frontrunners" printed in pink on one sleeve. (short-sleeved), 1989

Box 4, Item 94

"San Francisco to Stonewall: Pride and Protest. San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade & Celebration. Sunday June 19, 1994" with a drawing of upraised fist holding rainbow-colored flower and stem (on front) printed in black, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green on yellow. "Donations" (on back) printed in black. (short-sleeved), 1994

Box 4, Item 95

"Stop Briggs. No On 6. Bay Area Committee Against the Briggs Initiative. 2049 Market Street, San Francisco 94114. 415/626-9482" with a drawing of a triangle (on front) printed in brown on tan. (short-sleeved), [1977-1978]

Box 4, Item 96

"Gay Freedom Day 1978. ©Gay Freedom Day Committee 1978" with an arch ringed by lambda symbols (on front) printed in red and purple on white. (short-sleeved), 1978

Box 4, Item 97

"Another Mother Tongue. Yours in the Eye. Judy Grahn. ©Common Woman Crafts 1985" with the book's cover image [arch of pansies and butterflies, two figures in center back to back holding a sword and a spear/scepter surmounted by a star with mountains and a rainbow in the background] (on front) printed in black, pink, purple and yellow on lavender. (short-sleeved), 1985

Box 4, Item 98

"Gay & Lesbian Center. San Francisco Public Library" with stylized drawing of man holding open book (on front) printed in purple on white. (short-sleeved), [1996]

Box 4, Item 99

"Castro Village, San Francisco. Jason Phillips, 6.75. ©Dave Valentine Graphic Services" with drawing of houses and architectural elements (on front) printed in multiple colors on white. (short-sleeved), 1975

Box 4, Item 100

"Volunteer. frameline38. Proudly sponsored by Wells Fargo" (on back). White and yellow print on pink. Stylized "38" graphic on front in red, teal, and yellow. (short-sleeved), [2014]