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Collection of early printing fragments originally from the Huth library: Finding Aid
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Box 1

131401:00-131401:27 Huth fragments 1492-1634

Physical Description: 30 folders

 131401:00  [Leaf with Huth bookplate and portion of original marbled endleaf].


 131401:01   Berners, Juliana, 1388?- This present boke shewyth the manere of hawkynge [and] huntynge: and also of diuysynge of cote armours. [Enprynted at westmestre : By wynkyn the worde, the yere of thyncarnac[i]on of our lorde. M.CCCC.lxxxxvi. [1496]] 1496

Leaf ²d6 only; STC (2nd ed.), 3309

 131401:02   [Aesop's fables] [London : Printed by Richard Pynson?, 1525?] 1526?

Fragment of two conjunct leaves, removed from a binding. STC (2nd ed.), 177.7

 131401:03   Medwall, Henry, active 1486. Nature. [London : Printed by William Rastell, between 1529 and 1535] between 1529 and 153

Leaves h1,2 only, the latter mutilated. STC (2nd ed.), 17779

 131401:04   [Bevis of Hampton] [London : Printed by Julian Notary, ca. 1510] approximately 1510

Leaf h2 only, mutilated and inlaid. STC (2nd ed.), 1988.2

 131401:05   [Sir Eglamour] [London : Printed by William Copland?, ca. 1565?] approximately 1565?

Leaves D1,3,4 only; MS. notes. STC (2nd ed.), 7544.5

 131401:06   [Sir Tryamour] [London : Printed by Richard Pynson, 1503?] 1503?

Fragments of leaves 8,9 (two of latter), removed from a binding; mutilated. MS. notes. STC (2nd ed.), 24301.5

 131401:07   [Gesta Romanorum] [London : Printed by Wynkyn de Worde, ca. 1525] approximately 1525

Fragment of 1 leaf only, removed from a binding. STC (2nd ed.), 21286.7

 131401:08   [The history of the excellent knight Generides] [London : Printed by Wynkyn de Worde, 1506?] 1506?

2 fragments, one from G1; STC (2nd ed.), 11721.5

 131401:08a  [Passion of Christ] [London : Pynson, approximately 1503] approximately 1503

2 binding fragments containing 9 lines and part of another word. Formerly with Huth fragment 131401:08, but now identified as STC 14556.5

 131401:09   [A lytell treatyse for to lerne Englysshe and Frensshe] [Antwerp : Printed by Christoffel van Ruremund, ca. 1530] approximately 1530

Fragments of 2 leaves only. STC (2nd ed.), 24868.7

 131401:10   Berlemont, Noël de, -1531. [Leaf from Noël de Berlemont's Vocabulare] [Netherlands? : Publisher not identified, approximately 1530?] approximately 1530?

1 leaf of unidentified early edition of Berlemont's Vocabulare.

 131401:11   [Enterlude of detraction, light judgment, verity, and justice] [London : S.n., ca. 1550] approximately 1550

5 fragments of E1,3, removed from a binding. STC (2nd ed.), 14109.2

 131401:12   [Jacob and his twelve sons] [London : Printed by John Scot, ca. 1530] approximately 1530

Fragments of two conjunct and one single leaf, removed from a binding. STC (2nd ed.), 14324.5

 131401:13   Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451? This boke is compyled by Dan Ioh-n Lydgate monke of Burye, at the excitacion [and] styrynge of the noble and victorious prynce, Kynge Henry the fyfthe, i[n] the honoure glorie [and] reuerence of the byrthe of our moste blessed Lady, mayde, wyfe, [and] mother of our lorde Iesu Christe. [Imprynted at London : In the Fletestrete, by me Robert Redman, dwellynge in saynt Dunstones parysshe, next ye churche, In the yere of our lorde god. MCCCCC.XXXI. [1531] The fyrste daye of the moneth of Nouembre] 1531

Top third of H2.5 only, removed from a binding. STC (2nd ed.), 17025

 131401:14   Howell, Thomas, active 1568-1581. [Newe sonets, and pretie pamphlets] [London : Printed by Thomas Colwell?, 1575?] 1575?

Leaves D4,5 only, removed from a binding; mutilated. STC (2nd ed.), 13876.5

 131401:14a   Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, approximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D. The seconde tragedie of Seneca entituled Thyestes. Imprinted at London : in Fletestrete in the hous late Thomas Berthelettes, Anno. 1560. 26. die Martij 1560

Leaf *8 only. Formerly identified with Huth fragment 131401:14 STC (2nd ed.), 22226

 131401:15   Crowley, Robert, 1518?-1588. An informacion and peticion agaynst the oppressours of the poore commons of thys realme. Imprinted at London : by Iohn Daye, dwellyng in Sepulchres parish at the signe of the Resurrectio[n] a lytle aboue Holbourne Conduite, [1548] 1548

A1,4,5,8 only, unopened; cropped at foot. STC (2nd ed.), 6086.5

 131401:16   Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626? A poste vvith a packet of mad letters. London : Printed [by Miles Flesher] for Iohn Marriot, 1634 1634

Title page only. STC (2nd ed.), 3693

 131401:17   Velthoven, Adrian The p[ro]nostication of maister Adrian of arte and medicine doctour moost expert maister and excelle[n]t in astronomy. [London : Printed by Richard Pynson, 1520] 1520

Title page only, mutilated, removed from a binding. STC (2nd ed.), 406.7

 131401:18   Sepúlveda, Juan Ginés de, 1490-1573. Ioannis Genesii Sepuluedae Cordubensis Artium et Theologiae Doctoris, De ritu nuptiarum & dispensatione libri tres. Excusum Londini : In aedibus Ioannis Cawodi, typographi Regiae Maiestatis, Anno 1553. mense Nouembri 1553

Title page only, removed from binding, mutilated. STC (2nd ed.), 11722

 131401:19 (now RB 61832) 


 131401:20   Basse, William, -approximately 1653. Great Brittaines sunnes-set, bewailed with a shower of teares. At Oxford : Printed by Ioseph Barnes, 1613 1613

Fragments of title page and p.9-12, mutilated, removed from a binding. STC (2nd ed.), 1546

 131401:21   [Leaves V-V7 (fol. CLIII-CLIX) of Coverdale's Bible, Zurich, 1550.] Zurich, [1550] 1550

Identified by the Huth catalog as from the Coverdale Bible, Zurich, 1550. Not matched in ESTC.

 131401:22   [Six leaves of French Book of Hours on vellum] [Paris? : Thielmann Kerver, approximately 1500?] 1550?

Leaves from a French Book of Hours, printed on vellum with blue, red and gold illuminated initials. The border woodcuts resemble thos used by Thielmann Kerver.

 131401:23   Catholic Church. Hereafter foloweth the prymer in Englysshe and in latin sette out alonge. [Rothomagi] : In edibus Roberti Valentini, M. D. lv. [1555] 1555

Have Sig. ¹D only. STC (2nd ed.), 16071

 131401:24   Zwingli, Ulrich, 1484-1531. The ymage of bothe pastoures. [Imprinted at Londo[n] : In Paules Churche yearde, at the signe of the Starre by Thomas Raynald], M.D.L. [1550] 1550

6 fragments; mutilated. Provenance: removed from binding of Cicero, "Rhetorica" (Venice: Paul Manutius, 1546); Sotheby sale, March 1891; bought by A. Neale; bought by CSmH from Douglas Cleverdon, May 1936 STC (2nd ed.), 26142

 131401:25   [Leaf A2 of English prayer book or almanack with Zodiac on verso] [England : approximately 1560?] 1560?


 131401:26   England. Sovereign (1485-1509 : Henry VII) Here begynneth certayn statutes and ordenaunces of warre made ordeined enacted and estalysshed [sic] by the most noble victorious and most cristen prince oure moste drad souerayn lorde King Henry the vii. King of Fraunce and of Englond by the aduyce of his noble and discrete counseyl holdynge than his hygh courte of his parlament at his paleis of westmynster the xvii. day of October in the yere of oure lord god M.CCCClxxxxii and of his moste noble reigne the vii. yere. For the wele suertie good rule [and] saufgarde of his honorable lordes capitaignes [and] other his humble subgettes and also for suche of them of his said realme of frau[n]ce that herafter wol become his true subgettis being in his most royal hoste ayenst his auncyent enmys of fraunce. [London : Printed by Richard Pynson, 1492] 1492

Fragments of a3, a4.5, b2.5. STC (2nd ed.), 9332

 131401:27   Turberville, George, 1540?-1610? Epitaphes, epigrams, songs and sonets, with a discourse of the friendly affections of Tymetes to Pyndara his ladie. / [London] : Anno Domini. 1567. Imprinted at London, by Henry Denham, [1567] 1567

Leaf K8 only; STC (2nd ed.), 24326
Box 2

131401:28-131401:53 Huth fragments 1500-1690

Physical Description: 29 folders

 131401:28   M. P. (Martin Parker), -1656? The poet's blind mans bough, or Have among you my blind harpers. Printed at London : By F. Leach, for Henry Marsh, and are to bee sold at his shop over against the golden Lyon Taverne in Princes street, 1641 1641

Leaves A1-3 only. Wing (CD-Rom, 1996), P443

 131401:29   [Folios 35-37 and 173 of a 4to volume of English black letter poetry] [England?, approximately 1550] 1550

Fragments F1-F3 and Z1. Running titles read: "Earle of Salisburie", "Iames the firste, Kinge of Scots" and "The Blacksmith"

 131401:30   [Leaf from a French book on kingship or heraldry] [France? , 153?] 153?

Binding fragment leaf signed "D". Appears to be a dialog on kingship between "Clarenceo Herault" the herald to the King of England and his counterpart to "La Maieste Imperiale".

 131401:31   Nostradamus, 1503-1566 A prognostication, for the yere of our Lorde God. M.D.lxiii. Composed by maister Mighel Nostradamus, translated out of French into English. [London : s.n., 1563] 1563

Prognostication t.p. only. STC (2nd ed.), 492.10

 131401:32   Hill, Thomas, approximately 1528- The most pleasaunt arte of the interpretation of dreames. Imprinted at London : in Fleetestreate by Thomas Marshe, [1571] 1571

Title page only. Provenance: MS. note: "This booke solde by me William Barlowe seruaunt to Thomas Marshe wiche I warrant to be perfecte or els to change it". STC (2nd ed.), 13497.5

 131401:33  [Copper-plate engraving portrait of Thomas Cavendish] between 1592 and 1640?

Captioned "Cap Thomas Candish [sic] Esquire" Half length portrait, holding two globes. First line of poetry under image reads: "As thou ye world, so let the world embrace thee". Probably from an unidentified English edition of Cavendish's voyages.

 131401:34   [The glasse of vaine-glorie: translated out of S. Augustine by W.P. With sundry christian praiers added.] [London : Printed by Iohn Windet, dwelling .. at the signe of the Crosse Keyes, 1593] 1593

Fragment: Calendar only (6 leaves), cropped. STC (2nd ed.), 930.7

 131401:35   [Leaf 2E3 and conjugate of Chapter VIII of the New Testament in English] [London : 15??] 15??

Binding fragment leaf 2E3 and conjugate from an unknown edition of the New Testament in English. Manuscript inscriptions in gutter and margins.

 131401:36   Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617 A helpe vnto deuotion. Imprinted at London : by H[umphrey]. L[ownes]. for Samuel Macham, and are to be solde at his shop in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Bull-head, 1608 1608

Title page only, trimmed at head.;MS. purchase price. STC (2nd ed.), 13406.3

 131401:37   Rous, Francis, 1579-1659 Thule, or Vertues historie. At London : Printed by Felix Kingston, for Humfrey Lownes, 1598 1598

Leavs E2,3 and F2,3 only. STC (2nd ed.), 21348

 131401:38    Damento, Juan Bautista, 1554-1633 La historia general del Reyno Balearico. [Mallorca : Gabriel Guasp, 1633] 1633

Two leaves (pages 161-162, 171-172) and a fly-leaf only.

 131401:38a   Mut, Vincente, 1614-1687 Tomo II de la historia del Reyno de Mallorca. Mallorca : En casa de los herederos de Gabriel Guasp., 1650 1650

Three leaves H1-3 only. Removed from Huth Fragment 38.

 131401:39   Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. Lachrymae lachrymaru[m] or The spirit of teares distilled for the vn-tymely death of the incomparable prince, Panaretus. [London : Printed by Humfrey Lownes, 1613] 1613

Leaves H1-I3 only STC (2nd ed.), 23578

 131401:40   Articles accordees [sic] entre le roy Tres-Chrestien de France et de Navarre Louis XIII d'une parte: … et Iacques VI d'autre part. A Paris : M. DC. XXV. [1625] 1625

Huntington copy a fragment of an unrecorded edition? Have signatures A1-4, E1-4 (title page, p. 3-8; p. 33-40 respectively) the edition in the Bibliotheque Nationale has 16 pages in 8vo (http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb359457597)

 131401:41   [Three leaves from unidentified English Civil War tract on the alleged Mutiny of the Army, signed by "R.S." at Walden, April 3, 1647"] [London? : 1647?] 1647?

Three leaves from signature B (pages 3-12)

 131401:42   Fane, Francis, Sir, -1689? A panegyrick to the Kings most excellent Majesty, London : printed by W. Wilson, for Henry Herringman, and are to be sold at his shop at the Anchor in the lower walk of the New Exchange, 1662 1662

Title page, A3-5 only. Wing (2nd ed.), F409

 131401:43   [Gesta Britannorum, or a Brief chronology of the actions and exploits, battels, sieges, conflicts and other signal and remarkable passages which have happened in these His Majesty's Dominions, from the year of Christ 1600 untill the present 1666] [London? 1667?] 1667

ITEM MISSING. Description from Huth Sales Catalog, III:3025. Wanting all before C6, excepting C1, also contains two leaves of an Almanack for 1666.

 131401:44   Tabula libri assisaru[m] [et] pl[ac]itorum corone. [London : Printed by] Iohannes· Rastell, [1514?] 1514?

Title page only, wormed. STC (2nd ed.), 9599

 131401:45   [Folio leaf number ix on vellum from unidentified Latin devotional work] [London? : Wynkyn de Worde?, between 1500-1530] Between 1500-1530

Single leaf on vellum, foliated ix from an unidenfied Latin devotional work. The text has opening lines printed in red. On the verso is a large armorial device: the royal arms (France and England), crowned and supported by a dragon and a greyhound, a portcullis on each side the arms; over the crown is a rose, with an angel on each side; that on the left holding a banner with "Hec rosa virtutis de celo missa sereno". That on the right holding another, with "Eternu[m] flores regia sceptra feret". Under the arms is a five line verse beginning with "De vita humana bene instituenda". The whol enclosed in a woodcut border. This has been mistakenly identified as Wynkyn de Worde's printer's mark, possibly because of the presence of a similar woodcut in Worde's edition of the St. Alban's chronicle (STC 1000.5)

 131401:46   Taylor, John, 1580-1653 All the vvorkes of Iohn Taylor the water-poet. At London : printed by I[ohn] B[eale, Elizabeth Allde, Bernard Alsop, and Thomas Fawcet] for Iames Boler; at the signe of the Marigold in Pauls Churchyard, 1630 1630

Title page only. STC (2nd ed.), 23725

 131401:47  [Leaf with woodblock of unidentified coat of arms] Between 1550 and 1650


 131401:48  [Leaves from unidentifed edition of John Foxes Actes and Monuments] [London?, after 1563] After 1563

Pages 1017-1018 and part of page 767-768 from an unidentifed edition of Foxe's Actes and Monuments of matters mos special and memorable happening in the Church. Not from the 1563 edition.

 131401:49  [Group of 23 title pages from Britain and the Netherlands, 1617-1696]


 1  Bolton, Edmund, 1575?-1633? Nero Caesar or Monarchie depraued. MDCXXiii Fr: Delaram sculptor 1623

This is the engraved t.p. for ESTC S107099 which has imprint: London: Printed by T. S. for Thomas Walkley, at Britaines Bursse, 1624

 2  Brightman, Thomas, 1562-1607 The Revelation of St. Iohn illustrated Imprinted at London for Samuel Cartwright & Are to be sould at ye hand Y Bible in Duck-lane, 1644 1644

This is the engraved t.p. for ESTC R175601 which has typeset t.p. The workes of that famous, reverend, and learned divine, Mr. Tho: Brightman. This is tipped in on the same page as following t.p.

 3  Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641 A key of knowledge for the opening of the secret mysteries of St. Iohns mysticall Reuelation. At London Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, 1617 1617

Tipped in on same page as above

 4  Du Bartas, Guilaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590 Part of Du Bartas, England and French London: Printed by Iohn Haviland, MDCXXV 1625


 5  Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645 Poemata omnia. Editio quarta Lugduno Batav. Apud Hieronymum de Vogel, MDCXXXV 1645


 6  Herodian Herodian's imperiall history London printed for Hen. Taunton and are to be sold in his shop in St. Dunstans Churchyard Fleetstreet. 1655 1655

Engraved title page for ESTC S104000

 7  Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679 Philosophicall elements of government and society 1651. Ro: Vaughn sculp 1651

A variant engraved title page for ESTC R202404

 8  Howell, James, 1594?-1666 Epistolae Ho-Elianae London: Printed for Hum. Moseley at the Princes Armes in Paules-Church-yard. Will. Marshall sculp. 1645 1645


 9  Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659? The famous history of the seven champions of Christendom. The second part London: Printed by W. Onley, for Ric. Chiswell, M. Wotton, G. Conyers, and B. Walford. MDCXCVI. 1696


 10  Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659? The famous history of the seven champions of Christendom. The third part London, Printed for John Back, at the Black-Boy on London-Bridge, 1696 1696


 11  Lucan, 39-65 Pharsalia Amsterodami. Apud Ioannum Blaeu, MDCLIII 1643


 12  Matthieu, Pierre, 1563-1621 Vnhappy prosperitie expressed in the histories of Aelius Seianus and Philippa the Catanian [London] : Printed by Io: Hauiland for Godfrey Emondson, 1632 1632

Translated by Sir Thomas Hawkins. Title page is cropped at foot with loss of imprint text.

 13  Patin, Charles, 1633-1693 Historai numismatum Amsetladami apud Henricum Westenium, 1683


 14  Platt, Hugh, Sir, 1552-1608 The Jewel house of art and nature London : Printed aby Elizabeth Alsop, and are to be sold at her house in Grubstrreet, near the Upper Pump, 1653 1653


 15  Potter, Francis, 1594-1678 Interpretatio numeri 666 Amsterodami. Apud Jacobum Juniorem, A[no], 1677 1677


 16  Quarles, Francis, 1592-1644 Aragulus and Parthenia [London? : 1622?] 1622?


 17  Quarles, Francis, 1592-1644 Aragulus and Parthenia London Printed for Iohn Marriot in St. Dunstons Church yard. 1647 1647


 18  Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654 Pansbeia, or, A view of all religions in the world London, Printed for Iohn Saywell and are to be sold at his shop at the sign of the greyhound in little Britain. MDCLIII 1653


 19  Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654 Virgilii evangelisantis christiados Libri XII Londini: Will. Marshall sculpsist 1659 pro Richardo Thralo, apud quem vaeneunt in vico vocato Cheapside 1659


 20  Sinclair, George, -1696 Hydrostatica Edinburgi Ann Dom 1672 1672


 21  Smart, Peter, 1569-1652? The vanitie & downfall of superstitious popish ceremonies Printed at Edenborough in Scotland. 1628. By the Heyres of Robert Charteris 1628


 22  Taylor, John, 1580-1653 All the workes newly imprinted 1630

Missing? Maybe Huth fragment 46

 24  Randolph's Poems 2nd ed. Oxford, 1640 1640

Scope and Content Note

Missing. Description taken from hand-list in folder.

 131401:50   Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626? Marie Magdalens loue. London : Printed by Iohn Danter: and are to be sold [by W. Barley] in Gratious street nere Leaden Hall Gate, [1595] 1595

Signatures. F and G only, mutilated. STC (2nd ed.), 3665

 131401:50a  [Group of 25 unidentified frontispieces, engravings, and title pages] [approximately 1630-1690] approximately 1630-1690


 131401:51a   O Lord thy word is our sure touch stone. ... [London : Printed by John Day and William Seres?, 1549?] 1549?

2 fragments each of same general part of text; mutilated. Provenance: removed from binding of Cicero, "Rhetorica" (Venice: Paul Manutius, 1546); Sotheby sale, March 1891; bought by A. Neale; bought by CSmH from Douglas Cleverdon, May 1936 STC (2nd ed.), 14554.5

 131401:51b   [Whippet you prestes and tourne you] [London : S.n., 1549?] 1549?

Fragment only. STC (2nd ed.), 25351.5

 131401:52   Mason, John, active 1606-1610. The Turke. A worthie tragedie. London : printed by E[dward]. A[llde]. for Iohn Busbie and are to be sold at his shop in S. Dunstons Churchyard in Fleete-streete, 1610 1610

Title page (mutilated) and [A]2 only; cropped and inlaid. STC (2nd ed.), 17617

 131401:53   [Ballad on the defeat of the Devon and Cornwall rebels of 1548] [London : S.n., 1549] 1549

3 fragments from at least 2 copies; taken from a binding. STC (2nd ed.), 6795