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Finding aid for the Harald Szeemann papers

Finding aid prepared by Alexis Adkins, Heather Courtney, Judy Chou, Holly Deakyne, Maggie Hughes, B. Karenina Karyadi, Medria Martin, Emmabeth Nanol, Alice Poulalion, Pietro Rigolo, Elena Salza, Laura Schroffel, Lindsey Sommer, Melanie Tran, Sue Tyson, Xiaoda Wang, and Isabella Zuralski.

Descriptive Summary

Title: Harald Szeemann papers
Date (inclusive): 1800-2011, bulk 1949-2005
Number: 2011.M.30
Creator/Collector: Szeemann, Harald
Physical Description: 1943.28 linear feet (3798 boxes, 448 flatfiles, 6 crates, 3 bins, 24 reels)
The Getty Research Institute
Special Collections
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California, 90049-1688
(310) 440-7390
Abstract: Swiss art curator Harald Szeemann (1933-2005) organized more than 150 exhibitions during a career that spanned almost five decades. An advocate of contemporary movements such as conceptualism, land art, happenings, Fluxus and performance, and of artists such as Joseph Beuys, Richard Serra, Cy Twombly and Mario Merz, Szeemann developed a new form of exhibition-making that centered on close collaborative relationships with artists and a sweeping global vision of contemporary visual culture. He organized vast international surveys such as documenta 5; retrospectives of individual artists including Sigmar Polke, Bruce Nauman, Wolfgang Laib, James Ensor, and Eugène Delacroix; and thematic exhibitions on such provocative topics as utopia, disaster, and the "Plateau of Humankind." Szeemann's papers thoroughly document his curatorial practice, including preliminary notes for many projects, written descriptions and proposals for exhibitions, installation sketches, photographic documentation, research files, and extensive correspondence with colleagues, artists and collaborators.
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Language: Collection material is primarily in German with some material in Italian, French, English and other languages.

Biographical / Historical Note

Among the most influential art curators of his generation, Harald Szeemann (Swiss, 1933-2005) organized more than 150 exhibitions during a career that spanned almost five decades. Szeemann studied art history, archaeology and journalism in Bern and Paris and had a brief, but successful, theatrical career before he organized his first exhibition in 1957. In 1961 he became one of the youngest museum directors in the world when he was appointed to head the Kunsthalle Bern. From 1961 to 1966, Szeemann was also in charge of the exhibition program at the Städtische Galerie Biel. Szeemann gained prominence through a lively and experimental series of exhibitions that included early projects with Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, and Christo. In addition to showcasing current developments in contemporary art such as kinetic art, op art, and happenings, Szeemann also examined areas of early twentieth-century modernism such as Dada and surrealism, including artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Kazimir Malevich, and Vassily Kandinsky, as well as various fields of visual culture such as Art Brut, science fiction and religious iconography.
Following his 1969 exhibition Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form , a sprawling and controversial international survey of postminimalism, conceptual art, and Arte Povera, Szeemann left the Kunsthalle Bern to become an independent curator. Calling his business the Agentur für geistige Gastarbeit, or Agency for Spiritual Guest-Labor, a one-man enterprise relying on a group of independent partners, Szeemann developed a new form of exhibition-making that centered on close collaborative relationships with artists and a sweeping global vision of contemporary visual culture, aided by a pioneering vision of fundraising. Because he traveled extensively and frequently, he was able to integrate emerging developments from disparate parts of the world into exhibitions that became touchstones of their time.
Taking on the organization of documenta 5 in 1972, Szeemann transformed the exhibition into a vast and dynamic survey of young artists from across the world. Likewise, when asked to co-direct the Venice Biennale in 1980, the curator introduced a new concept that became a mainstay of the Biennale: the "Aperto," an international and multigenerational group exhibition that contrasted with the Biennale's traditional focus on national representations. He continued to survey art-making from all parts of the world in the biennials he later organized in Lyon, Seville, and Gwangju, as well as when he returned to the Venice Biennale in both 1999 and 2001. Szeemann often tackled enormous themes that cut across regions and spanned the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a stunningly original approach, as in his trilogy of exhibitions The Bachelor Machines (1975), Monte Verità: The breasts of truth (1978), and Tendency towards the Gesamtkunstwerk (1983). Exhibitions focused on topics such as utopia, disaster, and the "Plateau of Humankind" offered sweeping and provocative surveys, while exhibitions such as Visionary Switzerland (1991), Austria in a Net of Roses (1996), Blood and Honey: the Future Lies in the Balkans (2003) and La Belgique Visionnaire België: C'est arrivé près de chez nous (2005) aimed at examining narrower topics and regions in interdisciplinary depth. Szeemann was also active on a local level in Ticino, Switzerland, where he organized several exhibitions and worked on various museum projects, among which Casa Anatta on Monte Verità, devoted to the history of the early 20th-century colony of anarchists, artists and life reformers, is to be counted among his greatest achievements.
During his collaboration with Kunsthaus Zürich (1981-2000), Szeemann became known for producing definitive solo exhibitions, not only on contemporary artists such as Joseph Beuys, Georg Baselitz, and Bruce Nauman, but on such cultural icons as Charles Baudelaire, Alfred Jarry and Egon Schiele. Szeemann's mid-1980s contemporary sculpture group exhibitions included Traces, Sculptures and Monuments of Their Precise Journey (1985) and De Sculptura (1986). He referred to them as "poems in space," and investigated the "breathing space" between artworks and within the exhibition venue. From the late 1980s onward, he often embarked on large-scale projects set in historical buildings including Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, and the Arsenale in Venice. It was the first time these locations hosted contemporary art exhibitions.
Even when collaborating with large institutions, Szeemann relied on the same team of independent partners for the technical aspects, believing that "only tribes survive." Long-term friends and coworkers included his wife Ingeborg Lüscher, an artist; daughter Una Szeemann, also an artist; son Jérôme Szeemann, who was in charge of installation; architect Christoph Zürcher; model designer Peter Bissegger; and Josy Kraft, who was in charge of transportation and storage.
Szeemann's parents were Julie Szeemann-Kambly (1907-2005) and Étienne Ernst Szeemann (1904-1958), and his younger brother was Rolf Szeemann (1935-1994). His father worked in a salon owned by Szeemann's grandfather, Étienne Szeemann (1873-1971), a successful hair stylist during the early 20th century, who was the subject of Szeemann's exhibition Grandfather - a pioneer like us . Szeemann married twice, the first time to Françoise Bonnefoy (1934-) in 1959. He has three children: Jérôme (1959-) and Valérie (1964-) from his first marriage, and Una (1975-) with Lüscher.
Szeemann began his personal archive in the late 1960s when, leaving the Kunsthalle Bern, he decided to take a substantial part of the documentation for his exhibitions with him. The archive grew significantly over the decades. Szeemann kept all documents and research material related to his projects, including all correspondence sent or received. The archive is not only a resource for the study of Szeemann's exhibitions, activities and interests, but is also an invaluable trove of rare gallery and museum ephemera such as invitation cards, press releases and posters from the 1960s to the 2000s. In the mid-1980s Szeemann permanently housed the entire archive in a former watch factory in the village of Maggia, in Ticino, which Szeemann called the "Fabbrica Rosa" or "Pink Factory." Previously it had been scattered between his homes in Ticino, Bern, and Civitanova Marche.
The result of almost 50 years of professional activity, the archive can be considered one of Szeemann's main achievements. Both a physical office and a tool for retrieving information, it functioned also as an instrument of self-representation, ranging from his high school years and theatrical experiments to his "Museum of Obsessions." The archive also afforded Szeemann the opportunity to personally write and partially rectify the history of his own professional life, and it is possible to trace examples of concealment through intentional "misfiling" of exhibitions he felt were unsatisfactory. The importance the Fabbrica Rosa played in the Szeemann's understanding of his own career is demonstrated by the fact that Szeemann had planned to retire from exhibition-making in 2006 and focus all of his energies on reordering this archive. Unfortunately he died unexpectedly in 2005 at the age of 71 before realizing his plan.

Administrative Information


Open for use by qualified researchers with the following exceptions.
Unreformatted audiovisual materials, nitrate negatives and computer files are unavailable. Contact repository to request reformatting.
Boxes 81, 214, 224, 2409, 2418, RX and RX2 are sealed pending further review. Boxes 230-267 contain nitrate negatives and are restricted.
Boxes 82, 215, and 1074B require special handling; contact the repository regarding access. Box 2885A is restricted due to fragility; contact the repository regarding access. Boxes 1074C and 1074D are restricted due to fragility; contact repository to request digital imaging. Boxes B-13**, B-16**, B-43**, B-48**, B-79**, B-81**, B-83**, B-84**, B-86**, 3741**-3743**, 3765*-3767* and TP-drawers are housed off-site and only open for use with the curator's permission. Contact repository regarding access. Boxes 320-321, 924, 2955-3028*, 2966**, 3716-3730, 3727*, 3748-3754, 3755*-3757*, TP59A-TP59B, TP77-TP78, and 3109* are currently only open for use with the curator's permission. Contact the repository regarding access. Boxes 2214-2312, 2315-2346, 2353-2360 and 3513-3531 contain unreformatted audiovisual materials and are restricted; all reels are also restricted; contact the repository for reformatting of items in these boxes on reels.
The digital files are accessible on a laptop in the Special Collections Reading Room. All files except emails are available as a mounted disk image in a Windows environment. The emails are on the laptop as imported PST files accessible through a Microsoft Outlook client. Digital files containing restricted personal information such as third-party bank account numbers or student records are restricted until 2081.

Publication Rights

Preferred Citation

Harald Szeemann papers, 1800-2011, bulk 1949-2005, The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, Accession no. 2011.M.30.

Acquisition Information

Acquired in 2011.

Processing History

From January to June 2012, Alexis Adkins, Laura Schroffel, Medria Martin, and Emmabeth Nanol processed and cataloged Series IV under the supervision of Andra Darlington. Szeemann's original organization of the material was retained, and previously unfiled items were integrated into the orginal order whenever possible. Conservation treatment for some of the photographs was done by Mark Benson and Teresa Mesquit. Nitrate negatives were rehoused by Adkins in consultation with Mesquit and are permanently restricted.
In 2012 and 2013, with grant funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Holly Deakyne, Pietro Rigolo, Alexis Adkins, Alice Poulalion, and Melanie Tran processed and cataloged Series I. The records were rehoused into archival containers from the boxes, plastic cartons and ringed binders in which they were found, and the original organization of the materials within these containers was retained. When possible, records from boxes of unsorted or unlabeled materials were identified and added to the end of the appropriate project files.
In 2013 and 2014, with grant funding from the NEH, Deakyne, Rigolo, Adkins, Heather Courtney, B. Karenina Karyadi, Emmabeth Nanol, Elena Salza, Laura Schroffel, Sue Tyson, Xiaoda Wang, and Isabella Zuralski processed and cataloged Series II. The records were rehoused into archival containers from the wine boxes and manila folders in which they were found, and the original organization of the materials within these containers was retained. When possible, records from boxes of unsorted or unlabeled materials were identified and added to the appropriate artist files.
In 2014 to 2015, Rigolo processed and cataloged Series III.
In 2014 to 2015, Lindsey Sommer processed and cataloged Series IX under the supervision of Rigolo.
In 2015, Sommer processed and cataloged Series VIII under the supervision of Rigolo.
In 2015, Wang and Sommer processed the posters and works of art that were housed separately in tubes and flatfiles at the Fabbrica, and incorporated them in to Series I and Series II.
In 2015, Deakyne, Rigolo, Wang, and Judy Chou processed and cataloged Series VII. The materials were rehoused into archival containers from the wine boxes and manila folders in which they were found, and the original organization of the materials within these containers was retained. When possible, materials from boxes of unsorted or unlabeled materials were identified and added to the appropriate city.
In 2015, Sue Tyson processed and cataloged Series VI. The materials were rehoused into archival containers from the wine boxes and manila folders in which they were found. When possible, unsorted or unlabeled materials were identified and added to the appropriate category.
In 2013 Shay Cornelius began processing Series V. She assessed the condition of the audiovisual material and began an inventory. Tyson finished processing and cataloging the bulk of the series in 2015. The audiovisual materials were rehoused into archival containers or left in the original containers when appropriate. Wang processed and cataloged additional materials in 2016, and the cataloging was completed by Deakyne in 2016.
The series are being processed out of order, with Series IV having been processed first, followed by Series I, II, III, IX, VIII, VII, VI, and V. As a result, the box numbers are non-sequential.
In 2015 and 2016 Deakyne and Wang processed Series X. Deakyne accessioned the digital files in 2015 by forensically imaging the disk drive for preservation. She and Wang reviewed and processed the disk image using Forensic Toolkit (FTK) in 2015 and 2016. Processing included flagging files to be ignored, such as .tmp, thumb.db, shortcuts, zero byte files and files with the file name [deleted]. Also flagged were email trash and spam folders. The files were searched for personally identified information (PII) such as ID numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and student records. Any PII from third-parties was flagged as restricted. A new disk image containing only documents and emails and excludng all flagged items was created for access. Email PST files were exported from this disk image for access. Deakyne mounted the subsidiary disk image and loaded email onto a non-networked laptop that is available for research.
Deakyne, Maggie Hughes, and Wang interfiled additional materials to all series and enhanced description from 2015 to 2016.

Digital Collection

Selected photographs are being digitized and made available online. Connect to selected digitized images from Series IV. Photographs, 1892-2007.  

Related Materials

Prior to the acquisition of the collection by the Getty Research Institute, some of the materials related to Monte Verità were separated by Harald Szeemann and given to the Fondazione Monte Verità in Ascona, Switzerland. The link to information about these materials is at http://www.monteverita.org/en/92/fondo-harald-szeemann.aspx .

Scope and Content of Collection

Harald Szeemann's vast archive documents his career as a visionary art curator for almost five decades, from 1957 to 2005. Included are project files tracing the development of numerous exhibitions and other projects, extensive correspondence with noted artists and cultural figures throughout the world, photographic documentation of exhibitions and artworks, video art and recorded interviews, exhibition announcements and other ephemera from hundreds of museums and galleries, research files on a broad range of topics, a small group of personal papers, and business records.
Series I documents Szeemann's curatorial process from conception to installation ("from vision to nail"), including his detailed notes, installation sketches, correspondence, building plans, exhibition announcements and checklists, wall texts, research material, and documents related to the production of didactic material, framing, and shipping. Some projects have files on the individual artists in the exhibition, and there is crossover with Series II. The project files also include material related to other projects such as films, books, texts, seminars, lectures and awards ceremonies. Also documented are exhibitions Szeemann co-curated, for which he was a consultant, or to which he contributed writings. The files were organized by Szeemann in chronological order. Unrealized projects have been integrated into the series by the archivist using the earliest date mentioned in the records.
Series II contains artist files on more than 20,000 artists. While many files contain only one or two items, other files include artist correspondence, unique works of art, rare posters, and limited-edition items along with exhibition announcements and press clippings. Some exhibition records were relocated to the artist files by Szeemann, so there is crossover with Series I. Artist files are not limited to fine artists, but also include authors, musicians, filmmakers, and other creators. Szeemann accrued particularly extensive files on Joseph Beuys, James Lee Byars, Gilbert Clavel, Marcel Duchamp, Mario Merz, Antonin Artaud, and Hugo Ball.
Series III contains Szeemann's files on and correspondence with other curators and art world figures, including architects, gallerists, art critics, art historians, choreographers, collectors, and photographers. Correspondence with catalog contributors and other collaborators to his exhibitions can be found here, as well as materials on art associations, magazines, companies, awards, publishing houses, and fairs.
Series IV contains more than 40,500 photographic prints, negatives, slides, and transparencies. Included is extensive documentation of many of Szeemann's exhibitions and other projects; photographs of artists with whom he worked and their individual artworks and performances; a collection of portraits of the Monte Verità intellectual circle by photographer Margarethe Fellerer; Szeemann's slide library, including slideshows compiled for lectures; collections of photographs reflecting Szeemann's interdisciplinary subject interests with a focus on cultural sites and geographic locations; and portraits and snapshots of Szeemann and his family.
Series V comprises Szeemann's audiovisual collection of approximately 2240 items including films and videos submitted by artists, radio and television interviews, music, photographic and textual files regarding exhibitions or artists, and materials received from museums and galleries. Some of the material has been separated from other series. Formats include VHS, compact discs, vinyl records, DVDs, audiocassettes, CD-ROMs, CD-Rs, floppy disks, and film and audiotape reels.
Series VI documents Szeemann's research interests in wide range subject areas including fine and graphic arts; art collectors and publishing houses; dance and choreography; film, video, and broadcast media; literature and philosophy; music; theater; countries, regions, and cities in Europe and around the globe; people; politics, environment and society; and assorted topics he collected under the rubric Temi (themes). Materials include clippings from newspapers, magazines, and press bureaus; brochures and pamphlets; publications including books, journals, and newsletters; photographic materials; postcards; drawings; posters; theater and film programs; calendars; city guidebooks; and maps.
Series VII contains the ephemera Szeemann collected from hundreds of museums and galleries throughout the world. He also collected ephemera from international exhibitions, festivals, symposiums and workshops, and other events. Materials include brochures, booklets; exhibition and institution guides; catalogs; correspondence in the form of faxes, emails, postcards and letters; posters; price lists; ticket stubs; and city guidebooks; and, less frequently, items such as matches; pins; shopping bags; and coasters.
Series VIII includes family correspondence; materials collected by Szeemann about individuals in his family; materials collected by his family about his death including obituaries and condolence letters; and objects.
Series IX reflects Szeemann's business activities and contains many years' worth of bank statements, receipts, and other financial records created or used by Szeemann during the course of travel or work, with a small portion covering personal family expenses, such as tuition and house repairs.
Series X contains Szeemann's hard drive which includes his emails from Microsoft Outlook; and other files, mostly JPG, BMP, PDF, TIF, HTM, and Microsoft Word, primarily relating to artists and exhibitions.


The collection is arranged in ten series: Series I. Project files; Series II. Artist files; Series III. Curator and museum professional files; Series IV. Photographs; Series V. Audiovisual; Series VI. Topical; Series VII. Gallery and museum ephemera; Series VIII. Personal files; Series IX. Business files; Series X. Digital files.

Indexing Terms

Subjects - Names

Andre, Carl, 1935-
Bode, Arnold, 1900-1977
Boltanski, Christian, 1944-
Brus, Günter
Buren, Daniel
Christo, 1935-
Cragg, Tony, 1949-
Darboven, Hanne
De Domizio Durini, Lucrezia
De Maria, Walter, 1935-
Distel, Herbert
Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968
Ensor, James, 1860-1949
Flavin, Dan, 1933-1996
Heizer, Michael, 1944-
Jarry, Alfred, 1873-1907
Jeanne-Claude, 1935-2009
Johns, Jasper, 1930-
Judd, Donald, 1928-1994
Kienholz, Edward, 1927-1994
Klein, Yves, 1928-1962
Kowalski, Piotr, 1927-2004
Kunz, Emma, 1892-1963
Laib, Wolfgang, 1950-
LeWitt, Sol, 1928-2007
Lijn, Liliane, 1939-
Lischetti, Carlo E., 1946-
Long, Richard, 1945-
Martin, Étienne, 1913-1995
Medalla, David, 1942-
Merz, Marisa
Nauman, Bruce, 1941-
Nitsch, Hermann, 1938-
Oldenburg, Claes, 1929-
Oppenheim, Meret, 1913-1985
Picabia, Francis, 1879-1953
Polke, Sigmar
Rhoades, Jason, 1965-2006
Roth, Dieter, 1930-1998
Ryman, Robert, 1930-
Rätz, Markus
Rückriem, Ulrich
Schulthess, Armand, 1900-1972
Schwitters, Kurt, 1887-1948
Serra, Richard, 1939-
Sonnier, Keith, 1941-
Soto, Jesús Rafael, 1923-2005
Spitzer, Serge, 1951-2012
Spoerri, Daniel, 1930-
Szeemann, Harald
Tinguely, Jean, 1925-1991
Toroni, Niele, 1937-
Tuttle, Richard, 1941-
Twombly, Cy, 1928-2011
Vautier, Ben, 1935-
Warhol, Andy, 1928-1987
West, Franz, 1947-2012
Wölfli, Adolf, 1864-1930

Subjects - Corporate Bodies

Biennale di Venezia
Festival internazionale del film di Locarno

Subjects - Topics

Art museum curators
Art, Modern--20th century
Arte povera
Conceptual Art
Earthworks (Art)
Fluxus (Group of artists)
Happening (Art)
Installations (Art)
Mail art
Monte Verità (Artists' colony)
Museum curators--Correspondence
Performance art

Genres and Forms of Material

Black-and-white negatives
Cellulose nitrate film
Color negatives
Color photographs
Color slides--20th century
Color transparencies
Ephemera--20th century
Gelatin silver prints--20th century


Beeren, Wim
Beuys, Joseph
Bezzola, Leonardo
Boersma, Pieter
Burkhard, Balthasar
Byars, James Lee
Cotton, Paul, 1939-
Drayer, Walter
Eggmann, Verena
Fellerer, Margarethe, 1886-1961
Gaechter & Clausen
Geluwe, Johan van, 1929-
Hellgroth, Brigitte
Lüscher, Ingeborg, 1936-
Merola, Andrea
Merz, Mario
Mühl, Otto
Rabinowitch, Royden, 1943-
Sattmann, Didi, 1951-
Shunk, Harry
Wehrmann, Erhard, 1930-2004

Container List


Series I. Project files, Bulk, 1949-2005 1836-2007, bulk 1949-2005

Physical Description: 555.1 linear feet (1011 boxes, 149 flatfiles, 6 crates)

Scope and Content Note

This series documents Harald Szeemann's curatorial process from conception to installation. In addition to his own known exhibitions, there are also records from unrealized exhibitions, exhibitions Szeemann co-curated, was consulted on, or to which he contributed writings for the catalog. Projects or exhibitions from which he resigned are also included, such as documenta 7 and documenta 8 . There are materials related to other projects such as films, books and other publications, interviews given, seminars, lectures, surveys taken, and awards for which he was a jurist. Near the beginning of the series are Szeemann's illustrated notebooks from high school, papers from college, his dissertation, and documents of his early theatrical career, which Szeemann designates as projects by filing here.
Materials in the series include detailed notes, installation sketches, correspondence, building plans, exhibition announcements and checklists, loan agreements, brochures, catalogs, wall texts, research material, and documents related to the production of didactic material, framing, and shipping. Any photographic material housed with the papers of this series have been retained in this series although the majority of photographic materials from the collection were separated out by Szeemann and are located in Series IV. Photographs. Folders, envelopes or other containers found with only photographic material have been transferred to Series IV. Photographs. Groups of records regarding Szeemann's long-term participation on committees or boards have been moved to Series V. Professional activities. Szeemann also kept complete copies of books and periodicals with his project files. These have been moved to the General Collections and can be found by searching the Library Catalog  for the "Harald Szeemann Collection." Additional copies of catalogs for his exhibitions have been retained with the archival papers.
Titles for folder contents are direct translations when the folder had a title given by Szeemann. When a label could not be read or translated, it was retained in the archive with the records. If a folder was not titled by Szeemann, the archivist has provided a title that is descriptive of the contents. Records found loose, not in a folder or envelope, between folders or at the front or back of a carton of folders are designated as "loose" in brackets. Szeemann frequently titled folders "Diverse" and "Reliquien." These titles have been translated as "Assorted" and "Souvenirs" respectively. The difference between them is slight, as both contain an assortment of items. "Assorted" files primarily include press clippings or correspondence. It was difficult to interpret what Szeemann meant by reliquien. The contents could be mementos, souvenirs or other ephemera from exhibitions, projects, or entire years. "Souvenirs" can include event tickets, passes and brochures, notes, doodles and sketches and some appointment books. Szeemann also housed some of his appointment books on his bookshelves and these are integrated into the series.

Arrangement note

The arrangement reflects Szeemann's original organization of his project files. The series is arranged chronologically by the opening date of an exhibition. The dates of the material may not be the same as the date of a project, and Szeemann frequently worked on projects for years in advance of their opening. This is especially important to note for all of his documenta and Venice Biennale records. Exhibitions that toured are arranged according to the opening date of the first installation. Unrealized exhibitions are placed in the year most prevalent in the records.
Szeemann kept his files in plastic cartons and three-ring binders. The groupings of folders from the cartons have been arranged as closely to chronological as possible. The sections of "Assorted" files have been arranged at the end of each year. "Unfiled" refers to papers not originally grouped with the Project files, but identified as pertaining to exhibitions and other projects by specialists and the archivist. These are at the very end of each project or "Assorted" section.
When Szeemann worked on more than one project simultaneously, the resulting files are interspersed. As a result, files pertaining to the same project may be separated by files on a different project. For example, a group of folders from documenta 8 are housed with a group of folders from Tendency towards the Gesamtkunstwerk . The earlier exhibition files are frequently interspersed with other assorted project files. As the exhibitions began generating more extensive records, sections of "Assorted" become more distinct, and Szeemann grouped them together by year.

General correspondence 1960-1979

Scope and Content Note

These materials, rehoused into folders from the original binders, includes correspondence from alphabetically arranged binders spanning from around the early 1960s to the late 1970s. The topics in these binders encompass many exhibitions during this time span including When Attitudes Become Form, documenta 5, and Happening & Fluxus. Prominent correspondents represented include Arnold Bode, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Jean Dubuffet, Ger van Elk, Philip Glass, Red Grooms, Edward Kienholz, Piotr Kowalski, Victor Loeb, and Bruce Nauman. The binder containing "A" was not present. It is possible the materials from that binder were refiled by Szeemann during his reorganization of the archive.
Box 268, 826


Box 269


Box 270


Box 271, 829


Box 272


Box 273


Box 274


Box 275, Folder 1-2



Original documents 1960-1979

Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from a binder include correspondence, artwork, and other records related to exhibitions from the 1960s to the early 1970s. It is organized alphabetically. Only "K" through "Z" are represented. If an accompanying binder existed at one point, it is possible the materials were refiled by Szeemann during his reorganization of the archive.
Box 275, Folder 3-17


Flatfile 5**, 6**



Early work (1949-1956) 1949-1956

Scope and Content Note

This group of records is from Szeemann's student days and was found filed at the front of his project files.
Box 276, Folder 1-2

Geography notebooks

Scope and Content Note

Along with the Mexico folder, these consist of school notebooks highly illustrated by Szeemann.
Box 276, Folder 3


Box 276, Folder 4

Students' stage: Was Ihr Wollt

Box 276, Folder 5

Caberet Lebewohl

Box 276, Folder 6


Box 276, Folder 7

"Caberet und Kabarett"

Box 276, 3713, 3730*

Set design

Scope and Content Note

Includes three small paintings.

Term paper

Box 276, Folder 9

Paul Klee

Box 276, Folder 10a-10b

Hugo Ball and the free newspaper

Box 277, 3728*

One-man theatre

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters in box 3728*.
Box 277, Folder 5

"Die Raumscheisse"

Box 277, Folder 6

Manuel, Niklaus: Johannesaltar

Box 277, Folder 7-8

Project for second one-man theatre

Box 277, Folder 9

Paris souvenirs

Box 277, Folder 10

Color theory

Flatfile 276**


Scope and Content Note

Includes works of art.
Box 3725, 3730*

Works of art

Box 3535, 3713

Sketches, notes, and writings (1954-1959) 1954-1959

Scope and Content Note

Material found unfiled, therefore not included in "Early work."
Box 277, 826, 839*

Painter-Poets--Poet-Painters: 800 works of visual art, manuscripts, prints, and other documents by 150 painter-poets and poet-painters ( Malende Dichter-dichtende Maler: 800 Werke der bildenden Kunst, Manuskripte, Drucke und weitere Dokumente von 150 Maler-Dichtern und Dichter-Malern ) (1957 August 3 to October 20) 1952-1957

Box 277, 3535, 3725, 3728*

Hugo Ball 1886-1927: Manuscripts, Photographs, Books ( Hugo Ball 1886-1927: Manuskripte, Photographien, Bücher ) (1957 September 24 to 27)

Box 277, Folder 20

Jérôme Szeemann's birth announcement (1959 September)

Scope and Content Note

Includes an artwork design for the announcements.
Box 277, Folder 21

Iconography (1959)

Box 278-280, 3535-3536

Dissertation (1960)

Box 3536, Folder 3

Class notes (1961)

Box 278, 3731*

University graduation (1961 March)

Scope and Content Note

Contains press clippings of doctorate announcements.
Box 278, Folder 3

Pierre Bonnard: Jeune femme à la lampe (1961 February)


Kunsthalle Bern: 1961

Box 278, Folder 4-6

Appointment (1961 April)

Box 3532, Folder 1-2

Annual reports


Otto Tschumi (1961 July 8 to September 3)

Box 278, Folder 7-9


Flatfile 277**


Flatfile 278**

Prehistoric Rock Paintings from the Sahara: Henri Lhote's expedition in the Tassili-n-Ajjer region ( Prähistorische Felsbilder der Sahara: Expedition Henri Lhote im Gebiet Tassili-n-Ajjer ) (1961 October 21 to November 26)

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters.

Hans Aeschbacher: Sculptures and Drawings ( Hans Aeschbacher: Skulpturen und Zeichnungen ) (1961 September 9 to October 15)

Box 278, Folder 10-12


Flatfile 277**



Puppets - Marionettes - Shadow Play: Asiatica and Experiments ( Puppen - Marionetten - Schattenspiel: Asiatica und Experimente ) (1962 February 17 to March 11)

Box 278, Folder 13


Flatfile 280**



Charles Lapicque (1962 March 17 to April 23)

Box 278, Folder 14-15


Flatfile 279**



Lenz Klotz, Friedrich Kuhn, Bruno Müller, Matias Spescha (1962 April 28 to May 27)

Box 278, Folder 16


Flatfile 280**



Walter Kurt Wiemken (1962 June 2 to July 1)

Box 281, Folder 1


Flatfile 281**


Box 281, Folder 2

Press clipping (1962)

Box 281, Folder 3

Francis Picabia 1879-1953: Works from 1909-1924 ( Francis Picabia 1879-1953: Werke 1909-1924 ) (1962 July 7 to September 2)


Francis Picabia and 4 Americans

Scope and Content Note

Contains press clippings that mention both exhibitions.
Box 281, Folder 4


Flatfile 279**


Box 281, Folder 5

4 Americans: Jasper Johns, Alfred Leslie, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Stankiewicz ( 4 Amerikaner: Jasper Johns - Alfred Leslie - Robert Rauschenberg - Richard Stankiewicz ) (1962 July 7 to September 2)


Harry Kramer: Self-propelled Sculptures, Marionettes, Films ( Harry Kramer: Automobile Skulpturen - Marionetten - Filme ) (1962 October 13 to November 25)

Box 281, 839*


Box 2425**



Art from Tibet ( Kunst aus Tibet) (1962 October 20 to November 25)

Box 281, Folder 7-8


Flatfile 278**


Box 281, Folder 9

Biel Christmas exhibition (1962 December)

Box 281, Folder 10

Kassel: Artist Necropolis


Auguste Herbin 1882-1960 (1963 February 16 to March 24)

Box 281, Folder 11


Flatfile 282**


Box 281, Folder 12

Englebert van Anderlecht / Bram Bogart (1963 April 20 to May 19)


Piotr Kowalski (1963 May 4 to June 9) and Alan Davie (1963 May 4 to June 9)

Scope and Content Note

Contains press clippings that mention both exhibitions.
Box 281, Folder 13


Flatfile 281**



Alan Davie (1963 May 4 to June 9)

Box 281, Folder 14


Flatfile 281**



Victor Pasmore, William Scott (1963 July 12 to August 18)

Box 281, Folder 15-16


Flatfile 284**


Box 281, Folder 17

Heinz-Peter Kohler, Gregory Masurovsky (1963 August 18 to September 15)


Art of the Mentally Ill ( Bildnerei der Geisteskranken - Art Brut - Insania pingens ) (1963 August 24 to September 15)

Box 281, Folder 18-20


Flatfile 283**


Box 3532, Folder 3

Sixtieth birthday of Professor Huggler


Étienne-Martin (1963 November 2 to December 1)

Box 281, 830


Flatfile 281**


Box 3532, Folder 4

Biel: Art owned by the city, 18th/19th century


Kunsthalle Bern (1963)

Box 829, Folder 3

Exhibition commission meeting (June 13)

Box 829, Folder 4

Floor plans


Victor Vasarely: Works from 1935 to 1963 ( Victor Vasarely: Werke von 1935 bis 1963 ) (1964 April 4 to May 10)

Box 281, Folder 23-24


Flatfile 286**


Box 281, Folder 25-26

Swiss Art of the 20th Century ( Art suisse au XXe siècle - Schweizer Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert - Arte svizzera nel XX secolo ) (1964 April 30 to October 25)

Box 282, Folder 1

Louise Nevelson (1964 May 20 to June 21)

Box 282, Folder 2

Anselmo Boix-Vives (1964 May 20 to June 21)


Hundertwasser (1964 May 20 to June 21)

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters.


Box 3731*

Oversize box

Flatfile 285



Ex Voto (1964 July 3 to September 6)

Box 282, Folder 3


Flatfile 284**


Box 3738-3739

Works of art

Flatfile 285**

Jean Prouvé: Industrielles Bauen (1964 September 11 to October 11)

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters.
Box 282, Folder 4

25 Artists from Bern and Biel ( 25 Berner und Bieler Künstler, 25 artistes bernois et beinnois ) (1964 October 17 to November 25)


Marcel Duchamp, Wassily Kandinsky, Kasimir Malewitsch/Josef Albers/Tom Doyle (1964 October 23 to November 29)

Box 282, Folder 5


Flatfile 285**


Box 282, Folder 6

Proposals for the promotion of Bernese artists: Exposé (1964)

Box 3532, Folder 5

Kunsthalle Bern: Annual report (1964)

Box 3536, Folder 4

Appointment book, partial (1964)


Robert Müller: Sculptures and Drawings ( Robert Müller: Skulpturen und Zeichnungen ) (1965 February 20 to March 28)

Box 282, Folder 7


Flatfile 286**


Box 282, Folder 8

Oscar Wiggli: Sculptures and Drawings ( Oscar Wiggli: Skulpturen und Zeichnungen ) (1965 February 27 to April 4)

Box 282, Folder 9

Charles Jörg (1965 February 27 to April 4)

Box 2425**

The Human Image: World Exhibition of Photography ( Der Mensch: Weltausstellung der Photographie ) (1965 April 3 to May 9)

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters in roll boxes 2425**-2426**.
Box 282, Folder 10-11

Otto Meyer-Amden (1965 May 21 to June 22)

Box 282, Folder 12

Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956): Watercolors, Drawings, Prints ( Lyonel Feininger 1871-1956: Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Graphik ) (1965 May 21 to June 22)


Light and Movement/Kinetic Art ( Licht und Bewegung, lumière et mouvement, luce e movimento: Kinetische Kunst ) (1965 July 3 to September 5)

Box 282


Box 2425**


Box 282, Folder 17

New Tendencies in Architecture ( Neue Tendenzen der Architektur) (1965 July 3 to September 5)


Walter Linck: Sculptures, Mobiles, Drawings ( Walter Linck: Skulpturen, Mobiles, Zeichnungen ) (1965 September 11 to October 17)

Box 282, Folder 18-19


Flatfile 287**



Rolf Iseli: Recent Works, 1964-65 ( Rolf Iseli: Neuere Werke, 1964-65) (1965 September 11 to October 17)

Box 282, Folder 20


Flatfile 287**


Box 283, Folder 1-3

Giorgio Morandi (1965 October 23 to December 5)

Box 283, Folder 4

Fourth Biennale de Paris (1965)

Scope and Content Note

Contains the list of scholarships and prizes.
Box 3532, Folder 6

Kunsthalle Bern: Annual report (1965)

Box 3532, Folder 7

Bern purchasing policy (1965)

Box 3536, Folder 5

Appointment book, partial (1965)


Jean Gorin, Jean Dewasne, Constant: Three Exhibitions ( Jean Gorin, Jean Dewasne, Constant: Drei Austellungen ) (1966 April 2 to May 8)

Box 283


Box 2428**


Box 283, 842*

Künstlerfest (1966 May 14-15)


White on White ( Weiss auf Weiss) (1966 May 25 to July 3)

Box 283


Box 2426**


Box 283, Folder 11

F-111 by James Rosenquist (1966 May 25 to 3 July): Brochures: Other museums

Box 3536, Folder 6

11 Pop-Artists: The New Image (1966 May 25 to 3 July): Press kit


Mark Tobey: Works 1933-1966 ( Mark Tobey: Werke 1933-1966) (1966 July 9 to September 4)

Box 283, Folder 12-13


Flatfile 287**



Fantastic Art - Surrealism ( Phantastische Kunst - Surrealismus) (1966 October 21 to December 4)

Box 283, Folder 14-15


Flatfile 287**


Box 903**

Bern 66 (1966 November 4 to December 4)

Box 283, Folder 16

Paul Lehmann


Kunsthalle Bern (1966)

Box 3532, Folder 8

Membership request

Box 3532, Folder 9

New Years card

Box 3532, Folder 12

Annual report

Box 3532, Folder 14

About the Kunsthalle Bern newspaper

Box 3532, Folder 15

General decisions [empty]

Box 3532, Folder 10

Lueg? [empty]

Box 3532, Folder 13

Interviews about Bern [empty]

Box 3532, Folder 11

Opening of the Bern gallery

Box 3536, Folder 7

Appointment book, partial (1966)

Box 283, 829

The Living Theatre (1967 January 23)

Scope and Content Note

Includes one black-and-white photograph by Balthasar Burkhard.
Box 283, Folder 18

5 Young British Artists: Venice Biennial 1966 ( 5 junge englische Künstler: Biennale Venedig 1966 ) (1967 February 4 to February 22)

Box 3536, 3728*

The Living Theatre (1967 January 23)

Box 283, Folder 19-22

Young British Sculptors ( Junge englische Bildhauer) (1967 February 25 to April 2)


Shapes of Colour ( Formen der Farbe) (1967 April 14 to May 21)

Box 284


Box 2428**



Science Fiction (1967 July 8 to September 17)

Box 284, 829


Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence with Joseph Beuys.
Box 889**

Paris: Floor plan



Flatfile 289**-290**


Box 2426**,2427**, 2427A**, 2457B**

Oversize roll

Scope and Content Note

Includes exhibited materials. Roll box 2457B** contains one torn poster.
Box 3721, Folder 1-4


Box 3721, Folder 5

Perry Rhodan's terranische raumschiffe

Box 284, Folder 11

Richard Paul Lohse (1967 September 23 to November 4)

Box 284, Folder 12

TV broadcast: Kunst und Kitsch


Cuba: Salón de Mayo (1967 July)

Box 284, 3532, 3536, 3537A-3537B, 3728


Box 3538


Box 3539

Painted flag

Access Information

Unavailable until conservation treatment is complete.
Flatfile 288**


Flatfile 289**

Otto Nebel: Works 1918-1967 (1967 October 28 to November 26)

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters.
Flatfile 7**

Markus Rätz: Brochure


Assorted: 1967

Box 826, Folder 3

Fourth International Experimental film competition: Brussels

Box 3532, Folder 17

Monika fashion show [empty]


Kunsthalle Bern

Box 3532, Folder 18

Agencies [empty]

Box 3532, Folder 19

Assorted press clippings

Box 3532, Folder 36

Annual report

Box 3532, Folder 20

"Visite à un homme heureux"

Box 3532, Folder 21

"Avantgarde in Bern"

Box 3532, Folder 22

"Junge Schweizer Künstler"

Box 3532, Folder 23

Meeting comic

Scope and Content Note

A comic strip doodle by Szeemann.
Box 3532, Folder 24

Purchaser for Bern city school

Box 3532, Folder 25

First project La Machine

Box 3532, Folder 26

"Piotr Kowalski..."

Box 3532, Folder 27


Box 3532, Folder 28


Scope and Content Note

Contains a poem? and sketch of Szeemann from Rudolf Moser.
Box 3532, Folder 29

Iron wedding Szeemann-Drtilek

Scope and Content Note

Newspaper clipping about Szeemann's grandparents wedding anniversary.
Box 3537A, Folder 4

Appointment book, partial


Roy Lichtenstein (1968 February 23 to March 31)

Box 284


Box 2430**-2431**, 3731*



Max Bill: Paintings and Sculptures, 1928-1968 ( Max Bill: Malerei und Plastik, 1928-1968 ) (1968 April 6 to May 12)

Box 284


Box 2430**



Jesús Rafael Soto: Kinetic Works 1950-1968 ( Jesús Rafael Soto: Kinetische Werke 1950-1968 ) (1968 May 21 to June 30)

Box 284


Box 2429**



12 Environments/50 years Kunsthalle Bern ( 12 Environments/50 Jahre Kunsthalle Bern )(1968 July 20 to September 29)

Box 285, 3537A


Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence and installation drawings from Christo.


Flatfile 290**


Box 2428**-2429**, 3728*

Oversize boxes

Box 285, 829

Forum Bethlehem: Discussion/Tscharnergut (1968 September 10)

Box 285, Folder 7-8

Artists' Party: 50 Years Kunsthalle Bern ( Artists' Party: 50 Jahre Kunsthalle Bern ) (1968 September 27)


20 Years of Service to Art by the City of Bern (1947-1968) ( 20 Jahre Kunstpflege der Stadt Bern (1947-1968) ) (1968 October 5 to October 27)

Box 285, Folder 9


Flatfile 290**



Recent Art from Holland ( Junge Kunst aus Holland) (1968 November 2 to December 1)

Box 285, Folder 10


Flatfile 290**


Box 285, Folder 11

To the Movies-13 Bernese Museums (undated)

Box 285, Folder 12

Bernese Artists in Zürick (1968)

Box 285, Folder 13

Documenta IV (1968)

Box 285, Folder 14

La Biennale di Venezia (1968)

Box 285, Folder 15

In Visu Werritas (Roland Werro) (1968)

Box 285, Folder 16

Westdeutcher Rundfunk: "Ausstellbarkeit Kunst" (1968)

Box 286

Binder: 1956-1968

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence, press clippings, brochures and invitations divided by year. 1958, 1964 are empty. 1960 includes a partial draft of Szeemann PhD thesis. 1961 includes correspondence and press clippings regarding Hans Aeschbacher: Sculptures and drawings .

Kunsthalle Bern: 1968

Box 3532, Folder 30

Leaflet campaign: Distel, Raetz, Schnyder

Box 3532, Folder 31

Annual report

Box 3532, Folder 32, 35


Box 3532, Folder 33

"Kunstgigant oder Scharlatan?"

Box 3532, Folder 34

"Worte der Woche"

Box 3532, Folder 37

In memorium Arnold Rudlinger

Box 3532, Folder 38

Arnold Rudlinger

Box 3532, Folder 39

Interview: Gazette litteraire

Box 3532, Folder 40

Celebration by Luginbühl

Box 3532, Folder 41

Lagenthal artness

Box 3532, Folder 42

Galerie Loeb

Box 3532, Folder 43

Hippies in Bern: Hans Stamm


Kusthaus Zürich: 1968

Box 3533, Disc 1

Nizon by Fischli

Box 3533, Folder 2

Young Swiss

Box 287, Folder 1

Women: 2nd World Photography Exhibition ( Die Frau: 2. Weltausstellung der Photographie ) (1969 January 25 to March 9)


Karl Gerstner, Diter Rot, Daniel Spoerri, Andre Thomkins, and Friends and Friends of Friends ( Freunde, Friends, d'Fründe: Karl Gerstner, Diter Rot, Daniel Spoerri, Andre Thomkins und ihre Freunde und Freundesfreunde ) (1969 May 31 to June 1)

Box 287, Folder 2


Flatfile 290**



22 Young Swiss Artists ( 22 junge Schweizer) (1969 June 7 to July 6)

Box 287, 827


Box 2431**



The Karl Ströher Collection ( Sammlung Karl Ströher) (1969 Part 1: July 12 to August 17, Part 2: August 23 to September 28)

Box 287, 3761


Flatfile 297**


Box 287, Folder 5

Plans and Projects as Art ( Pläne und Projekte als Kunst) (1969 November 8 to December 7)

Box 287, Folder 6

Discussion on Christmas Exhibition (1969)


Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form (1969 March 22 to April 27)

Box 288-291, 839*, 866, 3537A

Planning and installation

Scope and Content Note

Includes address lists, catalog and drafts, interviews, invitation, poster designs, press clippings, reaction letters, Szeemann's travelogue, and a multiple by Michael Kirby. There is also correspondence with Dan Flavin, Richard Long and Gilberto Zorio. Invitation transparencies are in Box 866.
Box 290, Folder 1-10

After effects

Scope and Content Note

Described as "Folgen" by Szeemann and includes records of his forced resignation from the Kunsthalle Bern.


Flatfile 290**


Box 2431**

Oversize roll

Flatfile 291**-296**

Catalog transparencies

Box 2954

Printing plates for catalog cover

Box 290, Folder 16

Well-Known Bern Artists Designed our Showcase Windows ( Bekannte Berner Künstler haben unsere Schaufenster gestaltet ) (1969 April)



Box 293, Folder 1

Chroniques de l'art vivant (1970 April)

Box 290, Folder 17

Femina (1969 June)

Box 290, Folder 19

Gazette de Lausanne (1969 July)

Box 290, Folder 15

Mosaik (1969 November 21)

Box 299, Folder 4

"10 Questions on Concept Art" from Klaus Honnef (1970 March)

Box 290, Folder 22

Radio-télévision suisse romande: Carré bleu (1969 September)

Box 290, Folder 18

Survey questions (1969)

Box 290, Folder 20-21

Prospect 69 (1969 September-October)

Box 290, Folder 23

Max Bill: Work 1928-1969 (1969 October to December)

Box 290, Folder 24

"A Kunsthalle is a Kunsthalle is a Kunsthalle" in Sonntags Journal (1969 November)

Box 290, Folder 25

"Das Suchen in der Gegenwart. Das Suchen in der Kunst"

Box 290, Folder 26

"Rolf Iseli: oder die Farbe als Raum und Körper"

Box 290, Folder 27

"Kunst als Aktion und Ereignis" (1969)

Box 290, Folder 28

Telefonzeichange (1969)

Box 290, Folder 29

Appointment book (1969)


Kunsthalle Bern (1969)

Box 3533, Folder 3


Box 3533, Folder 4

Dismissal memo

Box 3533, Folder 5

Leave of absence [Urlaub]

Box 3533, Folder 6

Robert Burri

Box 3533, Folder 7

Letter for Robert Burri

Box 3533, Folder 8-9


Box 3533, Folder 10

Resignation reaction

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence from Herbert Distel, Toni Gerber, Martin Ziegelmüller, Richard Lohse, and Walter De Maria.
Box 3534, Folder 2

Jörg Steiner speech

Box 3534, Folder 4


Box 3534, Folder 6

Carlo Huber

Box 3534, Folder 7

Souvenirs 1961-1969

Box 3534, Folder 14

Beuys affair

Box 3534

Bienne/Biel Künstlerfest (1969)

Box 3534, Folder 3

Fine art in Bern (1969)

Box 3534, Folder 5

"Die Berner Avantgarde" (1969)


TV broadcast En Marge wtih Marlène Belilos (1969)

Box 3534, Folder 9

Kunstmarkt 69 in Cologne (1969)

Box 3534, Folder 10

Kunstmuseum Luzern: Düsseldorfer Szene (1969)

Box 3534, Folder 11

Amman to Luzern (1969)

Box 3534, Folder 12

Art loan Basel (1969)

Box 3534, Folder 13

Beuys in Basel (1969)

Box 3537A, Folder 7

Letter to Karl-Heinz and letter fragment (1969)

Box 844*, Folder 25

Lecture: Zofingia

Box 292, Folder 1

"Kunst: Wo bleibt die Kontestation?" in Erneuern und beharren = Renouveler et maintenir = Innovare e salvaguardare (1970)

Box 292, Folder 2

"George Sugarman" in Art International (1970 February)

Box 292, Folder 3

Kunsthaus Hamburg: Discussion: "Künstler machen Pläne, andere auch!" (1970 February)

Box 292, Folder 4-6

Nürnberg Biennale binder (1969-1971)

Box 292, Folder 7

Wuppertal hearings (1970 January)

Box 292, 844*, 889**, 3731*

8½ Documentation 1961-1969 (1970 February 5 to March 7)

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters in box 844* and 3731*. Box 889** contains floor plans.
Box 293, 3537A

Von Hodler zur Antiform (1970)

Box 293, Folder 5

"Bern in Skulptur" (1970 May)

Box 293, Folder 6

"Berner situation" (1970)

Box 293, Folder 7

"Kollektiv-Manifestation 1967 in Havana, Kuba" and "Objekt 'When attitudes become form'" in Werk (1970)

Box 293, Folder 8

Film: Länge x Breite x Höhe x Teife + 150 Bogen (1970)


Piotr Kowalski (1970 April to May)

Box 293, Folder 9-10


Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence with the artist.
Flatfile 17b**

Folded out book

Box 293-295, 846*

The thing as object: European [sic] object art of the 20th century ( Das Ding als Objekt: Europäische Objektkunst des 20. Jahrhunderts ) (1970 July 10 to August 30)

Scope and Content Note

Box 846* includes mail art from Johan van Geluwe of the Museum of Museums.
Box 293, Folder 12

"Dynamismus , Behaviourismus, Staffeleiersatz: Das Auto und die bildende Kunst" in Du (1970 August)

Box 293, Folder 13

"Leonardo Bezzola" (undated)

Box 293, Folder 14-15

Atelier 5: Herr Mens (1970 May)

Box 296-298, 829, 842*, 866

Happening & Fluxus (1970 November 6 to 1971 January 6)

Scope and Content Note

Includes two binders organized alphabetically by name, an address list, booklets, brochures, check list, correspondence, chronology, floor plans, invitations, interviews, press clippings, request for catalog materials, research materials and souvenirs. The research materials include printed writings similar to zines. Oversized materials are in boxes 829 and 842*. Transparencies are in box 866.
Box 299, Folder 1

Buri, Gürtler, Iseli, Luginbühl, Meister, Spescha, Schaffner (1961 September 2 to September 24): Catalog

Box 299, Folder 2

Das Haus der Lernprozesse

Box 299, Folder 3

Vlaaderen survey (1970 May)

Box 299, Folder 5

Westdeutscher Rundfunk: "Kunst ohne Austellung" (1970 October)

Box 299, Folder 6, 9

Assorted (1970)

Box 299, Folder 7

Literature rates in the canton of Bern (1970)

Box 299, Folder 8

Object attitudes: Galerie Loeb (1970 July)

Flatfile 7**

Experiment F+F: Brochure

Box 3537A, Folder 9

Appointment book, partial (1970)


Agentur für geistige Gastarbeit

Box 299, Folder 10


Box 299, Folder 11

Interview in Werk (1971)

Box 299, Folder 12

"Kleiner Rückblick auf die siebziger Jahre" in Tages Anzieger Magazin (1971 January)

Box 299, Folder 13

Radio-télévision suisse romande: Correspondances: with Marti, Kurt (1971 February)

Box 299, Folder 14

Bregenzerwälder Kulturtage (1971 August)

Box 299, Folder 15-16

International Council of Museums

Box 300, Folder 1

Kaprow, Allan, Galerie Baecker, Bochum (1971)

Box 300, Folder 2

"Ausstellungmacher" in Kunst-Praxis Heute (1971)

Box 300, Folder 3-6

I want to leave a nice well-done child here (1971 April 29 to May 13)


The Street: a shop-window exhibition ( Die Strasse: Schaufensterausstellung) (1971 May)

Box 300, 3534, 3537A


Flatfile 297**




Box 300, Folder 16

Die Weltwoche

Box 300, Folder 19

Chroniques de l'art vivant (1971)

Box 314, Folder 9

Du (1973 January)

Box 314, Folder 25

Kunsthalle Bern (1973)

Box 300, Folder 17

Articles in Swissair Gazette (1971)

Box 300, Folder 18

Les Inconnus de la Suisse (festival), Berne (1971)

Box 3759

Appointment book (1971)

Box 300, Folder 20

Text for the exhibition of Franz Eggenschwiler Frau, Von-der-Heydt-Museum (1972)

Box 300, Folder 21

"Sport und/oder Kunst" in Hallwag Magazin (1972)

Box 300, Folder 22

Assorted and press clippings (1971)


documenta 5: Questioning reality-Image worlds today (documenta 5: Befragung der Realität-Bildwelten heute) (1972 June 30 to 8 October)

Box 301

Planning notes



Box 301

Hoffman, Werner

Box 301

Iden, Peter

Box 304

Managing director

Box 306, 3761

Just, Gerald

Box 306

Management board

Box 306

Staatsbauamt Kassel

Box 306, 308

Gerald Just to Walter Olbrich

Box 306

Walter Olbrich to Kassel mayor

Box 306

Marlis Grüterich to managing board

Box 306

Klages, Gottfried

Box 306-308

Olbrich, Walter

Box 306

Kassel mayor

Box 307

Kassel mayor and Karl Heise

Box 307

Supervisory board

Box 307

Hans-Joachim Weber regarding Paul Thek room

Box 307

Joseph Beuys with Walter Olbrich

Box 307

Buch and Kunst Lometsch to Walter Olbrich

Box 308

Internationale Kunstausstellungsleitertagung to Kassel mayor

Box 312

Beuys, Joseph

Box 312


Box 301, 911


Scope and Content Note

Box 911 includes a silkscreen? image of Szeemann?


Box 301-302, 304-305


Scope and Content Note

Includes material samples, notes, and Ingolf Bauer's and François Burkhardt's concepts.
Flatfile 2**

Planning chart?



Box 301-302

Organizers': 1970-1971

Box 302


Box 302

Ulrich Rückriem/Arnold Bode

Box 303

Evangelischen Akademie Hofgeismar

Box 304, 306-308

Supervisory board: 1970-1973

Box 304

Shareholders': 1970-1971

Box 306

Finance committee: 1972

Box 307

Dismantling: 1972 September 18

Box 302

Status: 1971 April

Box 3761

Memo: 1971 June

Box 302

Film project: Brock, Bazon

Box 302

List of artists

Box 302

Travel schedule: Ammann/Szeemann



Box 302


Box 303

Conference and preview

Box 302, 309-312



Soviet Union

Box 302

Letter to

Box 306

Participation refusal/cancellation

Box 302

Guidelines and reports drafts

Box 302

Interim report [empty]

Box 302


Box 302

Structure of the exhibition

Box 302

Klaus Reinke journal

Box 302-305, 312, 839


Box 302-303, 846*

Lectures, discussions, and art talks

Box 302

Kunst heute text

Box 302

Kunstmarkt Göttingen

Box 303

Letter to United Nations, copy for James Lee Byars

Box 303

Edition Olympia 1972

Box 303

"Individuelle Mythologien"

Box 303

Letter to the editor of Der Spiegel

Box 303

Aachen: Verein der Freunde der Neuen Galerie

Box 304, 846*

Reaction letters



Box 304


Flatfile 4**

Poster and tablecloth with sketches

Box 313


Box 304


Box 304

Management plan contract with Hesse

Box 304


Box 304

Documenta Archiv

Box 304

Managing director: Olbrich, Walter

Box 304, 307-308


Box 829

Film schedule

Box 305

Downsizing of the projects

Box 305

Releases before the opening

Box 305

Text for artist concepts

Box 305-306, 827, 829


Box 305

Example loan request form

Box 305-306


Box 305

Scheduling plan

Box 305


Box 306, 842*


Box 306

Stock list


Floor plans

Box 306


Box 3**, 6**

Flatfile oversized

Scope and Content Note

Flatfile 6** contains floor plans from prior documentas.
Box 306


Box 306

Construction supervision

Box 306

Threat of cancellation

Box 306

Organization chart

Box 306

Rules of Procedure

Box 306

Draft letter to supervisory board

Box 306

Exhibition work

Box 306

"Les organisateurs d'exposition se solidarisent"

Box 306

Management board memorandum: 1972 July 3

Box 307-308

Staff and labor issues

Scope and Content Note

Regarding Dombois and Allwardt.
Box 307

Edward Kienholz artwork damage

Box 307

After Olbrich [Olbrichiaden nach]

Box 307

Litigation of Restle/Schwarz

Box 308

Final reports

Box 308

Internationale Kunstausstellungsleitertagung

Box 308

Draft agreement for documenta 6

Box 308

"Halbe Wahrheit der halben Wahrheit"

Box 308

"Regress gegen Ausstellungsorganisatoren?"

Box 312

Assorted: 1973

Box 826


Box 905**

Map of Kassel



Flatfile 298**

Flatfile oversized

Box 2432**

Roll box

Box 312, 3537A


Scope and Content Note

Includes unfiled correspondence, press clippings, an address list, notes, a supplementary catalog, and image research.
Box 314, 3540

Berliner Künstlerprogramm: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (1972)

Box 3540, Folder 2

Museum International offprints (1972 January)

Box 314, Folder 2-4

The First International Perfume Exhibition (1972 July)

Box 314, Folder 5

"Bruno Müller" (1972 November)

Box 314, Folder 6

"Die heutige Kunstsituation" in 50 Jahre Kunstgesellschaft Thun: KGT (1972 November)

Box 3534, Folder 16

Galerie Loeb (1972)

Box 3534, Folder 17

[Franz] Gertsch (1972)

Box 3534, Folder 18

Scholarship competition (1972)

Box 3534, Folder 19

Assorted (1972)

Box 314, 3540

Berliner Künstlerprogramm: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (1973)

Box 314, 844*, 3729*

Jeunesse et Arts plastiques: "documenta 5, six mois après" (1973 January)

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters in box 3729*.
Box 314, Folder 10-11, 13-15

Lectures on documenta 5 (1973)

Box 314, 829

"Berner Szene" (1973 April)

Box 314, Folder 16

"L'exposition est un moyen d'expression" (1973)

Box 314, Folder 17

Statement: Domus (1973 May)

Box 314, Folder 18

"11 Pop Artists: The New Image-7 Jahre später" (1973)

Box 314, Folder 19

Musée d'art contemporain: Opus International survey

Box 314, Folder 20

Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (1973 December)

Box 314, Folder 21-22

International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art [IKT] (1973)

Box 314, Folder 23


Box 314, Folder 24

"La nécropole de Staglieno", Chroniques de l'art vivant (1973 March)

Box 829, Folder 13

Internationales Kunstgespräch (1973 November)

Box 839*, Folder 5

Press clippings (1973)

Box 3534, Folder 20

Letter to Pluchart (1973)

Box 3540, Folder 4

Emma Kunz: Press clippings (1973)

Box 3759

Appointment book (1973)

Box 314, Folder 26

"Paul Thek", Chroniques de l'art vivant (1974 April)

Box 314, Folder 27-28

Byars, James Lee: Notes (1972-1985)


Grandfather - a pioneer like us ( Grossvater - Ein Pionier wie wir) (1974 February 16 to 1974 April 20)

Box 315-319, 830, 846*, 847, 3540


Scope and Content Note

Includes death announcement for Leontine Szeemann-Drtilek; hairdressing magazines, catalogs, and other ephemera used in the exhibition; Leontine Szeemann-Drtilek's workbook; exhibition leaflet; press clippings; invitation; and Étienne Szeemann's will. Transparencies are in box 847.
Flatfile 10**

Bern city map: 1836


Exhibition objects

Access Information

The exhibition objects are tentatively attributed and currently are only open for use with the curator's permission. Contact repository regarding access. Boxes B-13**, B-16**, B-43**, B-48**, B-79**, B-81**, B-83**, B-84**, and B-86** are housed off-site.
Box 2955


Box 2956

Blocks of hair wax

Box 321

Box of feathers

Box 2969

Bronze crest

Box 3011

Velvet-covered cabinet with perfume bottle

Box 2966**


Box 3097A


Box 2957B

Cloth pouch

Box 2958-2960, 2999

Clothing, hair nets, fabric pieces, trims

Scope and Content Note

Knickknacks found mixed in with the clothing and other fabric items are in box 2999.
Box 3000A-3000B


Box 2957A, 2961-2964, 3007

Culinary containers, cheese graters, and silverware

Box 2965


Box 2970

Daguerreotype, framed

Box 3025*


Scope and Content Note

Couture dress with porcelain arms and head.
Box 923, 2968


Box TP59A-TP59B, TP77-TP78, 2407, 2971-2988, 3109*

Framed works

Scope and Content Note

Temporarily housed and many require conservation work for broken frames and glass.


Box B-79**

Adjustable hairdressing chairs, two

Box B-81**


Box B-81**, TP-drawers

Dressing table (vanity)

Scope and Content Note

Drawers are currently separate from vanity.
Box B-84**

Chest of drawers

Box B-83**

Display case

Box B-82**

Rolltop desk

Box B-83**

Round top table

Box B-83**

Sewing machine table and Kayser decorative ironwork piece

Box B-86**

Swivel chair

Box B-84**

Wheeled table with glass case top etched with "Montblanc"

Box B-79**

Wooden cafe chair, ottoman with orange upholstery, rectangular table

Box 2989*, B-16**, B-43**

Glass bottles, jugs, and funnels

Box 3716-3720, 3727*, 3755*-3756*

Hair accessories

Scope and Content Note

Includes combs, clips, and hairpins made from a variety of materials.
Box 2990

Hair dryer with case and curlers

Box 2991-2996*

Hair product labels and packaging

Box 3719A, 3720A, 3727A*-3727B*, 3748-3754, 3757*

Hair tools

Scope and Content Note

Includes components of the electric perm-machine along with curling irons, scissors, hairbrushes and other items.
Box 2997


Box 2998

Iron (tool) with stand

Box B-43**


Box B-43**


Box 320, 2967

Medallion, hang tag, door handles

Box 3001

Metal box with sailboat images

Scope and Content Note

The box contains papers including letters from Julie Szeemann-Kambly; letters and postcard to Leontine Szeemann-Drtilek; letters from Étienne Szeemann to clients? and others; receipts?; a ration card?; and assorted clippings about food.
Box 3002

Porcelain bust

Box 3003

Pot holder

Box 3540, Folder 7

Stahlstich-Sammlung nach den berühmtesten Meistern aller Schulen : erste Abdrücke der Platten

Box 2978

Schweizerische Coiffeurmeister-Verband membership plaque

Box 3004-3005, 3024*

Signs, valences and banners

Box 3006

Silver boat headdress

Box 3008

Steel weight?

Box 3131-3132*


Scope and Content Note

Includes two comforters, one pillow, one tablecloth.
Box 3009, 3012, 3022

Tools and wall hangers

Box 3010, 3028*

Typewriters and cases

Box B-83**

Violin with case

Box B-43**


Box 3013

Weight scales

Box 3014-3017*, 3026*-3027*

Wig stands

Scope and Content Note

Styrofoam and wooden. Some include bases. Box 3015 also includes a straw-filled bonnet.
Box 3018-3021

Wigs and hair pieces

Box 3023

Writing implements

Box 316-317, 322-323, 3722*

Étienne Szeemann's autobiography and biography



Box 3726, 3728*, 3731*


Box 3713, 3732*

Prints and diplomas

Box 3713, 3729*

Prints of ancient Rome scenes

Box 3713, Folder 10

Steel-print portraits

Box 3713, Folder 11-12

Woodblock and lithograph portraits

Box 3713-3714

Prints of old masters

Box 3714, 3726


Box 3714, 3731*

Switzerland prints

Box 3722, Folder 1b

Theater prints

Box 3732*, Folder 1

God and goddesses prints

Box 3722, Folder 2-4

French hairstyle illustrations

Box 3728*, 3731*

Stock shares

Box 3728*, 3731*

Designs and drawings

Box 3725, Folder 13-14

Eulogies for Étienne Szeemann

Box 316, Folder 8

Correspondence: Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien (1974)

Box 316, Folder 9

Kunst bleibt Kunst: Aspekte internationaler Kunst am Anfang der 70er Jahre: Projekt 74 (1974 July 6 to 1974 September 8)

Box 316, Folder 10

Interview with Jean Le Gac (1974)


Assorted: 1974

Box 324, Folder 1

Interview: Boltanski, Christian

Box 324, Folder 2

Gertsch, Franz

Box 324, Folder 3

Letter to Bruno Müller

Box 324, Folder 4

Itten, Johannes

Box 324, Folder 5

Coleman, Ornette: Bern


Römerberggespräche, Frankfurt

Box 324, Folder 6


Flatfile 11**


Box 324, Folder 7

"banal" survey from Peter Trachsel

Box 324, Folder 8-9

Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Zürich: "Neue Tendenzen": Künstler-Drucksachen der Pop Art, Minimal Art und der Concept Art (1974 July to August)

Box 324, Folder 10

"De Duchamp au Musée des obsessions" in L'Arc (1974)

Box 324, Folder 11

Galerie Loeb expansion

Box 324, Folder 12

Guy Harloff (1974 April)

Box 324, Folder 13

Text: "Entarte Kunst"

Box 324, Folder 14

International Art Office

Box 3759

Appointment book

Box 324-326

Kunz, Emma (1974-1976)

Scope and Content Note

Includes materials from the exhibitions Emma Kunz: Pendelzeichnungen (1976 February to March) at the Städtische Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and Emma Kunz (1975 December to 1976 January) at the Centrum für Kunst, Vaduz; articles and texts; press clippings; and interview transcripts.

Assorted: 1975



Box 326, Folder 3

"Paul Thek oder die Aspiration des Einheitsbegriffes"

Box 326, Folder 4

"Die Fusionen des Paul Thek"

Box 326, Folder 5

"Grâce à Paul Thek"

Box 326, Folder 6

On Felix Valloton for Galerie Loeb

Box 326, Folder 7

Rolf Iseli Arbeiten 1975, St. Romain, Bern

Box 326, Folder 8

Dada article for Art Press

Box 326, Folder 9

Freie Universität Berlin lecture

Box 326, Folder 10

Agentur für geistige Gastarbeit: Kellerkino, Bern

Box 326, Folder 11

Anastasia 30 years

Box 326, Folder 12-13

Victor Loeb commemoration

Box 326, Folder 14

Kasseler Kunstverein: Arnold Bode zum 75. Geburtstag: eine Ausstellung des Kasseler Kunstvereins

Box 326, Folder 15


Scope and Content Note

Consists of press clippings and notes on napkins. Includes a note on The Bachelor Machines.
Box 326, Folder 16

Je/Nous/Ik/Wir (unrealized)

Box 3030

Saltoarte: Box of works of art


Museum of Obsessions (Museum der Obsessionen)

Box 327, 3540


Scope and Content Note

This section includes an outline, notes and articles on the initial concept of the Museum of Obsessions, an example of one of the stamp marks, and a copy of the Merve Verlag Verlin book. Folder 6 includes mail art from Johan van Geluwe of the Museum of Museums.
Box 328, 847

Museum of Obsessions (unrealized)

Scope and Content Note

Contains preliminary exhibition planning material and research rehoused from two alphabetically organized binders.
Box 328, Folder 40

Notebook with sketches [unfiled]

Flatfile 298**


Box 329, Folder 1

Experimental International Film Competition, Knokke (1974)

Box 329, Folder 2

Lecture tour: USA/D/Mexico: Canceled (1974)

Box 329, Folder 3

Notes on Museum der Obsessionen and Emma Kunz

Box 329, Folder 4

"Mentalitätsraum-Klima" in Kunst-Bulletin des Schweizerischen Kunstvereins (1974 June)


The Bachelor Machines ( Junggesellenmaschinen / Les machines célibataires ) (1975 July 5 to August 17)

Box 328-329, 340-344, 826, 3029, 3540, 3726


Scope and Content Note

Includes the initial planning documents, materials for Kunsthalle Bern exhibition, and records relating to the overall exhibition such as reaction letters; loans; souvenirs; lecture materials; final report; wall text; and visitor's guide. Boxes 341 to 344 includes additional floor plans from Malmö; later correspondence from 1984 to 2003; and materials rehoused from an untitled binder with correspondence discussing an Emma Kunz retrospective and linking it to The Bachelor Machines. Box 826 includes designs of the of the exhibition title by Markus Rätz [Markus Raetz] which were originally in the frame in box 3029. The frame has been retained because it may have been part of the Bern exhibition.
Flatfile 8**

Floor plans

Scope and Content Note

Includes Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna.


Flatfile 299**-300**, 384**


Scope and Content Note

Flatfile 384** includes poster of the psychic Eusapia Palladino, a person related to the exhibit, although this particular image might not have appeared.
Box 2433**, 3732*

Oversize boxes

Box 329-333, 3540




Box 334-335


Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Includes declined requests.
Flatfile 12**


Box 336, Folder 1-10

Kunsthalle Bern loan agreements and transportation insurance binder

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
Box 336-337

Contracts binder

Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder. Includes related correspondence. Arranged alphabetically by primary correspondent.
Box 337, 826, 905A**, 3732*

Wall text

Box 338, 846*


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.
Box 338, 866


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.
Box 338, 846*


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.
Box 339, 846**, 897**


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.
Box 339, 906**


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.


Box 339, 839*

General and floor plans

Flatfile 9**

Manifesto poster

Box 340, Folder 1-2


Box 341, Folder 10-11

Biennale di Venezia: Un laboratorio internazionale

Box 341, Folder 12

La Mamma: Floor plans

Scope and Content Note

There are later files in Ongoing Projects: 2002-2005.
Box 341, Folder 13


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder.
Box 339, 345

H.S. Fan-Club (1975)

Scope and Content Note

Box 345 contains a wood sculpture.

Assorted: 1976

Scope and Content Note

Assorted: 1976 through Assorted: 1978 are grouped in a three-year increment because that is how they were originally arranged.
Box 346, Folder 1

Letter to FF at AA-Verlag, Vienna

Box 346, Folder 2

Interview: with Ingrid Rein for Du

Box 346, Folder 3-4

Städtische Kunsthalle Düsseldorf: Prospectretrospect: Europa 1946-1976 (1976 October)

Box 346, Folder 5-6

Press clippings

Scope and Content Note

Regarding Christo's Running Fence and Kunsthalle Bern.
Box 346, Folder 7

Saltoarte, Kassel

Box 346, Folder 8

Ben Vautier text in Art Press

Box 346, Folder 9

"Wenn Kunstvermittlung (wieder) Abenteuer wird: Das Museum der Obsessionen" in Museum in Motion

Box 346, Folder 10

Museum Bochum: Tatort Bern (1976 October to November)

Box 346, Folder 11

Text: "Ein neues Museum in Lausanne: Die 'Collection de l'Art Brut'"

Box 346, Folder 12

"Zur Ausstellung Wenn Attituden Form werden , Bern 1969" in Amerikanische Kunst von 1945 bis heute: Kunst der USA in europäischen Sammlungen

Box 346, Folder 13

Lecture: "L'Art conceptuel"

Box 346, Folder 14

Correspondence (1976-1977)

Box 3541, Folder 1


Scope and Content Note

The cover includes the notes "Ind. Myth." and "Mamma." Entries span from 1976 to 1977 including undated. Besides individual mythologies and La Mamma, topics include Monte Verità.
Box 3759

Appointment book


Assorted: 1977

Box 346, Folder 15

FP Fantasiepartei

Scope and Content Note

Includes materials for an unrealized project.


Box 346, Folder 16

"Das Untergang in Ausstellungslande"

Box 346, Folder 18

"Kimmzüge aus Lüpolis"

Box 346, Folder 20

"Otto Morach"

Box 346, Folder 23

"Paul Thek oder die Aspiration des Einheitsbegriffes"



Box 346, Folder 17

Du magazine

Box 346, Folder 21

Graubner, Gotthard

Box 346, Folder 19

Letter concerning Joseph Beuys, Basel

Box 346, Folder 22

10 Jahre Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Box 346, Folder 24

"Oh Du fröhliches, oh Du seliges thematische Ausstellung", in 10 Jahre steirischer Herbst

Box 3759

Appointment book


Assorted: 1978

Box 346, Folder 25-27

Kunsthalle Bern: Stiftung Anne-Marie und Victor Loeb (1978 March to April)

Box 346, Folder 28

Galerie Loeb 10th anniversary



Box 346, Folder 29

"Die Affäre Jeanmarie ist ein Theater"

Box 346, Folder 32

"70. Rundbrief der FP"

Box 346, Folder 30-31

Helmhaus Zürich: Schweizer Kunst der Gegenwart (1978 August to September)

Box 346, Folder 33

Numeroff Gallery, New York: Ex Voto: Italian Votive Tablets (1979 April to May): Catalog text

Box 346, Folder 34

Mazzotta edition

Box 3759

Appointment book


documenta 6 (1977 June 26 to October 2)

Box 346-347, 1979, 3541


Scope and Content Note

Includes project ideas, basic concept, press clippings, correspondence, an information packet, hanging boards, and a folder titled "Dispute."
Flatfile 18**

Information packet

Box 768, 829

"Running Fence" Documentation (unrealized)

Scope and Content Note

Szeemann was asked to create a touring exhibition of the design, planning and execution documents created for Christo's art project Running Fence. The exhibition planning happened concurrently with the installation of the art project. The records consist of two binders of correspondence between Szeemann, Christo, Jeanne-Claude and possible museum venues; and copies of the art project documentation.
Box 340, Folder 7

Interview: Domus (1979 December)

Box 340, Folder 8

Ironie, Pathos, Poesie und tiefere Bedeutung in der europäischen Kunst seit 1969 (1979)

Box 340, Folder 9

Die Welt ist aus den Fugen geraten (1979)

Box 340, Folder 10

Pattern painting (1979)

Box 340, Folder 11

Architektur & Wohnen magazine round table (1979)

Box 340, Folder 12

Poem for Carlo von Castelberg's wedding (1979)

Box 340, Folder 13

Project: Bianco e nero (1979)

Box 340, Folder 14

Visual Resources Inc. book project (1979)

Box 340, Folder 15

Lecture: On James Lee Byars for the Foundation for Art Resources (1979)

Box 340, Folder 16

"Was ist modern" in Vogue (1979)

Box 340, Folder 17

Article: "Neue Kunst oder die Würde des Dekorativen" (1979)

Box 340, Folder 18-19

Österreichgespräch, Vienna (1979)

Box 340, Folder 20

Vienna trip (1979 November)

Box 340, Folder 21

"Die Agentur für geistige Gastarbeit im Dienste der Vision eines Museums der Obsessionen" in Notizbuch (1979)

Box 340, Folder 22-23

Eine Ausstellung mit Werken von zwölf Künstlern , Völkerkundemuseum, Munich (1979 April to May)

Box 340, Folder 24-25

Discussion: "Ruhig und gelassen in die 80er Jahre" Kunsthalle Bern (1979)

Box 340, Folder 26

Text: "Ausstellungen" (1979)


Monte Verità: The breasts of truth ( Monte Verità/Berg der Wahrheit ) (1978 July 7 to August 30)

Box 348-352, 357, 825, 830, 839*, 3541-3546, 3592, 3722


Scope and Content Note

Includes address lists; correspondence about Monte Verità spanning from 1985 to 2003; image lists; a T-shirt from Hermann Müller; press clippings; numerous texts by Otto Gross; correspondence from Hans Gross; a diary transcription, house sketch and floor plan from Karl Vester [Carl Vester]; postcards to Karl and Hedwig Vester; research; hand-lettered exhibition open sign; wall text; and maps of Ascona. Box 3545 only contains some of the annotated envelopes that held research materials.
Box 3032-3033

Exhibited publications

Box 353-356, 825, 3546

Fondazione Monte Verità (1984-2006)

Scope and Content Note

Includes announcements for Centro Stefano Franscini, Eranos, and Balint events taking place at Monte Verità; extensive conference materials; the Ascona Tourist office press book; files on Gabriele Gendotti; and Inno al Sole ephemera.
Box 358-360

Index cards

Box 842*, Folder 4

Plans for a monument to Mikhail Bakunin by Enrico Baj: Poster



Flatfile 301**-302**


Box 2432**, 2434**, 2457B**

Oversize roll

Scope and Content Note

Roll box 2457B** contains one fragile print.
Box 3031

Souvenir porcelain urn

Box 357,361-364, 839*, 846*, 847

Wall text

Scope and Content Note

Transparencies are in box 847.
Box 3729*, Folder 3

Works of art

Scope and Content Note

Includes works of art by Ernst Frick.

Assorted: 1979

Box 365, Folder 1-2

Gachnang, Johannes

Box 365, Folder 3

"Gefragte Leute" television show clippings

Box 365, Folder 4

"Die Agentur für geistige Gastarbeit" by G. J. Lischka

Box 365, Folder 5

Keifer-Hablitzel Foundation stipends

Box 365, Folder 6

Press clippings

Flatfile 14**

Robert Cyprich poster

Box 3759

Appointment book


La Biennale di Venezia (1980 June 1 to September 28)

Box 365-366, 828


Scope and Content Note

Includes the contract, initial proposals, travel report, invitation and brochure, written articles and souvenirs. Souvenirs includes correspondence to James Lee Byars.

Aperto 80

Box 365, 866


Scope and Content Note

Includes notes, correspondence, check lists, floor plans, press clippings and slides. Correspondents include James Lee Byars, Jonathan Borofsky, Leonard McComb, Ulrike Ottinger, and Jérôme Szeemann. Slides are in box 866.

Floor plans

Box 830, Folder 5


Flatfile 15**,16**

Flatfile oversize

Box 365-366, 828, 3546

L'arte degli anni settanta

Scope and Content Note

Includes notes, correspondence and floor plans. Correspondants include Anna Oppermann and James Lee Byars. Floor plans are in box 828.

Assorted: 1980

Box 366, Folder 7

Eva Wipf-Die neue Sprache

Box 366, Folder 8

Zeichen des Glaubens-Geist der Avantgarde (1980 May 31 to July 13)

Box 366, Folder 9

Interview: Basler Magazin (1980 June 7)

Box 366, Folder 10

"Zwillings Betrachtungen zum Phänomen Kunstmesse" in Art 11'80: Die Internationale Kunstmesse (1980 June)

Box 366, Folder 11

Austrian exhibition in the United States (1980 March)

Box 366, Folder 12

"L'Instance du désordre dans l'art"

Box 366, Folder 13

"Italie special" survey in Art Press

Box 366, Folder 14

Mail art: "La Critique"

Scope and Content Note

Includes mail art from Johan van Geluwe of the Museum of Museums.
Box 366, Folder 15

Pattern: Kushner, Macconnel, Ripps, Zakanitch (1980 July 5 to September 28)

Box 366, Folder 16

Kiefer-Hablitzel-Stiftung scholarship

Box 366, Folder 18

"L'Art sans propriété" in Artistes (1980 January/February)

Box 830, Folder 6

Critica 1: L'arte da chi a chi

Box 366, Folder 17, 19-20

Press clippings

Scope and Content Note

Includes Arnold Bode-Preis.
Box 3759

Appointment book


Museo Casa Anatta (1981 April 18)

Box 368-370, 839*, 3546, 3761


Flatfile 17**

Floor plans


Monte Verità (1987-1989)

Box 368, Folder 3

Barenco (1989) [Empty]

Box 368, Folder 6

Casa Giovanna apartment rental (1987)


Assorted: 1981

Box 366, Folder 22

"Plötzlich stand er vor der Tür..." in Der Alltag (1981 April)

Box 366, 844*

Gegeneinander-Miteinander (1981 February)

Box 367, Folder 1

Opening of Kunstmuseum Solothurn: Keynote speech (1981 May)

Box 367, Folder 2

Männer von Künstlerinnen: Sworn declaration (1981 May)

Box 367, Folder 3

"Die krankhaften Prozesse zeigen uns oft und oft die vergrösserten Bilder nomaler Verhältnisse" in The Pathology of Non-verbal Communications

Box 367, 844*

"Ignaz Epper: Künstler des Nordwinds" in Eco di Locarno (1981 October)


Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 367, Folder 5-7, 11, 14


Scope and Content Note

Includes records on Szeemann's appointment.
Flatfile 303**

Floor plans

Box 367, Folder 8-9

Kunsthalle Bern

Scope and Content Note

Includes records on the departure of Erika Billeter and the Loeb collection.
Box 367, Folder 10

Kunstmuseum Luzern: Schweizer Kunst '70-'80

Box 367, 829


Box 367, Folder 12

Press clippings

Box 367, Folder 15

Correspondence: Krüll, Karl

Box 3759

Appointment book

Box 371, Folder 1-18

documenta 7 (1982 June 19 to September 28)

Scope and Content Note

Includes Szeemann's resignation.
Box 371, 842*

Museo Madonna del Sasso (1982 September 12)

Scope and Content Note

Includes alphabetically organized correspondence and floor plans.

Assorted: 1982

Box 367, Folder 16

Speech for Leo Castelli

Box 367, Folder 17

Sandoz, Claude

Box 367, Folder 18-19, 23


Box 367, Folder 20

Christo: Projekte in der Stadt 1961-1981 (1982 February 4 to April 12)

Box 367, Folder 21

Ernesto Tatafiore: Aetatis suae (1982 June 6 to July 18)

Box 367, Folder 22

Arnold-Bode-Preis 1982: Merz, Mario

Box 367, Folder 24

"Dieter Roth, Gobelin (Bertorelli "B"), 1974-1976" in Kunsthaus Zürich annual report

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence from Dieter Roth.
Box 367, Folder 25

Press clippings

Box 367, Folder 26

Binder: Correspondence


Tendency towards the Gesamtkunstwerk: European utopias since 1800 ( Der Hang zum Gesamtkunstwerk: Europäische Utopien seit 1800 ) (1983 February 11 to April 30)

Box 372-381, 394, 830, 842*, 846*-847*, 3547A, 3592


Scope and Content Note

The papers in boxes 372 to 381 are arranged roughly chronologically. Artist files are in box 373. Box 378, folder 1 includes mail art from Johan van Geluwe of the Museum of Museums. A scrapbook from Vienna is in box 379. Zürich floor plans are in box 375, folder 2. Press clippings are in boxes 375-377 and 380. Previously unfiled materials are in box 394, 3547 and 3592.


Box 384-385, 830, 847

Papers and color photographs

Scope and Content Note

Predominantly correspondence. Includes mention of The Bachelor Machines and Monte Verità: The breasts of truth. Color photographs are in box 847.
Flatfile 23**

Floor plans and oversize correspondence



Flatfile 303**-305**


Box 2436**, 3732*

Oversize box


Floor plans



Flatfile 19**

Flatfile oversize

Box 879**

Rolled oversize

Box 894**


Box 378, Folder 10

Paris: Chapelle Saint-Louis-de-la-Salpêtrière (Paris, France)

Flatfile 22**

Zürich, Düsseldorf, and Vienna

Box 382-383, 826, 830, 847, 3592


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder. Color photographs are in box 847.
Box 385, 826

Transport and enrichment/pictures and text

Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder.
Box 386-388


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder.
Box 388-390, 847


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder. Includes color photographs.
Box 391, 842*, 896**


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder. The floor plans from the Berlin and Paris binders in box 896** look the same. The plans with the notation "48/2" are from Berlin.


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder.
Box 391, Folder 1-2


Flatfile 22**

Floor plans

Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans and Monte Verità floor plans.


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder.
Box 391, 896**


Scope and Content Note

The floor plans from the Berlin and Paris binders in box 896** look the same. The plans with the notation "48/3" are from Paris.
Flatfile 21**

Floor plans

Box 392, 846*

Museum foundations

Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder. Includes Zürich visitors, budget and accounting.


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder.
Box 393, 830, 847, 3547A

Papers and color photographs

Flatfile 21**

Floor plans: Merz, Mario

Box 392, 845*, 3592

Wall text and labels

Box 908

Notes on toilet paper

Scope and Content Note

Photocopies made by Szeemann or his staff are in box 372, folder 12.

D'Annunzio, Gabriele: Model construction: Plan

Box 827, 840*, 879**

Flat and roll oversize

Flatfile 20**

Flatfile oversize

Flatfile 19**

Ephemera (labels?)

Box 3034

Ludwig II souvenir lighters

Box 900**

Poster-sized notes

Box 840*, Folder 2-3

Wall image: Gaudí, Antoni


James Ensor (1983 May 20 to July 31)

Box 395-396, 3546


Scope and Content Note

Box 3546 is a heavily bookmarked copy of the catalog.
Box 2435**



Immendorff (1983 November 19 to 1984 January 22)

Box 397-398, 826, 831, 846*, 913


Box 2434**-2435**


Flatfile 24**

Floor plans


Assorted: 1983

Box 398, 844*

"Vorbereitungen oder das Wesen der Initiation" in Dry: ein Magazin


Merve Verlag

Box 847, Folder 15

Correspondence: Color photographs

Box 398, Folder 12



Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 397, Folder 12

Picabia, Francis

Box 397, Folder 18

Annual Report: 1982: Kiefer, Anselm

Box 397-398


Box 397, Folder 14

"Grusswort eines Optimisten für Karel den Herausgeber in Schwierigkeiten"

Box 397, Folder 16

"Die Agentur für geistige Gastarbeit im Dienste der Vision eines Museums der Obsessionen" in Spazio Umano

Box 397, Folder 19

Holly Solomon telegram

Box 397, Folder 20

Correspondence: Museums by Artists

Box 398, Folder 2

Körber Foundation Initiative: "Neues Bauhaus" proposal

Box 398, Folder 3


Box 398, Folder 4

Class reunion

Box 398, Folder 5

50th birthday

Box 398, Folder 6

Düsseldorf: Die neue deutsche Kunst

Box 398, Folder 7

Word of the week

Box 826, Folder 12

Belgian art greeting

Box 398, Folder 8

Press clippings

Box 399

Kunsthaus Zürich: Reports: 1983-1990

Box 398, Folder 14

Press clippings: 1983-1999


Sigmar Polke (1984 April 5 to May 13)

Box 400, 831, 3037-3038, 3547B, 3761


Box 2436**-2437**


Flatfile 18**

Floor plans


Alfred Jarry (1984 December 14 to 1985 March 10)

Box 401, 831, 3547A, 3548, 3550




Box 3548


Box 3547A, Folder 6

Printing plates

Flatfile 32**

Flatfile oversize

Box 3549-3550


Scope and Content Note

Includes materials from three binders.
Box 3035-3036, 3715, 3722

Exhibited materials

Scope and Content Note

Includes publications.
Box 3548, 3551




Flatfile 2**


Box 2436**

Oversize roll

Box 3552

Europarat [Council of Europe] (1984-1985)

Scope and Content Note

Includes materials for work on an unrealized exhibition for this organization.

Assorted: 1984

Box 402, Folder 1

"L'art pour l'Aare : bernische Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert" (1984)

Box 402, 830

International Contemporary Art Fair (1984 February)

Scope and Content Note

Includes mail art from Johan van Geluwe of the Museum of Museums.
Box 402, Folder 3

Banque hypothécaire du canton de Genève prize jury

Box 402, Folder 4

Mario Merz article for Domus

Box 402, Folder 5

Der Traum des Orpheus: Paolini, Giulio

Box 402, Folder 6

Étienne-Martin, Les Demeures

Box 402, Folder 7-10

Council of Europe

Box 403, Folder 1

Telephone doodles

Box 403, Folder 2

Travel documents

Box 403, Folder 3

"Museum der Obsessionen" in Lo Spazio Umano (1984 Jan-Mar)

Box 403, Folder 4

"Jardin d'amour" in Lo Spazio Umano (1984 Oct-Dec)

Box 403, Folder 5

Article in Domus (1984 June)

Box 403, Folder 6, 8, 12, 16, 18



von hier aus

Box 403, Folder 7

Immendorf, Jörg

Box 403, Folder 19

Press clipping

Box 403, Folder 9

Premier colloque international de recherche artistique

Box 403, Folder 10

Rosenthal Aktiengesellschaft "Anfang oder Ende der Kunstvermittlung" (1984 October)

Box 403, Folder 11

Bonn: Lecture: "Die grosse Ausstellung-Problematik der Projekte" (1984 November)

Box 403, Folder 13

Survey from Mary Jean Kenton (1984)

Box 403, Folder 14

Mimmo Germanà: neue Malerei aus Italien (1984 February to April)

Box 403, Folder 15


Box 403, Folder 17

Text for Hommage à Cladders

Box 403, Folder 20

Assorted press clippings

Box 403, Folder 21

Expenses list

Box 403, Folder 22

Parshal (unrealized): Rejected proposal

Box 403, Folder 23

Press clippings

Box 3726, Folder 8

Collège de 'Pataphysique diploma

Box 3759

Appointment book


Mario Merz (1985 April 3 to May 27)

Box 404-406, 827, 830, 3547A, 3553-3556, 3592


Scope and Content Note

Box 3553 contains correspondence from binders regarding loans and transportation. Boxes 3554 to 3556 contains writings from Voglio fare subito un libro.
Box 2437**


Flatfile 23**

Floor plans


Traces, Sculptures, and monuments of their precise journey ( Spuren, Skulpturen und Monumente ihrer präzisen Reise ) (1985 November 29 to 1986 February 16)

Box 407-409, 840*, 847, 3547A


Scope and Content Note

The materials rehoused from the correspondence binder include letters from Louise Bourgeois, James Lee Byars, Joel Fisher, Wolfgang Laib, Royden Rabinowitch, Michael Rutkowsky, Thomas Virnich, and Franz West. Also includes color photographs.
Box 2437**-2438**


Flatfile 31**

Floor plans


Assorted: 1985

Box 410, Folder 1

"La veritá di Szeemann" in Creativa, 1985 January/February



Box 410, Folder 2

Schweizer Monatshefte, 1985 June

Box 410, Folder 17

W.A.L. Beeren departure from Boymans-van Beuningen Museum



Box 410, Folder 3

Weber, Bruno

Box 410, Folder 6

Willi Bongard death

Box 410, Folder 16

Paik, Nam June


700th anniversary of Switzerland (1991)

Box 410, Folder 4

Work and exchange

Box 411, Folder 5

Der Weg der Schweiz

Box 411, Folder 6

Bundesfeier im Raum Schwyz

Box 410, Folder 5

"Ulrich Rückriem erhielt Kasseler Bode-Preis"

Box 410, Folder 7

Fragen an Lohse

Box 410, 840*

Festival internazionale del film di Locarno

Box 410, Folder 11

Colloquium: Französich-Schweizerisches Kolloquium über die Kunst der 80er-Jahre

Flatfile 306**

Monte Verità conference posters

Box 410, Folder 12

Call for Longo Mai

Box 410, Folder 13

Kunsthalle Bern director



Box 410, 842*

"Literatur nonstop" at Kleintheater

Box 410, Folder 20

Lüscher, Ingeborg

Box 410, Folder 15

Balzan Prize

Box 410, Folder 18

Alles und noch viel mehr

Box 410, Folder 19

Radiotelevisione della Svizzera italiana: "Controcorrente", 1985 December

Box 411, Folder 1

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen: "Vis-à-vis", 1985 April

Box 411, Folder 2

Radio and television: Press clippings

Box 411, Folder 3

Telephone doodles

Box 411, Folder 4

Occasional poems

Box 411, Folder 7

L'art pour l'Aare : bernische Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert

Box 411, Folder 8


Box 411, Folder 9-10

Individuelle Mythologien

Box 411, Folder 11a

"Abriss und vorläufige Übersicht für eine Ausstellung"

Box 411, Folder 11b

Correspondence: Christian-Ernst-Gymnasium to Mr. Greissinger

Box 831, Folder 7

Kunsthaus Zürich: Annual reports (1985-1989)

Box 411, Folder 12-13

Press clippings

Box 3532, Folder 44

Christo: Paris Pont-Neuf

Box 3759

Appointment book

Box 3768, Folder 2

Research?: Flämische Kunst

Box 412-413

Jean Fautrier (1925-1935) (1986 March 15 to May 4)

Box 412-413, 826, 840*, 3732*


Scope and Content Note

Includes posters in box 3732*.
Flatfile 28**



De Sculptura (1986 May 16 to June 20)

Box 414-416, 826, 831, Folder 1-3


Scope and Content Note

Includes Szeemann's "Best and Worst" list for 1986 in "Notes" folder and floor plans and installation sketches in "Souvenirs" folder.
Flatfile 30**


Scope and Content Note

Includes posters.
Flatfile 306**



Da Marées a Picasso: Capolavori del Museo Von der Heydt di Wuppertal (1986 June 7 to August 17)

Box 368, 417, 826, 3547A


Box 2438**-2439**, 3729*



Museo Elisarion: Pavilion for the panoramic painting Klarwelt der Seligen by Elisàr von Kupffer (Opening: 1986 August 12)

Box 368, 417, 832, 840*, 847


Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs from the correspondence in box 847.
Box 885**

Floor plans


Monte Verità (1987)

Box 417, Folder 10


Box 417, Folder 16

Board of directors

Box 417, Folder 17


Box 418, 831

SkulpturSein (1986 December 13 to 1987 February 1)


Assorted: 1986



Box 418, Folder 1

Bossard, Johann Michael

Scope and Content Note

File contains text, "Die Riesenskizze zu einer Zukunftshoffnung," for Johann Michael Bossard at Kunsthaus Zug.
Box 418, Folder 2

Centre Georges Pompidou: Colloquium

Box 418, Folder 3

Gent: Initiatief 86

Box 418, Folder 4

Bode, Arnold

Scope and Content Note

File contains text, "Über das Affirmative," commemorating Arnold Bode.
Box 418, Folder 5

Paris: Animation-recherche-confrontation (Bremer Kunstpreis 1987: Laib, Wolfgang)

Box 418, Folder 6

CAPC Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux: Lecture

Box 418, Folder 7

Kunsthalle Bern: Vercruysse, Jan

Box 418, Folder 15

Arnold Bode Prize 1987: Laib, Wolfgang

Box 418, Folder 16

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation: Rabinowitch, Royden and Joel A. Fisher

Box 418, Folder 14,18

Beuys, Joseph

Scope and Content Note

Includes a letter regarding Beuys' death.
Box 418, Folder 18, 22

Press clippings

Box 418, Folder 19

Banque cantonale de Genève Prize: Armleder, John

Box 418, Folder 20-21

Schweizerischer Blinden-und Sehbehindertenverband graphic arts portfolio

Box 418, Folder 23


Box 419, Folder 1

Alfred Kren Gallery

Box 419, Folder 2

Biennale di Venezia

Box 419, Folder 3

Correspondence: 1986-1988

Box 419, Folder 4

Interview: Flash art international

Box 419, Folder 5-6

Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 419, Folder 7

Text: Laib, Wolfgang

Box 3547A, Folder 12

Editoriale Domus

Box 3729, Folder 3

Art actuel en Belgique, Ghent


Back to Fucking Cambridge (1987)

Box 466, Folder 4


Flatfile 307**



Cy Twombly: Paintings, works on paper, sculptures ( Cy Twombly: Bilder, Arbeiten auf Papier, Skulpturen ) (1987 February 18 to March 29)

Box 420-424, 831, 840*, 846*


Scope and Content Note

Includes brochures, invitations, price lists, reaction letters, catalog texts and drafts, posters, and press clippings. Also includes materials rehoused from three binders of correspondence, tour information, and loan agreements.
Box 2439**


Flatfile 26**

Kunsthaus Zürich: Floor plans

Flatfile 33**

Individual invitations



Box 422, Folder 4-6



Floor plans

Box 896**

Rolled oversize

Flatfile 33**

Flatfile oversize

Box 422, 846*


Box 422, 842*


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.
Box 422, Folder 11-14


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.

Eugène Delacroix (1987 June 5 to August 23)

Box 360, 425-427, 436a-436b, 832, 847, 866, 3557


Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs from the catalog draft and Musée Eugène Delacroix in box 847; slides from Art Gallery of Ontario and Stockholm, Sweden in box 866; and floor plans. Reaction letters includes correspondence from John Baldessari. Boxes 360 and 436 contain unfiled materials. Box 3557 is research material.
Box 2440**


Flatfile 27**

Floor plans

Box 428-433, 832, 840*

Correspondence and loans

Box 433-435


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binders. Includes Europe and rejected loans.
Box 435-436, 840*

Press clippings

Box 426, Folder 1-7

Victor Hugo (1802-1885): Fantasies in ink ( Victor Hugo (1802-1885): Phantasien in Tusche ) (1987 June 5 to August 23)


Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) (1987 June 5 to August 23)

Box 426, Folder 8


Box 843*, Folder 22


Box 360, Folder 4

Index cards

Box 374, 437-438, 3547A

documenta 8 (1987 June 12 to September 20)

Scope and Content Note

Organized chronologically. Includes Szeemann's working files from 1983 to 1984, and his appointment and resignation.
Box 439, Folder 11

Julie Szeemann-Kambly's 80th birthday (1987 October): Booklet

Box 439, 830, 3732*

Mario Merz (1987 November 17 to 1988 January 3)

Scope and Content Note

Includes posters in box 3732*.
Box 439, 847

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (1987-1989)

Scope and Content Note

Szeemann was a member of the advisory committee for exhibition programming as well as an exhibition planner for several projects. Includes color photographs in box 847.

Assorted: 1987

Box 466, 3547A

Oskar Schlemmer (Ascona)

Box 466, Folder 2

Art: Swiss special issue

Box 466, Folder 3

Schultze-Rhonhof, Chika: Westdeutscher Rundfunk film

Box 466, Folder 5

Museum der Obsessionen: Lotus International text

Box 466, Folder 6

Article: Collection Sonnabend

Box 466, Folder 7

Flavio Paolucci

Box 466, Folder 8

Japan: Giulio Paolini text


Press clippings

Box 466, Folder 9

Bern 66

Box 419, Folder 8


Box 826, Folder 18


Box 466, Folder 10

Sevilla: Simposium Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo lecture

Box 466, Folder 11

Questionnaire: Who is Who in Zürich


700th anniversary of Switzerland: Groupe de réflexion

Box 466, Folder 12

Panorama of Switzerland

Box 466, Folder 13

Press clippings

Box 419, 466


Box 466, Folder 16

Essen: Kunsthochschule Symposium

Box 466, Folder 18

Text: Thomas Ammann Fine Art ten-year anniversary

Box 419, Folder 9

Telephone doodles

Box 419, Folder 10

documenta in Madrid

Box 419, Folder 11

"'Der Alltag' im zehnten Jahr"

Box 419, Folder 12


Box 419, Folder 13

Beck, Julian

Box 419, Folder 15-16


Box 3547A, Folder 14

Die Staatsbauten des Tausendjährigen Reiches als vorprogrammierte Ruinen?

Box 419, Folder 17

Tod des Helden

Box 419, Folder 18

Treviso, Italy: Villa Domenica

Box 3760

Appointment book


Zeitlos (1988 June 22 to September 25)

Box 440-445, 826, 847, 915A, 918, 3547A


Scope and Content Note

Includes files on Ingeborg Lüscher, Inge Mahn, Marisa Merz, Reinhard Mucha, David Rabinowitch, Ulrich Rückreim, Robert Ryman, Niele Toroni, Cy Twombly, Jan Vercrysse, Didier Vermeiren, and Thomas Virnich.
Flatfile 36**

Rückreim, Ulrich

Flatfile 36**

Toroni, Niele

Flatfile 35**

Prior advertising


Hamburger Bahnhof

Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans and building measurements.
Box 892**

Building measurements


Floor plans

Box 899**


Flatfile 34**

Upper floor

Flatfile 34**, 309**


Flatfile 34**


Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder.
Box 445, 3547A

Marianne Werefkin (1988 August 6 to October 23)

Scope and Content Note

Consists of a press clipping.

a-Historical soundings: Harald Szeemann's choice from the collections of the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum ( a-Historische klanken: De keuze van Harald Szeemann uit de collecties van Museum Boymans-van Beuningen ) (1988 August 28 to October 2)

Box 446, Folder 1-9


Flatfile 308**


Box 446, 840*

Étienne-Martin (1988 October 7 to November 15)

Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.

Egon Schiele and his time: Austrian paintings and drawings 1900 to 1930 from the collection Leopold ( Egon Schiele und seine Zeit: Österreichische Malerei und Zeichnung 1900 bis 1930 aus der Sammlung Leopold ) (1988 November 25 to 1989 February 19)

Box 447-448


Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence, loan information, reaction letters, interviews, and catalog drafts.
Flatfile 18**

Floor plans, poster and invitation

Box 449-450, 832

Richard Serra: Maillart Extended (1988 September)

Scope and Content Note

Szeemann filed Maillart Extended and Piet Mondrian together in box 449.

Assorted: 1988

Box 450, Folder 2

Klaus Staeck - Sand fürs Getriebe

Box 450, Folder 3

"Freiheit in der Geduld: Mystische Spuren bei Woflgang Laib" in Kunst und Kirch (1988 February)

Box 450, Folder 4

"Bonjour Monsieur Lapicque" in Les Années 50

Box 450, Folder 5

Seminar: "L'art contemporain et le musée" at Centre Georges Pompidou (1988 March)

Box 450, 829

Lecture: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (1988 March)

Box 450, Folder 7

Berliner Kunstprogramm (1988 April)

Box 450, Folder 8

"Sant'Adolf II" in KOS (1988 April)

Box 450, Folder 9

Beuys in Berlin/Noema article (1988 April)

Box 450, Folder 10

Aargauer Kunsthaus: Ricco 1915-1972 (1988 May to June)

Box 450, Folder 11-12

Bruno Weber's Weinrebenpark (1988 July 6)

Box 450, Folder 13

"No Catastrophe Without Idyl, No Idyl Without Catastrophe" in The World of Adolf Wölfli (1988 September to October)

Box 450, Folder 14

"Gespickter Braten für Jean-Christophe" in Berliner Kunstblatt (1988 October-December)

Box 450, Folder 15

Symposium: "Anstösse der 80er Jahre Kunst im öffentlichen Raum": Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (1988 October)

Box 450, Folder 16

"Ready-Made de l'histoire" in Lettre International

Box 450-451


Box 450, Folder 18

Laboratorio Incontro: collezione 1978-1988 (1988 November 11 to 26)

Box 450, Folder 19

Franz West text for Art Press (1988 December)

Scope and Content Note

Includes letter from Franz West.
Box 450, Folder 20

Survey: Flash Art

Box 450, Folder 21

"La création peut et doit avoir lieu partout" in Création et innovation en Suisse; La Suisse est-elle trop petite pour créer? (1989)

Box 450, Folder 22

Opinion: Kontrollstelle der Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft (1988 March)


700th anniversary of Switzerland (1991)

Box 450, Folder 23

Brainstorming Utopie

Box 451, Folder 8

Unity of Switzerland article

Box 451, Folder 9

Press clippings

Box 451, Folder 1

Isler, Vera: Spitzen-Plätze: Arbeitsplätze von Spitzenkräften

Box 451, Folder 4

"L'Ultimo Viaggio del Quadro Les Demoiselles d'Avignon di Picasso" on Televisione della Svizzera italiana (1988 February)

Box 451, Folder 10

Banque hypothécaire du canton de Genève prize: Press clippings

Box 451, Folder 11

Press clippings: Assorted

Box 451, Folder 13

"Europe's Hottest Curators" in ARTnews (1988 March)

Box 451, Folder 14

Panorama der Schweiz: Press clipping

Box 451, Folder 15-16

General and telephone lists

Scope and Content Note

Includes appointment book.
Box 451, Folder 17

Kölnischer Kunstverein: Happening and Fluxus

Box 451, Folder 18

Jeunesse et Arts plastiques

Box 451, Folder 19

"Sex und Carriere" in Tempo (1988)

Box 451, Folder 20

Rodin Prize

Scope and Content Note

Szeemann was invited by L'Association des amis du Musée Rodin to be part of the jury for the Rodin Prize
Box 452

Collezione Incontro 78-88: Multiples

Box 451, Folder 21

Parkett (1988-1991)

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence and texts.
Box 451, Folder 22

Playboy exhibition (unrealized)

Box 451, Folder 23


Box 451, Folder 24

Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation: Project evaluation

Box 3558, Folder 1-2

Berliner Künstlerprogramm: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

Box 3558, Folder 3

Centre Européen de la Culture

Box 3558, Folder 4

Einfach gigantisch - gigantisch einfach

Box 449, 453, 846*, 3558

Piet Mondrian (1989 April 5 to May 28)

Scope and Content Note

Szeemann filed Maillart Extended and Piet Mondrian together in box 449.

Einleuchten: Will, Vorstel & Simul in HH (1989 November 11 to 1990 February 18)

Box 456-461, 832, 3558


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans, correspondence, contract, text and sign information, invitations, brochures, interviews, and reaction letters. A T-shirt is in box 458. Press clippings are in box 460.

Loan agreements

Box 454-456, 826, 832, 846*, 847, 903*


Scope and Content Note

Alphabetically arranged by last name. Names after "M" are grouped "N-Q" and "R-Z." Includes color photographs for Hanne Darboven in box 847.
Flatfile 37**



Floor plans

Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans for the North and South Halls.
Box 892**, 904**

Rolled oversize

Flatfile 38**-40**

Flatfile oversize

Box 3558, Folder 10



Towards free dance, towards pure art: Suzanne Perrottet (1889-1983) and Mary Wigman (1886-1973) ( Zum freien Tanz, Zu reiner Kunst) (1989 December 1 to 1990 February 11)

Box 453, 462, 836, 840*, 842*, 866, 3558-3559


Scope and Content Note

Includes posters in box 842*. Negatives are in box 866.
Box 2440**

Oversize posters


Assorted: 1989

Box 463

Art Cologne Prize Diploma

Box 464-465


Box 464, Folder 2

L'Expo imaginaire

Box 464, 847

Goslar Art Prize

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 464, Folder 5

Hultén, Pontus

Box 464-465

Lecture: Fundació Acta

Box 464, Folder 8

Richter, Hans: Palazzo Morettini, Locarno



Box 464, Folder 9

Luginbühl, Bernhard

Box 464, Folder 16

Ricke, Rolf

Box 465, Folder 8

Festival di Chieri catalog

Box 464, Folder 11

Laib, Wolfgang: Stuttgart



Box 646, 832

"Die Zukunft der gegenwärtigen Avantgarde" in El País

Box 465, Folder 2

"Prost, Harald Szeemann" in Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Box 465, Folder 9

"Szeemanntik" in WoZ

Box 464, Folder 17

Festival d'automne à Paris

Box 464, Folder 19

Thyssen Collection, Monte Verità

Box 465, 826


Box 465, Folder 3

Kunsthaus Zürich in Tegna and Maggia

Box 465, Folder 4

Survey: Kunst and Antiquitäten

Box 465, Folder 5

Statement: Buchreport

Box 465, Folder 6-7

Oskar Schlemmer-Preis

Box 465, 832

Art Cologne Preis

Box 465, Folder 14b

International Contemporary Art Fair

Box 464, 465

Press clippings

Box 465, Folder 17-18

Monte Verità


Richard Serra: The Hours of the Day (1990 March 9 to April 29)

Box 467, 833


Box 2441**


Flatfile 47**



Georg Baselitz (1990 May 23 to July 8)

Box 468-470


Box 2440**


Flatfile 45**

Floor plans

Box 471, 828, 847

Niele Toroni (1990 August 18 to September 29)

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs from Catalog in box 847.

Mario Merz (1990 September 30 to December 16)

Box 471, 840*


Box 2441**


Box 472

La Gomera (1990)

Scope and Content Note

Includes architectural plans; and planning and proposals for artist workshops and the exhibition El Viaje Alto Real .

LightSeed (1990 December 1 to 1991 February 24)

Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.
Box 473, 827, 846*


Flatfile 310**


Box 474-477, 3804-3805

Artis: Zeitschrift für neue Kunst


Assorted: 1990

Box 478, Folder 1

Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG: Twombly, Cy


Sponsoring Symposium

Box 478, Folder 2


Box 478, Folder 3

Press clippings

Box 478, Folder 4, 9, 17, 24, 26


Box 478, Folder 5

Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation: Donation policy

Box 478, Folder 6

ARTnews: Censorship survey

Box 478, Folder 7-8

Forest, Fred

Box 478, 833

Osnabrück: Dominican church concept design

Box 478, Folder 11

When Attitudes Become Form: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Box 478, Folder 12-13

DuMont Buchverlag: Art Brut

Box 478, Folder 14

Cologne: Speech: Schmidt, Katharina

Box 478, Folder 15

Wyzwoll, Regina

Box 478, Folder 16


Box 478, Folder 16

Crouwel, Wim

Box 478, Folder 21

Leisbrock, Heinz

Box 478, Folder 18

Record card



Box 478, Folder 19

"Schau-Geschäft: Braucht die Kunst Regisseure?" (1991 February)

Box 478, Folder 22

"Art-Umfrage: Was die neunziger Jahre bringen sollen"

Box 478, Folder 20

Dissertation: Stazzone, Ambra

Box 478, Folder 23

Brochure: Flash Art


Vienna: Museums symposium "The Museum as a Cultural Time-Machine"

Box 478, Folder 25


Flatfile 49**

Flatfile oversize

Box 478, Folder 27

Poem: Hoet, Jan

Box 478, Folder 28


Box 478, Folder 29

Kunsthaus Zürich: Program

Box 478, Folder 30

Centre Georges Pompidou

Box 478, Folder 31

Press clippings

Box 479, Folder 24

Festival internazionale del film di Locarno (1990 August 31 to September 2)

Scope and Content Note

In 1982, Szeemann was part of the Executive Committee as an independent consultant. He was also involved because of the Monte Verità project. These records span from 1982-1990.
Box 479, 847

Galerie Isy Brachot: Broodthaers, Marcel

Scope and Content Note

Szeemann was asked to write a text for a publication regarding Marcel Broodthaers' La Valise belge. Includes color photographs.
Box 479, Folder 26

Éditions Claude Givaudan S.A.

Scope and Content Note

One letter from lawyers on behalf of Mme Beatrice Givaudan requesting Szeemann to sign and return documents.
Box 479, Folder 27

General (1990-1996)

Scope and Content Note

Includes press clippings and correspondence.
Box 479, Folder 28


Box 832, 866, 2442**

Competition: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: Slide

Scope and Content Note

Roll box 2442** contains architectural plans and maps.
Box 479, Folder 29

Die Sonne (unrealized)

Box 3760

Appointment book

Box 3761, Folder 6

Windrösli membership

Box 471, 847

Zürich: Bahnhofshalle competition (1991 February and March)

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 479, 847

Ettore Jelmorini (1991 March 2 to May 20)

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs from Reaction letters in box 847.

Georg Baselitz: Works from the Ackermeier Berlin Collection ( Georg Baselitz: Werke aus der Sammlung Ackermeier Berlin ) (1991 May 8 to July 20)

Box 479, Folder 1-7


Flatfile 46**

Floor plans


Niele Toroni: Imprints of Brush No 50, Repeated in Regular Intervals (30 cm) ( Niele Toroni: Impronte di pennello N. 50 ripetute a intervalli regolari (30 cm) ) (1991 September 6 to October 27)

Box 479, 826


Box 2443**



700th anniversary of Switzerland (1991)

Scope and Content Note

Include materials for the events, exhibitions, and celebrations for this anniversary. The files are organized chronologically from 1981 to 1991. Prominently represented are organization and meeting materials for the organizations CH91, CH91 Foundation and Groupe de réflexion; and the creation of the hiking trail Weg der Schweiz . Although most of the records were grouped together by Szeemann, some folders still appear in assorted records in the years leading up to 1991.
Box 480, 826, 833


Flatfile 58**

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schweizer Grafiker

Box 481-482




Flatfile 58**

Flatfile oversize

Box 905**

Rolled oversize

Box 483


Box 484


Box 485, 925A



Visionary Switzerland ( Visionäre Schweiz) (1991 November 1 to 1992 January 26)

Box 486-494, 833, 845*, 847, 3559


Scope and Content Note

Includes additional papers on floor plans; and artist correspondence in the "Reaction letters" folder. Also includes color photographs from the folders "Inquiries," "Reaction letters" and "Research materials" in box 848; installation negatives in box 866; and wall text transparencies in boxes 870 to 871.
Flatfile 44**

Kunsthaus Zürich: Floor plans


Posters and wallpapers

Flatfile 307**


Box 2443**, 2447**

Oversize roll


Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia: Floor plans

Flatfile 43**

Flatfile oversize

Box 885**, 903**

Rolled oversize


Assorted: 1991

Box 495, 833, 3761

International Foundation for Creativity and Leadership

Scope and Content Note

Includes papers on the Zermatt Symposium.

Ludwig Forum: Kunstpreis Aachen

Box 495, Folder 4


Flatfile 307**


Box 495, Folder 5

Venice: World Arts Summit

Box 495, Folder 6

Circular: Agentur für geistige Gastarbeit

Box 495, Folder 7

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich: Jenny, Peter

Box 495, Folder 8

Film: Streiff, David

Board 495, Folder 9-10

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Box 495-496


Box 495, Folder 12




Box 495, Folder 13

Buxbaum (Analysa)

Box 495, Folder 22

Kopf, Willi

Box 497, Folder 11

Martin, Étienne

Box 495, Folder 15

Festschrift: Sohm, Hanns

Box 495, Folder 16

Advertisements: Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

Box 495, Folder 17

Letter of reference: Abbt, Theres

Box 495, 3560

Emma Kunz Museum

Box 495, Folder 20


Box 495, Folder 21

Press clippings

Box 495, Folder 23

Rennes: Une scène parisienne

Box 495, Folder 24-25

Signale: Klüser, Bernd

Box 495, Folder 26

Bellinzona: 700th year celebration

Box 495, Folder 27

Issue Switzerland Merian

Box 495, Folder 28

Cologne: Gmurzynska, Krystyna

Box 496, Folder 1

Hannover: DZ Bank

Box 496, Folder 2

Art schools survey: Bianchi, Paolo

Box 496, Folder 4

Otto Mühl [Muehl] trial

Box 496, Folder 5

"Post1991Skriptum" in Kunst in der Schweiz (1991 March)

Box 496, Folder 6

700th anniversary of Switzerland: Press clippings: 1993-1994

Box 496, Folder 7

Article in Kunst und die unsichtbare Wirklichkeit

Box 496, Folder 9

Parkett: Gober/Bourgeois

Box 496, Folder 10

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart: Jury

Box 496, Folder 11

"Umokuku-umoboba: altezeiten-neuezeiten" in Swissair Gazaette (1991 April)

Box 496, 846*

der Consultant Club

Box 496, Folder 14

Association Musée d'art moderne (Geneva, Switzerland)

Box 496, Folder 15-16

Kunsthaus Zürich Forum

Box 496, Folder 17

RPM promoedi S.r.l.


Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 496, Folder 18


Box 497, Folder 12

Crisis meeting

Box 496, Folder 19

Instituto de Estética y Teoría de las Artes (Madrid, Spain)



Box 496, Folder 20

Erdöl Vereinigung

Box 497, Folder 1

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

Box 497, Folder 8

"Dalla visione al chiodo"

Flatfile 307**

Liceo Artistico Boccioni conference posters

Box 497, Folder 2-3

La tenda-La tente-Das Zelt

Box 497, Folder 4

"Art Cake"

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence from Beat Curti.
Box 497, 3560

documenta IX

Box 497, Folder 7

"Il fenomeno culturale del mercato dell'arte..." in Schweizer Kunst (1991 February)

Box 497, Folder 9

Text: Schoenberg, Arnold

Box 497, 836

Art Against AIDS

Box 497, Folder 13


Box 846*, Folder 17

Zeitlos over time: Schmid, Karlheinz

Box 497, Folder 14

CAPC Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux: Lecture transcription

Scope and Content Note

Includes book photocopies.
Box 497, Folder 15

Schad, Christian: Book photocopies

Box 3559, Folder 8-10

Bureau für Bauöeconomie

Flatfile 307**


Box 3760

Appointment book


Walter De Maria: The 2000 Sculpture (1992 February 20 to April 20)

Box 498-499, 841*


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans.
Flatfile 67**

The Long Run


Wolfgang Laib (1992 April 11 to May 31)

Box 500, 833


Box 2445**



Pabellón de Suiza (1992 April 20 to October 12)

Box 501-502, 509, 3560, 3726


Box 501, 834, 897**


Box 3723-3724

Installation design


Floor plans

Box 501, 834, 895**


Flatfile 41**

Flatfile oversized

Box 502-504, 3560

Press clippings

Box 504-505, 834, 3560


Box 506, 834, 866

Loans: Agreements and correspondence

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs in box 866.
Box 506-508, 3560-3561, 3729*

Swiss cultural figures

Scope and Content Note

Contains research materials and short biographies with German and French translations. Boxes 3560 to 3561 include unfiled research material.
Box 3039

Portraits of intellectuals printed on cardboard and hanging from strings

Box 508-509, 840*



Wall text

Scope and Content Note

Includes transparencies in box 848.
Box 501, 508-509, 834, 848


Box 2444**-2445**

Oversize roll

Box 508, Folder 8

Map of Switzerland

Flatfile 42**

Model plans: "Newspaper machine"



Flatfile 311**


Box 880**

Oversize roll

Box 3723, Folder 1

Research materials

Box 510

documenta IX (1992 June 13 to September 20)

Box 3561, Folder 5

Marcel Duchamp (unrealized)


Assorted: 1992

Box 511-512


Box 511, Folder 3

La Lettre volée: Harald Szeemann texts: Baudson, Michel

Box 511, Folder 4

Text: Ljubljana: Vercruysse, Jan

Box 511, 513


Scope and Content Note

Regarding the donation of this Joseph Beuys piece to Kunsthaus Zürich.
Box 511, Folder 10

Biography/Bibliography of Harald Szeemann: Lavaur, Krystel

Box 511, 833

Rijksuniversiteit te Gent

Scope and Content Note

Includes mail art from Johan van Geluwe of the Museum of Museums.
Box 511, Folder 12

Symposium: Conversaciones de Madrid

Scope and Content Note

Includes Szeemann's thoughts on the future of art.
Box 511, Folder 13

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Box 511, Folder 14

Die Wochenzeitung

Box 511, Folder 15

Luxembourg: Galerie Beaumont



Box 511, Folder 16a-16b

La Regione

Box 512, Folder 14

Kalías: Revista d'Arte IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez

Box 511, Folder 17

Nice: Verjux, Michel

Box 511, Folder 18

Centro de Arte y Comunicación (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Box 511, Folder 19


Box 511-512

Hauptbahnhof Zürich: Merz, Mario

Box 512, Folder 2

Stiftung für schweizerische naive Kunst und art brut (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

Box 512, Folder 3

Wolfgang Laib text for Kunsthaus Zürich annual report

Box 512, Folder 4

Boltanski, Christian: Ascona, Switzerland

Box 512, Folder 5

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF): Porträts, Dr. Wolfgang Herles

Box 512, Folder 7

"Avantgarden im Tessin" in Ticino Immagine

Box 512, Folder 8

Barcelona lecture: "Des ATTITUDES (Œuvres-Concepts-Processus-Situations-Informations) à la POÉSIE DANS L'ESPACE"

Box 512, Folder 9

Visionary Switzerland: Reports

Box 512, Folder 11

"Entkreuzigung" for Siegfried Brzoska

Box 512, 848

Kunsthaus Luzern: Der Anbau des Museums

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 512, Folder 16-22

Press clippings

Box 512, Folder 24

Hiroshima Art Prize

Box 513, Folder 1

Ensor, James

Box 513, Folder 2

Kommunales Kino der Stadt Hannover

Box 513, Folder 3

Sanart: International Symposium and Art Events, Ankara, Turkey

Box 513, Folder 4

Collection de l'art brut (Lausanne, Switzerland): Peiry, Lucienne

Box 513, Folder 5

Nairne, Sandy

Box 513, Folder 6

Pfeminger, Silvie

Box 513, Folder 7


Box 513, Folder 8

Address list

Box 513, Folder 9

Città di Locarno (Switzerland). Musei e Cultura

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence regarding a biannual brochure on cultural activities in Locarno, Switzerland.
Box 513, Folder 11

International Fair for Contemporary Original Prints

Box 513, Folder 12

Manganiello, Mario: Correspondence

Box 513, Folder 13

Tokyo Art Institute

Box 3561, Folder 6

Universiteit Gent: "Le Musée des Obsessions"

Box 3760

Appointment book


GAS: Grandiose Ambitieux Silencieux (1993 March 19 to May 23)

Box 514-515, 885**, 3561


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans; and files on Chohreh Feyzdjou, Wolfgang Laib, Max Neuhaus, Royden Rabinowitch, Christoph Rutimann, Michel Verjux, and Didier Vermeiren.
Flatfile 60**

Floor plans

Box 905**



Joseph Beuys (1993 November 26 to 1994 February 20)

Box 516-517


Scope and Content Note

Consists of press clippings and other research on Beuys presumably compiled by Szeemann from the Joseph Beuys section of the archive. The materials date from circa 1967-1993.
Box 517-521, 531, 848, 3561


Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans, an annotated list of works, brochures, catalog drafts, correspondence, interviews, lectures, leporellos, guided tour information, press kits and wall text. Color photographs from "Installation shots" folder are in box 848.
Box 3592

Film program


Floor plans

Box 531, Folder 16


Flatfile 51**


Box 907**

1994 and Madrid

Flatfile 48**

Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 835, Folder 4



Zürich, Paris, Madrid

Flatfile 52**

Flatfile oversize

Box 876**

Rolled oversize

Box 521-522, 848, 912

Reaction letters

Scope and Content Note

Includes mail art from Johan van Geluwe of the Museum of Museums and exhibition financial information. Includes color photographs in box 848. Box 912 has a mixed media item of photographs inside of a felt figure.
Box 522, Folder 3


Box 522, Folder 4-12a




Box 522-523, 835



Floor plans

Box 898**

Rolled oversize

Flatfile 48**

Flatfile oversized

Box 523-525, 3592

Press clippings

Scope and Content Note

Includes press clippings on the Vienna-Story in the Milan folders. "Vienna" folder includes correspondence from Heiner Bastian.


Box 525-529, 848


Scope and Content Note

Includes materials rehoused from binders labeled "Assorted," "Authors," "Crédit suisse and advertising," "Loans," "Obtaining image rights," "Museums," "Photographs and catalog," and "Transport and shipping costs." Color photographs from "Assorted" are in box 848.
Flatfile 48**

Loans: Name lists

Box 530-531


Scope and Content Note

Regarding a Milanese exhibition containing a fake Beuys which Szeemann wrote about and the ensuing scandal. More press articles about this are found in the "Press clippings" folders.


Box 835, Folder 5

Legal size

Flatfile 312**


Box 2445**-2446**

Oversize roll


Assorted: 1993

Box 532, 842*

Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst Salzburg



Box 532, Folder 3

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart: When Attitudes Become Form

Box 532, Folder 4

Kulturgemeinschaft Stuttgart

Box 532, Folder 8

Kunsthalle Basel


Madrid: "Los que no necesitan simbolos"

Box 534, Folder 8


Flatfile 57**

Flatfile oversized

Box 534, Folder 5

Arbeitsgruppe Kunstgeschichte: Universität Basel series

Box 532, Folder 5

Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen

Box 532, Folder 6

Rotary Club Zürich



Box 532, Folder 9

Mythologie der Aufklärung, Geheimlehren der Moderne

Box 532, Folder 12

Nitsch, Hermann

Box 534, Folder 1

Fondazione MonteCinemaVerità

Box 534, Folder 3

Nam June Paik: eine DATA base: La Biennale di Venezia XLV

Box 534, Folder 16

Munich: Michel Verjux catalog: Westfälischer Kunstverein

Box 534, Folder 20

"40 Jahre Matura"

Box 532, Folder 10

Parkett: West, Franz

Box 532, Folder 11

Invitation: Schweizer Lexicon

Box 532, Folder 13

50 Jahre Klubschulen Migros

Box 532, Folder 14

Triennale di Milano

Box 532, Folder 15

documenta X: Correspondence and press clippings

Box 532, Folder 16

Irritation und Kreativität

Box 532, 840*

Emma Kunz: Leben, Werk

Box 532-533, 834, 1813*

75 Jahre Kunsthalle Bern

Scope and Content Note

Includes mail art from Johan van Geluwe of the Museum of Museums, and a mixed media reaction letter from Ursula Werder.
Box 533, Folder 3

Statement: Internationales Zentrum der Künste, ex-Impulsorium

Box 533, 842*

Verzauberung auf Zeit: Harald Szeemann

Box 533-534


Box 533, Folder 8

Gesellschaft Schweizerischer Maler, Bildhauer und Architekten. Sektion Bern: Studio procurement

Box 533, Folder 9

Symposium: Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundsrepublik Deutschland

Box 533, Folder 10


Box 533, Folder 11-12


Scope and Content Note

Includes appointment book.
Box 533, Folder 14

documenta 5 and et sequens



Box 533, Folder 15-16

"Sog und Stille, zum Werk von Cy Twombly" in ART

Box 534, Folder 13

"Rhythmischer Raum" in Visions Entwürfe Prospettive Ideas

Box 534, Folder 4

AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz

Box 534, Folder 7

Pabellón de Suiza: Kaegi, Anita

Scope and Content Note

Contains correspondence about a proposed installation of Pabellón de Suiza materials as part of an exhibition to be titled Art Zürich - Focus Schweiz .
Box 534, Folder 9

Translations for video Mario Merz: Dokumentation der Ausstellung im Kunsthaus Zürich 1985



Box 532, Folder 7


Box 534, Folder 11

MM Editions

Box 534, Folder 12

Röller, Nils

Box 534, Folder 14-15

Schweiz. Ständerat. Kommission für Wissenschaft, Bildung und Kultur

Box 534, Folder 17

Act!--Against intolerance and indifference

Scope and Content Note

Contains correspondence with Jaroslav Andel.
Box 534, Folder 19

Appeal from the Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Germany)

Box 534, Folder 21

Banque hypothécaire du canton de Genève: Prize jury

Box 533, Folder 13

Press clippings

Box 534, Folder 22-27



DRAC Pays de la Loire: Fontevraud [Centre National des Arts Plastiques] [research study]

Box 3562, Folder 1-3


Flatfile 312**



Creativity in Switzerland: An exclusive exhibition by Harald Szeemann (1994 November)

Scope and Content Note

Includes copies of the November 1994 issue of Swissair Gazette, which is the exhibition.
Box 535, 835


Flatfile 58**



Assorted: 1994

Box 536, Folder 1

"Begegung mit Richard Serra"

Box 536, Folder 2

Kunstforum International: Contributions

Box 536, Folder 3

De Maria, Walter: Book



Box 536, Folder 4

Künstler-Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartskunst

Box 536, Folder 8

Mairesse, Francois

Box 536-537


Box 536, Folder 6

Musée d'art moderne et contemporain (Geneva, Switzerland): Opening

Box 536, Folder 7

Österreichischer Rundfunk: Adel, Martin

Box 536, Folder 9

"Le top 50 européen de l'art" in Beaux Arts

Box 536, Folder 10

Television portrait: Gebrüder König

Box 536, Folder 11

Thonet text in Ideales Heim

Box 536, Folder 12

Montblanc de la Culture Awards

Box 536, Folder 13

Art Cologne Prize: Corral, María de

Box 536, Folder 14

Marta González visit


Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 536, Folder 15-17

Sponsors packet

Box 537, Folder 18

Cy Twombly gift



Box 537, Folder 1

Hors limites: l'art et la vie 1952-1994

Box 537, Folder 13

Centre Georges Pompidou: "Zum von Kurt Schwitters"

Box 537, Folder 15

Rütimann, Christoph: Installation in Migros

Box 3562, Folder 6

Vagues : une anthologie de la nouvelle muséologie

Box 537, Folder 2

IVAM Centre Julio González



Box 537, Folder 3

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Box 537, Folder 11

Musée de Grenoble

Box 537, Folder 4-5

Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea

Box 537, Folder 6

German communication conference

Box 537, Folder 7

Homage to Karl Ruhrberg

Box 537, Folder 8

Kunz, Emma

Box 537, 840*

Saarland Museum Saarbrücken

Box 537, 3562

Conference: "Résille I: colloque-façons d'arts"

Box 537, Folder 16

Dinner: Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation

Box 537, Folder 17


Box 537, 844*


Box 537-538

Press clippings

Box 537, Folder 21-22

documenta X

Box 538-539

Zeitlos auf Zeit: das Museum der Obsessionen

Box 538, Folder 6

Correspondence: 1994-1995 [unfiled]

Box 538, Folder 7-8

Deutscher Kommunikationstag (1994 May) [unfiled]

Box 538, 842*

Europe looking for a new destiny (unrealized) [unfiled]

Box 832, Folder 4

Lucifers Rising: eine Ausstellung und Veranstaltungsreihe über Tod, Teufel und Untote : Poster

Box 3562, Folder 4

Prix Eliette von Karajan


Bruce Nauman (1995 July 14 to October 8)

Box 540-543, 828, 832, 848, 3562


Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs from "Sponsorship" folder in box 848.


Flatfile 313**


Box 2446**-2447**

Oversize roll


Floor plans

Flatfile 59**, 315**


Box 540, Folder 1-2

General and Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Box 844*, Folder 3

Hirschorn Museum, Washington


100 Years of Cinema: Illusion - Emotion - Reality / The 7th art in search of the 6 others ( 100 Jahre Kino: Illusion - Emotion - Realität / Die 7. Kunst auf der Suche nach den 6 andern ) (1995 November 9 to 1996 February 25)


Floor plans

Box 544



General and Kunsthalle Wien

Box 842*, 878A**-878B**, 898**, 3564

Document and oversize boxes

Flatfile 313**


Flatfile 25a**-25b**, 56**

Barcelona, Vienna, Zürich

Box 878B**

La Biennale di Venezia

Box 544-548, 561-562, 848, 866, 874-875, 878A**, 916-917, 3563-3564, 3722, 3761-3762


Scope and Content Note

Includes concepts, correspondence, invitations, posters, film lists, film program, interviews, reaction letters, research, planning and timing documents, and press clippings. Transparencies from "Magnum Photos" folder and "Wall text" folder are in box 848. Color slides including portraits and magazine covers from Mon Film, Pour Vous, Stern and Cinémonde are in boxes 866 and 874 to 875. Box 878** is a roll box with material about the tour venue. Photographic reproductions from Lui magazine are in box 916. A souvenir mutoscope from the Brussels Musée du Cinéma is in box 917.
Flatfile 53**, 55**

Exhibition programs: Vienna and Zürich

Flatfile 53**-54**

Leporellos: General, Kunsthaus Zürich and Vienna

Box 549-553, 562, 842*, 844*, 848, 3563, 3565

Loan requests

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs in box 848.
Box 555-557, 3564-3565

Film exhibition rights


La Biennale di Venezia

Box 893**, 3563

Floor plans

Box 561, Folder 3

Press clippings

Box 561-562

Granai and Padiglione centrale



Flatfile 313**


Box 2446**

Oversize roll

Box 563, 2470A-2470B, 3562, 3537B

Francisco de Goya (unrealized)


Assorted: 1995


Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 566, Folder 6

Exhibition schedule

Box 565, Folder 12

Annual report: De Maria, Walter

Box 564, Folder 1

Press clippings

Box 564, Folder 2

Norddeutscher Rundfunk: Lohr, Stephan



Box 564, Folder 3

Schule für Gestaltung Bern (Switzerland)

Box 564, Folder 9

Frontpage (1995 January 11)



Box 564, Folder 4

Merz, Mario: Trento

Box 564, Folder 5


Box 564, Folder 19

Hassemer, Volker

Box 564, Folder 26

Weber, Bruno: Passagen

Box 564, Folder 6

Historical Dictionary of Switzerland

Box 564, Folder 7, 11, 21, 23-25, 28


Box 564, Folder 8

Weckerle, Christoph: "Der Austellungsmacher des 21. Jahrhunderts"

Box 564, Folder 10

Wölfli, Adolf

Box 564, 840*

Musée d'art contemporain (Pully, Switzerland): Benetton

Box 564, 840*


Box 564, Folder 15

Lenin Mausoleum



Box 564, Folder 16

Twombly, Cy

Box 565, Folder 2


Box 564, 848

The Street: A shop-window exhibition: Knuchel, Peter and Loeb Knuchel

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 564, Folder 18


Box 564, 848

Witte de With Center of Contemporary Art: Thek, Paul

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 564, Folder 22

Tema Celeste

Box 564, Folder 27

Vienna: Römerquelle art competition

Box 564, Folder 29


Box 565, Folder 1,3

Coray Collection

Box 565, Folder 4

Kunsthalle Wien: Glaube Hoffnung Liebe Tod

Box 565, Folder 5

Associazione culturale italo francese (Bologna, Italy)



Box 565, Folder 6

Migros (1995 September 28-29)

Box 565, Folder 10

Bienal Cascais: Moura, Leonel

Box 566

Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut

Box 565, 3562

Gottlieb Duttweiler-Institut

Box 565, Folder 8


Box 565, Folder 9

Frontpage: Neue Zürcher Zeitung : Sophimus

Box 565, Folder 11

Switzerland. Eidgenössisches Departement für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten: Diplomat search

Box 565, 848

France: Müller, Bruno

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 565, Folder 14-15

Schweizerische Akademie der Geistes und Sozialwissenschaften

Box 565, Folder 16

Herbert von Karajan award

Box 565, Folder 17

Facts: Zeender, Christian

Box 565, Folder 18

Agenda & souvenirs

Box 565, Folder 19

Declined invitations

Box 565, Folder 20-21

La Biennale di Venezia: Press clippings

Box 566, Folder 1-2

Santiago de Compostela

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence with the Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáneo and Pilar Corredoira and text regarding exhibition of commissioned original artworks. Szeemann served as an advisor to select participating artists.
Box 566, Folder 3

Comité Picabia

Scope and Content Note

Project to gather materials for a Francis Picabia catalog raisonné.
Box 566, 848, 3565

Swiss Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 566, 3562

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe/Holocaust memorial

Box 566, Folder 13

Press clippings

Box 3562, Folder 11

Arts Council of Switzerland

Box 3562, Folder 12

Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáneo

Box 3562, Folder 13

Fundació "La Caixa" Beuys talk

Box 3562, Folder 14

Klocker report

Box 3562, Folder 17

Israel documenta

Box 3565, Folder 7

Kulturgemeinschaft Stuttgart

Box 3565, Folder 8

Merzbau reconstruction

Box 3732*, Folder 10

Project Uni Dufour


Austria in a net of roses ( Austria im Rosennetz) (1996 September 10 to November 10)

Box 475, 567, 580-586, 840*, 843*, 848, 865-866, 3565-3566A, 3537B, 3762


Scope and Content Note

Includes the contract; budget; invitations; press release; exhibits list; and ephemera from Austrian institutions. Boxes 580 to 586 contain previously unfiled items which include additional correspondence; exhibition program; reaction letters; loan agreements; press clippings; research material; and wall text. Color photographs are in boxes 848 and 865. Slides are in box 866.

Floor plans

Box 567, 3566A


Flatfile 62**, 64**

General and Architecture Österreichisches Museum für Angewandte Kunst

Box 568-571


Scope and Content Note

Includes individuals, venues, and catalog publishers. Also includes the majority of correspondence with Österreichisches Museum für Angewandte Kunst rehoused from a binder.
Box 571-574


Scope and Content Note

Includes materials rehoused from binders titled "Museums," "Museums and venues," "Private lenders" and "Refusals."
Box 574, Folder 5-6

Organization and transport

Scope and Content Note

Materials rehoused from binder.
Box 575, Folder 2-11

Catalog and brochure

Box 575, Folder 12-21

Interviews and publicity

Box 575-576, 848

Reaction letters

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs in box 848.
Box 576, 3593

Press clippings and correspondence

Box 576, 586, 848


Scope and Content Note

Files with collected ephemera on individuals. Includes color photographs.

Posters and wallpapers

Box 575, 577, 586, 865


Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs in Box 865.
Flatfile 314**


Scope and Content Note

Includes prints.
Box 2447**-2448**

Oversize roll


Zürich, Switzerland: Wunderkammer Österreich (1996 December 6 to 1997 February 23)

Box 577-578, 586, 3566A


Box 2448**



Floor plans

Box 577, 840*


Flatfile 61**


Box 578-580, 3566B

Brussels, Belgium: Visionair oostenrijk / L'Autriche visionnaire (1998 February 27 to July 12)


Assorted: 1996

Box 587, 843*

Università della Svizzera italiana. Accademia di architettura


When Attitudes Become Form

Box 587, Folder 5

Text: Meyer, Franz

Box 588, Folder 14


Box 587-590


Box 587, Folder 8-9

Beuys, Joseph


Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 588, Folder 1


Box 588, Folder 5

Annual report: 1995

Box 588, Folder 2-3

International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art: Lyon

Box 588, Folder 4

Risk (1996 July/September)

Box 588, Folder 6

Sotheby's Geneva

Box 588, Folder 7

Questionnaire: Der Schweizer Buchhandel

Box 588, Folder 8

Young Art

Box 588, Folder 9

Bellvard Bollwerk International: "How far is Switzerland?"

Box 588, Folder 10

For Otto Mühl

Box 588, Folder 11

Symposium: Monte Verità: European Diploma in Cultural Project Management

Box 588, Folder 12

Survey: New fine arts

Box 588, Folder 13


Box 588, 843*

Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst Salzburg

Box 588, Folder 16

Film: Marianne von Werefkin

Box 588, Folder 17

Statement: Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Germany)

Box 588, Folder 18

Dercon, Chris: Still/A Novel

Box 588, 3566A-3566B

Jury: 249 Projets pour Uni Dufour

Box 588, Folder 22

Gürtler, Carole: Musée d'art moderne et contemporain (Geneva, Switzerland)

Box 588, Folder 24

Caumont, Jacques: Text on Eva Muller-Arnaud de Génestoux

Box 588, 3566A

Institut für Kulturwissenschaft (Vienna, Austria)

Box 589, 849

Mahnmal und Gedenkstätte für die jüdischen Opfer des Naziregimes in Österreich 1938-1945 (1996 March 19 to April 28)

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 589, Folder 3

Kunsthaus Aarau: Robert Müller text

Box 589, Folder 5

Text: Hultén, Pontus

Box 589, Folder 6

Guasch, Anna Maria: Zeitlos text

Box 589, Folder 7

Jappe, Georg: Joseph Beuys interview

Box 589, Folder 8

Éditions Amez: Merz, Mario

Box 589, Folder 9

Zimmerman, Olaf: Open letter

Box 589, Folder 13


Box 589, Folder 12


Box 590, Folder 1

Radiotelevisione Svizzera: Film: Monte Verità

Box 590, Folder 4

Karajan Award 1995-1996

Box 590, Folder 6

Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences: Publication

Box 590, Folder 7

Swiss Institute for Art Research: Dictionary of Swiss Art

Box 590, Folder 8

International center for Culture and Managment, Salzburg

Box 590, Folder 9

Écrire les expositions: Baudson, Michel

Box 590, Folder 10

Boeckl Award (Salzburg, Austria)

Box 590, Folder 11

Goerg Jappe 60th birthday

Box 589-590


Box 894**

Monte Verità

Box 590, Folder 13


Box 590, Folder 14-16

Kunsthalle Zürich: Text sponsorship


Memorial for the murdered jews of Europe

Box 590, Folder 17


Flatfile 63**

Flatfile oversized

Box 590, Folder 18-21

Press clippings

Box 3566A, Folder 8

Liceo Artistico Boccioni

Box 590, Folder 22


Box 3566A, Folder 9

Pierre Klossowski loan

Box 3566A, Folder 10

Palais idéal du Facteur Cheval

Box 590, Folder 23

Adolf Wölfli monograph

Scope and Content Note

Possibly related to the unrealized book?
Box 3760

Appointment book (1996-1997)

Box 3762, Folder 3

Research?: Collection de la Province de Hainaut

Box 591, 3566A

Epicenter Ljubljana (1997 April 8 to May 31)

Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans and files for Zdenka Badovinac, Louise Bourgeois, Wolfgang Laib, Mario Merz, Marisa Merz, Jason Rhoades, Pipilotti Rist, Serge Spitzer and Otto Zitko. Rhoades' files includes instructions on how to build a modernist mini bike.

Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon "L'Autre" (1997 July 9 to September 24)

Box 592-598, 835, 843*, 849, 3566A, 3762


Scope and Content Note

Includes address lists, artist lists, correspondence, press clippings, interviews, reaction letters and partial wall text. Transparencies and color photographs from the folders "Reaction letters," "Rejected applications" and "Hong An" are in box 849.


Box 3732*

Oversize box

Flatfile 315**



Floor plans

Scope and Content Note

Photocopies and removed Post-it notes are in box 598.
Box 886**, 891**

Rolled oversize

Flatfile 96**

Flatfile oversize


Speed & Water (1997 September 1 to November 27)

Box 599-600, 849, 866


Scope and Content Note

Includes files on Gary Hill, Richard Jackson, Yves Klein, Gabriele Kostas, Wolfgang Laib, Shoong-Sup Lim, Pidu Russek, Bill Viola and Esther Yu. The loan request to Ingeborg Shauberger was originally found with the Gilbert Clavel (unrealized) files. Color photographs regarding Rainer Ganahl, Choong-Sup Lim and souvenirs are in box 849. Slides are in box 866.
Flatfile 65**

Floor plans and 1000 Clocks by Richard Jackson

Box 601

Souvenirs: Banner and cigarette boxes


Hierhin (unrealized)

Box 602, Folder 1-11


Scope and Content Note

Includes an exhibition proposal to Deutsche Bank and floor plans.
Flatfile 73**

Messe Düsseldorf: NOWEA: Floor plan

Box 897**

Zapp, Herbert


Assorted: 1997

Box 602, Folder 12

Bildhauersymposion Heidenheim e.V.: Werk 97



Box 602, Folder 13

Muze'on Hertseliyah le-omanut 'akhshavit: Rist, Pipilotti


De Domizio Durini, Lucrezia: Durini, Buby

Box 603, Folder 17-18


Box 840, Folder 22*


Box 604, Folder 5

Burkhard, Balthasar: Geneva


documenta X

Box 602, Folder 14

Interview: Art

Box 602, Folder 20

Correspondence: Stengal, Karin [CD-ROM]

Box 604, Folder 11-12


Box 602, Folder 15

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen: Nachtstudio

Box 602, Folder 16

Frontpage AG: Impuls


Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Germany)

Box 602, Folder 17


Box 602, Folder 22

Holocaust memorial

Box 602, Folder 18

Lecture: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich



Box 602, Folder 19

Schule für Gestaltung Zürich

Box 602, Folder 14, 21

Kunstzeitung: Schmid, Karlheinz

Box 602, Folder 23

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao: Zulaika, Joseba

Box 602, Folder 24

Nackt im Paradies: Graffenried, Michael von

Box 603, Folder 1

Légion d'honneur

Scope and Content Note

Contains papers related to the Ordre des arts et des lettres (France)
Box 603, Folder 2-3

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge Prize



Box 603, Folder 4

Fundació "La Caixa". Centre Cultural

Box 604, Folder 8

International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art

Box 603, Folder 5

Prix Eliette von Karajan

Box 603, Folder 6

Galerie Hauser & Wirth: Picabia, Francis

Box 603, Folder 7

Noëma: Thek, Paul

Box 603, Folder 8

Foreword: "Beuysnobiscum"

Box 603, Folder 9, 11, 13, 19


Box 603, Folder 10

Berlinische Galerie: Solidarität

Box 603, Folder 12

International Istanbul biennial: Floor plan

Box 603, 849

Declined invitations

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 603, Folder 20

When Attitudes Become Form: Phaidon Press

Scope and Content Note

Contains correspondence regarding the reprint of Szeemann's introduction in the catalog: When Attitudes Become Form
Box 604, Folder 1

Bordeaux: Project: "1 bar, 1 soir, 1 artiste"


Monte Verità

Box 604, Folder 2

Seminar (1997 April 17)

Box 604, Folder 7

Colloquium: Architecture & Behavior (1997 March 24-26)

Box 604, Folder 10

La Montagne de la vérité [Film]

Box 604, Folder 3

Conversation with David Streiff: Das Magazin : Edited by Schaub, Martin

Box 604, Folder 4

Hannover: Kurt Schwitters Prize

Box 604, Folder 6

Manchester: Beck's new contemporaries

Box 604, Folder 9

Article: Mairesse, François: "La Quadrature de la boîte"

Box 604, Folder 13

Kafka (Machine): Loan form

Box 604, Folder 14


Scope and Content Note

Contains appointment book.
Box 604, Folder 15

Press clippings

Box 604, Folder 16

Correspondence: Rappaport, Alain

Box 604, Folder 17

Jacquet, Alain

Box 604, Folder 18

Lectures: Image list and notes

Box 604, Folder 19

Press clippings: documenta X

Box 604, Folder 20

Text about Eberhard Roters in 100 Jahre Kunst im Aufbruch: die Berlinische Galerie zu Gast in Bonn

Box 605-606, 842*, 844*, 849, 3566B

Self-taught artists of the 20th century: An American anthology (1998 March 10 to May 17)

Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans and posters in box 844*. Color photographs are in box 849.
Box 608, 611, 849, 3566B

Diversities, Spices & Academies ( Ausgewählte Studentenarbeiten aus der Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien ) (1998 June 24 to July 3)

Scope and Content Note

Files from this exhibition are interspered within the Assorted: 1998 files. Includes color photographs in box 849.

Elective Affinities: Jason Rhoades ( Wahlverwandtschaften: Jason Rhoades) (1998 August 15 to October 18)

Scope and Content Note

Files from this exhibition are interspered within the Assorted: 1998 files.
Box 608




Flatfile 314**


Box 2449**

Oversize roll

Box 612, Folder 15

Thousand islands (reality models): Serge Spitzer (1998 October 16 to November 29): Unfiled: Correspondence

Scope and Content Note

Files from this exhibition are interspered within the Assorted: 1998 files.
Box 608, 610

Close encounters: Torbjørn Rødland (1998 October 16 to November 29)

Scope and Content Note

Files from this exhibition are interspered within the Assorted: 1998 files.

Assorted: 1998

Box 607, Folder 1

Radio Rhône

Box 607, Folder 2

Universität Bonn. Kunsthistorisches Institut (1998 January 22)

Box 607, Folder 3

Kunsthalle Tirol: Salzlager Hall

Box 607, Folder 4

Expo 2000 (Hanover, Germany): Seville

Box 607-608, 610, 3566B

Monte Verità


Saar Ferngas Förderpreis (1998 January 12)

Box 607, Folder 8-9


Flatfile 72**

Flatfile oversized

Box 607, 849

Innsbruck: Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum: Der Vogel Selbsterkenntnis

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 607, 841*, 849

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen: Sternstunde

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs in box 849.


Box 607, Folder 12-13

Mayer, Bernhard

Box 608, Folder 5

Cahn, Miriam: Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Germany)

Box 609, Folder 17

Curiger, Bice symposium

Box 3566A, Folder 17

"Copyright - Auf Leben und Tod"

Box 3566B, Folder 12

"Transmitting visions"

Box 607, Folder 14

Bernhard Mayer Collection: Press clippings

Box 607, Folder 15

Kurt Schwitters Prize

Box 607, Folder 16

Hatje Cantz Verlag: documenta 5 text

Box 608, Folder 2

Mute: New contemporaries special insert 1997


When Attitudes Become Form

Box 608, Folder 3

Diary: Herbig Collection

Box 609, 3566B

Millet, Catherine

Box 610, Folder 1

Rattemeyer, Christian

Box 611, Folder 6

25 years: Philip Morris

Box 608, Folder 4

Museum im Kopf

Box 608, Folder 6

Kunstzeitung: Schmid, Karlheinz

Box 608, Folder 7

Beaux arts magazin (1998 May)

Box 608, Folder 8

Kunstgesellschaft Thun

Box 608, Folder 10

Jury: Austrian Friedrich Kiesler Prize

Box 608, Folder 11

Artforum: Roth, Dieter (1998 October)



Box 608, Folder 12

Kölnischer Kunstverein

Box 608, Folder 13

Copley, William N.

Box 609, 849

Weltner, Thea

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 610, Folder 3

Israel: Studio Art Magazine

Box 608, Folder 15

Munich: Schwabing. Kunst und Leben um 1900 (1998 May 21 to September 27)

Box 608, 3566B

Toronto: Power Plant (Art Gallery)

Box 608-611, 841*


Box 608, Folder 19

Bregenz: Vorarlberger Landesmuseum

Box 608, Folder 20

Referendum: Asylum law

Box 608, Folder 22

Festival internazionale del film di Locarno (1998 August 5-15)

Box 608, Folder 23

Artificio (Firm : Florence, Italy)

Box 609, Folder 3

Mani-Marta, Rosemarie

Box 609, 3566A-3566B

Press clippings

Box 609, Folder 6

Budapest: International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art

Box 609, Folder 8

Consortium: Happening & Fluxus

Box 609, 841*

Paris: 2000 Millenium

Box 609, Folder 11

Discussion: ProLitteris

Box 609, Folder 12

Villeneuve-d'Ascq (France). Musée d'art moderne: "L'envers du décor, dimensions décoratives dans l'art du XXe siècle"

Box 609, Folder 14

Université de Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne: Delcó, Alessandro

Box 609, Folder 15

AIDS documentation center


Collegium Helveticum in der Semper-Sternwarte (1998 May 18)

Box 609, Folder 18


Flatfile 72**

Flatfile oversized

Box 609, Folder 20

Kunsthalle Bern: Fuchs, Walther

Box 610, Folder 2

Bard College. Center for Curatorial Studies: Award for Curatorial Excellence

Box 610, Folder 5

Emma Kunz: Leben, Werk: Monograph reprint

Box 610, Folder 7

Lecture: Università della Svizzera italiana : Accademia di architettura (1998 November 18)

Box 610, Folder 8

Jackson, Richard

Box 610, Folder 9

Kunsthalle Basel: Jour fixe

Box 610, Folder 11

Walther König turns sixty

Box 610, Folder 12

Locarno: Literaturkreis

Box 610, 849, 3566B

Rome: Centro per le arti contemporanee: Gregotti, Vittorio

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Box 610, Folder 15

Pontresina: First architecture symposium

Box 611, Folder 1

Argentina: Bienale NOCON (nicht konventionelle Kunst)

Box 611, Folder 2

Brinkmann, Roland

Box 611, Folder 3

Kunstzeitung (1998 September)

Box 611, Folder 4

Mack, Gerhard: Museum architecture

Box 611, Folder 5

Gerber, Fritz: Publication



Box 611, 3566B


Box 611, 3566B

Smerling, Walter

Box 611, Folder 12

Lörrach: Steib, Katharina


Et sequens

Box 611, Folder 13

Munich: Messestadt Riem: Meuer, Michael

Box 611, Folder 15

Potsdam: Straub, Eleonore

Box 611, Folder 16

Arche auf der Rigi

Box 612, Folder 3

Stazzone, Ambra

Box 611, Folder 14

Manifest vom 21. Januar 1997: Geschichtsbilder und Antisemitismus in der Schweiz

Box 611, Folder 17

Referendum: Asylum report

Box 611, 3566B


Scope and Content Note

Includes appointment book.
Box 612, Folder 1


Box 612, 849

65 years

Scope and Content Note

Contains birthday wishes from various personalities. Includes color photographs.
Box 612, Folder 4-5

Declined invitations

Box 612, Folder 6-7

Schweizer Zentrum für Toleranz

Box 844*, Folder 8

Beijing (1998 September) [Loose]

Box 612, Folder 8


Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence, invitations, address list, press clippings.
Box 612, Folder 13

Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Germany)

Box 612, Folder 10

Daetwyler, Max

Box 612, Folder 14

Kunsthaus Zürich: Report and budget

Box 612, Folder 12

Niemann, Peter

Box 611, Folder 19

"Of course, intensity and art can change the world," a conversation between Harald Szeemann and Rosa Martínez

Box 612, Folder 11

The "Palais idéal" by Ferdinand Cheval

Box 612, Folder 9

Press clippings and Cinémathèque suisse

Box 612, Folder 16

Test on Merzbau reconstruction

Box 3566A, Folder 14


Scope and Content Note

Correspondent illegible.
Box 3566A, Folder 15

International Contemporary Art Fair

Box 3566B, Folder 5

Discussion: ProLitteris gazzetta

Box 3566B, Folder 6

"Farewell to Harald Szeemann"

Box 3566B, Folder 9


Box 3566B, Folder 12

Symposium: architecture symposium Pontresina


La Biennale di Venezia: dAPERTutto / APERTO overALL / APERTO parTOUT / APERTO überALL (1999 June 13 to November 7)

Scope and Content Note

All floor plans related to this are in Biennale di Venezia: PLATEA DELL'UMANITÀ / PLATEAU OF HUMANKIND / PLATEAU DER MENSCHHEIT / PLATEAU DE L'HUMANITÉ as it looks like Szeemann had removed them and refiled for reference.


Box 3566A-2566B


Scope and Content Note

General includes unfiled entry forms and proposed designs.
Box 613-615, 849


Scope and Content Note

Highlights include Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Daniele Pera, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Christian Rattemeyer, Osvaldo Romberg, Fabio Serati, Seung-Duk Kim, Uli Sigg, and Julián Zugazagoitia (former consultant for the Getty Conservation Institute.) Color photographs are in box 849.
Box 616

Institutions and galleries



Box 616, Folder 53


Scope and Content Note

Includes freehand drawing of floor plans.
Box 624, Folder 2

Official T-shirt

Box 616-618, 623, 625, 836, 841*, 849, 867, 872-873


Scope and Content Note

Includes reaction letters to Szeemann's nomination and the exhibition; artist list; organization chart; final report; and budget. Color photographs are in box 849. Slides and negatives are in boxes 867, 872 and 873.
Box 618-620, 841*


Box 619-623, 841*, 3566A

Press clippings

Box 622, Folder 9

Visitor statistics

Flatfile 316**


Box 3566A, Folder 22

Slide lists for press conferences

Box 3566B, Folder 20

The snowball project

Box 626, 844*, 850, 867, 3566A

Art Open (1999 July 10 to July 15)

Scope and Content Note

Includes floor plans in box 844*. Includes color photograhs and slides from Dieter Walter Liedtke and Thorston Hebes of Ferenczy Media in boxes 850 and 867.

The End of the World & The Principle of Hope ( Weltuntergang & Prinzip Hoffnung ) (1999 August 27 to November 7)

Box 627-628, 836, 850, 3566A, 3762


Scope and Content Note

Research on topics such as species invasion, assassins (Ismailites), Adolf Hitler, Hurricane Mitch and Chernobyl. Includes color photographs for Saint Beatus of Liébana in box 850.
Box 629-631, 850, 867, 3762

Loan correspondence

Scope and Content Note

Loan correspondence with institutions and individuals. Includes color photographs or negatives from Gitty Darugar and Magnus Wallin in boxes 850 and 867.
Box 631-633, 850, 3566C, 3762


Scope and Content Note

Include color photographs for the folders "End of the world scenarios," "Invitations," "Website," Reaction letters" and "Installation shots" in box 850.

Floor plans

Box 632, Folder 16


Flatfile 71**


Box 3566C, Folder 6



Walter De Maria: The 2000 Sculpture (1999 November 26 to 2000 January 16)

Box 634A-635


Box 2449**



Floor plans

Box 634B, Folder 4


Flatfile 69**



Tinguely's Favourites: Yves Klein (1999 December 1 to 2000 April 9)

Box 635-636, 850, 3566C


Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs from "Loan agreements" folder.
Box 2450**, 3732*



Assorted: 1999

Box 636, Folder 4

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit: Germany's 50th anniversary

Box 636, Folder 5

Schule für Gestaltung Zürich



Box 636, Folder 6

Licht: Saarbrücken

Box 636, Folder 17

Berlin: Das ausgestellte Jahrhundert

Box 636, Folder 22

Efficiency Club Zürich (1999 November 23)

Box 3566D, Folder 4

Monte Verità

Box 636-637, 3566C, 3567


Box 636, Folder 8

Kassel: Museum Fridericianum

Box 636, Folder 9

Frauchiger, Urs



Box 636, Folder 11

Stuttgart: International Prize of Baden-Württemberg for Fine Arts

Box 636, 850, 867

L'Automobile più Bella del Mondo: Alfieri, Bruno

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs and slides.
Box 636, Folder 12

Statement: Profil: Viennese actionism

Box 636, Folder 13

Marseilles: Schlemmer, Oskar

Box 636, Folder 14

International SITE Santa Fe Biennial


Siemens culture program: Site design

Box 636, 850, 3566D


Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.
Flatfile 70**

Flatfile oversized

Box 636, Folder 18

Bellamy, Dick

Box 636, Folder 19-20

Kassel: Biennale documenta (1999 November 11-13)

Box 637, Folder 1

Jerusalem: Art Focus

Box 637, Folder 2

Genoa 2004

Box 637, 3566D

Kunz, Emma

Box 637, Folder 4


Box 637, Folder 5

Casa di Lucrezia


Art Basel

Box 3566C, Folder 10


Box 637, Folder 9



The Bachelor Machines: new edition of exhibition catalog

Box 3566C, Folder 11


Box 637-638

Reck, Hans Ulrich

Box 638, Folder 2

Art & Culture: Ensor, James

Box 638, Folder 3

Stiftung Museum Schloss Moyland: "James Lee Byars: Briefe an Beuys"

Box 638, Folder 4

International Istanbul biennial

Box 638, 3566D


Box 638, 850

Etaneno project: Hüppi, Alfonso

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs.

Project invitations

Box 3566D, Folder 11


Box 638, Folder 7-8

Declined invitations


Università della Svizzera italiana. Accademia di architettura (1997-1999): History of Modern and Contemporary Art

Box 638-639


Flatfile 70**

Flatfile oversize

Box 639-640, 832*, 850, 3762

HypoVereinsbank: Art consultant

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs in box 850.
Board 640, Folder 5

Gualco, Caterina: Kaprow, Allen retrospective

Box 640, Folder 6

Sarajevo: Ars Aevi

Box 836, Folder 3

Berlin: 50 years Bundesrepublic Deutschland

Box 640, 3566A

Allianz Art Consultancy


Bolognano: Piazza Joseph Beuys

Box 636, 640


Box 2449**


Box 3040

Souvenir wine bottle

Box 640, Folder 8


Box 640, Folder 10

Interview: Moderna museet

Box 640, Folder 9

Kunsthaus Zürich: Budget

Box 640, Folder 12

Susumu, Nakanishi

Box 3566A, Folder 26

Botho-Graef Art Prize

Box 3566A, Folder 27

ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair

Box 3566C, Folder 8

100 Years of Cinema: material request

Box 3566C, Folder 9

"Alles und Nichts"

Box 3566C, Folder 12

Berlin Biennale

Box 3566C, Folder 13

Biennale of Sydney, 2000

Box 3566C, Folder 14


Scope and Content Note

Includes mail art.
Box 3566C, Folder 15

Das XX. Jahrhundert

Box 3566C, Folder 16

Echo - das virtuelle museum Schweiz

Box 3566C, Folder 17

Frontpage AG

Box 3566C, Folder 18

"Harald Szeemann e il museo delle ossessioni"

Box 3566C, Folder 19

International architectural competition for Kunsthaus Graz

Box 3566C, Folder 21

IVAM Centre Julio González

Box 3566C, Folder 22

Job specification: the Menil collection


Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 3566D, Folder 1


Box 3566D, Folder 2

Account sheet

Box 3566D, Folder 5

Berlin: Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

Box 3566D

Press clippings



Box 3566E, Folder 1

Kim, Soo-Ja

Box 3566E, Folder 2

Kunstklasse Studiengang Zürich


Expo 2000 (Hanover, Germany) (2000 June 1 to October 31)

Scope and Content Note

Expo 2000 was a world's fair.
Box 641-644, 836, 843*, 3593




Box 641, Folder 3

Hoffman, Hilmar, Kaspar König, Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani, and Solveig Weber

Box 641, Folder 4

Düwel, Peter

Box 641, Folder 5

Horster, Detlef

Box 641, Folder 6

Eggebrecht, Arne and Rolf Schulte

Box 641, Folder 7

Romain, Lothar

Box 641, Folder 8

Klaffke, Kaspar

Box 641, Folder 9


Box 641, Folder 10

Fagone, Vittorio and Dieter Ronte

Box 641, Folder 11

Prigann, Herman, José Mulder van de Graaf and Alf Ammon

Box 641, Folder 12

Nolte, Josef

Box 641, Folder 13


Box 641, Folder 14

Andritzky, Michael

Box 641, Folder 15

Pircher, Wolfgang

Box 641, Folder 16

Erlhoff, Michael and Thomas Bley

Box 641, Folder 17

Hofman, Werner

Box 641, Folder 18

Shaw, Jeffery and Hans-Erhard Lessing

Box 641, Folder 19

Heubach, Friedrich Wolfram

Box 641, Folder 20

Heller, Martin and Michael Scholl

Box 641, Folder 21

ISP Eduard Pestel Institut für Systemforschung

Box 642, 894**

Floor plans

Box 643

Master plans

Box 646-648, 836, 844*, 850, 867

Beware of exiting your dreams: You may find yourself in somebody else's ( Uważaj wychodząc z własnych snów: Możesz znaleźc się w cudzych ) (2000 December 15 to 2001 January 28)

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs and negatives from "Correspondence" folder in boxes 850 and 867. Includes floor plans in boxes 836 and 844*.
Box 651, Folder 10-11

ForwArt: Georges Adéagbo (2000 April 5 to May 14)

Box 651, 3566E

Nauman, his own neighbour ( Nauman, sein eigener Nachbar) (2000 July 15 to August 27)

Box 650-651, 836, 850, 3566E

Museo Comico nel Teatro Dimitri: The Collection of Dimitri Clown (2000 August 5)

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs from the folders "Facilities" and "Teatro Dimitri" in box 850. Includes floor plans in box 836.

Assorted: 2000

Box 648, Folder 2

Bienal de Artes Visuais do Mercosul: Porto Alegre (2000 January 4-8)

Box 648, 3567

Doron Prize (November 27)

Box 648, Folder 4

Mexico (January 11-20)

Box 648, Folder 5

Ribettes, Jean-Michel (February 7-8)

Box 648, Folder 6

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (February 15)



Box 648, Folder 7

Mannheim (February 16 and June 8-9)

Box 650, Folder 14

Sony prize (June 14-15)

Box 650, Folder 19


Box 648, Folder 8

AIDS Foundation: Art Frankfurt: Siebenhaar-Zeller, Renate (March 22-25)

Box 648, Folder 9

Munich: Offene Akademie (March 5)

Box 648, Folder 10

Jerusalem Foundation (March 7-10)


Venice: Fondazione Scientifica Querini Stampalia

Box 648, Folder 11

March 17-18

Box 649, Folder 1

April 19

Box 648, Folder 12

China (March-April)


Kunsthaus Graz jury (April 4-6)

Box 648, 850

Papers and color photographs

Flatfile 68**

Flatfile oversized

Box 649, Folder 2

Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, England) (May 9)

Box 649, Folder 3

Juliet: Bortolotti, Maurizio

Box 649, Folder 4

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen: Prominent Microphone



Box 649, Folder 5


Box 649, Folder 19

Chinese art at the end of the millennium: Chinese-art.com 1998-1999

Box 649, Folder 21

Fundació la Caixa: Beuys, Joseph

Box 650, Folder 1

Sperone, Enzo

Box 3567, Folder 15

Franz West

Box 3566F, Folder 7

"The revolution of the individual"

Box 3566F, Folder 8

"Wege zum heute in der sammlung der Hypovereinsbank"

Box 3566F, Folder 9

Text by others

Box 649, Folder 7

Sofia (September 21-22)


Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 649, Folder 10


Box 3566E, Folder 16

Exhibition committee

Box 650, Folder 9

September 18

Box 649, Folder 24

Ernst Klett Schulbuchverlag: Grundsteine Kunst. 4. Mensch, Kunst!

Box 649, Folder 25

Wolfsburg: Autostadt (Firm)

Box 649, Folder 27

Festschrift: Ammann, Jean-Christophe

Box 649, 3566E

einfach gigantisch - gigantisch einfach: 150 Jahre Faszination Weltaustellung

Box 649, Folder 32

Larousse (Firm): Artist list

Box 649, Folder 33

Brock, Bazon

Box 650, Folder 2

Kunsthaus Bregenz: Bianchi, Paolo: Gesamtkunstwerk meets Lebenkunstwerk


Monte Verità

Box 650, 3566E


Box 650, Folder 12


Scope and Content Note

Relates to centennial anniversary of Monte Verità.
Box 650, Folder 7

Bortolotti, Maurizio

Box 650, Folder 11

Schweizerische Depeschenagentur

Scope and Content Note

Relates to centennial anniversary of Monte Veritá.
Box 649-652, 3567




Box 649, Folder 30

Museum in Head

Box 649, Folder 34

Rogge, Claudia

Box 650, Folder 3

Butler, Eugenia

Box 650, Folder 4

Omnibus and Beaux arts magazin

Box 650, Folder 5

P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center

Box 650, Folder 10

Alfred Barr Award: Badovinac, Zdenka

Box 650, Folder 13

Valladolid, Spain

Box 650, Folder 15

Pontevedra, Spain

Box 650, Folder 16

Muzej suvremene umjetnosti (Zagreb, Croatia): Beros, Nada

Box 650, Folder 17

Media City Seoul (October 21-22)

Box 650, Folder 18

a.titolo (September 20)

Box 650, Folder 20

Kunsthalle Basel: Film night

Box 650, Folder 21

Università della Svizzera italiana: Dabbeni, Tiziano (October 23)

Box 650, Folder 22

Washington (November 5)


Yesul ui Chondang (Korea): 100 Years of Cinema

Box 651, Folder 12


Flatfile 66**

Floor plans

Box 651, 850

Mural Cuba Colectiva 1967 and 2000

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs in box 850.
Box 651-652

Städtische Galerie Nordhorn (Germany)

Box 652, Folder 3

Musée du Louvre (June 7)

Box 652, 850, 3566E, 3567

Max Beckmann Prize (February 12)

Scope and Content Note

Includes color photographs in box 850.
Box 652, Folder 6

1997: 40 years of exhibitions

Box 652, Folder 8

Wiemar: Preiss, Achim

Box 652, Folder 9

Brussels European Museum of Contemporary Arts: Via Arte

Box 652, Folder 10

Alfred Jarry y la Pintura: Canova, Pierre

Box 652, Folder 11

Palace Lugano

Box 652, Folder 12a

Bara: Schütze, Karl-Robert



Box 3567, Folder 3

100 Jahre Monte Verità

Box 3567, Folder 4

Nouveaux espaces



Box 3566E, Folder 10


Box 652, Folder 13a

Yu, Esther

Box 652, 3566E




Box 3567, Folder 8

Eight Mordes Lecture of Contemporary Art - Harald Szeemann

Box 652, Folder 14a

Image lists and notes

Box 3567, Folder 9

Luncheon with Ambassador of Switzerland and Mrs. Defago

Box 652, Folder 15a

The Mayor Gallery

Box 3566F, 3567

Press clippings

Box 3567, Folder 11

Project 2/200

Box 3567, Folder 12


Box 3567, 3593


Box 652, Folder 16

Steele in Stein and Skulptur im 20. Jahrhundert

Box 652, Folder 17

Turin: Conference: Transcription

Box 3567, Folder 14

When Attitudes Become Form: Later materials

Box 3566E, Folder 6

2000+ Arteast Collection

Box 3566E, Folder 7

Arnold Bode Prize

Box 3566E, Folder 9

Committee: Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto

Box 3566E, Folder 12

International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art

Box 3566E, Folder 17

List of artists from Japan

Box 3566E, Folder 19

Berlin: Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

Box 3566F, Folder 5

Project requests

Box 3566F, Folder 6

Racconti d'identità

Box 3566F, Folder 10

Thank you card

Box 3566F-3566G

Thesis: "Harald Szeemann: un curatore a-tipico" by Amyel Garnaoui

Box 3566G, Folder 2


Box 3566G, Folder 3

Turin: LabOratorio I, proposte XV


Assorted: 2000-2001

Scope and Content Note

These assorted files are organized into a two-year increment because that is how they originally were grouped.
Box 653, Folder 1

Benesse Koporeshon [Benesse Foundation]

Box 653, 3566E

Kanazawa 21-seiki Bijutsukan [Museum Kanazawa]

Box 653, 3537B

Ljubljana: Manifesta

Box 653, Folder 4

Friedrichshof museum

Box 653, Folder 5

Tuscany tour

Box 653, Folder 6

Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus München


Biennale of Sydney: 2000

Box 653, 3567

Waterlow, Nick

Box 655, Folder 10


Box 653-654

Festspielhaus (Hellerau, Germany): Competition


Kunsthaus Zürich

Box 654, Folder 2

Annual report

Box 654, Folder 3

Felix Baumann commemorative publication

Box 656, Folder 8

Annual report: Text: Nauman, Bruce

Box 654, Folder 5



Beuys, Joseph: Texts

Box 654, Folder 4

Démosthènes Davvetas

Box 654, Folder 6

Huber, Gauthier

Box 656, Folder 6

Festschrift Erich Marx

Box 656, Folder 7


Box 659, Folder 12

Rovereto: Symposium: Joseph Beuys: L'immagine dell'umanità (2001 October)



Box 654, Folder 7

Oreste alla Biennale

Box 654, Folder 14

Grand Hyatt Berlin

Box 654, Folder 16

Leopold, Rudolf

Box 655, Folder 8

Franz West

Box 658, Folder 2

La Biennale di Venezia (2001)

Box 661, Folder 13

Franz West In and Out

Box 654, Folder 10

Szeemann, Una: Interview for Wams

Box 654, Folder 11

Grafikpreis der f6 Cigarettenfabrik Dresden

Box 654, Folder 12

Du campaign

Box 654, 3566E

Bandi, Kaspar: Pabellón de Suiza

Box 654, Folder 17

The Art Newspaper

Box 654, Folder 18

Arnold-Bode-Preis history

Box 654, Folder 19

Centre Georges Pompidou: When Attitudes Become Form daybook

Box 655, Folder 1

Trudl Bruckner

Box 655, Folder 2

Symposium: "Weltsichten" (2000 September)

Box 654-655, 659, 661


Box 655, Folder 4

The Large Glass magazine. (Macedonia)

Box 655, Folder 6

Film: Dona

Box 655, Folder 11

Press clippings: Twombly, Cy



Box 655, Folder 13


Box 657, Folder 4




Box 655-656


Box 657-658


Box 656, Folder 4

Zero to Infinity: Arte Povera 1962-1972

Box 656, Folder 5

Siena: Il dono: Offerta, ospitalità, insidia

Box 657, Folder 1-3

Max Beckmann-Preis (2001)


Monte Verità

Box 657, Folder 5