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ARSHILE Magazine Records
MSS 0779  
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Scope and Contents of Series

SERIES 1) MAGAZINE FILES: Includes correspondence between writers, artists, graphic designers and other journal contributors with founding editor, Mark Salerno; various drafts of the magazine including dummies, layouts, line edits, bluelines and proofs; and cover designs, artwork and publicity materials.
Arranged chronologically in twelve subseries by issue number: A) Number 1, B) Number 2, C) Number 3, D) Number 4, E) Number 5, F) Number 6, G) Number 7, H) Number 8, I) Number 9, J) Number 10, K) Number 11, and L) Number 12.
A) Number 1 (Spring 1993): Contributors include Michael Lally, Lewis MacAdams, Aram Saroyan, Kate Gale Harper, Tom Clark, Gilbert Sorrentino, Mark Salerno, Robert Creeley, Eileen Myles, Mary Angeline, William Corbett, Carrie Etter, Edward Brookner and Jack Hirschman, artwork by Leslie Diller Zollo, cover art by Roy Dowell, fiction by Michael McInnis, John Laskey and Jim Krusoe and essay by Dore Ashton.
B) Number 2 (1993): Contributors to the second issue include William Bronk, Killarney Clary, Ron Padgett, Amy Gerstler, Ray DiPalma, Joel Dailey, Sydney Walsh, Gilberto Sorrentino, Scott Heim, Laurie Price, Clark Coolidge, and Mark Salerno, works in translation by Francesco Moisio, Anna Lombardo, Ferruccio Brugnaro, and Rocco Scotellaro, photography by Gerard Malanga, fiction by John Laskey, drama by Amiri Baraka, essays by William Corbett and Alice Notley and cover art by Mary Ann Jones.
C) Number 3 (1994): Contributors include cover artwork by Willem de Kooning, poetry by Douglas Messerli, Jim Gustafson, Michael Heller, Brian Young, Gerard Melanga, Scott Wannberg, Carl Rakosi, Tony Towle and Mark Salerno, works in translation by Mario Benedetti (translated by Harry Morales), photography by Nina Glaser (with prefatory note by William Turner), interviews by Marjorie Perloff with Haroldo and Augusto de Campos and Kevin Killian interview with David Bromige, and essays by Anselm Hollo and Dore Ashton.
D) Number 4 (1995): Contributors include cover art by Jasper Johns and inside art by Yoko Ono, poetry by John Ashbery, Gillian McCain, William Marsh, Barbara Guest, Mark Salerno, Mary Angeline, Aaron Shurin, and Laura Moriarty, text by Amiri Baraka, drama by Kenneth Koch, works in translation by Antonio Catalfamo (translated by Mark Salerno), interview by Alexander Laurence with Gilbert Sorrentino, and essays by Richard Kostelanetz and Fielding Dawson.
E) Number 5 (1996): Contributors include cover art by Wayne Thiebaud, back cover art by Ted Williams, poetry by William Bronk, Beth Anderson, Forrest Gander, C. D. Wright, Mark Salerno, and Paul Vangelisti, works in translation by Armando Romero (translated by Alita Kelley), inside art by Roy Dowell, fiction by John Laskey, and essays by Alice Notley and Dore Ashton.
F) Number 6 (1996): Contributors include cover art by Emerson Woelffer, back cover art by R. Stephen Posey, poetry by Rosmarie Waldrop, Keith Waldrop, Rachel Loden, Terence Winch, Stephanie, Marlis, Gilbert Sorrentino, Charles Henri Ford, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Jesse Weiner and Mark Salerno, art by Alex Katz and Robert Creeley, special selection (poem) by Ted Berrigan, fiction by Hubert Selby, Jr. and essay by Alice Notley.
G) Number 7 (1997): Contributors include cover art by Karen Carson, poetry by Jerome Rothenberg, Martha Ronk, Joshua Harmon, Edmund Berrigan and Robert Kelly, notebooks by Carl Rakosi, photography by Geoffrey Nelson, drama by Sam Eisenstein, and review by Susan McCabe.
H) Number 8 (1997): Contributors include cover art by Squeak Carnwath, poetry by William Bronk, Jen Hofer, Edward Dorn, Aviva Bower, Mark Salerno, Peter Gizzi, and Tony Towle, art by Renee Petropoulos, fiction by Gilbert Sorrentino and John Laskey, remembrances by Robert Kelly and Anselm Hollo, and review by Jim Brodey.
I) Number 9 (1998): Contributors include cover art by Patrick Graham, poetry by Stephanie Marlis, Robert Hershon, Julian Semilian, Ed Friedman, Judith Taylor and William Aiken, special selection I by Ray DiPalma and Jim Brodey, art by Emerson Woelffer, fiction by Linda Healey, review of Ron Pagett's New and Selected Poems by Alice Notley.
J) Number 10 (1998): Contributors include cover art by Michael Goldberg, poetry by Paul Vangelisti, Katy Lederer, Joel Brouwer, Elizabeth Willis, Mark McManus, and Christine Hume, Carmen Firan's Five Poems from the Romanian translated by Julian Semilian and Sanda Agalidi and Andrei Codrescu, art by Yoko Ono, fiction by Merrill Gilfillan and Kenward Elmslie, reviews of Ted Hughes' Birthday Letters by Linda Healey, and Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris reviewed by Paul Hoover.
K) Number 11 (1999): Contributors include cover art by R.B. Kitaj, poetry by Bill Berkson, Eleni Sikelianos, Mark Salerno, Nicole Brodsky, and Kandie St. Germain, special project by Frank O'Hara, Art by Don Bachardy, Joe LeSueuer footnote to a poem by Frank O'Hara, art by Alfred Leslie and Jacques Debrot, essay by Daniel Kane and review of David Lehman by Lytle Shaw.
L) Number 12 (unpublished): Issue 12 was never published due to financial matters. The files include correspondence, some with attached writing or artwork from potential contributors.

Number 1

Box 1, Folder 1-5

Correspondence 1992 March-1993 December

Box 1, Folder 6-9

Manuscript files - Drafts, dummies 1993

Oversize FB-552, Folder 5-6

Text dummies 1993

Box 1, Folder 10

Cover artwork 1993

Box 1, Folder 11

Publicity 1993 May 14

General note

Includes publicity for benefit reading and publication party.

Number 2

Box 1, Folder 12

Correspondence 1992 December-1993 September

Box 2, Folder 1-9

Manuscript files - Draft, cover and issue layout, dummies, line edit and proofs 1993

Oversize FB-552, Folder 8

Cover artwork 1993

Box 2, Folder 10

Publicity 1994 January 14

General note

Includes postcards for second issue launch party.

Number 3

Box 2, Folder 11-12

Correspondence 1993 August-1994 July

Box 3, Folder 1

Correspondence 1994 January-June

Box 3, Folder 2-7

Manuscript files - Drafts, dummy, line edit and proof 1994

Oversize FB-552, Folder 9

Cover artwork 1994


Number 4

Box 3, Folder 8

Correspondence 1993 September-1995 April

Box 4, Folder 1-3

Correspondence 1994 June-1995 September

General note

Includes correspondence with McNaughton & Gunn Inc. regarding ARSHILE and Hate.
Box 4, Folder 4-6

Manuscript files and proof

General note

Includes translation of Antonio Catalfamo's poems with Salerno's translations and edits.
Oversize FB-552, Folder 10

Cover artwork 1995


Number 5

Box 4, Folder 7-9

Correspondence 1995 January-1996 February

Box 5, Folder 1-2

Correspondence 1995 November-1996 May

General note

Includes correspondence with McNaughton & Gunn Inc.
Box 5, Folder 3-5

Manuscript files - Drafts, proof and blueline 1996

Box 5, Folder 6

Cover artwork 1996

Oversize FB-552, Folder 11

Cover artwork 1996


Number 6

Box 5, Folder 7-9

Correspondence 1995 December-1996 September

General note

Includes correspondence with McNaughton & Gunn Inc.
Box 6, Folder 1-4

Manuscript files - Drafts, dummies and proof 1996-1998

Box 6, Folder 5-9

Artwork 1996

General note

Includes Stephen Posey transparencies and artwork by Alex Katz.
Oversize TS-86

Original artworks by Robert Stephen Posey


Number 7

Box 6, Folder 10-11

Correspondence 1996 August-1997 January

General note

Includes correspondence with McNaughton & Gunn Inc.
Box 7, Folder 1-2

Correspondence 1997 January-April

Box 7, Folder 3-6

Manuscript files - Drafts, dummy and blueline

Box 7, Folder 7


Box 7, Folder 8

Publicity 1997 May 5

General note

Includes publicity for benefit reading and publication party.

Number 8

Box 7, Folder 9-10

Correspondence 1996 December-1997 June

Box 8, Folder 1-2

Correspondence 1997 May-December

General note

Includes correspondence with McNaughton & Gunn Inc.
Box 8, Folder 3-6

Manuscript files - Drafts, dummy and blueline 1997

Box 8, Folder 7

Artwork 1997

Oversize FB-552, Folder 12-13

Cover artwork and photographs by Renée Petropoulos 1997


Number 9

Box 9, Folder 1-6

Correspondence 1997 June-1998 September

General note

Includes correspondence with McNaughton & Gunn Inc.
Box 9, Folder 7-8

Manuscript files and draft 1998

Box 10, Folder 1-2

Dummies 1997-1998

Box 10, Folder 3

Artwork 1998

Oversize FB-552, Folder 14

Cover artwork 1998


Number 10

Box 10, Folder 4-9

Correspondence 1998 February-December

Box 11, Folder 1

Correspondence 1998 July-September

General note

Regarding printing and publishing of magazine.
Box 11, Folder 2-6

Manuscript files - Drafts, dummy, proof and blueline 1998

Box 11, Folder 7

Artwork 1998

Oversize FB-552, Folder 15

Artwork 1998

Box 11, Folder 8

Publicity 1998 November 13

General note

Includes publicity for benefit reading and publication party, flyers and responses.

Number 11

Box 11, Folder 9-10

Correspondence 1998 April-December

Box 12, Folder 1-7

Correspondence 1998 August-1999 June

Box 13, Folder 1-4

Correspondence 1999 January-2001 November

General note

Includes correspondence with McNaughton & Gunn Inc.
Box 13, Folder 5-11

Manuscript files - Drafts, dummy, proofs and blueline 1999

Box 14, Folder 1

Blueline 1999 June 17

Box 14, Folder 2-3

Artwork 1996-1999

General note

Includes Alfred Leslie photographs for "Lines From Frank O'Hara."
Oversize FB-552, Folder 16

Cover artwork 1999


Number 12

Box 14, Folder 4-8

Correspondence 1999 March-2001 October

Box 15, Folder 1-7

Correspondence 2000 August-2004 May



Scope and Contents of Series

SERIES 2) WRITERS AND ARTISTS FILES: Includes correspondence and work by various writers and artists who contributed or were solicited to contribute to ARSHILE. Some notable correspondents include: Kenward Elmslie, Jack Hirschman, Jasper Johns, Alex Katz, Gerard Malanga, Douglas Messerli, Yoko Ono, and Carl Rakosi.
These materials were originally separate from the chronological magazine publication files. Arranged in alphabetical order.
Box 15, Folder 8

Angeline, Mary undated

Box 15, Folder 9

Bachardy, Don 1998-2002

General note

Includes artwork portraits of Mark Salerno and Frank O'Hara.
Box 15, Folder 10

Beliew, Erin 1995

Box 16, Folder 1

Bronk, William 1993-1999

General note

Includes poetry submissions to ARSHILE: A Magazine of the Arts.
Box 16, Folder 2

Carnwath, Squeak 1997

Box 16, Folder 3

Corbett, William 1992-1993

Box 16, Folder 4

Elmslie, Kenward 1997-2001

Box 16, Folder 5

Hirschman, Jack 1993

Box 16, Folder 6

Johns, Jasper 1994-2001

Box 16, Folder 7

Katz, Alex 1996-2001

Box 16, Folder 8

Malanga, Gerard 1992-1994

Box 16, Folder 9

Messerli, Douglas

Box 16, Folder 10

Nelson, Geoffrey

Box 16, Folder 11-12

Ono, Yoko 1993-2007

General note

Includes correspondence with Jon Hendricks and Michael Phillips.
Box 16, Folder 13

Rakosi, Carl 1993-2002

Box 16, Folder 14

Thieband, Wayne 1994-1998

Box 16, Folder 15

Woelffer, Emerson



Scope and Contents of Series

SERIES 3) MISCELLANEOUS: Includes general correspondence, flyers and publicity materials related to advertising, sponsored events, and workshop materials for ARSHILE: A Magazine of the Arts Advanced Workshop for Poets. Arranged in alphabetical order.
Box 17, Folder 1-3


Box 17, Folder 4

Events 1996-1998

General note

Flyers and publicity materials.
Box 17, Folder 5

Mock-up of poster featuring the names of ARSHILE: A Magazine of the Arts contributors

Oversize FB-552, Folder 17

Mock-up of poster and other magazine artwork

Box 17, Folder 6

Photographs of ARSHILE: A Magazine of the Arts events, and promotional slides

Box 17, Folder 7-8

Postcards 1992-1998

Box 17, Folder 9

Statement for Encyclopedia of New York School Poets 2005-2006

General note

Includes correspondence with Terence Diggory.
Box 17, Folder 10-11

Advanced Workshop for Poets materials 1995 March 7

General note

ARSHILE: A Magazine of the Arts Advanced Workshop for Poets. Includes flyers, assignments, and notes.