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Volume 2
Doble steam generator, side view
Doble Steam Motors San Francisco, Abner Doble [album cover]
[Model] E-14 [belonging to] Dr. Seely G. Mudd
1930 Model "Doble" car F-30 (Marcus Lothrop)
Car F-34. 1931 R.H. Drive Buick sedan Model F, Doble Power Plant
Doble Model E-21, side view
[Model] E-20
Doble Model with driver in front of estate, side view
Doble Model, side view
Doble steam generator, side view
Doble bus, side view
Engine and rear axle assembly, G-M Motorbus
Doble engine in rear of chassis, installed view
Compensator E-1-623 Doble Steam Motors
Doble double compound engine assembly drawing
Doble compensator assembly drawing
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