"They're Japanese -- but loyal Americans. Some of the nation's most loyal citizens are those of Japanese, German and Italian descent, most of them natives of this country but many immigrants who have transferred their allegiance to their adopted land. These are the people for whom Attorney General Francis Biddle has asked consideration. Typical of the loyal American-born Japanese is the Tsukamoto family of San Francisco, pictured here. Head of the family is World War I veteran Kaytaro Tsukamoto, owner of a laundry and at present commander of the San Francisco Japanese American Legion Post. Their typically American household includes an 11-year-old son, Wilmer, who attends public school and Mrs. Tsukamoto's sister, Miss Sachi Yasukochi, a 1939 honor graduate of the University of California. Tsukamoto's brother, Joseph, is pastor of the Protestant Episcopal Christ Church in the city's Japanese district. In this picture, which might be duplicated in any American home, the Tsukamotos gather around the piano to hear Miss Yasukochi play. Left to right are: Mrs. Joseph Tsukamoto and her husband, Mrs. Kaytaro Tsukamoto, her son Wilmer, and Kaytar Tsukamoto who is holding his three-year-old niece, Paula."--caption on photograph JARDA-1-34 Jump to Content

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