"Japanese-American Homecoming -- Under the Army's recent order permitting the return of those Japanese-Americans whose loyalty has been cleared, will be many happy people glad to return to their homes and aid the war effort for America. Only about 150 have come back so far, and, according to Dillon S. Meyer, War Resettlement Administration director, three-fourths of these have come to California. Popular sentiment has not been too hard on these people, but it is expected that the real attitude will be discovered in the Spring when planting time comes round again. There are many farmers among the 110,000 Japanese and Japanese-Americans who were transferred to relocation centers as a defense measure in 1942. Among the first evacuees to leave the Utah Relocation Center are (upper photo) Mrs. Sumiye Sugimoto, 26, second from right, and her sister, Keiko Adachi, 22, right, leaving for their home in Redwood, California, bid goodby to Mrs. Marianne Arnimoto and her children, who, too, plan to return soon to California. The lower photo shows Mrs. Sugimoto and her sister hurrying up the walk of their Redwood City home which they left May 9, 1942."--caption on photograph JARDA-2-11 Jump to Content

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