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Paxton Engineering Division Report (2 of 3)
Doble Ultimax Automotive Steam-Engine Drawing
Master Layout Drawing
Engine Assembly Drawing
Engine Assembly-Phoenix (Type 3) Drawing (sheet 1 of 2)
Engine Assembly-Phoenix (Type 3) Drawing (sheet 2 of 2)
Piston: High Press. Type 1 Drawing
Rod: High Press. Piston Type 1 Drawing
Gland-High Press. Piston Rod Type 4 Drawing
Layout Gland Packing H.P. Cyl. Drawing
Crosshead Type 1 & 2 Drawing
3 P'c. Crossh'd & Piston Rod Type 2 Assembly Drawing
Crosshead Yoke Type 2 Drawing
Piston: Low Press. Type 1 Drawing
[Cylinder] Drawing
Assembly-Cylinder High Pressure Drawing
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