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Notes and Calculations
Abner Doble: Front-Wheel-Brakes: Random Notes
Abner Doble: Front-Wheel-Brakes: Random Notes
D-Q-1 Engine design
D-Q-1 Engine Notes
4 cylinder ^ triple: 4T2C^: or 2C^4T: Random Sketches
Direct-Acting Boiler-Feed-Pump: Sketches
Donkey Feed Pump and Feed Heater Sketches and Notes
Abner Doble: Model F Engine-Design: 2 crank-triple of Comp.
Model F Two Crank Engine Notes and Sketches
Donkey Pump Notes and Sketches; cont. from page 116
Two Crank Compound (or triple) for model F. (cont. from page 118.)
Compound mounted on a Standard Axle
F mode, 2 crank-compound. Sketches and Notes (cont from page 121)
Estimated Cost of F model
Model F Engine, Notes.
Valve-gear for 2-C-C engine
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