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Engine Design
Ultimax-Engine: Dynamic-Braking Discussion
Ultimax-Engine: Dynamic-Braking Discussion
Ultimax Engine: Resume of Design-Characteristics, & Basis for High Thermal & Mechanical Efficiency
Ultimax Engine: General discussion & notes (cont. from p. 169)
Ultimax-Engine: Steam-Demand of 3 Cylinder In-Line
Ultimax-Engine: Starting Ability of 3 cylinder vs DC10
Ultimax Motor-Car Engine: Torque & HP Calculations
Ultimax Engine Notes & Discussion: Continued from p. 181
Ultimax-Engine: 20-120 HP: HP & Torque Calculations
Ultimax Steam Car Engine: HP, Torque & TE Calculations (cont)
Starting & Manuevering System: Phoenix Steamer
Clearance between Morris 1000 (see p. 20) Conn-rod & cylinder
Ultimax-Engine: Discussion & Notes (continued from p. 169)
Ultimax-Engine: Study No. 4. Notes & Sketches to re-evaluate
Project-Moulton (continued from p. 191)
Project-Moulton (continued from p. 192) Random Sketches
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