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Power Plant Auxiliaries
Paxton Steam-Car: Pumps (continued from p. 207)
McCulloch: Discussion to settle Auxiliary System
Phoenix Steamer: Auxiliaries Notes
Phoenix Steamer: Arrangement of Auxiliaries: Notes & Sketches
Phoenix Steamer: Auxiliaries-Arrangement (cont. from p.203)
Phoenix Steamer: Feed & Air Pumps: Sketches & Calculations
Phoenix Steamer: Pumps (continued from p. 205)
Paxton Steamer: Pumps (continued from p. 206)
Paxton Steam-Car: Pumps (continued from p. 207)
Paxton Steamer: Auxiliaries Arrangement (cont. from p. 208)
Project Phoenix Condenser Arrangement & Calculations
Project Phoenix Condenser: Fan-Drive: Feed-Heating: Exhaust & Condensate Notes, Calculations, & Sketches
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