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Dedication of Siamese Pavilion; Dedication of Greek Pavilion.
[Hand colored Photograph of close up of Palace of Fine Arts and horse statue]
[Two Photographs of podium at Greek Pavilion]; Dedication of Greek Pavilion
Dedication of Siam Pavilion
New York State Day June 4, 1915.
Italian Pavilion
Greeting the Governor of Missouri.; New York State Day
Reception and Ball to Governor of New York.
North Side of Festival Hall. P.P.I.E. Illuminated by General Electric Ornamental Luminous Arc Lamps
Lunch to Governor Whitman of New York.
Banquet to Governor Whitman of New York.
Niche in a Minor Court.
Banquet to Ex. Governor Glynn of New York
[Hand colored Photograph of lagoon and white building]
38th Annual Convention - National Electric Light Association. Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco Cal. June 10, 1915.
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