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[Hand colored Photographs of cherub-like statues]
["After the Lights went out", Photograph of poem by Leo S. Robinson]
[Large Black and White Photograph of a Formal Ball]
[Hand Colored Photograph of street and buildings]
Banquet to Foreign Commissions
[Black and White Photographs - Statues of Abraham Lincoln and William Bryant]
[Hand colored Photograph of wide SF street and ornate buildings]
Banquet Given by Senator Phelan
[Hand colored print of Festival Hall]
Transcontinental Telephone-- President Moore and Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo, listening to New York
Sec. Of Treasury Mc Adoo Ball and Reception- California Bldg. P.P.I.E. 1915
Luncheon given in honor of Pres. C.C. Moore...
The Fountain of Youth, Foot of the Tower of Jewels [Hand colored Photograph]
The Fountain of El Dorado, Foot of Tower of Jewels [Hand colored Photograph]
Detail of the Fountain of El Dorado
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