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Banquet in Honor of Lieut. Gov. Barnard, Canada, B.C. at New York Building P.P.I.E. Oct 29, 1915
Detail of Entrance [to the] Palace of Machinery
Trotting Races
Presentation of Line Stock Trophies [and] Presentation of Commemorative Bronze to California Horse Breeders
[Hand colored print of exterior pillars, pond and landscaping ??]
Live Stock Day
Portola Day Barbecue
Interior of Palace of Transportation
Frank Burt's Dinner to Concessionaires
[Hand colored print of crowds at Panama Pacific International Exposition]
The Aerascope
Panama Canal
[Hand colored Photograph of crowds outdoors]
Blowing up good ship "Zone" Zone-day, P.P.I.E. 1915
Incubator babies
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