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Pres. C.C. Moore and Exhibitors & Employees of Palace of Mines & Metallurgy Nov. 14, 1915
Aisle in the Palace of Mines and Metallurgy
The Pioneer Mother; Palace of Fine Arts [Hand Colored Photograph]
Pres. C. C. Moore and Exhibitors & their Employees, Palace of Manufactures. Nov. 1, 1915
Aisle in Palace of Manufactures
[Hand colored prints of exterior statues]
Pres. C.C. Moore, Exhibitors and Employees- Palace of Varied Industries
Aisle in the Palace of Varied Industries
[Hand colored print of exterior pillars and pond ??]
Scenes on San Francisco Day November 2, 1915
Philippine Day - Nov. 3, 1915
Womens Board of the Pan. Pac. Int. Exposition Day- Oct 29, 1915
[Hand Colored Photograph of Exterior Buildings and Landscaping]
Canada Day- Oct 28, 1915
[Hand colored Photographs of Outdoor Statues of Archers]
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