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[Hand colored Photograph of Fountain of the Earth]
Exposition Engineers Day P.P.I.E.
Main Portal Palace of Mines [Hand colored print]
Ave. of Progress showing Palace of Mines [Hand colored print]
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Day Sept 21, 1915 P.P.I.E. San Francisco, Cal.
Guatemala Day Sept 15, 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco Cal.
Riche in the Court of Four Seasons
[Black and White print of outdoor walkway in ??]
[Hand colored print of ??]
President Moore, Julins Kahn and W. J. Bryant [and] Goethals Day [and] Kansas Day
[Hand colored print of ?? ]
Banquet in Honor of Gen. Goethals- New York Building P.P.I.E. 1915
Banquet to Senator Wadsworth
[Hand Colored Photograph of The Tower of Jewels]
[Black and white prints of] Goethals, Roosevelt, Taft, and Bryan-- Prominent Americans at the Exposition
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